Win $250 Worth of Green Goodies From Summer Rayne Oakes!

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If there’s one person who exemplifies the youthful, can-do exuberance of the modern green movement, it’s Summer Rayne Oakes, eco-model, social entrepreneur, author, editor, and designer. This holiday season, the Jane of all trades is offering a boatload of green, Oakes-approved goodies—a collective value of $250—to one lucky Ecouterre reader. We’re closing this contest very soon, so enter today!

You stand to win:


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winner there.)

2. LEAVE A COMMENT telling us who your favorite green icon is and why. We’ll pick the response we like the best, so be as detailed and creative as possible!

Note: This contest is only open only to residents of the United States and Canada.

We’ll pick our favorite comment and announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, December 22. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Tuesday, December 21, so ENTER NOW for a chance to win!

Summer Rayne Oakes


Summer Rayne Oakes is a model-activist,author of bestselling style guide Style, Naturally, editor-at-large of Above, and brand ambassador and sustainability strategist for both Portico Home and Payless ShoeSource’s Zoe & Zac line. Her most exciting venture to date, however, is Source4Style, a B2B online marketplace that allows designers, decorators and retail brands the ability to search, compare and purchase more sustainable materials from around the world. Check out her work at or follow her on Twitter.

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50 Responses to “Win $250 Worth of Green Goodies From Summer Rayne Oakes!”

  1. Jill Fehrenbacher (@jillfehr) says:

    Summer Rayne Oakes of course! Pick me!

  2. Jasmin Malik Chua says:

    It’s hard to pick one, but Wangari Mathaai has to be at the top of my list. She’s a complete inspiration.

  3. megerber says:

    Spirit Demerson

  4. Yuka Yoneda says:

    Jane Goodall!

  5. Diane Pham says:

    I second Wangari Maathai! But I’ve also gotta give a nod to Emily Pilloton!

  6. Bridgette Meinhold says:

    That’s a tough one, but i’m gonna say Michelle Kaufmann.

  7. melissa mc says:

    Bridget Bardot for her work with homeless and stray animals — thank you for the chance!

  8. pduthoy says:

    Lisa Simpson is my choice, if I’m aloud to pick a fictional icon.

  9. gourdetc says:

    Alicia Silverstone is my favorite green icon. She is consistently active and always promoting green. Her website “the kind life” is awesome. She does her own posts and I am inspired by her commitment especially, since she used to be “clueless”.

  10. love it. I’m starting a solar panel fashion line…

  11. futurestandard (@FutureStandard) says:

    There’s quite a few to choose from but I’d say Whitney Port. Many celebrities forget the influence they have on their followers. Whitney does not. Whitney uses her press to promote ethical fashion. She reminded fashionistas to wear vintage, helping launch Ebay’s lookbook. And when she does decide to buy new she seeks sustainable fashions like Chip of Chip & Pepper’s denim line, Pray for Mother Nature. Most of all though, I admire Whitney for her humility. She admits she needs to get rid of her gaz-guzzler and is the first to admit that recycling or swearing off plastic water bottles in not enough. Whitney Port joins the ranks as one of the standard setters in the green fashion movement. If only we all held ourselves to her standard.

    Kassandra from Future Standard
    An online ethical clothing boutique

  12. fuego kat says:

    I have a trifecta: John Muir, the founder of Sierra Club. Robert Redford, who for decades has tirelessly used his celebrity to bear on issues of ecology, as well as human rights and social equality. And lastly: Al Gore, who since leaving public office has brought the subjects of climate change and human involvement and responsibility to the forefront of our consciousness. Thank them all.

  13. my signature look ( says:

    I admire early “green” pioneer clothing companie/designers such as Katharine Hamnett, Stewart + Brown, and People Tree, for showing that “green” clothing is beautiful, innovative, offers great fit–all the qualities we look for in a garment, shoe, or accessory.

  14. hofken (@@hofken) says:

    My favorite green icon is Josie Maran because she makes us eco-beautiful!

  15. karmakaytlyn says:

    My favorite green icon is Vandana Shiva because she is educating and empowering women and eco warriors! Please read and share all of her insightful books!!!

  16. says:

    So many to choose from but Sharon Gannon is definitely an inspiring woman and green icon.

  17. mawan says:

    My favorite is David Suzuki, because of his sexy picture where he’s carrying the Earth.

  18. sunchicka (@sunchicka) says:

    I really admire Lauren Bush and the FEED program. Being eco-friendly and using the proceeds to help end child hunger.

  19. justintime1208 says:

    Architect Michelle Kaufmann because I find her environmental sensibility on par with what I hope to one day achieve. Her designs are evocative while remaining environmentally and socially conscious.

