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April Fool’s must have come early for Miz Mooz, a New York-based footwear retailer that wants to help you get a leg up—literally!—on your selfie game. Its so-called “Selfie Shoe,” an otherwise winsome cherry-red stacked-heel sandal, features an extended toe for docking a cameraphone. To take your “shoefie,” simply angle your leg in the air much like you would that other sign of the Apocalypse, the selfie stick, which music festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza recently placed on their list of prohibited items.


“The selfie stick is a great solution to a problem,” says Cheryl Matson, Miz Mooz’s design director, in a statement. “But, in turn, it has created a new problem. This was the opportunity for Miz Mooz to create an even greater solution.” The company has declined further comment—until tomorrow, that is.

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The idea of a selfie-taking shoe isn’t completely outside the realm of possibility. In September, Acer revealed a working “Selfie Hat”: a glittery pink sombrero—built-in tablet included—that spun 360 degrees, so “struggling selfie takers [could] find their best angle.”

In other words, start stretching those hamstrings now, ladies.

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