LAST CHANCE: Win the New Windows Phone 7 (Worth $500!)

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The new Windows 7 smartphones just came out this week with a completely new sleek, chic, easy-to-use mobile operating system, and people around the country are clamouring to get their hands on these babies. If you’re dying to give them a try, you’re in luck, because we’re giving away a brand-spanking-new HTC HD7 Windows 7 smartphone (worth $500) to one very lucky Ecouterre reader. This innovative new gadget was designed with a super-crisp large display and allows you to access all of the best entertainment programs like Netflix, T-Mobile TV, and Slacker Radio right at your fingertips. On top of this amazing new phone, the winner will receive a one year Xbox Live Gold membership, a three-month Zune Pass that will allow them to download and stream unlimited music and keep 30 songs of their choice forever, as well as a T-Mobile SIM that will be active until Nov. 30, 2010.


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winner there.)

2. LEAVE A COMMENT below by 12 p.m. ET on November 29, 2010. We will select a winner at random.


Sponsored by Windows Phone

Congrats to sp00kyprincess for winning a Windows 7 phone!

What does this have to do with Ecouterre, you might ask? We’ll tell you: this giveaway is brought to you by the new Windows Phone 7. Less tech tired. More tech trendy: Learn more about the Windows Phone online and see it in person at local T-Mobile stores today.. We figured our readers might like to win a free phone. We’re also a fan of designs that allow you to do more with less, and the new HTC HD7 phone is a shining example.

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566 Responses to “LAST CHANCE: Win the New Windows Phone 7 (Worth $500!)”

  1. ___jojo (@___JOJO) says:

    Nice one – too bad, they won’t update the HD2…

  2. jfcabugao says:

    I like this phone because of its dynamic tiles on the opening screen. You know what’s going on right of the gate.

  3. ewysiwyg says:

    I am always completely convinced I will be the winner of your contests! Sadly, I never am! I am a believer–I share your posts all the time. How about returning the love? ;”D ;”D

  4. lesliees (@LeslieesGraphic) says:

    Windows smartphone? Crazy! I’d like to win one!

  5. egarrow01 says:

    I could soooooo use one of these.

  6. purgen says:

    Hi! I am from Ukraine, can I take part in this competition? You send this phone to Ukraine if I win? Thanks!

  7. vesperil20 (@vespertil20) says:

    Well, I am new to Encouterre and it seems really awesome. I wold LOVE a Windows Phone 7! I have been waiting for this release since it was announced. Pick me pick me! Happy reading. :)

  8. jrfrederick says:

    I think the new Windows phone looks awesome and would love to try one out. From the looks of it, it does allow you get back to “real life” and not buried in your phone. Big pet peeve…
    So pick me for your winner.

  9. jellis (@JessicaHEllis) says:

    Wow, how groovy! Naturally the perfect phone to compliment one’s eco fashions…
    If only I could be so lucky!

  10. shouti says:

    Great phone mate … It would be a lot better if the screen is AMOLED …. XD

  11. redsox says:

    I have used windows os 6 for many years. I want to try this new OS and hopefully I can make it a worth while.

  12. indian9 says:

    Nice one

  13. squeesh says:

    I love WP7. Really want to test my apps on it!

  14. lozenp (@lozenp) says:

    Can’t wait to try WP7.

  15. sicky says:

    This Phone looks awesome!

  16. jacobiscool says:

    Thanks for the chance to win the phone!

  17. vtlaughter (@vtlaughter) says:

    Definitely looks better than the other Windows Mobile phones I’ve used!

  18. tarunyadav13 says:

    Fantsatic UI from WP7, I love it. Cannot wait to start using it.

  19. tiduswolf says:

    I sell this phone to customers all the time at my job. I would love ot have one for myself to show off :D

  20. kate5405 (@kate5405) says:

    I desperately need a new phone. I’ve have my Motorola Razor for 6 years!

  21. dwayned (@@dwayned) says:

    I’ve played with one already, they’re super snappy – much cleaner and faster than some of the competition out there.

  22. eddiekclau says:

    Do more with less with the new HTC HD7 Windows 7 smartphone!

  23. lovewindows says:

    I am obsesed with these new Windows phones yet I can’t afford to buy one. Sooo… :)

  24. eletruk (@@Eletruk) says:

    The Windows Phone 7 was pretty heavily demoed on “Bones” on Fox last week. Nice product placement

  25. leach1984 says:

    poor teacher that could use one of these to indoctrinate…i mean educate youth about the latest technology! :)

  26. mrjean (@mrjean) says:

    Less with more which makes this phone very much close to being green

  27. eletruk (@@Eletruk) says:

    The phone is worth more than $200, but it’s subsidized by subscription to $200. I assume (based on T-Mobile TV in the description) that it requires a 2 year contract to T-Mobile.

  28. fbrn says:

    I really wonder what it would be like to use a windows phone that worked? Unless I am extremely lucky and win this I will probably never know lol.

  29. frankiiieee says:

    I’m ready to win my phone ;)

  30. orangehippo says:

    This is pretty awesome and a great accessory for a night out (GPS will make sure I don’t miss a party)

  31. cecig says:

    Windows is doing such a huge campaign on these phones! would like to see how they really work in person!

  32. dave01568 (@@dave01568) says:

    I want this windows 7 phone. I use windows 7 on my pc why not the mobile.
    I like the live tile feature

  33. holly dolly says:

    Wow! This is sure a generous gift of you, guys! Superior!

  34. katha86 says:

    I would love to have one, to try it!

  35. emc2010 (@emc2010) says:

    I really want a Windows Phone 7! They are all awesome phones!

  36. albertom says:

    nice phone!

  37. daithin says:

    Cool prize!

  38. hebdo says:

    Great Phone, thanks for the chance to win thi windows phone

  39. bcandell says:

    My past three phones have been windows-based, I’d love to experience the new Windows 7!

  40. miriam (@miriamtg) says:

    Let’s see if this beats my children’s iPhone and Droid.

  41. rahulson says:

    Wouldl love to get my hands on one of these…:)
    keeping my fingers crossed….

  42. bseligmann (@brian_seligmann) says:

    Looks cool…

  43. aquafloriana (@aquafloriana) says:

    Sweet! I’m in!

  44. wenphd says:

    Sounds good! Would be totally fun to try this.

  45. xtango02 says:


  46. mcjunkie (@MCJunkie) says:

    Wow what a different kind of phone gadget. I would love to try it out. Rather excited about the fact of you having this giveaway.

  47. purplelover04 (@purplelover04) says:

    i would love a new phone i still have a sidekick

  48. lmscully says:

    Would love to step up beyond my WinMo 6.5 phone.

  49. mightytrex says:

    I’ve read up on many reviews for this phone, and the features it offers truly do represent “Doing more with less”! Great phone!

  50. jenyvive (@jenyvive) says:

    i’d love to have this phone!

  51. onwave says:

    I saw a review on Twit TV and it looks like a good phone, actually.

  52. taciturnforsale (@taciturnforsale) says:

    Great give away!

  53. tristan says:

    I am totally in love with these features!

  54. dafin (@dafin) says:

    i like windows

  55. janet says:

    a giveaway for the lastest digital gadget doesn’t seem like the most ecologically minded nor sustainable practice to me.

  56. kevinolsen says:

    Awesome! I’ll take one!

  57. jaredhaas says:

    my current phone is an LG Chocolate from 2006, please help!

  58. ginsengi (@Ginsengi) says:

    Ooh, that’d be beyond exciting to win. Chances look pretty good too. =)

  59. cjn_architect says:

    I’d love to make this my first smartphone.