  20. oddtree says:

    While Summer is obviously a green goddess, I have always found that Josh Dorfman’s lazy message speaks to me. Being green shouldn’t have to be difficult or expensive!

  21. robinwithani (@robinwithani) says:

    My green icon is former President Jimmy Carter. I believe he’s an environmental icon because he emphasized the importance of energy conservation with a nationwide campaign and installed solar panels on the White House roof (and that was in 1979!). He set a great example for the United States.

    And when it was cold in the White House – he put on a sweater! Such a simple way to save energy! Jimmy Carter’s won numerous awards and recognitions for his efforts.

    What an admirable former president!

  22. intensev5 says:

    I really like the give a hoot dont pollute owl – (Woodsy I think!!). It’s a catchy slogan and this cool owl has been around awhile!!!

  23. intensev5 says:

    I subscribe via email — thanks for the chance to win.

  24. thriftalina (@thriftalina) says:

    I love Alicia Silverstone because she is maintstream enough to speak to the masses and her ideas are great!

  25. DolphinV27 (@DolphinV27) says:

    My favorite green icon is–wait for it–Kermit the Frog. Before you say “Har-har, very funny,” know that there is a story attached.

    A few years ago, Kermit became the spokesperson (or should I say spokes-frog) for Walt Disney World’s eco-awareness movement. The first year of the campaign, I spotted merchandise all around the parks putting Disney’s green-colored or animal characters to good use (Tinkerbell and Chip and Dale were enlisted alongside Kermit). At first the cynic in me thought, “What a great marketing ploy!” It was in part just that…but there was much more to it. I paid attention as we vacationed, and Kermit really got the message to kids. I’m still not sure why…I think something about him seems trustworthy and kind.

    One day while I was browsing the shops, a little girl was looking at a rack of pins (which Disney normally sells on black plastic backing that ends up right in the trash). A Kermit pin–which read “It’s easy being green”–was instead sold on a light brown textured back ( I saw the little girl spot it (of course since it was so different it stood out) and pick it up: “What’s this Mommy?” Her mother looked at it quickly, barely reading what it said. “Is that the one you want? Not a princess?” She was distractedly, clearly wanting to get out of the store as fast as possible. The girl started at the pin. I bent down, knowing the paper’s trick. “There are tiny wildflower seeds in there,” I explained. “You can plant it when you’re done and a garden will grow.” “Why?” the little girl asked me immediately. It was a perfectly reasonable question. Just as I was convincing myself not to explain the concept of a “Marketing ploy” to a 5 year old, she answered for me: “It’s because it’s good for the earth, right?” I smiled and nodded. Somehow she had connected all the dots. Completely convinced, she walked off with her pin selection in hand and began explaining to her mother that they needed to not “waste” the paper back but instead dig a hole and put it inside…all “Because Kermit says so.”

    In my opinion, if a frog can inspire a child to teach her parents a thing or two about being eco-friendly, he’s a hero to me too.

    thanks! those purple glasses are gorgeous!

    DolphinV27 AT aol DOT com

  26. intensev5 says:

    I subscribe via email — my fav. Green Icon is David Suzuki. I also love that he is Canadian!!! I like his vision. His plan is: within a generation for Canadians to act on the understanding that we are all interconnected and interdependent with nature. I also believe if people can understand this that they will change how they treat our planet and the environment.

    His top goals are to protect the climate (by making sure Canada is doing their fair share),
    Transforming the economy (making certain that Canadians maintain a high quality of life but are using the finite amount of resources appropriately), Protecting nature, Reconnecting with nature,
    Building community (having Canadians to live healthier, more fulfilled lives using friendly infrastructure, making smart energy choices, using efficient transportation, and being mindful of the products, food and water we use).

    I think David Suzuki is the ultimate Green Icon!!!

  27. gina (@yummyfaerie) says:

    I would have to say Leonardo DiCaprio….He is not only a remarkable actor, but also passionate about global warming & sustainability. He has a few great projects out there & is also chairman for Global Green USA. Like lots of celebs he can afford to just sit back & be apathetic about important issues, but he is willing to go the extra mile & not only stand up for & work for causes that he believes in, but to also support them finacially.

  28. chichijunk says:

    I’m going to say that my mom is my favorite green icon. She taught us to respect the earth and nature, to take care of it, to nurture and appreciate what we’ve been given,and to diminish wear and tear at a very early age. We’ve been recycling and reusing way before it became “popular” and “politically correct”.
    Nothing is ever wasted, little if anything is thrown out.

    I have carried this philosophy throughout my life and am providing by example, the very things that could sustain our existence even further into the psyche’s of my children’s lives as well. Everything has a purpose and can be reused to nourish the earth and enhance our own lives even artistically.

    My mom has been a goodwill ambassador to the earth and she’s my hero!

