Gallery: GIVEAWAY: Win This Eco-Chic Winter Knit Set (Worth $90!)

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Want to wrap yourself in sustainable softness and stylishly keep out those icy winter winds? We’re giving away this cozy and oh-so-eco-chic knit set from N:F:P, the makers of the fabulous NIT line of sustainable accessories, and the lucky winner could be you! This cute set (worth $90) includes a superfine snap-on neck warmer and a pair of must-have long arm warmers—perfect for a frosty winter’s day.



2. LEAVE A COMMENT below telling us how you’re staying green and warm this winter. Maybe you turn down your thermostat to save energy, or you put on a sweater instead of cranking up the heat. Whatever it is, we want to hear your best tips on how to stay stylish and toasty in the cold weather so share them below!

We’ll pick our favorite comment and announce the winner on Tuesday, January 12. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Monday, January 11, so ENTER NOW for a chance to add these covetable cozy pieces to your cold-weather sustainable style collection!

NIT by N:F:P accessories are made by Gail Travis in Brooklyn, New York and are sustainable in both their materials and their adaptability. These are no ordinary scarves and handwarmers—they fold, scrunch, and layer in many ways, letting the wearer reimagine and use them for multiple purposes. Each piece is handknit from 100 percent merino wool or bamboo.

+ NIT by N:F:P

258 Responses to “GIVEAWAY: Win This Eco-Chic Winter Knit Set (Worth $90!)”

  1. dealsgogreen says:

    I lounge around with a blanket on after work so that I don’t have to crank up the heat.

  2. dmcneil83 says:

    We are green here in so many ways, like on sunny days we can drop that thermostat down to 60 maybe (live in WI it does get cold). We close doors in rooms we don’t want/need to heat. Of course we wear layers of warm sweaters. Hot soup on a cold day with some spicy hot heat also warm us up as do walks. We live and work at home, so it’s easier to control And we heat with wood which we cut/split and stack ourselves. Fun times.

  3. mvtully says:

    We are being more green these winter months by snuggling more to keep warm instead of turning on the heater. We are saving saving on our energy bill and bonding more as a family :-)

  4. gvillejen says:

    In Florida, it rarely gets under 60 in my condo, so the heat is used sparingly. I’ve also started refashioning old sweaters that do not fit me and my daughter into cute scarves and leg warmers.

  5. OutpostLiz says:

    At work, I keep a wool blanket on my chair which I put over my lap. I wear cashmere fingerless wrist warmers because my hands get cold when I am working at the computer. And I drink fair trade Rishi Tea… nice and hot. This means I can turn the radiator down in my office.
    At home (Wisconsin, brrr), we added extra insulation to the attic, sealed the windows and replaced our old (1919) doors with energy efficient ones. We keep a down comforter in the living room which we snuggle under, the ceiling fans are reversed, the thermostat is kept at 60 at night, 64 during the day. Bed linens are flannel and down and we cuddle hot water bottles.
    For personal style, I wear a fitted jacket under my coat that has a military style high collar. It comes up to my nose when it’s buttoned up all the way. Then I layer my coat collar by turning it up. Chic and toasty!

  6. Bethanysaid says:

    My 65 pound pooch Idgy makes an excellent Heating Blanket when it comes time to snuggle up for bedtime. She not only heats, but cleans and loves with the utmost efficiency. Plus, she never needs to be recharged or plugged in- she creates her own energy and definitely loves to share it :). Ahh the wonders of a chocolate lab! x

  7. Loopy says:

    We live in a pretty old DRAFTY townhouse, so instead of turning up our radiators (wasteful natural gas), I crafted-up draft pillows for under doorways and windows! Mostly made from scraps of fabric I have laying around and then I fill them with sand or rice. Add a drop of lavender scented oil, and poof! Colorful and great smelling home additions!

  8. mj says:

    We try to keep the thermostat down, and bundle up- and also take shorter showers and use less hot water generally. I’m longing for spring!

  9. AuroraPalesca says:

    Foot duvets, wool sweaters, and lots of tea and hot cocoa (of course in re-usable cups)! There’s nothing like getting cozy with some soothing jazz, a thick blankie, and a warm mug in your hand.

    We live in a warm building, so our heat is always off. We also try to get out often so that lights and appliances are also off and un-plugged. We’re going European, and getting used to living an active life in any weather!

  10. hofken says:

    I’m staying green and warm this winter by keeping the heater off during the day, at 68 degrees during the early evening and off at night (granted, I do live in Tucson . . .) I’ve also found that menopause keeps me quite toasty and stylishly glowy (sweaty); however, I wouldn’t recommend it! Thanks for the great giveaway and keep bloggin’.

  11. Karja says:

    This winter we’re keeping the thermostat low and wearing sweaters and socks around the house. We’ve programmed the thermostat to drop even lower when we’re sleeping or out fo the house all-together. We’re also using the cold outside temperatures for our frozen food items, to chill beer and wine, etc. I’ve resisted the winter urge to start driving to work to avoid the cold walk to and from the closest transit stops, So long as I dress well and in layers, I stay warm and green!

  12. olivebug says:

    i’m staying green by coming home and burning candles instead of turning on the lights and also keeping myself warm by cuddling up in my blanket and slippers so I don’t have to turn up the heat!

  13. Ace4683 says:

    I have a boyfriend that I am fairly fond of. He is like his own furnace, so I just use him as my heater during the winter months. I don’t think he minds. :)

  14. remyo says:

    I’m staying green & warm this winter by biking more (I live in CA) and resisting the temptation to turn on the heater (it’s chilly in the morning here!) by making tea and donning socks.

  15. Ace4683 says:

    I have a boyfriend that I am fairly fond of. He is like his own furnace, so I use him for warmth during the winter months. I don’t think he minds. :)

  16. vampi113 says:

    a really old drafty house, and a limited budget since becoming unemployed… so it’s become all about hot tea, spicy chili, and layering, layering, layering! along with a cat or two snuggling on my lap!

  17. HeidiJJJJ says:

    Snuggling is my favorite way to keep warm!

  18. shanna says:

    I’m staying green and warm by jogging in place, doing yoga, and eating warming soups and stews :) Of course, I cook at home using local ingredients [vegetarian] from my farmers market. Lots of laughter with good friends is warming, and free [green], too!

