Umasan: Sustainable, Vegan Fashion for the Avant-Garde Androgyne

How did you form Umasan? Where did the concept come from?

Our demand, and at the same time our motivation, was to create a line that transcends the production of clothing and establishment of a fashion brand. Innovation in the fashion industry also aims to correct luxury mistakes, to redefine collective values, and to enhance individual values. This was reason enough for us to found Umasan in 2010. We wanted to bring avant-garde “feel-good” fashion with innovative fabrics and using a sophisticated Japanese cutting technique to the fore.

I feel like we’re creating a brave new world combining high end taste with the latest innovation regarding the longevity of planet earth and its inhabitants.

Whom do you design for? How do you want them to feel when they wear Umasan?

Everyone. But, our designs tend to appeal most to people in large cities, who consume with a new awareness for quality, origin, and high demand for design. They combine a high level of sensitivity for holistic and sustainable actions, with an increased awareness of the body. This target group is not just opinion-forming, it is also growing steadily. Our high end collection is also perfect for the global luxury traveler who likes comfort and taste without sacrificing responsibility and consciousness. UMASAN’s goal is to watch life and humanity carefully in order to absorb the right energy that allows a progressive and healthy lifestyle.

How is it working together as sisters and identical twins?

We are twins, so we do everything together. When Anja was studying fashion design, I was so close to her that I became part of it, as well. We always worked together. Anja first started a label with another partner, but that didn’t work out, so we gravitated back together. We have a deeper trust and understanding, which makes everything easier.

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Umasan is one of the few fashion labels that leads with a vegan foot, meaning that the vegan aspect of the brand is not an afterthought, but rather is the cornerstone. Tell me more about that decision.

We looked at the complete concept of sustainability, and since we are both vegan, it was important to include this aspect as well. We use exclusive vegan fabrications because we believe in animal rights, and we use “vegan” as a primary descriptor of our line to put explicit focus on animal rights.

Veganism ties in to our stance on fair labor, safe materials, and an overall slower pace of life. These are our actions and a state of being, a shift of awareness from ego- to eco-system. To avoid sustainability being just another buzzword, it needs to speak to all of our fundamental beliefs and values.

Let’s talk about fabrics and materials. Umasan uses very innovative fabrications for its clothes. Tell me about those and why those are important to the line.

This shift toward sustainability is not limited to one thing. At Umasan, we’re espousing new values, new consciousness, because we recognize that the human needs aim inside, living to self-awareness, balance, slowing down, sustainability, and consistency.

We use certified-vegan fabrics to create innovative designs that allow the body to breathe, feel held; they’re the best for ergonomic and ecological performance. These methods are designed to respect human wellbeing, safety, and environmental production.  Soy and bamboo are innovative, organic fabrics derived from vegan fibers. They stimulate blood circulation and have natural antibacterial agents, allowing the skin to breathe.

We also work with SeaCell (seaweed), micromodal (beech wood), and Tencel (eucalyptus wood), which have different therapeutic properties for warming, cooling, and moving with the body. We never use synthetics.


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  1. dominique degoumois says:

    comme des garçons and Yamamoto 1980 ref! NO NEW’S!

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