U.K. Artist Finn Stone Revamps A Pair of Stilettos With…Lego!

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Giving the term “stacked heel” a totally different meaning, British artist Finn Stone recently unveiled a pair of Lego-adorned stilettos at The Affordable Art Fair in London. While the LEG-GO stilettos are a novel way of gussying up a pair of tired kicks, we wonder how many brave lasses out there would actually step out in them. So what do you think? Are these heels just the kind you’ve been looking for—or something you think we should “le-go” of?

So are these LEG-GO stilettos haute or not?

  • 128 Votes HELL NO! Silly Ecouterre, Legos are for kids.
  • 809 Votes HELL YES! I'm gluing Legos to my shoes as we speak.

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6 Responses to “U.K. Artist Finn Stone Revamps A Pair of Stilettos With…Lego!”

  1. cybergabi (@cybergabi) says:

    I’d totally glue legos on my shoes, but stilettos are silly.

  2. HokeyPokeywanga says:

    Love this! Wondering what glue you might use to do this.
    Now Finn Stone, do try adorning a pair with marbles!

  3. BTAMBUR says:


  4. FanNOTfanboy says:

    how is this eco?
    or it is to extend the life of half dead shoes by covering them with petroleum products?

    Throw them out, legos on your shoes just make one look SAD

  5. jamesfff says:

    agreed, that the lego shoes are entirely non-eco ( to the extent that I’m guessing the legos aren’t salvaged or in any way recycled?? ) sorta the same concept with clothing made of milk at this site http://community.greencupboards.com/2011/07/28/a-spoiled-milk-made-fashion-line/ there’s an eco-recycling trend at hand, yet the milk clothing line itself may not conform to a sustainable practice…since milk clothing would place even greater demand on milk which equates to higher hormonal treatments for cows. It’s a slippery trade off at every fashion corner!

  6. princezz1252 says:

    it is just because they are upcycled. You arent throwing your old shoes out and you are using something else that would be thrown out to “revamp” them.

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