  29. chichijunk says:

    I get your newsletter!
    chichijunk at cs dot com

  30. kmom says:

    Henry David Thoreau. I read “Walden” way back in high school in the early 90’s when people were becoming eco-conscious with household recycling and energy consumption. His message of living simply with less and living in a house no bigger than necessary spoke to me. He was really one of the original American purveyors of green living and environmentalism–150 years before anyone else!

  31. va_faircloth (@VA_Faircloth) says:

    My favorite eco-icon would have to be Natalie Portman! She designed a vegan shoe line for Te Cesan Boutique in New York City and all of the proceeds go to conservation charities. Being a vegetarian and animal lover, I find it is hard to wear only vegan shoes because of the cost and their availability. Kudos to Natalie! Saving one animal at a time:)I want to do that too.

  32. DanikaC (@@YourOrganicLife) says:

    I nominate Alec Loorz. I don’t know if he’s an icon, but he should be. He’s the now 15 year old who, when he was 12 founded Kids vs. Global Warming. I heard him speak this past June at LOHAS Forum. He was so increadible, so motivating he had many of the adults (most over 40) in the room in tears, and he received the only standing ovation of the entire conference. He is an absolutely increadible young man who is making a real difference and getting the attention and respect of adults. He travels around the country doing speaking engagements. He’s gotten a whole group of kids around the country involved in environmental protection and empowered them to know they can make a real difference. He’s received the following awards for his advocacy:

    Brower Youth Award, Earth Island Institute, 2009
    Young Eco Hero Award, Aquarium of the Pacific, 2010
    iMatter Action Team Award, Every Watt Matters, 2010
    Environmental Hero Award, Community Environmental Council, 2009
    Environmental Defense Center, Young Environmental Hero, 2009
    Ventura County Global Warming Activist Award, 2009
    Action for Nature, International Eco-Hero Award, 2008
    Ventura County Leadership Academy, Emerging Leader Award, 2008
    ABC, Channel 7 “Cool Kid” Award, 2008
    Earth Charter Award for Youth Activist, 2008
    Eco-Ambassador Award from The Weather Channel, 2008

    This young man deserves to be held up as an example to all of us. He has a bright future, and he deserves all the recognition he’s received.

    While winning the gift bag would be great, real prize would be seein Alec and the rest of the people involved in Kids vs. Global Warming are successful.

  33. DanikaC (@@YourOrganicLife) says:

    I get your newsletter

  34. amelie says:

    I second David Suzuki – an amazing Canadian!

  35. havefrue (@drheidind) says:

    My heroes are many. How can you pick a single inspiration?

    My short list of heroes will therefore be chronological; my first hero is my sister Erika, who has not only inspired me to think and be ‘green’ since our childhood but who is now making a career by being an eco-warrior.

    I have to third (?) the nomination for Wangari Maathai. I had the pleasure of hearing her speak when I was in college, and the simplicity and power of her speech still gives me goosebumps today. She emphasized that making a change can be as simple as planting a tree, and anyone can do that. Go forth and plant!

    (If anyone has not seen it, you MUST see The Man Who Planted Trees).

    My last but not least hero has to be Al Gore, because what better example of a man, who in his position, could choose to speak for many causes, or none at all? Yet he chooses to use his political powers for good. Go Al!

    Thank you for the opportunity to share my list of heroes.

    Inhabitat, you are my (whatever one could call a technological, non-entity hero) for continuing to inspire me every day by sharing the beautiful news of Greening this planet!

    Thank you!

  36. jeffdahl says:

    I’d have to say Al Gore for the shear fact that he helped publicly spread environmental awareness unlike anyone before him. His ability to reach a greater audience, not be scared of naysayers, and stand up for what he believes in is definitely iconic!

  37. oohmybento says:

    Entrepreneur Gianna Driver, CEO of GIANNA ( I remember meeting her several years ago and hearing her vision for empowering artists in third world countries. Her passion for making the world a better place really left an impression. She has come a long way and has built up a thriving company. She sets a great example for eco-friendly, sustainable retail!

  38. d.l.burry says:

    My green icons are the organic cotton farmers of India. They are out there in the fields, walking the walk. They do it for themselves – better health due to no pesticides – and for all of us in the developed world who want to live more lightly on the land. We can make choices about where we spend our money, but they are the people who make it possible.

  39. faberuna (@faberuna) says:

    Lindsey Parnell, European CEO and President of InterfaceFLOR is a great guy with a great company on a mission: Mission Zero.

  40. wildbug says:

    Having studied interior design, my green heros are the designers and architects who are rethinking the way things are made, such as William McDonough, founder of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, and Janine Benyus, founder of The Biomimicry Institute (TBI).

