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Peterson and Russell say that their primary goal is to restore confidence in the women they hire. Many of them left their jobs when they entered the shelter seeking refuge from abusive relationships. “They were left with little because someone else controlled their money,” Peterson writes on Martha Stewart’s “American Made” site. “Due to the recession and lack of education, finding employment was difficult.”

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In addition to on-the-job training, Rebel Nell partners with other organizations to teach their employees financial management, life wellness, and entrepreneurship skills as a way to promote independence and personal success. The company also helps the women find housing, offers legal aid, and provides interest-free microloans so they can repair their credit.

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“The women that we hire inspire me every single day. I want to see them succeed,” Peterson says. “They are fantastic people that just needed someone to believe in them.”

Rebel Nell lets each woman have complete creative freedom over the pieces they make. “It is wonderful to see the beauty in what they create,” Peterson adds. “The pieces are so unique and you can see their personalities reflected in each piece.”

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