  60. googolperplexed says:

    Windows tries out Apple-influenced design cues in the form of this phone. I’d love to get a firsthand look at its user interface.

  61. mike mccormack says:

    I’d love to be able to try this out, count me in!!!!

  62. liza says:

    wonderful initiative, just in time for those long winter talks by the fireplace… in different parts of the world :)

  63. jo luke says:

    I like snow

  64. vindola (@vindola) says:

    Ooo, shiny! My BlackBerry is headed to an early grave. :-/

  65. spectara says:

    Here’s hoping! I’ve needed a new phone for about a year now :(

  66. nayomi311 says:

    Cool phone! Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this phone!

  67. andreahw says:

    oooh! I would love to win this phone!

  68. kwonyh (@kwonyh) says:

    There are and should be the early mess-ups with Windows Phone 7 as most predecessors did, and WP7 users need to understand – hopefully before they purchase one in the market.

    i think this must be something people wants to see from Ecouterre.

  69. pansy says:

    I would love to win this phone soooooo much. I could finally be one of the cool old ladies with a young smart phone!

  70. anzollo (@anzollo) says:

    I would like to win this phone. I think it has some great features others currently don’t.

  71. elisha says:

    I would love to have this phone! Here’s hoping you pick me!

  72. wynand32 says:

    Would love to have Windows Phone 7 device to try out!

  73. princesszelda28 (@infinitealoe) says:

    This smartphone ia just amazing. I love Ecouterre and enoy the creativity I find here.

  74. miguelangelvargas (@@vargasmiguel) says:

    I want to talk, talk, talk on a smart Phone.

  75. fmstudios says:

    It would be great to let loose on a windows 7 phone :D Xx

  76. horntm (@horntm) says:

    Ooh, WP7 Giveaway. I’d finally be able to retire my ancient dumb phone.

  77. neilgloria (@corneliusgloria) says:

    Having a phone again would be nice. Fingers crossed!

  78. adalene says:

    Love the interface and user experience design that went into the Windows 7 Phone. Saw an early prototype at the Imagine Cup in Washington DC as a student and was impressed :)

  79. anarchist says:

    Can’t say that I quite get Microsoft’s commercials in regards to the phone. Here’s hoping I get a first hand opportunity to see what the phone is like.

  80. melikey says:

    i really wanted a verizon iphone for christmas, but it is november and there is no hope of it, so this is my second choice.

  81. ladygagaboyx says:

    hey hey hey…go green for green week….love earth, peace!

  82. habraham says:

    My wife needs this phone.

  83. malky says:

    I really like the interface and style of this phone!

  84. speedjohn says:

    I like turtles

  85. xxfrawrxx says:

    Cant wait till windows phone 7 hits Verizon next year :D

  86. missyscollins says:

    I would love to do more for less with the Windows 7 phone by checking my email, listening to music, and doing my work all on one device. I would love to win the phone! Awesome!

  87. lovelyli (@Lovelyli) says:

    I would love to get my hands on the phone. I used to love my ipaq.

  88. nflenna (@nflenna) says:

    i need a new phone

  89. sabrinafare says:

    wouldn’t reverting from buying new technological mobile phones in itself enhance our existence?
    Are people aware of how much e-waste we are creating by purchasing new [higher tech] phones every one to two years? I really don’t see whats so “eco” or “green” about this phone or this offer. I absolutely love your site, I’m just a bit weirded-out about this post.

  90. drocknslc (@drocknslc) says:

    Current phone lacks in all regards. Would be nice to use the features of this new Windows 7 phone. Simple navigation and accessible!

  91. stefanh says:

    wow… niiice giveaway wonder if HTC has any green credentials they could share!

    also cheers for the opportunity to win :D

  92. doel787 says:

    Love Windows and the new approach at mobile phones with the windows 7 platform. Hopefully it lives up to the expectations!!! :)

    LOL @ ewysiwyg’s (#3) comment jajajaaa

  93. wp7_lover says:

    I really want this HTC HD7!!!

  94. scmomof2boys (@SCMOMOF2BOYS) says:

    Signed up for their newsletter

  95. ream210 says:

    Love the look of the phone. I hope its not a memory hog.

  96. helo.bye says:


  97. theerick01 says:

    plz me!!

  98. jasm1412 says:

    Ready to have a new phone :)

  99. sprintze says:

    I’m owning the cheapest phone I could find (and am at feud with it). That would be a heck of an upgrade!

  100. mrjetking says:

    My HTC Touch Pro 2 is a great phone and works well, but this is as much to do with XDA Developers as Microsoft, software wise! It will be nice to see what Microsoft can do standing on their own two feet with WP7. Bring it on!

  101. sstran says:

    awesome giveaway, love reusing leftovers in other dishes

  102. killjoy2 says:

    Finally a phone worthy of being called a SmartPhone.

  103. avmoerbe (@avmoerbe) says:

    Hoping to build an eco-tourism app for this phone… would be great to get going!

  104. fish4man says:

    I love HTC phones. It would be great to have an upgrade.

  105. sreenivas_mr (@sreenivas_mr) says:

    i love this WP7 and want to develop apps for this ASASP, hope i win this phone.

  106. maxbijak says:

    I am a student in the D.C. metropolitan area who is Environmentally conscious and has taken the initiative to study Environmental science in order to better the world who cannot afford a smart phone.

  107. mendoza says:

    Here’s hoping!

  108. pharuan says:

    Hello Windows Phone!

  109. brewmeister says:

    I have always like the Windows OS in phones and PDAs. I still ahve my old Compaq Ipaq 4200 PDA and my T-Mobile Dash. Both still works great. I use an Iphone 3G now, but I would love to get back with Windows OS and 7 looks like a champ.

  110. libraryann says:

    I’m always trying to design cool mobile things for the library and I don’t have a phone to test them on. This would be great.

  111. erastos says:

    This would rock the holidays!

  112. jeffdahl says:

    Oh man, Windows Phone. Pick me please, my iPhone keeps dying on me and Apple won’t fix it!

  113. anamariapopescu1 (@anamaria.p) says:

    Such a great giveaway! I would love to test this new Windows mobile! :X

  114. calculatedstepz (@calculatedstepz) says:

    I have been dying to get my hands on a Windows Phone 7

  115. jeffdahl says:

    mm, windows phone. please help me replace my dying iphone.

  116. cosminneagu (@cosminneagu) says:

    Pick me, pick me! I want to win this Windows Phone!

  117. wdwayne says:

    Thanks for the chance to win a new WinPhone7!

  118. cdubs (@thehumansrdead) says:

    very curious to try a windows smart phone.

  119. everleslie says:

    Me want it please

  120. franasia says:

    I could certainly give some good use to this phone …

  121. franasia says:

    I would give some good use to this phone …

  122. stdcss01 (@stdcss01) says:

    Very exciting contest. I would love to try out the new WIndows Phone 7! Bring it on.

  123. mizzgetsexy says:

    this phone seems amazing!

  124. pokerjoe says:

    I’m just sick to death of iPhone and Blackberry dominating the market. Nice to see they’ve got stiff competition.

  125. mrssapper says:

    This would make such a wonderful Christmas gift for my hard-working husband! :)

  126. douguru says:

    This phone looks sweet!

  127. douguru says:

    OK, I would like this fancy phone

  128. partlysbabe says:

    Well I have not had a “new” cellphone in ohhh about 10 years!!!.. so I desperatly need one :( as a busy mum of 6… with Xmas coming up.. Please choose me!!! :)

  129. daisydoll says:

    Would love to win! Thanks for the giveaway and good luck everyone

  130. sholmberg says:

    I look forward to comparing this phone to the iPhone.

  131. juliaperson says:

    I am tired of my slow, ancient cell and would love to win this.

  132. stefAR says:

    I wonder if I can use it on my Credo Mobile account…

  133. pokerjoe says:

    Will it work in Canada?

  134. bjross says:


  135. gretchenm47 says:

    My office is trying to force me into an iPhone and I don’t want it! This I would do, though.

  136. entupoto says:

    I hope you guys pick me by random so that I can finnaly rid my I phone 3, I would love to promote this phone and site for you guys too! I work at a nation wide

  137. suesur (@Suesur) says:

    This is a techie’s dream of a phone. Pencil me in to win. So I take it that it is compatible with T-Mobile?

  138. chiana33 says:

    I am all about sustainability…and I love this site is awesome!

  139. grnapple says:

    I would love to have this phone!

  140. jzubillaga says:

    Simplify Social! HTC HD7

  141. thelostboy says:

    …and we have comment…

  142. cornerstonehs (@cornerstonehs) says:

    Love this phone with it’s nonsense style and layout!

  143. bugov says:

    Then I saw HTC
    Now I’m a believer.
    Windows 7 phone
    the star in my hand.
    I’m in love
    I’m a believer, I couldn’t leave him
    if I tried

  144. duhrel says:

    Me me me please! I need to replace my 5 yr old Samsung.

  145. coreybdesigns says:

    I have had a prepaided phone for 2 years please on please help me!! I’ve had every zune since zune 1 please let me win this.

  146. john_e_saunders (@john_e_saunders) says:

    Always been a fan of win mobile products. Interested in developing on 7 and thats what I’d want one for.

  147. jefflale says:

    That’d be sooo cool

  148. pulez says:

    i love how it looks, so simple and elegant. i love the ’tiles’ design and also the features that integrate us with people and office. for a mobile person like me, this smart phone seems perfect. well, im curious

  149. sstran says:

    I would love a new phone, and the new windows phone looks like an awesome one to have :)

  150. patricia says:

    Just found the site … t’is full of fascinating links and info.

  151. kevinmc says:

    I’d like to win this phone.

  152. clarketom says:

    love to switch back to t-mobile!!

  153. alext says:

    This phone would be just in time for me to renew t-mobile contract.

  154. marnell88 says:

    well, because my phone likes to turn on and off at any time and is on its way out

  155. ivyks (@ivyks) says:

    Pick me at random!

  156. henkelri says:

    I am so behind with my current phone – this would be amazing!

  157. juliaperson says:

    I travel all over south central Alaska for my work. If I had this phone, I would only have to worry about moose on the road, avalanches, and such!

  158. kristinavenezia says:

    Where the far wind blows
    The Windows phone will take you
    On a sleek green ride.

  159. mvs027 says:

    This phone looks great!

  160. craig says:

    Thanks for running the contest. I would be very pleased to win!

  161. greengeek says:

    I sure hope I get it!

  162. fashionista says:

    Contests are always fun but, I’m loving this magazine, I am so glad I came across it. Thanks for sharing.

  163. fashionista says:

    Contests are great but, I love this magazine, I am so glad I came across it. Thanks for sharing.

  164. awright7 says:

    I would love to win this gadget!

  165. saltman says:

    Hope it’s more water resistant the my last iphone!!

  166. ajie900 says:

    I like the place.

  167. lekkerliefje (@eeuweandmichy) says:

    Great!, nice phone in my hands and i will jump and laugh!

  168. dragerfashion (@dragerfashion) says:

    What a great idea for a giveaway!

  169. TaiChiChuan says:

    Awww, I’m a little sad to see there are so many more comments for a phone than there were for that beautiful alpaca knitwear. People do love their technology!

  170. eseberg says:

    Been wanting to try a smartphone but don’t have the bucks. I’m a Microsoft guy anyway so this is a natural for me.

  171. anotherearth says:

    I don’t even own a cell or smartphone. I still have and use a land line. Been toying with the idea of purchasing & switching over to a smart phone lately since seeing the ads for the new Windows phon as it looks like it might a lot easier for a Luddite like me to get into than other ones on the market.

  172. sstran says:

    i really like the screen and the interface on this phone compared to some of the smart phones right now on the market

  173. intensev5 says:

    What an amazing giveaway — thanks for the chance to win. I subscribe via email.

  174. chichijunk (@chichijunk) says:

    well I would love to win this. I really wanted the alpaca arm warmers too.
    i already get your newsletter

  175. pduthoy says:

    I am a e-mail subscriber, and I would love this phone. Thanks.

  176. yogi76 says:

    I want a Windows Phone 7!

  177. kubokubo122 says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  178. annely says:

    My daughter’s Cliq keeps messing up, losing data etc…Sure would love to give her a new phone!!!

  179. olyloh6696 says:

    Hi, please, please, please pick me, i really want a HTC HD7! please pick me i am very grateful, and check the website regularly! please pick me, i will be very happy!
    thank you very much, i am your loyal news reader :)

  180. dec_rocks says:

    Words cannot describe how much i NEED this phone. i am your loyal Ecouterre reader, constantly checking news feeds. i am a hardcore Microsoft user. I am also a well known XDA Dev. i have no money for a WP7 phone… this would be a great opputunity for me to get a WP7. i can bring alot to the WP7 XDA community if i get this device… Please pick me, i cannot describe how much i need this…. Thank you my XDA Fans.

  181. sstran says:

    id love to use the new windows phone 7 it looks really easy to use and im such a tech noob

  182. yogi76 says:

    By using Quick Steps in Microsoft Outlook, I do more and do it quicker.

  183. ravenology says:

    I never win anything. Maybe this time could be different.

  184. serch2k says:

    I would love to win this phone. it has some great features others currently don’t and it’s awesome please ecouterre give me a new phone i need it :)

  185. ohdier (@ohdier) says:

    my current cellphone is circa Zack Morris. I think i “need this.

  186. lindseyjean23 says:

    would love love love a new phone! i’m still living in the dark ages :)

  187. darkwingtheduck says:

    Should be interesting to see how Windows deals with space constraints and whether it offers competition to the iPhone.

  188. ciarapeter (@shopfriendlier) says:

    Definitely looking to try some new options, my iPhone and the 3G network just ain’t cutting it these days!

  189. libertymama says:

    My poor hubby needs this phone so bad!! He seems to have gotten scammed trying to sell his htc phone to a company he found online. He was trying to be so responsible, having cash in hand when it was time to upgrade to one of the windows 7 phones. Now the poor guy is stuck with his grandma’s cast off, a 10 year old hunk of junk. His bday is on the 29th, so I hope I can win it for him!!

  190. noah guillen (@Phew) says:

    This is me! Leaving a comment! Like I was told to! by the pretty web-page! :D

  191. allegra says:

    I could really use this phone! I hope you pick me!

  192. greeneyedlilo (@greeneyedlilo) says:

    Thanks for giving us a chance to win this phone, and for proving that eco-friendly design isn’t just for hippies.

  193. teatags says:

    Oooooo, so sleek and shiny, want!

  194. malky says:

    As for doing less with more, I just go out with friends to the park or local free festivals instead of going to the movies and restaurants every weekend! More fun with less the money!
    It would be great to win this phone!

  195. dbettes says:

    I got to play with one at DevConnections. I want one.

  196. mely1015 says:

    A phone that has pretty much everything is what everyone need or at least me, so I can stop using a pocket calendar to keep up with or lives and appoitments. Thanks!

  197. craig says:

    Thanks for the chance to win a phone millions of times better than my current clunker!

  198. sstran says:

    a new phone would be great especially considering the economy is so bad and I am trying to save up for the holidays :)

  199. kenfoo (@@yeele) says:

    Window 7 handphone, here I come. Android, iPhone and Window 7. Things are moving very fast in Smartphone

  200. pratik naidu says:

    Words cannot describe how much i NEED this phone. i am your loyal Ecouterre reader, constantly checking news feeds.the initiative to study Environmental science in order to better the world who cannot afford a smart phone.

  201. maureen says:

    It is amazing what phones can do these days and I definitely like anything that does more with less.

  202. austinkir says:

    A simple yet robust smartphone that “just works”? sounds good.

  203. dcaz67 says:

    As a developer who has been writing code for WP7 in the emulator Microsoft makes available, I can say these new WP7 phones are amazing. Can’t wait to get one.

  204. davegrtdane says:

    These new Windows Phone 7 phones are incredible! I can’t wait to replace my iPhone 3G with one!

  205. jp says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  206. nmesbah says:

    Here goes for random luck.

  207. k33k says:

    Awesome phone. Thanks.

  208. naceron (@Naceron) says:

    It’s my dream phon, I’m in :) and thanks for this contest ;)

  209. grayreighn says:

    Mine! :D

  210. ricklo19 (@ricklo19) says:

    Even when Windows 6.5 was around. I had it. Always had a phone running Microsoft’s OS. I don’t think I will ever switch out of Microsoft’s OS to another OS. Microsoft forever!

  211. doritostorm says:

    I could so use a windows 7 phone.

  212. kkuba says:

    I would love to have that phone, it looks really great.

  213. spargota says:

    A Windows Phone 7 would be great to have.

  214. andykim78 says:

    This phone looks awesome. I would love to have one in my hands.

  215. ivanthegood says:

    Cool phone, hope to win it!

  216. frederic l says:

    Great contest, I’m really in need of a new smartphone, working with a 50$ cell phone now, but isn’t really useful for the stuff I need to do.

  217. kevinzheng (@KevZheng) says:

    This is an awesome phone and I would do almost anything to have one. I’ve been waiting for this phone ever since Windows Phone 7 (series) was announced.

  218. rmadrid6 says:

    I want to try the new WP 7, looks really nice.

  219. cc says:

    It’d be great to win one.

  220. ToBeJeweled (@@Jeweled_One) says:

    What a gift this would be!!! Thanks for a awesome chance to win!

  221. mash says:

    i am already the winner. I can feel it.

  222. elintripido says:

    You can’t expect more from a smartphone!!

  223. juangonzalez25 (@JuanGonzalez25) says:

    I need a new phone so bad. The other day my friend saw my Nokia 6205 (cracked front of course) and said “hey my dad used to have that phone.” That’s right, I carry with me a phone every day that old folk say “man I should trade this in.” Crossing my fingers for this sweet W7P to join my zune. The UI looks super smooth.

  224. paulo says:

    i love windows phone 77777777.. i want to winnnnnnnnnn

  225. acousticdan says:

    Love my HTC Hero. Would love to try the new Windows phone. Come on for the win!

  226. darbar123 says:

    please pick me i need a phone
    i am 14 i need a phone i have a crappy nokia

  227. jamesmusik says:

    Looks pretty sweet.

  228. pezzer75 says:

    Worth a shot, and my windows phone is in dire need of an upgrade

  229. jp7 says:


  230. matthewkondrak says:

    I want this phone because my blackberry is too slow with a 135 mgz processor and 32mb of ram I need this phone badly

  231. matthewkondrak says:

    I would like this phone because my blackberry is too slow with a 135 mgz processor and 32 mb or ram Please give me this phone. THANK YOU

  232. teddydance103 says:

    would be soooo awsome to win this phone. I still have a crappy outdated G1 -_- please!

  233. jp7 says:


  234. tisch_7 says:

    This would be awesome to win!

  235. whyjoe (@whyjoe) says:

    Entirely convinced for some reason that I could win this!

  236. fortunato5678 says:

    This would be awesome to win, I’ve been looking for an iPhone alternative (since I don’t have AT&T and am poor) and I was so excited when this came out.

  237. materix (@Materix) says:

    Hi I wanna win this badly@@@@

  238. ojn says:

    Ooh…I want a wp7. Give me, give me one.

  239. dex13r (@Awesome!) says:

    Love to be the winner, been waiting my contract to end so I can renew it with a windows phone.

  240. jysnwllms says:

    What a great way to start off the Winter Season. This phone would be an amazing gift!

  241. aron says:

    I wonder if pluging the contest on my site gets me an extra vote?

  242. pennypav says:

    Wow! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  243. kamangir says:

    My friend just bought one, and it looks amazing! So happy for the chance to get one for free.

  244. mrmcguire says:

    Want want want!

  245. davidpcc says:

    I WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  246. senthil says:

    It is hard fight for win phone 7 and I don’t think OEM is positive about welcoming win7 phone.

  247. prfella says:

    If Microsoft improves on the Windows phone 7 they have out right now, it has the potential to compete wit google’s Andriod.

  248. mouse says:

    would love to win this…

  249. strife says:

    I’d love a new windows 7 phone, they look great!

  250. rrexa3 says:

    Worth a shot

  251. rstring says:

    I’m curious to see how this compares to Android.

  252. jcitme says:

    awww hell yea. count me in.

  253. teheric says:

    Got my fingers crossed!

  254. sinisterruler says:

    Thank you for this opportunity! I hope I win! I always wanted to try out the cool new Microsoft phone software!

  255. tenhotshot (@tenhotshot) says:

    sweet hope i win!

  256. josueviday says:

    Windows Phone… I will be the first of all my friends to have a Win Phone. I bet it can beat all their apple and androids phones

  257. slaave says:

    I would LOVE to have an HD7 I sell cellular for a living and have fallen in love with WP7 since its launch its so smooth and responsive it really puts iOS and Android to shame. Also, as far as apps go. Android has 100,000 apps in its marketplace since its 2008 NA release thats only 4000 (rounded) apps released per month, WP7 launched in NA on Nov. 8 (12 days ago, so roughly a third of a month) and is already well past the 2000 app mark. So far it looks like it will pass Android in the total apps mark over time especially as more developers jump in on the Silverlite SDK.

    I really hope I win this phone, if I had a live one in my pocket while talking to customers I can almost gaurentee everyone who walks into my store will walk out with one WP7 Device or another.

  258. quite_hostile says:

    Beautiful OS….I love the screen size!

  259. pocho says:

    Would love to try them out

  260. finallydone says:

    the only way to get a windows phone!

  261. lkang says:

    yes please :)

  262. transparent_lfe says:

    Would a very nice gift to win this before the holidays

  263. skg600 says:

    WP7 is the best phone innovation of the year! I’d be very proud to own one!!!

  264. wallygator says:

    This would be a sweet phone to win! Thanks for the chance to win and good luck everyone!

  265. mkrus (@mkrus) says:

    pick me!

  266. firtvid20 (@Firtvid20) says:

    Cool. Hope the giveaway goes well and I hopes I wins :D

  267. jb23 says:

    I could really use a new phone, and if all the commercials about spending less time on the phone and more time living are true, then this is the one for me!!!

  268. americanscott says:

    This would be really cool!

  269. hseoane says:

    I want one!

  270. khushbu says:

    I luv WP7 and would like to have my hands on it. wish i can win this.

  271. packie says:

    That is one sexy phone…

  272. carolinatree (@@carolinatree) says:

    this would be a nice addition

  273. alexandremorin says:

    Would be a perfect christmas gift for me. :) I really want to try one of those WP7 phones.

  274. radioreta says:

    I would love to win this!!!

  275. deep says:

    Microsoft rocks ! Count me in please and hope I win !

  276. scooter says:

    Free phones are fun

  277. pplaxneas (@zoosrfun) says:

    *Crosses fingers*

  278. ndsutim says:

    I have a flip phone, and am in the market for some new and improved technology. Luck, be a lady tonight!

  279. extremis9 says:

    random comment. :)

  280. michaelflux (@michaelflux) says:

    Last I used WinMo my experience was mediocre at best so I wouldn’t pay to try the new version, but for free, am more then willing to give it another shot! :)

  281. steph says:

    Hope it doesn’t drop calls when I get a text message like my phone now!

  282. greggles87 says:

    Sleek minimalist design, awesome interface and power saving to boot…. now that’s a phone :)

  283. lowxs says:

    I’d love to win one, especially to use it at while closing deals.

  284. brihyn says:

    i would like free things. That, and I’m patiently waiting for Sprint to carry WP7 phones.

  285. arvy128 says:

    Windows 7 Mobile is wicked! Apple and iPhone can stick it.
    Hope I win.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  286. mrgoodman says:

    Windows Phone 7 definitely makes you smile.
    Its great [user] experience undeniably helps users connect not just with the people they care about most but also the information.
    I believe HTC HD7 has really awesome features and perfect experience to offer, watcha think? :D

  287. kenzoart (@Arthur Kenzo) says:

    Windows phone 7 seems more futuristic than ios, I’d like to enjoy it!!

  288. gr8scotny says:

    Great website with lotsa information!

  289. greeneyedlilo (@greeneyedlilo) says:

    Thanks for doing this and showing that eco-friendly style is for everyone!

  290. schmidty says:

    I’ve signed up to the ecouterre newsletter and I sure could use this phone. :)

  291. schmidty says:

    I’ve signed up for the ecouterre newsletter and I sure could use this phone! Thanks for the entry!

  292. esteban says:

    Wow – fascinating website! Glad to have stumbled upon it (and would be nice to win this phone). Reviews say Windows 7 phones have tons of potential – would love to experience one first hand!

  293. cjsmithk says:

    Here’s hoping, too! I’ve been wanting to give my little brother some technology; he needs to get up to speed!

  294. jaxim says:

    I’ve always loved the Zune. WP7 is the natural progression of the zune line. I hope I win.

  295. wp7seeker says:

    Well its good to have one delivered b4 i buy the new one :p

  296. pcfred says:

    HD7 should be a good one. I hope Microsoft adds apps for the Enterprise soon.

  297. cornjo says:

    This would be an awesome opportunity to win big!

  298. cornjo says:

    Windows 7 phone would be great win to show off to those android geeks!

  299. dark011 says:

    Signed up, an ready to be randomly selected for this cool phone.

  300. arashn2009 says:

    Please give me this nice-looking phone. I really need one of these these days. Thanks!!!

  301. patfactorx says:

    Yo yo yo ballmmeerrr man

  302. ste says:

    smart one!

  303. kcw27 says:

    too bad the chances of me winning is 1/1000000…. + bad luck :(

  304. ste says:

    wm6.5 to 7,keep following

  305. candytoo says:

    Love the new and unique look of the phone. Windows phones are the best!

  306. oliver88 says:

    Im so glad phones are starting to bet bigger. I can’t stand the tiny buttons on the new blackberry. Gotta love the Smart Phones!!

  307. malky says:

    I finally want a phone that combines a phone, mp3 player and camera and this seems like the perfect phone! I could definitely do more with less things and gadgets in my pocket!

  308. shadez (@shadez) says:

    Amazing Giveaway. Was looking to get my hands on this massive HTC Windows Phone 7 running phone. =)

  309. apurwadi (@@tonsQ) says:

    Wow this is very exciting!

  310. urgentupdate says:

    Would be a nice upgrade to my current b/w phone haha.

  311. buihathang says:

    It’s smart Smart Phone w/ smart software and hi-tek hardware. I hope so!

  312. arisaayanami says:

    Nice phone. Cool contest, hope I win!

  313. stancafe (@Spiun) says:

    This windows 7 phone is excellent and hopefully it will finish in my hands :)

  314. ljhtg says:

    Hmmm, I just got a mac.

  315. kholdsworth27 says:

    i wonder if microsoft is actually going to contend with google and apple.. i honestly hope so.

  316. clemzolo says:

    Yup there sure is no denying that that there phone is a thing of beauty.

  317. yogi76 says:

    I’ll be able to get more done with less by consolidating my devices when I get a Windows Phone.

  318. gbird says:

    Pick me!

  319. hcabrita (@hcabrita) says:

    Hello nice people offering a magnificent windows mobile phone.
    No use for you people post anymore, I’m feeling the luck!

  320. angevege says:

    Thank you for the fantastic giveaway! I would love to win!

  321. jers071973 (@jerry_culala) says:

    i want to win…

  322. notapirate (@rick_fortin) says:

    that would be a great gift !

  323. habraham says:

    Windows Phone 7 makes the competition look antiquated.

  324. naceron (@Naceron) says:

    Cool! This is my dream phone I want it :)))

  325. justintime1208 says:

    I wish my iPhone had the live tiles, that way I wouldn’t be tempted.

  326. j_otto3 says:

    Not thing is free in this world but if this is real. I would like to say “Thank you”

  327. onthego says:

    So far so good on the features and funcitonality of the Win7 Phone. Easy to use and access start panel. This phone is a clear affront to the iPhone, Hey Steve be worried…very worried!

  328. egbertle says:

    I like contests. I like new phones. I’d like to win this cellular telephone contest.

  329. ulrikedg says:

    That phone looks WAY fancier than my phone (an “old fashioned” Nokia flip phone). It makes my inner gadget-phile squee.

  330. docsocko says:

    WP7 looks promising indeed :) especially how the interface is simple yet straightforward. and of course Xbox Live integration :D

  331. bodebb says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. I appreciate it very much.

  332. lbialey0 says:

    I really want to make the switch from the iPhone to something and this would make the decision a lot easier!

  333. ddong23 says:

    My iPhone just broke! I need a new phone. Windows Phone 7 OS looks amazing! The HD7 screen is beautiful!

  334. aron says:

    I really could use a new phone


  335. hiba97 says:

    windows 7 and an Iphone fantastic

  336. kamangir says:

    If I get the Windows phone, I will be able to consolidate my funds towards my college and not towards communication costs.

  337. tony34 says:

    I’m in – thanks

  338. presiyan (@Presiyan) says:

    good phone good site. hope it aint too good to be true for me :)

  339. presiyan (@PresiyanMinchev) says:

    good phone good site. hope it aint too good to be true for me

  340. eseberg says:

    I’ll be waiting

  341. jolv says:

    I’d really like a windows phone 7!

  342. phinite says:


  343. thisoldsoul (@thisoldsoul) says:

    HTC has really improved over the years and I respect win 7 so the marriage of these two should be sublime

  344. santinobee says:

    I want it, want it, want it… I have no electronic things and I have no home phone… (a cheap samsung is what I use for everything) I want SOMETHING finally!!! pick me, pick me, pick me. :p ok… I shut up now… Thanks for the chance to win it.

  345. artstate says:

    I hope you pick me!

  346. mishkagreen (@mishkagreen) says:

    I’d like to win! =-D

  347. mishkagreen (@mishkagreen) says:

    I want to win =-D

  348. traviskelley says:

    *crossing fingers

  349. macsound says:

    I think it’s interesting why people are excited about the WP7. The features that is has, the limitations it has, the formulae that MSFT has enabled on it to “lock it down” are exactly what Apple did with the iPhone. You can’t change desktop styles, get into root level access or add apps from a non Zune marketplace. As much as people complain, this continuity is what has made the iPhone so popular to lay people. Non-techies. Not the people who read this forum. There are millions more people who don’t care about RAM or processor speed, they just want things to work. In that essence, they know buying an iPhone will work, because there is no other model. Same deal with the WP7’s because MSFT has placed limitations on manufacturers that require screen size, button placement, processor speed and ram so the consumer doesn’t have to look at meaningless specs.

  350. rustymatters says:

    I wonder what the chances are..:P

  351. seanmd says:

    Sign me up!

  352. dro89 says:

    I would love to replace my old lg shine with this phone

  353. marker656 says:

    Damn it would be sick if i won

  354. flyfunner5 says:

    This is my comment to try to win the WP7 phone! Looks nice! Just wondering though, how many WP7 phones are there? They released soo many it’s hard to choose!

  355. justlikeadrug says:

    Looks hot ;) lets give it a try

  356. douglasregal says:

    I’ve been waiting for Windows Phone 7 for months. I’ve holding on to my Original blackberry curve until this time. I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  357. scour47 says:

    Im really excited about windows phone 7. Can not wait till i get my own!

  358. chrismwiggs says:

    Finally, Microsoft is doing something right. The only thing they need now, is to convert all the apple lovers out there! Way to go MS!

  359. iliyan says:

    Thank you for my Christmas gift :)

  360. firai says:

    Doing more with less is always good; I could use one of these combining work and play.

  361. xstm says:

    Thanks in advance.

  362. caebeman says:

    Windows phone 7 looks cool

  363. nielrenned says:

    I really hope I win this, cause I’ve been wanting a windows phone for a while.

  364. patfactorx says:


  365. markh says:

    Since I don’t plan on buying a phone anytime soon.

  366. addheat (@addheat) says:

    love to try this new WP7 phone.. :)

  367. addheat (@addheat) says:

    love the new WP7 phone.. :)

  368. tnkucomagain says:

    Kind of need this phone. My xperia x1 is really budge now.

  369. dave_the_rave says:

    I want a winmo 7 phone. I’ve got a windows 6.1 htc now and although it has some great features (not an iPhone, sense ui, remote desktop) it’s certainly not without its shortcomings (no app store, no apps, laggy ui, ridiculously long wait while loading every text from a friend before being able to reply to a text from a friend, google maps mobile app doesn’t work) At least it’s not an iPhone.

  370. luke516 says:

    Windows Phone 7 is FREAKING AMAZING! Cannot wait to get one!!!!

  371. russtipher says:

    This phone may not be the best of the Windows Phones, but it is still awesome. Live tiles make this OS cool. I hope i get this.

  372. ijaas yunoos says:

    wp7 = Legen… wait for it………. dary.

  373. drewdo12000 says:

    Did i win?? LOL Ecouterre is awesome!!!!

  374. visar says:


  375. popalexgon says:

    Hey hope I win thanks

  376. someguyperson says:

    You guys really chose a nice, quality phone to give away. I wouldn’t expect any less from you guys anyway!

  377. maritza says:

    I need this

  378. dansgoingcrazy (@dansgoingcrazy) says:

    wow what are the chances of actually winning the phone. Pretty slim id say.

  379. blaze2555 says:

    I really new phone and WP7 is looking pretty good..

  380. achilles25 says:

    Waiting, and hoping

  381. askahlon says:

    I want a windowns phone 7.

  382. brokenfut (@brokenfut) says:

    Nice. will go great with my Zune

  383. godofthebismarck says:

    It’s nice to see Microsoft at the head of the game for once.

  384. jacthinman says:

    Anybody else notice the extreme product placement in Fringe?

  385. brian4292 says:

    WP7 looks awesome. I really like the xbox integration. It looks like Microsoft is moving in the right direction.

  386. tmanwebty (@Tmanwebty) says:

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity for this contest! :]

  387. digiart247 says:

    is the t-moblie contract really only til nov 30th 2010? or is that a typo. i should win!

  388. godikt says:

    Looks amazing!

  389. godikt says:

    Looks Great!

  390. atlmann10 says:

    I like these phones, not that other os’s don’t use the same model from HTC, but the Win 7 phone OS and layout seems very productive and organized. This would make your phone more of a tool as well as a communication device.

  391. atlmann10 says:

    I really love the OS design on the new WIN 7 Phones!

  392. facedown41 (@simpleguitarist) says:

    good stuff, i’ve always wanted one

  393. krlox (@KrloX) says:

    I want the phone!!!!! xD

  394. bhujwala says:

    hi! Ecouterre seems interesting.

  395. ballwithmepg says:

    woah that phone looks funky MAX

  396. tnertz says:

    i really one

  397. jiangyong888888 says:

    i love to have it and hope better than iphone

  398. metroidnemesis13 says:

    We only have one planet.

  399. krazykillaz says:

    It sure would be nice to win that.

  400. andrewopolis (@andrwopolis) says:

    The sim is only going to be active for 12 hours after the winner is annouced? LOL, I’m sure it’s a typo, but I’d love to win anyway! =D Recently sold my Evo & need another smartphone in my life <3

  401. meestervan says:

    Thanks for hosting such an extravagant giveaway!

  402. mjmorals says:

    Looks sweet!

  403. artyboy says:

    that phone is hugely awesome!

  404. mjmorals says:

    Thanks for the chance, looks sweet!

  405. gtechdesigners says:

    Awesome website! I’ve been here a couple times already but this is the first time I read several articles in one day! I love it! Thank you for sharing great news and tech advances that will actually improve life in our planet.

  406. ab-podcast says:

    Eco Win 7 phone FTW

  407. info2nag says:

    This is an awesome to phone.. Everything is different…

  408. endthefed says:

    if i win this thing i’m just gonna sell it to somebody that actually has a use for it… my little free prepaid phone works fine and for much less money…

  409. mall_tall_76 says:

    how many components of this WP7 phone are really eco-friendly?

  410. aradhya says:

    Would love to win this one!!….;)

  411. kiroshiro says:

    Awesome giveaway for a phone that will save us from our phones.

    I wonder how that works.

  412. luddite says:

    I like to get my phones charged an in a box. With plastic. and cables.

  413. alisgarite says:

    Here’s to probability! 0.5% chance of winning and falling :)

    Sent from my iPhone

  414. iammartin (@IamMartinP) says:

    I hope this is open to international readers :)

  415. ninjamoose says:

    Really love the look of Windows 7. Loved the interface ever since I demoed a Zune HD!

  416. dbrown9 says:

    Got to play with thus early today. Looks really slick, I have to say.

  417. e224 says:

    I could use a new phone right now!!!!

  418. nbraun (@NicolasBraunPhD) says:

    please please pease please please please choose me

  419. nbraun (@NicolasBraunPhD) says:

    please pelase pelase please choose me

  420. bobmabena (@BobMabena) says:

    WooHoo… Windows Phone 7 on it’s way to me!

  421. scholar says:

    Yes! Spread the WP7 experience! Thank you for the opportunity to win one. Was gonna get the Venue Pro but 3G won’t work on AT&T… wtf

  422. nodwick says:

    I was referenced to this contest by Engadget. I hope I like the newsletter :)

  423. ikkari says:

    HD7 is sooooo nice ^^

  424. ikkari says:

    HD7 is soooo nice ^^

  425. travis77 says:

    Im feeling lucky

  426. ingenius says:

    commented… :)
    checking out the site meanwhile.

  427. travis77 says:

    I do need a new phone

  428. possessor says:

    Wouldn’t mind having one of these beasts :D

  429. xxhellxraizerxx says:

    Really looking forward to a Windows Phone so I can replace my Zune HD and my aging Blackberry with a single device!

  430. r_rafaeli says:

    I want this phone so much!!! please randomly select me! :)

  431. golindo says:

    Can’t say im a windows fan, but I wouldnt mind winning a phone so I can tinker with it ^_^

  432. shietn00gets says:

    These phones look so cool! I want one!

  433. seanmd says:

    Need that!

  434. imjesusomg says:

    Must say an Windows 7 phone would be pretty nice for X-mas.

  435. the916azn says:

    This would make a great gift for my friend, who is a developer…. Hope I win it

  436. nyfam49 says:

    i cant wait for the windows phone 7 to finally comeoout they have came along way from their previous windows run phones

  437. nbolmer says:

    Windows Phone 7 for the win!

  438. sintec says:

    Here’s hoping for an early christmas gift!

  439. djandreski (@djandreski) says:

    HTC HD 7 is the best Windows Phone 7 device!

  440. christheigloo (@GayDessert) says:

    I could totally use a new phone right now. I’m sick of this crappy one I got years ago. The WP7 looks so amazing! And that one year of x-box live would absolutely come in handy (Since I can’t pay for one =.=) Microsoft <3

  441. hippo says:

    I want to WINdows7 phone!

  442. 6ghost9 says:

    One device to rule them all – you really don’t need those fancy mp3 players, mp4 players, video cameras – now you have your phone. :) Glad to be part of this contest! :)

  443. ferhat says:

    owwww random selection, please end on my name!! =D

    Dear mr. HD7 Windows Phone, poor students like myself can’t afford beautiful pieces of hardware like yourself, I NEED YOU TO FIND ME! ^^

  444. siem says:

    This one will probably beat my custom-rom equipped Touch pro!

  445. flatulentgypsy says:

    My mum has a rubbish old samsung dumbphone. It would be nice to get her a phone that actually works.

  446. robertcon says:

    This phone would make me a GOD!

  447. jonnyphil2010 says:

    I would love to win this phone!

  448. pezzer75 says:

    Thank you for this chance, and this also allows me to see you site with is very compelling

  449. nosonja says:

    want to try it out

  450. patrickquinn (@patricjquinn) says:

    I think that if i where to win this phone i would shine it every day and keep it wrapped up in a lint free cloth.. basically i would love it like a child :-)

  451. supercoolios says:

    Awesome, why wasnt this released on the 7/7/10 to fit in with the windows phone 7

  452. tonheim (@tonheim) says:

    I am looking forward to getting my own Windows Phone 7.

  453. maartuhh says:

    I love this website; I subscribed to the newsletter right away;)

  454. charzzz says:

    iphone 4 killer!!!

  455. dhatam says:

    The new WP7 is a great OS for Social life, LOVE to Win this nice phone with irs massive display.

  456. taivm says:

    I’m from Vietnam, so I guess I’m out of luck. Just want to say that I like this phone though.

  457. upsfeup (@upsfeup) says:

    I need a new phone!!!

  458. egor says:

    Nice interface…WP7

  459. yogi76 says:

    I get more with less by doing comparison shopping using Bing.

  460. joseph schenck says:

    I tried out a couple of WP7’s at AT&T…They looked pretty good. I was amazed at the fluidity of the system! :)

  461. phiphiphi says:

    OMG! I don’t believe I’ll win, but it’s sure worth a try ;)

  462. jjp says:

    Nice to have one .. :)

  463. nomnomvomit says:

    I had a chance to play with this and while I’ve been consistently impressed with the latest OS offerings, this is certainly the slickest. I’ve been working on a couple of apps and it’s very very easy to program. Best of luck to all, but hopefully I win. =)

  464. macattack says:

    Well, the guy up there thinks he’ll win, but I’m really going to win, because I actually get a new phone from my employer and don’t really need another. It’s my luck.

  465. revwillie says:

    I wouldn’t get a wp7 phone over an android phone if I have to fork over the cash, but I’ll gladly try it out for free.

  466. m_umair_85 (@m_umair_85) says:

    need this phone for sure :)

  467. kikorras says:

    I am not the kind of guy that wins contests… but I have a feeling… Definitely need this phone so that I can retire the antique I am currently using :)

  468. snakesandplanes says:

    Windows Phone 7 is definitely better then the other mobile OS’s.

  469. irv says:

    This would be awesome. WP7 devices seem to be that middle ground between The iPhone and Android devices that I’ve been waiting for.

  470. joseph schenck says:

    I’ve seen screenshots of a couple of the apps that have been released for the system. They look better done than most android apps, not just rehashes of those made for IOS

  471. ksj says:

    yummy phone, but does this really sit in line with being green?

  472. joebotics says:

    I am feeling lucky!!

  473. kikitsi says:

    oh my god i reaaally hope i’ll win it!! it’s a great phone, certainly better than my LG GS105, that’s for sure!

  474. riley600 (@RileyGSF) says:

    A Windows Phone 7 would be a sweet replacement for my old handset!

  475. terrance-b-funderful says:

    The Windows phones sure are the slickest looking pieces of mobile telecommunications technology I’ve seen in some time.
    That clean modern interface seems really neat; to quote Huey Lewis and the News, “it’s hip to be square”!

  476. ts195 says:

    Love this phone…hardware and software.

  477. chris777 says:

    Looks great hope i can get one!

  478. stonedbanana says:

    I have been a loyal windows mobile user for years until two months ago, I miss it. Let me back in the club.

  479. housemusic123456789 says:

    Hey phone looks awesome.. also great site!!!

  480. mattjacobson (@mattjacobson6) says:

    I love HTC phones….

  481. cheetabrad says:

    Word. Phonez is cool.

    Considering going “all in” with microsoft these days. Apple is worse for the environment IMO.

  482. infosekr says:

    Looking forward to trying out WP7. Could use this sweet phone.

  483. sam30 says:

    Cool phone … Would like to thank Ecouterre for such a gift .. Ecouterre rocks … !!!!

  484. playfulmind says:

    I know exactly who I’d like to give this phone to — so they can keep in touch with their family over the holidays!

  485. enthuesd (@enthuesd) says:

    can’t wait to use the windows phone i’ve heard it’s great!!!

  486. greggp says:

    Having never owned a smartphone, I’d really like to win this.

  487. greggp says:

    I’ve never owned a smartphone, so I’d really like to win one of these. Thanks for having the drawing.

  488. wrath says:

    I’ve not tried T-Mobile in my area yet. Winning this phone would herald my first foray into their service! Although, I did have a Cingular dumbphone/featurephone back in the day (does that count?)…

  489. jen says:

    i hope i win!

  490. redthunder211 says:


  491. micaela6955 says:

    I am already a subscriber to the Ecouterre weekly newsletter :)

  492. yjwong says:


  493. cappyshirt says:

    I hope I win, that’d be amazing.

  494. n.purdue1 says:

    Brilliant articles, I subscribed anyways. And my sister wants a new phone, so yes. I will gift her this one.

  495. gurkaran says:

    I wish i could win a windows phone…..

  496. gurkaran says:

    i wish i can win windows phone..

  497. cham90 says:

    This would be an awesome reason to subscribe. ;)

  498. jaxim says:

    I would love to win this. This would be a great phone to get as my 1st smart phone.

  499. sstran says:

    I am loving aluminum foil as an insulation material these days, helps me shape cakes, and keep things warm :)

  500. fuegokat says:

    I am old-school recycle, but sadly techno-deficient. This phone could certainly help me to organize my eco-efforts, and bring me into the 21st century!

  501. rrr says:

    chance to get a really nice thing

  502. rrr says:

    me too

  503. bjorklun says:

    Thanks ecouterre. Actually looks like a great website, I look forward to checking it out.

  504. samy.saied says:

    This HTC phone looks great and I cannot wait to get mine.

  505. revea says:


  506. tobiasv (@TobiasVdb) says:

    Great phone, love to have one.

  507. trabicsek says:

    I have always been somewhat sceptical towards smartphones as I appreciate a small, responsive, non-bulky phone with decent battery life better than anything that can do it all. And I am a tech guy! Navigation? Dedicated, big-screen GPS with backup camera. Everything else? Laptop with a physical keyboard. I might want to give MS’s new OS a try, though, and see just how well it fares in my life style. At the very least, I have found another fantastic green website.

  508. shamdoogle says:

    The design of both this phone and it’s precursor the Zune HD are amazing, especially the graphics and tiles. I love that you’re no longer pressing buttons but crisp moving images. I’m glad they took the basics of the Zune HD to the next level to create a phone that does so much more than make calls.

  509. flopsie says:

    Nerdgasm !

  510. sint says:

    looks really awesome

  511. gfederas says:

    Very stylish phone reflects high style in Ecouterre.

  512. caltemus says:

    HTC and Windows phone 7 seems like an amazing combo.

  513. yogi76 says:

    I get more done by using the Microsoft Outlook junk filters to see less spam.

  514. arjunan says:

    Nice Really i need the mobile

  515. yogi76 says:

    I get my screen more organized with less hassle using Windows 7’s Snaps feature.

  516. sp00kyprincess (@sp00kyprincess) says:


    I am a new subscriber to Ecouterre and I am enjoying it so far. Please count me in for the Giveaway.


  517. jmarcus53 says:

    People nowadays feel like cellular phones is the most important piece of technology to ever to grace our lives. I however, feel that the cellular devices have almost replaced every other form of communication. Text messaging now replaces a friendly hello between passing neighbors, even the web is highly accessible from our tiny screens. A new and “improved” cell phone seems to appear on television commercials every other day. I find it hard myself to give into temptation and buy the newest version of whatever i phone is available at the moment. I currently haven’t updated my phone in quite some time, and I feel that I am now ready. Put this new technology into my hands, and make me a believer of NEW AGE TECHNOLOGY!

  518. abarth says:

    Im impreesed with tour web site!

  519. rainlessroses says:


  520. muzhik says:

    (jumping up and down, waving hands frantically)

    Don’t look here! Don’t look here!

  521. susan994 says:

    I want do more with less and I really need a good phone, so here’s hoping I win!

  522. would love to win this…

  523. malky says:

    One example of me doing more with less is carpooling with friends to school (when I don’t take the train). Being college students, we’ll save all the money we can and it’s so convenient that I have a group of friends that all live pretty close! It’d be so awesome to win!

  524. metis says:

    random comment

  525. lyn says:

    How can I be so lucky??

  526. eseberg says:

    My turn.

  527. elintripido says:

    Yeps, really want one!! :o)

  528. sstran says:

    i love giving out coupons as presents. Like ill watch your kids for an hour or help you clean your house. they are cheap and effective. so everyone is happy

  529. leemallon (@leemallon) says:

    I always thought 531 was a lucky number, maybe it will be today.

    Please please, really want a win7 phone

  530. betty2222 says:

    I could really use this!

  531. mattnico says:

    This comment has been chosen at random! Woot!

  532. cybergeek2020 says:

    Hey, I’m in… My friends told me that this phone is very screen reader friendly. I’m blind, so this phone would be a perfect present for me.

  533. malky says:

    This might be a little too simple, but I do more with less by always having my laptop with me. Nowadays, since I’m in college, it seems like everything is being moved online, from turning essays in to math homework. It definitely helps me do more when I have free time and I have less stuff to carry around!

  534. cybergeek2020 says:

    BTW, I live in USA, please don’t eliminate me from this contest.

  535. jaf30 says:

    Windows, Web OS, Android, Symbian what ever, it is a free phone why are some looking gift horses in the mouth.

  536. jyoken says:

    I really hope I can win this thing. My cell phone is terrible. It’s like 10 years old.

  537. sfo says:


    I’m feeling lucky: what better way to let than to let that luck grab me a new phone. =D

  538. tinkerbellswingz says:

    Could really use a cell phone right now! I’m a broke college student.

  539. tinkerbellswingz says:

    Could really use a cell phone as I’m a broke college student.

  540. na711cho says:

    Can’t wait to upgrade to the phone of the future, today!

  541. onthego says:

    The WinPhone is gonna be a show stopper. The ease of use and the Social Networking connectivity is far beyond any other device. Hopefully Microsoft won’t abandon it for something else.

  542. yogi76 says:

    I do more with less redundancy by syncing my files using Windows Live Mesh.

  543. capitan says:


    uau….this is beautiful!!! I think this look fabulous in my hand!!! :D

  544. ka_tay_jah (@ka_tay_jah) says:

    considering that my phone sucks….this would be a lovely upgrade. :)

  545. tranced says:

    i like to win this!!
    everybody does!!
    tu tiddit tu tiddit!!
    jus give n listen 2 d music
    u hav to let it just go..go..go!!:D
    tu tiddit tu tiddit

  546. Feorin says:

    CREDO Mobile is the BEST choice for Cell Phone Service. I love them so much and they give back so much to the community as one of the only ‘Activists phone carrier.’CREDO Mobile supports progressive causes like peace, human rights and the environment. That’s because CREDO Mobile gives millions of dollars each year to nonprofit groups like Greenpeace, Global Fund for Women and Physicians for a National Health Program. VISIT NOW and SWITCH!

  547. hofken (@@hofken) says:

    OMG! These new smartphones are amazing.

  548. breeanzz (@breeanz) says:

    Sent this phone to me, and I will use it to promote your site :)
    Love from Indonesia.

    PS : I’ll pay for the shipping :D

  549. jyoken says:

    I’ve got my fingers crossed on this one. I’m feeling lucky today.

  550. charansh says:

    awh, i luved your give away.. (muwah) i just think that phone is my girl friend.. so, i dont want to loose my gf ofcourse.. hope, i win..(enter me)549th comment!! :P :P

  551. sstran says:

    m and ms are probably my favorite more with less candy. i use them to decorate cakes, i use them in counting games with kids, and they just taste good

  552. jaws1200 says:

    I can’t wait to develop for this phone and this platform! ^_^

  553. says:

    Looks great!

  554. malky says:

    One way we do more with less is with leftovers. Especially during Thanksgiving time. An example would be using ham for lunch sandwiches and using the leftover turkey for quesadillas or my favorite turkey and tortilla soup!

  555. astrox says:

    I do more with less when I shop on Black Friday for presents I will give on Christmas!

  556. sstran says:

    I really like spices and herbs. If you buy them in the ethnic food section, especially the hispanic themed aisle they can be only 99 cents a bag! They add flavor to everything including cheap cuts of meat and inexpensive dishes

  557. jaws1200 says:

    I can’t wait to develop on this phone and platform! ^_^

  558. anargol says:

    very nice, can’t wait to have one!

  559. stere0xisw says:

    i’d liek to give this a shot =]

  560. suzy q says:

    I really really really really want to win this phone. Last chance!

  561. craig says:

    Are you allowing multiple entries? I can’t tell. Anyway, I need a phone with a Sushi identification app! I had a terrific meal tonight, but I have a tendency to forget the Japenese names for the various nigiri…

  562. cathleeno says:

    I’m lovin’ Windows 7 and am excited to see the integration with the new Windows Phone . . . it’s so EASY with Windows 7 !

  563. cathleeno says:

    I’m lovin’ Windows 7 and am excited to see the interface with the Windows Phone . . . everything is simple with Windows 7!

  564. ejo133 says:

    I accidentally washed my phone with the dishes yesterday :[ thanks for the opportunity! :]