    McDonough is an internationally renowned designer and one of the primary proponents and shapers of what he and his partners call ‘The Next Industrial Revolution.’ Time magazine recognized him in 1999 as a ‘Hero for the Planet’, stating that “his utopianism is grounded in a unified philosophy that-in demonstrable and practical ways-is changing the design of the world.”

    Janine Benyus is a biologist, innovation consultant, and author of six books, including Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature, which tells of an emerging discipline that seeks sustainable solutions by emulating nature’s designs and processes (for instance, solar cells that mimic leaves). In 2005, Janine founded The Biomimicry Institute (TBI), a nonprofit organization based in Missoula, MT. TBI’s mission is to nurture and grow a global community of people who are learning from, emulating, and conserving life’s genius to create a healthier, more sustainable planet.

  41. alexwhatton (@AlexWhatton) says:

    I really look up to Celeste & Anthony Lilore at RESTORE™Clothing for their hard work in making a responsible activewear line & their even more amazing work with 1% for the Planet and Riverkeeper, but since I work for them (I’m so lucky!) and I don’t want this to seem “scammy,” I have to add that I am also inspired by Jane Goodall’s hard work in animal behavior and conservation, Alice Waters inspirational beginnings and “continuings” for the USA Slow Food Movement, and all the people over at Patagonia writing for their blog: “The Cleanest Line.” There are so many wonderful people to be inspired by at this moment which is really fantastic. Way to be ahead of the movement and telling everyone what’s new all the time!

    (I LOVE the Kermit the Frog post – good luck everyone!)


    Jane Goodall:
    Alice Waters:
    Patagonia Blog “The Cleanest Line” (title inspired by Yvon Chouinard’s eco-friendly changes to his initial product idea – pitons):
    & RESTORE™Clothing (if you don’t mind):

  42. kammi says:

    My favorite is Alicia Silverstone. I’ve always liked her growing up.

  43. LMcLendon says:

    I will be “GREEN WITH GLAMOUR” when I win this lovely upcycled bag!! Wow, I have a disappearing entry so I’ll try again.
    My green icon would have to be “Planet Green”. I watch it often and I certainly learn a great deal too!!
    Having said that, my vote would have to go to DolphinV27 and “Kermit The Frog”. I can’t compete with Kermit!!

  44. ladypylot (@ladypylot) says:

    I had forgotten about Wangari Maathai until someone mentioned her but she is absolutely amazing. More recently I have been following Alicia Silverstone and greatly appreciate all of her posts about living a “kind life.” Pick me, pick me! Thank you!

  45. ltlee says:

    I nominate Natalie Chanin, designer for Alabama Chanin. Natalie is a great role model for green designers producing locally in the US & elsewhere. She took an important, pro-active role in organizing her community to save the shore against the BP spill.

  46. amwhiteh (@amwhiteh) says:

    i think leonardo dicaprio is my favorite. or ed begley, jr….

  47. colbyh (@colbdog) says:

    My wife is my green hero. She’s been recycling and composting for over 20 years. She is the Director at our local Humane Society and we recycle ‘almost’ everything there as well! Her parents and my parents both recycle more because of her, as well as most of the volunteers at the Humane Society. I think it’s being passed on!

  48. cheryllion says:

    The first one to pop into my head is Woody Harrelson. I’ve always liked him, from back in his Cheers days. And then through the years we’ve learned so much about this clever, smart, healthy, talented guy that I love to hear about his new ventures. A little while ago he put out a documentary about biking, going vegan, explaining what it is we’re eating… and while I don’t keep myself as green as he did in the documentary, I do occasionally think: what would Woody do? :)

  49. kayg says:

    Arundhati Roy, who first said the now over-quoted “Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”

    (Second or third) Wangari Maathai, who understands that fragile ecologies are intertwined with peace and politics and human rights.

    Van Jones, too forward-thinking for this time in politics, who refused to stop standing by his eminently reasonable position that social and economic justice is integral to environmentalism.

    These are my icons for tirelessly fighting on issues that are not headline-sexy, offering an alternative to the eco-consumerist priorities and economic elitism of the mainstream green movement.

  50. gracerodriguez (@gracerodriguez) says:

    As far as style eco-icons go, Stella McCartney has been at the forefront of creating beautifully wearable and sustainable vegan fashion, and Natalie Portman has been an incredible advocate and (role) model for environmentally-friendly fashionistas.

    Al Gore is a green icon for bringing climate change to the table and making it part of our considerations and discussions…and potentially changing the behavior of millions of people in the process. He’s a modern-day version of another green icon: Rachel Carson, who, like John Muir, was green before green was cool.

    My personal hero is Willie Smits, who, in figuring out how to rescue orangutans in the rain forest, also created an effective blueprint for restoring ecosystems everywhere: