Gallery: Want Acne-Free Skin? Avoid High-Glycemic-Index Foods, Dairy

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Pimples still rearing their ugly heads? The fault might lie in your diet, according to a new study in the March 2013 issue of the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Combing through 50 years of literature that investigated the diet-acne connection, a team of nutritionists and dermatologists from New York University and New York Medical College analyzed data for a number of study characteristics, including reference, design, participants, intervention method, primary outcome, results and conclusions, covariate considerations, and limitations. Their conclusion? Frequent consumption of high-glycemic-index foods (white bread, pasta, rice, glucose drinks) and dairy may not necessarily cause acne, but they will almost certainly influence or aggravate it.

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3 Responses to “Want Acne-Free Skin? Avoid High-Glycemic-Index Foods, Dairy”

  1. Rick says:

    I know that current theory suggests that fats are not the cause of acne, but I have years of experience in my own life that tells me that this is not true. If I eat fats that are not liquid at room temperature, I will get acne. Butter, beef, ham, palm oil, cocoa butter, etc. will certainly give me acne. Cheeses if highly oily, and eaten in a large portion, will give me acne. An interesting thing is that if I eat hot peppers along with enough cheese that would usually make me have acne, the hot peppers will stop most of the acne from happening. I know that dieticians will refute this testimony as hearsay and circumstantial – I’ve been told this my whole life. It is TRUE for me. I can eat poultry, fish, avacados, and many other “fatty” foods – such as most nuts – although some nuts which have harder, more waxy fats will give me acne. It is really about the density and melting point of the fats I might consume. I hope this helps some people.

  2. jill says:

    I think this is absolutely true, and I think chocolate aggravates acne as well. When I became vegan my acne disappeared. I still do occasionally get pimples – almost always when I binge on too-much chocolate.

  3. tammy-lynn mcnabb says:

    Hi Rick. Thank you for sharing your personal experience. I know that Capsaicin is regarded as being the productive acne-fighting component found in Cayenne pepper. It not only an anti-inflammatory, but also anti-microbial along and pain-relieving attributes.
    Tammy-Lynn McNabb, Host HealthRadio.FM

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