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A walkout by Walmart workers on America’s biggest shopping event of the year could be a “game-changer” on many levels, according to labor experts from Cornell University’s ILR School. Organized by Making Change at Walmart and Organization United for Respect, and backed by United Food and Commercial Workers, which represents more than a million food-industry workers, the nation-wide wave of strikes and protests leading up to Black Friday could have significant implications for the big-box retailer’s stock. “It’s going to be huge. It’s going to be all over the world,” says Kate Bronfenbrenner, ILR’s director of labor education research. “For the first time, Walmart is flummoxed—what are they going to do? Fire every single worker and shut down stores?”

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One Response to “Threatened Black Friday Strike at Walmart Could be a “Game-Changer””

  1. vic (@victoria2dc) says:

    Yes, show up and protest to support the workers WORLDWIDE against this horrific family of billionaires whose father and mother must be rolling in their graves. I’ve heard from some people who knew him that Sam Walton was a wonderful guy who loved and cared about people.

    Remember: the wages they pay isn’t enough money for an a single person or even a small family to pay rent. What happens: the parent is working, the children get MEDICAID because they don’t have benefits for employees, most of whom don’t work 40-hour weeks. So they apply for TANS (family assistance 2 parents with kids). They get Medicaid, which the Republicans are trying to cut off, and your tax dollars pays for all of it and the Walton family members are all billionaires and WalMart is the biggest, richest and most greedy corporate in the world. They don’t care about their workers!

    Support WM workers in your town or city on Black Friday…….. and no violence please.

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