Vivienne Westwood Tells Everyone to Stop Buying Clothes

Vivienne Westwood Tells People to Stop Buying Clothes, vivienne westwood, eco fashion, sustainable fashion, climate change, green fashion, london, bbc

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With all the scandals tainting clothing retailers recently, could simply not shopping for clothes solve all our woes? Making an appearance on BBC News this morning, British fashion designer (and one of our favorite dames) Vivienne Westwood encouraged viewers to give up shopping for at least six months—unless they absolutely had to—to keep our landfills from filling up. Do you agree?

Should we stop buying clothing altogether?

  • 188 Votes Choose vintage! It's classic, made to last, and keeps clothes out of the landfill.
  • 100 Votes I'll be prudently shopping for investment pieces when the need arises.
  • 8 Votes Stop shopping? Is she crazy? What else is going to save the economy?
  • 53 Votes Word, Westwood! I'm quitting shopping cold turkey!

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Vivienne Westwood Tells People to Stop Buying Clothes, vivienne westwood, eco fashion, sustainable fashion, climate change, green fashion, london, bbc

Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images


The delightfully idiosyncratic designer appeared on television to support London Mayor Boris Johnson’s new campaign to fight climate change, which includes measures like reducing landfill trash.

But Westwood doesn’t expect us to quit shopping for good. If purchasing new clothing is unavoidable, she says, we should opt for quality over quantity, eschewing fast fashion for pieces that will stand the test of time. “There is a real connection between culture and climate change,” she says. “We all have a part to play and if you engage with life, you will get a new set of values, get off the consumer treadmill, and start to think, and it is these great thinkers who will rescue the planet.”

Westwood wants us to “get off the consumer treadmill” and start to think to rescue the planet.

As part of the campaign, Westwood participated in a gallery of celebrity portraits shot by photographer Cambridge Jones. The portraits, which are accompanied by captions of the subjects’ thoughts on climate change, will be displayed at London’s City Hall.

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3 Responses to “Vivienne Westwood Tells Everyone to Stop Buying Clothes”

  1. lostinnotation says:

    This is so fantastic and so true. We do not need ridiculous amounts of stuff. Look at blogs like The Uniform project which inspired me to do 365 dresses you do not have to have loads of cothes. French women are of the most stylish in the world. They buy expensive items and keep a small wardrobe, saving up for key items that are well tailored and beautiful. Buy stuff from charity shops if you have to or swap with your friends. Check out my blog lostinnotation for more ideas, it is for a good cause, mental health. Shopping doesn’t mnake you happy, friends family and doing good deeds does. Well done Westwood

  2. melanieca says:

    there is a new boutique in my neighborhood that supports this concept. I am in favor of stopping the production of things we don’t need! thanks.

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