  19. wolfar says:

    We have a new, more energy-efficient furnace (and A/C for summer) and a programmable thermostat. I do wear sweater, slippers that are warm – and I can always use a ‘buddy’ if I get too cold – and you know what – my dog helps keep me warm too!

  20. JasonZ says:

    Solar power, solar oven!

  21. Cindy says:

    Thank you for keeping my knowledge up on great, warm, and cute living. It is inspiring.

  22. kruegerrunner says:

    I work long hours and my roommate is at school and work most of the day so we aren’t home until around 9:00 pm. We’re contributing by keeping our heat either off (live in South Louisiana) or on cool/low temp and since we both work for a gym we take showers after working out only. We’re smelly girls, but we’re pretty! ;)

  23. katygmorris says:

    I’m a subscriber. I love socks and sweaters and they both keep me warm and green by not having to turn on my heater. It’s a resolution my husband and I are both working on. Happy New Year all! :)

  24. medulao says:

    Keep the heat on low, layer up, add 5-toed socks, slip on the children’s Domo slippers from Tokyo (that are just a hair too small) and become an island to two super fuzzy tuxedo kitties.

  25. ariel says:

    I love supporting my local (family owned) organic market and eating healthy in 2010! Also, I live on thrifting and love to recycle used goods and give them a new home. trash = treasure. Nothing says green like buying items that have already been produced (instead of supporting new mass production).

  26. lemoga says:

    I’m staying green and warm by turning off the baseboard heaters in my apartment and using efficient fan heaters when I’m home. Layering and hot tea helps too!

  27. Shmoopie says:

    I too enjoy suggling, wine, wool socks and the occasional jumping jack to stay warm.

  28. pixelle says:

    definitely lots of sweaters, thick little socks to pad around the house, and my favourite blanket. oh, and snuggling with pups and the boy… very energy efficient. :)

  29. hellobruna says:

    Babywearing! The best way to keep warm at home and on the cold streets of NYC. I wrap my 5 month, 20 pound baby Luca on my chest and off we go!

  30. melody says:

    I am holding out on the San Francisco cold spurt by not turning up the heat and bundling up!

  31. Lisam says:

    We’re continuing to drop the thermostat down a degree or 2 more than usual and add blankets, sweaters. Cold cats warm up on us/dog stays on floor (sorry Toby).

    Trying to still walk more like when warmer, rather than drive.

  32. mynalee johnstone says:

    I am staying warm by adding an extra sweater to keep the thermostat lower and when I use the oven to bake, I put in my old cast iron pan which stays hot a long time,and gives off heat after I turn off the oven.

  33. pip says:

    I harness the heat from both my computer and my doggy by doing my work in my bed with my dog on my lap–and we all reap the benefits of each-others warmth.

  34. seb629 says:

    I’m wearing lots of layers to stay warm and I stay eco-friendly by buying alot used and vintage clothing…. which also keeps me in a budget. happy new year!

  35. Shmoopie says:

    Red wine, wool socks and the occasional jumping jack. Scarves are good too….ooh, and th fuzzy ugboot slipers my dad gave me for christmas, thanks Dad…they have sturdy soles.

  36. proartist says:

    Snuggling under lap-blankets while wearing shawls, socks, and fingerless gloves that I knit from the yarn I spun from fiber (wool, llama, alpaca) purchased at local farms, of course!

  37. sheri says:

    We are adding formaldahyde free insulation, putting insulators in our outlets, and keeping the heat lower. I love blankets so this year we are using them instead of just looking at them as decoration. We are also wearing slippers more!

  38. kdelap says:

    Here in Chicago, we are making good use of the tea kettle! And my husband and I both knit “around the house” booties we wear over our socks to keep warm. Our next step is to make extra pairs for guests!

  39. barbarabaker says:

    Keeping green an warm this winter is easy: staying at home, running the heater very little and not really opening the door to the outside for a little while. I may, though, be running our heater tomorrow since it’s going to get down to a chilling 28*


    PS- signed up for the newsletter too (although I found out I’m already a subscriber) :)

  40. Jennie says:

    I am staying green and warm by snuggling up with my fave organic bamboo blanket and heating my home with 100% windpower.

  41. Kaitilin says:

    Once a week, we have “soy candle” nights at my house – we don’t turn on the lamps and it keeps the rooms a little warmer. Oh, and it makes my house smell yummy!

  42. Jimi says:

    I have programmed my digital thermostat to stay cool when noone is home and to kick on just before we get home. I have also toned the “home time” temperature down even though I have to fight with my wife about it. I keep blankets on the back of the couches to persuade her to wrap up instead. Also, I try to use our propane fireplace for the really cold nights as it is more efficient and keeps the central system from kicking on as much. The fireplace “trick” does get me points with the wife!

  43. bloomers says:

    We keep our thermostat very low and really only turn it on when we’re home, that way we’re not using energy to heat an empty house. Cozy socks and blankets are what we live in during the winter!

  44. bini says:

    The radiators are off. And as everyone who lives in an old apt building in nyc knows, you still get plenty of heat! But when it does get cold, there is nothing like a hot peppermint tea and a cuddle with the hubbie under our cozy lutz and patmos throw to warm things right up. mmm

  45. lkdeibler says:

    Tea, rice sock, and blankets galore!

  46. klea72 says:

    Our family turns off the lights when we leave a room (cfl lights of course). We also support non chain “mom and pop” style local businesses. We stopped buying ziplock style bags entirely. We bring our own containers when we go to restaurants where we think we will have leftovers. I know, these are not all winter related but these are my favorites.

  47. bini says:

    The radiator is off. And as everyone who lives in an old apt building in nyc knows, you still get plenty of heat! But when it does get cold, there is nothing like a hot cup of peppermint tea and a cuddle with the hubby under our cozy lutz and patmos throw to warm things right up. mmm

  48. stacy says:

    I snuggle with my new kitten, Fifi, who I rescued from PACT Humane Society. She’s my personal mini heater!

  49. swank says:

    I took some old wool pants, and instead of getting rid of them, I cut off the legs, sewed up the ends, stuffed them with other old clothes and made door-stops that stop drafts. I have one tucked up against my front door, and one tucked up against my back door. Not only does it cut down on drafts (hence energy usage), it was an interesting way to dispose of some garments that nobody would ever want to wear again. Now I’m thinking of other things to do with old clothes! If they’re wearable, I’m happy to donate them to people who need them. But nobody wants holey, stained clothes, right?

  50. kkelly says:

    Lately we have been turning the thermostat way down and sleeping in our 20 degree mummy sleeping bags and turning it back on while getting ready for work. Then we turn it back down when we leave for work….our bills have been great!

  51. stewart.holland says:

    I subscribed and as to how I’m staying warm – Ugs! Ugs! Ugs!

  52. dgirlp says:

    to reduce the thermostat usage : working out first thing in the day raises your core temperature…so, now i’m on a new regime of modern ballet : daily, and : it’s been 23 years since i’ve been at the barre! those arm warmers would look so hot with my ensemble!

    of course, i turn down the heat, and of course i layer…it would be so much more stylish with these babies…xo

  53. astrimas says:

    Best way to stay warm and be green – Play MORE Footsies! Note this may be done with your husband/spouse as well as young children, old dogs and sweet cats. Kinda wish i had my own sheep now!

  54. zeether says:

    I alway bundle up with a blanket when lounging around home so I don’t have to turn the heat on.

  55. kimquinn says:

    We keep the heat down and use blankets to keep us warm! And I make lots of hot tea & coffee in glass mugs!!!

  56. jsmith says:

    Layers. This is the same as they did in the early 19th & 20th Centuries. Our mothers always told us to dress for the weather. Today, we keep the temperature lower and I wear several layers and will even add a scarf to keep my neck warm.

  57. lauren says:

    i ride a bike to keep green and stay warm.
    i enjoy feeling apart of the seasons, but i have to say wearing some beautiful N:F:P accessories would stop the chills on cold hands and neck whilst riding.

  58. tbenson99 says:

    I am keeping warm this winter by changing all my house PAR 38s which light cans all over my halls and basement to eco-efficient LED PARs from Green Ray which use less than half the watts…I don’t want to use the lights to heat the house..too inefficient!
    They look great!

  59. fightthefatrobot says:

    Instead of spending money on gas for my car, I spent it on warm biking gear so I can bike to work in style–A cute hat and gloves set are a must, as are a thick pair (sometimes two pairs!)of wool stockings. Biking to work keeps by body temperature high, boosts my energy, is good for my body and for the planet. And it’s fun. I’m also cooking delicious organic, vegetarian dinners to keep me full and the kitchen warm–And of course, my produce is local whenever possible. Buying organic helps cut down on harmful fertilizers that can leech into our water, going meatless reduces my carbon footprint (livestock activities are indirectly responsible for 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions), and eating local limits carbon emitted from transporting food while also supporting our vibrant rural communities in Tennessee, where I live. As cold as it might be right now, we have to remember that climate change is a long-term trend, so this little blast of arctic chill is just a blip on a longer trajectory of warmer temperatures.

  60. moushka says:

    We have a geo-thermal furnace so our heat is regulated and our house is made out of ice block construction for better efficiency.
    We also layer our clothing, use blankets and drink warm drinks.

  61. lscisme says:

    One of the biggest ways I am greening my life is by shopping at thrift stores. I find I enjoy the previously owned items more than those found in “new” stores. If the clothes are going to shrink or fade, they have already done so, so there are no surprises. Everyone enjoys the gifts I find as they are different from the average items found currently available in regular stores. I get high from the thrill of the hunt! Recycle and reuse!

  62. ashleygv says:

    I live in a tiny apartment and only heat the room I’m in while making sure to turn off the thermostat when I’m not home. And if I get cold while sitting at home, doing some jumping jacks always helps :)

  63. aconlon says:

    My cat makes a friendly lap-warmer and during the day I open the curtains to let in the warming rays of the sun. At night we all snuggle together on the love-seat (hubby, kitty and I) and can avoid turning up the thermostat by keeping each other cozy. My mom taught me years ago that layering a light blanket under the sheet will keep your feet toasty warm on a cold night. Also… as my hubby always says, ‘keep ‘er movin’.

  64. Shae says:

    Will keep warm this winter through keeping active and warm, warm blankets and of course mugs of hot veggie soup.

  65. Babasfarmlife says:

    We are using the wood stove a lot more, and bundling up with hats and blankets.

  66. Pat says:

    In California residents are usually blessed with mild weather. Most people dress in layers when
    it’s chilly and that’s how we stay green–we don’t waste energy on heating our homes. Mornings find us in sweaters & scarves. By afternoon shorts & flip flops abound. Come evening we’re donning our warm clothing again.

    Thanks for the contest.

  67. jeneile says:

    I’m layering up, so the heat doesn’t have to be so high.

  68. sweetearthmomma says:

    It is all about the layers and really great wooly socks!!

  69. shamdoogle says:

    Staying warm by layering up and constant tea time. And I relined all my wool coats with warm flannel instead of that thin fabric that is alway lining winter coats (really someone should know by now that it doesn’t retain body heat).

  70. mannequin says:

    signed up for the newsletter and happy to say that this year I’ve repurposed many old sweaters, bathrobes and pants. I am determined not to throw away something if there is any way possible I can reuse or repurpose. It’s also the first winter ever that I’ve worn sweaters indoors; normally I cry like a big spoiled baby until the heat goes up :)

  71. Annamika says:

    In Vancouver, BC our apartment is on the small side so on days that I am home cooking I keep the thermostat down further than normal knowing that all the delicious food I am making is keeping the suite warm. I also keep the heat lower than most people all the time anyhow and bust out the sofa blankies and homemade woolie-slipper-socks made from recycled sweaters. On sunny days I make sure as much sunshine can come in as possible and close up all window coverings as sunset approaches.

  72. asnevitt says:

    We live in Boston and our house is fortuitously southwestern facing with an empty wooded lot across the street. So, even in deep winter, we rarely have to turn the heat on during the day. Its about 20 degrees warmer at our front door than the ambient outdoor temp.

    We converted our attic into living space with great insulation and radiant floor heating (which I’ve only turned on twice so far).

    Also, I’m a professional knitter. My house is full of wool. Sweaters, blankets, socks, hats, scarves, shawls, mittens, fingerless gloves… There really is no fiber better than wool. Can be grown sustainable and it biodegradable. And I buy predominantly from sheep farmers I know. In many cases I’ve met the sheep and know that they are cared for well.

  73. jbot says:

    jillian michaels workout DVD, 2 fuzzy bolivian mutts, stretch pants under jeans and living in new york, where landlords pay for heat and you live in a box anyway, so there’s not much to heat!

  74. marminio says:

    I spend a lot of time in bed under the blankets, and wear warm jammies. Close off areas of house that don’t need heat.

  75. Sminsf says:

    I am waiting until summer to buy a car. We just had a baby and sold our suv to make the world a better place for her. I also sleep with her so we don’t need a heater at night.

  76. DesignSprout says:

    Snuggle time with my sweetie. Lots of body heat generated for free!

  77. Kisses says:

    I live an Adobe Casita, the only sorce of heat I have is electical. I opt to wear layers of clothes, my favorite being a wool jacket, with beanie and scarf, warm slippers, and plenty of blankets (wool). I also eat warming foods that heat my core, warm liquids, and stay as active as possible.

  78. sunchicka says:

    I wear lots of layers.

  79. melstergirl says:

    I live on the coast, so it doesn’t usually get TOO chilly, but when it does we forego using the heater altogether and warm up with lots of blankets and hot (organic and sustainably grown fair trade) tea!

    I’m a subscriber!

  80. smartliving says:

    Its summer here in NZ. I try and stay green by opeing windows instead of turning on the kitchen and bathroom vent fans, using curtains and windows to control temperature inside the house, eating ‘weeds’ such as dandilion, nettle and chickweed, composting, teaching my children that ‘water is special and we only use what we need’, emptying hot water bottles and drink bottles onto garden that needs the extra water and passing round items such as clothes, toys, kids equipment among friends and family.

  81. clevenda says:

    Curling up on the sofa next to the woodstove (only source of heat), drinking hot tea, jumping jacks, pilates, slippers, warm vegan USA made coat, thick curtains over the windows, doors shut to rooms not in use to keep heat from escaping, hot shower with chlorine and bacterial filter (shower after working out, maybe every other day as opposed to everyday).

  82. vespamama says:

    I always wind up cooking more in the winter. Cooped up in the kitchen it’s actually quite warm– after I have finished, I always leave the oven door open so that the warm air can do double duty.

  83. Leonor says:

    I sealed my the windows and also used heavier curtains. In the living room I added a couple of throws, so when I feel a little cold I don’t have to run turn the heat up. To sleep I have this amazing blanket that has a build in bag where you can place your feet in. It is so cozy and warm to sleep underneath it.

  84. DesignSprout says:

    Body heat through snuggle time!

  85. LucyC says:

    I prefer to make my own heat by snuggling with somebody special, donning an extra blanket, and exercising (burning calories does the trick every time!). Over the summer I better insulated my house and tiled a floor using local sustainable tile. I just painted my house with VOC free paint.

  86. Artistartgal says:

    When I restored my historic home in Tiverton, RI I insulated every inch I could, plus I kept my original 150 year old windows which with a storm window offer a higher R value and aesthetic than a cheap vinyl replacement. At night I close the lined curtains that I have sewn over the years to add even more insulation.

  87. Meg says:

    I live in the mountains of BC, and my roommates and I make sure we turn off the heat in the common rooms when we go to bed. When I wake up in the cold, dry mornings I boil water for about 15 mintues. It effectively warms the house and makes the house not a dehydrator. We’ve also put a thin plastic layer over our windows that we don’t need to open to help with drafts. More importantly, we heat the house when we can from scraps of wood from the construction site down the road. It makes for a great atmosphere when combined with our dog and guitars…

  88. msm1965 says:

    Three years ago, my husband and I invested a lot of money in high quality insulated Pella windows for our entire home. We have already begun to see a return on our investment because we are able to keep our thermostat at 67 during the day and down to 60 at night. We don’t lose any heat out of our windows, they are extremely energy efficient. It was a very wise decision. We also stay in one part of the house in the winter and use electricity in that part of the home. We unplug everything that is not being used-this also has made a difference in our energy bills. We layer our clothing and have wonderful soft cuddly blankets on our couches so we can be extra comfortable while watching TV or movies in the evening. We are very happy with our money saving moves and will continue to find ways to save money in the Northeast Cold Winter months!

  89. hZ says:

    i wear armwarmers like the ones in the picture! I can see by this picture that my radical fashion is actually starting to be taken up :-D and i had thought from the looks i got that i must be a strange sight with my ugg boots, jeans, armwarmers and then nothing but a singlet top. but you don’t need many other clothes when you’re wearing armwarmers- they’re so warm! i don’t know now how i ever managed without them :-)
    up until now, my arm warmers have been leg-warmers adapted for arms instead, but i also wear them on my legs. and at the computer, because the fans suck all the cold air along past my long suffering legs, i just put the whole of me from the armpits down, inside a high-rated ultra wilderness sleeping back with a hot water bottle under my feet, and under that, a folded blanket to keep the whole lot off the floor. works amazingly. just make sure you bring the phone with you :-)

  90. Katarina says:


    I love winter and the fun fluffy whiteness. My tips for staying warm this winter and every winter is warm sweaters, socks and blankets ! Also get my heart going and blood moving by enjoying all the winter activities :) and nice hot cup of tea or coffee ahhhh !

    Best wishes,


  91. drenka says:

    I like to stay green as much as I can. I like to reuse and recycle things. I also like to combine my favorite craft with staying green. I don’t use plastic bags, but I crochet the plastic bags that come as with buying products for example the plastic bags that come when buying toilet paper

  92. stigay says:

    I am dressing more warmly and cuddling under blankets so that we don’t have to have the heat as high. Both for eco-friendly reasons, as well as wallet-friendly ones.

  93. Gmoore says:

    Hey…and Happy New Year to all….When we get mail, the envelops from bills and mail flyers go right into the fireplace to start a warm fire at night thus not even turning it into the recycle bin!! Stay warm & go green!

  94. lindsey k says:

    Nice Giveaway!!! I am staying green and warm this winter by avoiding turning on the heat, and using passive ways to heat the apt. I keep the blinds open to let in tons of warming sunlight. It’s been really tough the last couple of weeks bcs it’s been really cold, but at night extra blankets do the trick.

  95. baufrau says:

    SoPo & WoSo keep me eco-warm. (Solar Power and Woolen Socks)

  96. cdziuba says:

    I’m having everyone dress in layers 24-7, and we keep the heat lowered.

  97. rdmurphy says:

    Instead of tossing overly loved sweaters due to holes or snags, I stitch delicately frayed fabric on to it with metallic beads to cover up the area(s). It gives it a new fashionable look and I still have my fab sweater.

  98. sheau says:

    I purchased most of my clothing from local used vintage clothing stores or thrift stores. We had a wool blanket to keep warm that is made by a local artist. We also cook more with oven now to warm up our place. : )

  99. thamoon says:

    I’m staying green and warm this winter – by learning to be content – by reading tags and knowing types – by finishing 3 meals a day – by scrunching sleeves under wooly tops – by sipping a warm cup of tea – slowly – but most of all – by keeping very close to someone hot.

  100. Bjornmeansbear says:

    The ”buddy” system is my favorite way to stay warm w/out turning up the heat … And despite the fairly cold Maryland winter, I’ve been getting to the farmer’s market every week, though most of the farmer’s themselves haven’t …

  101. Echochartreuce says:

    We only buy recycled old electrical appliances that we need becasue they have lower usage ratings than the newer (use for 1 yr and throw away) applicances and we do not buy gadgets that we can do without. We have flooring that required sweeping with a broom, no vacumme cleane. Our home is designed for privacy without having curtains on our windows so we donr waste water and electricity washing a house full of curtains. It is eco friendly just to do things the old way, everyone should get back to basics.

  102. DTDavidson says:

    We used a really nice wool blanket on the bed to keep us warm at night without having to turn up the heat. I also make wool wrist warmers from felted sweaters I purchased at the thrift store. I also made my dog a coat from thrift wool.

  103. natters says:

    I actually went vegan this winter and that means a lot more cooking! Instead of buying processed food that has traveled thousands of miles, I walk to the farmers market to get some local produce. At home, I bake it, steam it, stir fry and warm up over a great meal! Plus, it’s left me feeling happier and healthier, so no more colds and aches that made me want to turn up the heat in the past.

  104. Aliza says:

    I wash my clothes by hand so I don’t have to waste energy and dry them by air and I layer my clothes so I stay warm

  105. jerobinsonsf says:

    First off, we rarely have new clothes. You can create a funkier fashion by buying used clothes from Salvation Army or Goodwill. You will also help employ thousands of individuals.
    Secondly, when we wash our clothes we only use Seventh Generation cleaning products. Their drying clothes are amazing in scent and softness.
    And as for larger projects around the house we went green this winter by upgrading our windows in our tiny San Francisco apartment to Energy Star certified windows that will give a big boost to our R-Values. We even got %20 of our cost back from the Federal Rebate Program! ITs sooo Easy!
    We also added sound proofing to the bed room (AKA my music room) which also gives a great boost to the R-value without having to go into the walls and do heavy construction.
    And as for keeping warm we do it the good old fashion way, Straight up good times lovin’ everday and twice at night… I-chi-wa-wah! (Oh, and the sound proofing helps for this too ;)
    Heaters…We dont need no stinking heaters!
    Love and Peace to all who bring forth our Eco-Solution Revolution!

  106. velvet1116 says:

    I stay green by heating with wood and wear a turtleneck and a sweater. If I get cold I add a wrap.

  107. windycindy says:

    To create a more cozy and warm home, I add more throw rugs
    and scatter quilts around. Also, we turn down our home’s
    thermostat and wear more layers of clothing. We also attempt
    to take only 5 minute showers.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  108. velvet1116 says:

    I stay comfy and warm by heating with wood,staying Green this way, saving energy, and then wearing a sweater and a wrap!!

  109. mgrim says:

    Green and warm: we have a stove in our basement that warms the first floor…sleeping rooms are kept ‘cool’ (ie no heat!) for better sleeping and we wear layers during the winter…a vest is standard uniform and fleece, sweaters or blankets are just fine for cosy living…
    We expect to adjust to the seasons we love so much….

  110. jamidix says:

    Fireplace, extra sweatshirt…snuggling with the kids:)

  111. Namazu says:

    Newly insulated rowhouse (costs less to heat than apartments I’ve lived in), limited use of (green-colored) car due to proximity of shops, lights and computers off when not in use, sweaters and shared body heat.

  112. Jennifer P says:

    I’m freezing!!! I have a down coat on most of the day. This knit set would help immensely! At night I have several comforters on my side of the bed so I can stay warm! (Yet my husband sleeps with only a sheet to cover him! How can that be?) Of course, when a hot flash hits, I kick it all off. Then I freeze as the moisture feels like it turns to ice!

  113. va2vt says:

    Living in VT, Layering is ever so important. In addition to layering, we try to use lots of blankets, using wood found after a heavy storm, and using electricity powered by our local green electricity company.

  114. jamieburdick says:

    As part of my daily routine and resolution to get more and more green, I make sure to do one load of laundry a week. Its rough but I realized how much water and energy goes into a washer/dryer. I’ve always been very conservative and another way I try to stay green is taking a much shorter shower and not washing my hair everyday (never mind the fact it’s better for your scalp) to cut back on water consumption.
    Wow, I must sound kinda dingy, huh? haha :)

  115. je says:

    Jumping Jacks!!! And a brisk walk at lunch in the New England cold keep my circulation going. And many, many layers. I’m not ashamed of my thermals…lol

  116. silveradventure says:

    I’m staying warm this winter by dressing warmly, reusing and recycling old clothes. I’m also staying green by recycling plastics and cardboard/papers of course! I try to find homes for the various things that I don’t need anymore..

  117. Tyler Austin Bradley says:

    We tend to spend a lot of time outdoors to acclimatize to our surroundings; high elevation, avalanche prone peaks, that kind of stuff. Staying active here is important; we do a lot of cross-country skiing, touring, snowshoeing, and downhill ski and snowboarding, all of it self-propelled. We keep warm and trim doing our favourite sports on our own steam/fuel, whatever you want to call it.
    While there has been a huge surge in the popularity of snowmobiling, we stick to the skin-track out in the backcountry. Snowmobiles create huge amounts of pollution what with the amount of not only emissions but unburned fuel they spew out onto the snowpack, and, consequently, into our watershed. No thanks. Snowmobilers also lay tracks into sensitive habitat areas, further endangering the few remaining mountain caribou we have in the area; noise pollution, and compacted access for predators makes it really hard on the ungulates.
    We car-pool to the hill, produce our own homebrew instead of buying commercially available grog (they use way more water, energy, etc to move their stuff), and we eat local when we have good luck ice-fishing.
    Tyler Austin Bradley
    Rossland, British Columbia

  118. raemcadams says:

    I am staying green and warm this winter by moving to a warmer climate! I moved from Omaha, Nebraska, where they have had 3 official blizzards already this winter, to Seattle, Washington, where the weather feels like Nebraska April all winter long! We haven’t used the heat yet!

  119. rachael says:

    I stay warm and green by wearing lots of layers inside and my wool coat keeps me very warm even in our NS weather we also use wood heat though not used too ofter during the day from all the baking

  120. peas4luck says:

    My electric blanket and scarves!

  121. goinglikesixty says:

    I’m married to a re-knitter. Lost one sweater, gained two scarves!

  122. JayP says:

    Have lifted the ‘no dog on the bed’ rule at night and am not waking up from cold feet anymore as I turn the furnace down to 15C at night. Large fur animal blanket does Live in central Canada where it gets real cold, eg -40C Layer layer layer….if you do it right it’s ‘eco chic’ and you stay warm without wearing animal based products or cranking up the heat.

  123. Resilient1 says:

    I’m eating more thoughtfully and consuming less plastic and paper by bringing my own lunch to work. My family is eating out much less often, and my son and I are spending lots of quality time together, cooking, setting the table and shopping for our food. This gives us more time for our favorite evening activities–snuggling under our covers, reading together.

  124. megquinn says:

    We like to keep warm
    arms wrapped around each other
    it’s green to be loved

    Cheers and thanks,

    Megan & family

  125. shankargallery says:

    I am Green by being a Vegetarian since 1967 and stay warm by practicing Tumo meditation on Lord Shiva.

  126. PhotoGenesis42 says:

    Here in Arizona, it does not get that cold – especially in comparison to so many other places all over. However, people here are quick to get cold and over-heat everywhere! Here in my house, we did the best we could to not turn on the heater at all until well into December! Since then, we leave the thermostat at 60 and turn it down lower when we go to bed under our comfy layers of blankets. =) I’ve been wearing fun sweaters that no longer fit my mom and still have so much use in them. We all keep showers quick and turn lights off in rooms we’re not currently in. Happy Winter to all out there!!!

  127. KMaeCastle says:

    I stay warm by snuggling with my honey under the blankets rather than turning up the heat!!!

  128. bellascarf says:

    We wear sweaters around the house and sleep with 3 blankets. The house is insulated pretty well (average temp is 64 degrees) so the heater rarely comes on.

  129. gigi says:

    It’s 40 degrees in south Florida! I keep warm putting on all my bikinis AT THE SAME TIME! What else is a girl to do!

  130. Michaella1964 says:

    I’m staying warm by cutting pallets for firewood..basically recycling something that was already made, and staying warm with it.

  131. stefanie says:

    I..or rather my cat Zen and I have a favorite blanket that we share. I show him the blanket and he comes diving with all four feet at once. Our warmth generated together allows me to keep the heat turned way down. In addition, I have weather proofed my apartment from top to bottom. Take that old man winter!

  132. wavewalker says:

    We are turning down the thermostat here in Chicago. We are using down “throws” on our laps when watching TV or using the laptops. I just bought a solar charger for my phone and my iPod. I put it in the western kitchen window to charge it up.
    I am running the dishwasher at night when there is less demand for electricity, too.

  133. Lins21 says:

    I’m staying green by buying local produce. I’m keeping warm by snuggling with my dogs, and oh yeah my husband of course :)

  134. Kat says:

    My goal for years has been to reduce my energy use by 20 percent each year. So this year I nailed an old wool blanket over the doorway to my little-used living room so I don’t need to heat it very much. Instead I use the finished room in the basement that has a woodstove. I burn junk wood I scavenge all summer and fall. I keep the thermostat at 62 when I am home and not in bed. I turn the heat off at night and it gets to about 52 degrees. I have 6 blankets on my bed. I have a solar panel for charging all rechargeable electronics and my batteries. I have a bike generator to charge the solar power panel battery when there is not enough sun here in Michigan. I made a big, heavy kimono from a tapestry Halloween costume and wear that over my sweater when it is very cold. I buy one tank of gas per month for my Honda Fit. My house if pretty winterized. I cover my windows with fiberglass insulation and thick drapes I made. I use vegetable oil lamps often ( I have 3 of them) to avoid petroleum candle use. I buy only non-petroleum candles now (beeswax or soy). I use cloth hankies and napkins. I avoid plastic stuff. I eat locally grown food. There is more, but enough for now. I enjoy this life style and feel comfortable. Of course, I was a Peace Corp volunteer in Africa and this feels fancy to me.

  135. says:

    I just bought myself a lot of organic Fair Trade cotton that I will use to make myself some nice looking, soft and hopefully warm winter clothes. The scarf and gloves will be a nice addition to my new look!

  136. peggyenglish says:

    I have lived in sunny Central Florida since 1979 and this recent wave of cold weather has hung on much longer than I remember! In our office & warehouse at we keep the shades down on the windows to keep warm air in and cold air out. We also wear lots of layers and drink organic hot tea. In our warehouse we have UPS go in & out the office door rather than open the big overhead door. At home I keep the thermostat on 68 degrees, keep the window shades lowered to keep in the warm air and start the day with 20 minutes of yoga which warms me and my soul! :-)

  137. shansummers says:

    I stay green the old fashioned way. My husband and I burn wood we have harvested from trees downed by storms and lightning and then do a lot of snuggling by the fire.

  138. angela says:

    we wear our robes and use the fireplace

  139. tnshadylady says:

    I close off rooms that aren’t being used. No sense in heating (or cooling) rooms that no one is going to be in. I also am more conscious of wasted energy in other areas, like tvs left on when the room is empty, etc.

  140. delimama66 says:

    I wear nice warm sweaters and fuzzy socks and try my best to keep the thermostat at 65. Hubby attempts to sneak around and turn up the heat but he can’t fool me!

  141. samsstuff says:

    One of the ways I’m staying warm is by re-making old sweaters into something new, as well as making cowls & scarves with vintage, recycled elements.

  142. KiraSamaDaisuki says:

    My teacher says that colds enter the body through the throat, so I have been relying on scarves to keep me warm indoors and out. It is also prime cocoa and soup season. Stay healthy and warm everyone!

  143. teriincali says:

    Today I made a puppet out of an old sock for my granddaughter. Yesterday I made a sweater for my dog out of a onesie my granddaughter outgrew.

    I used a jack-o-lantern pumpkin that I didn’t carve to make pumpkin puree. So far I’ve used 1/3 of that puree to make a couple dozen mini loves of pumpkin bread that I gave as gifts at Christmas.

    I keep a blanket near my computer to throw over my legs. And I wear a long robe over my clothes while at home.

  144. ObliterateWasteNow says:

    My kitty cats keep my toes warm while I’m watching TV by sitting on my feet.

  145. hhhnyc says:

    I often dress as if I am about to go skiing, even when I am indoors! That means, layered legwear (tights/wool socks/light fleece/wool pants) and and layered tops (silk tank/turtleneck/wool sweaters). We are staying green, rarely taking bags from stores, cooking 95% of our meals, composting all veg/fruit scraps, recycling threadbare clothes at Goodwill (they sell the scraps to rag dealers, who find users for the cloth), recycle athletic shoes at Nike (they tear the shoes apart and reuse much of the materials), use all rechargeable batteries, turn long pants that have holey knees into shorts, use glass containers and stainless steel water bottles to transport food & drink, use Zipcar/car sharing and generally try to have a low carbon footprint.

  146. naturallyjo says:

    This winter I am staying green and warm by cooking soups with more vegetables and no meat. Using warming foods like potatoes, yams, and ginger keep the body warm. My family also does not turn on the heater. We wear more layers of clothing and drink tea or hot chocolate to stay warm. And instead of driving to the gym in the morning or late afternoon, I run to the gym, or I stay in the house and do pilates.

  147. imark says:

    Taking a walk in the park when the weather’s nice. Exercise helps keep you warm, and it’s better than staying indoors and using up more heat and electricity.

  148. Tamaresque says:

    The large windows in my place are oriented to the sun, the floor is cement under carpet and the internal walls are rendered cement block, so on sunny days very little extra heat is needed. At night the Inverter is never set any higher than 22 degrees Celcius so I make sure I have warm slippers and wear warm clothing.

    I live in Tasmania, by the way, and right now it is our summer.

  149. mf says:

    me and my boyfriend always shower together. it is great together time and it saves water!

  150. ahoy8 says:

    I also bought my winter gears from a second hand shop to recycle. Plus I try to stay green by keep walking out there no matter how cold it is. Luckily the town of my whereabouts right now is not relatively that big.

  151. sonotech63 says:

    As shameful as this sounds, the electric company makes money off of us in the winter, I turn on the heat. Now if I going outside, its all about the layers.

  152. wwwillem says:

    We see whats happening in the northern hemisphere but it is not much better here. It is mid summer in New Zealand but we have snow on the lower Tararua mountains within walking distance of our town Levin and theres a cold wind blowing since October — we hope for summer weather and swimming soon otherwise summer would have come and gone before its winter again!!!
    Our new house is well built, well insulated even with styrofoam under the concrete of the floor, and with double glazing and heat pumps so we are ready for what winter can throw at us.
    Wishing you warmer climes from now on
    Willem in Watarere Beach New Zealand

  153. Linda says:

    I wear alternate T-shirt layers of polyester and cotton tops to wick perspiration while retaining body heat. In 13 degree weather, I find three layers work outdoors & two layers work indoors to conserve energy use. Experiment on mixed layers that work for your body. I also use a cotton T as a headwrap for warmth! (my hair length is 3/4″). I practiced layering methods when I was feeling hot & cold recovering from my mastectomy.

  154. nicoeur says:

    my 5yr old son and i have started a new weekly routine in the evenings: mondays we hang out at a clay studio, tuesdays homework/game night meaning the tv is not turned on at all, wednesdays church w/the youth group…we dont spend much time at home so our utilities are lower plus everything at the clay studio is recycled, how awesome is that!! at night we pile on the blankets rather than heat our small apartment unneccessarily..west texas weather can be quite unpredictable! we have learned to dress in layers around here:)

  155. mhartsfield says:

    i am staying warm and being green by stuffing newspapers under my clothes for insulation and making foil hats out of old aluminum foil to keep out the alien microwaves. dur dur dur

  156. maryamseifi says:

    Rather than being tempted into buying a new coat I decided to use a coat I bought five seasons ago and make a new and more trendy coat, by moving the location of the belt from the hip area (very 4 years ago) to the natural waist.

    It is like I have a new coat, without using any resources but my creativity!

    Oh, yes – and we are practicing our usual green lifestyle rituals: a slightly lower than comfy thermostat, cuddling under my great grandma’s quilt, busing (warmer than biking) to work, and cooking with seasonal items – to name a few!

  157. natashapink says:

    Snuggly, comfy layers that feel so good & keep the heat down. Hot tea. Building new habits like “camp showers”…get wet, soap up, water off, scrub ..shave, etc, water on, rinse..haven’t yet measured how many gallons saved. investigating led bulbs for home & business….there’s some great ones avail. even to replace mercury vapors (warehouse lights).

  158. Chelburger says:

    I am keeping my head warm with a HOOD by Recycling Zychal thats made with the salvaged nylon from broken umbrellas, felt and insulation made from recycled plastic bottles. It’s super warm and is great for when I am riding my bike when its windy, especially because my winter jacket does not have a hood on it. They are cute, handmade/made- to-order and can be found on the recycling zychal etsy store, I think it’s just http://www.recyclingzychal.etsy. com

  159. scruffy_duffy says:

    I’m trying to be (much) greener this year. I’ve been a vegetarian for 18 years and a vegan for the past 8 years. I am hoping to eat more of a raw food diet this year. I’ve always bought 100% recycled toilet paper, napkins, and paper towels, and now I’m extending that to aluminum foil and more eco-friendly cleaning products. I’ve always kept the heat low and bundled up. I’ve always turned lights off, taken shorter showers, washed my clothes on cold, recycled everything I could, etc, but I really have only touched upon the surface of eco-friendly living. I am trying to eat way more organics and buy from companies that focus on sustainable living. There are so many ways to go green and I feel like I learn of something new everyday. So, 2010 for me, is a year of enlightment: I resolve to learn ways that I can help the planet and animals, incorporate them into my life, and hopefully pass my knowledge onto others.

    I have a friend who works for Whole Foods in Austin, Tx and she is an inspiration to me. She, along with her husband, are the most innovative, eco-friendly indivduaIs I know. I am hoping to learn more about what she does and how I can incorporate her ways into my everyday living. I have so much to learn and am excited to make some positive changes.

  160. superdumb says:

    We sleep with three huge cats in bed!

  161. nickychang says:

    My roommate and I are conserving energy by wearing layers indoors instead of keeping the apartment at t-shirt temperature. We are also recycling vegetable cooking oil from restaurants to use as fuel to our heating system. :)

  162. Mackay says:

    We stay green & warm by dressing for the weather – layers are the go! Thick snuggly socks and boots are a must for warm feet. We’ve insulated the house and changed the bulbs, of course. We close off areas we’re not using and go do something active if we’re feeling chilly. Even making a cup of tea or cocoa counts there!

  163. Erin from Long Island says:

    I insist on keeping our thermostat below 65, even though this winter has been brutal. We all bundle up in layers, I even wear my running tights under my jeans! Recently, we got some saran-wrap-like stuff from the hardware store and put it up around the windows. It might look a little weird, but it is unbelievably helpful in keeping our drafty old house warm with significantly less energy.
    I also drink a ton of herbal tea with herbs and flowers I grew and dried to save for these winter months

  164. drea says:

    i keep warm by doing lots of yoga and snuggling!

  165. Lucky says:

    I sleep with a hot water bottle in bed, as well as a snuggly partner. We don’t have to turn the heat up as much that way and also, it’s just cozy.

  166. ryarnell says:

    Living in a one room outbuilding while finishing an earth-sheltered, passively heated and cooled, universally accessible, “net-minus” home.

  167. estypearl says:

    Its cold in sf! I started drinking ginger tea a few years ago during the winter. Its really warming and gets your ciculation going (warms hands and feet!)

  168. Jenn Denis says:

    I make a nice “nest” for our kitties on top of our bed. Then ma hubby and daughter and I watch a movie while eating pesticide-hull free popcorn made old-fashioned in a kettle and eaten in a paper bag with leftover garlic bread seasoning from last night’s dinner!

  169. vikimaui says:

    Hot coffee or tea, warm slippers and a blankie, and a couple of fluffy kitties keep me warm!

  170. prangli says:

    I live in Estonia, Tallinn. It’s very cold here and snowing all the time, we have meter of snow here! We keep warm with skiing and skating and doing other sports. My mother in law knitted us warm and colouful socks, they are warm and make us happy :)
    Also we added one extra blanket to bed so we don’t turn up the heat.
    I’d be pleased to wear this fabulous knit set :)

  171. heydu says:

    we open our curtains in order to get sun shine in though there is no need to spend extra energy for get warm in izmir in turkey

  172. DLori27 says:

    Whenever I used to hear about people discussing how we were poluting the earth and everyone had to contribute, I used to roll my ears and ignore what I heard. I fugured if so many people were conserving then one person not complying wouldn’t make a difference. It wasn’t until a short time ago that I realized that if everyone had that same mentality, the earth would be in trouble. As such, I’ve been very diligent about separating garbage for recycling, turning lights off when I left a room, started doing dishes by hand instead of running the dishwasher 20% full,etc. The hardest thing for me to give up has been the 20 minute hot showers. Now, I’m in and out. I still love those long showers but I only allow myself that indlgence on very, very special occasions. I have a lot more to learn and a long way to go in terms of not getting lazy at times, but we all must start somewhere, right?

  173. KristenHM says:

    I am staying green and warm this winter by wearing my jacket and a heavy sweater around the house so I can keep thermostat lower. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.

  174. prebilic says:

    We are sailing home after a 2-day sailing trip along the Croatian Adriatic. We really enjoyed its beautiful blue&green coast and islands, quite cold and windy these days. Our boat is eco-powered with a solar cell and we haven’t used the engine since we left the port, only sails. Haven’t used the heating either, relied on the loving warm atmosphere on the boat, home-grown food and superb quality fish from local fishermen. *;o) Even on the boat, there is always time for Ecouterre news. Wishing you all best!

  175. KristenHM says:

    I am staying green and warm this winter by wearing a jacket and heavy sweater throughout the house so I can keep the thermostat lower. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.

  176. Wenche says:

    I use a lovely woolen blancket in my bed at night and in the daytime I go for long walks in the snow. We have – 10 degrees Celcius here in the west coast of Norway these days.

  177. tortillaloaves says:

    Probably more frugal than green, we have turned our radiators a couple of notches down. To cope with the cold feet, we have crochet slippers, of which I made, just in time for winter. They are ugly mismatched bedroom socks, because I only ever buy leftover scrap yarn from the thrift stores. Needless to say, I am staying “stylish” with very unique handmade wool hats and mittens this season. Whatever does the job, really.

    As wall mould (or mold) is my enemy, I wipe the bathroom walls and surfaces after a shower. That cuts down the time spent, and heat lost from ventilating the bathroom after a shower.

    We don’t have a car, so we rely on public transport. And I am proud to ride the bus with a thermos of hot tea in my hands, as I head to school. Bringing my own hot tea = no wasting plastic cups from the coffee vending machine. And a couple of dollars, each time.

  178. jewelz4208 says:

    I live in NYC , it’s freezing out but my apartment is ridiculously overheated. Thus I’m totally bundled up to go out + in a tanktop in the apt! The arm warmers would be sweet when the heat cuts off, & the neckwarmer? I’ve so had it with bulky, itchy scarves! Anyway, I’ve been trying to get back to the ultra-“green” lifestyle I used to live in Cali by taking small steps-making my coffee at home + bringing it in a travel cup, always re-using or recycling, & just reducing my consummption in general. Even in our overheated apt. tho, I’ve put towels + blankets around the window seams so as to keep the warm air in-I unplug chargers + appliances when not in use. Not much but it’s something…My husband used to throw EVERYthing out & he recycles now + my 3yr old doesn’t really understand but knows we have a “2nd garbage” for bottles + cans:-) Thanks for the great contest.

  179. maria mayer says:

    The way i keep myself warm this winter in an eco-friendly way is to have my two dogs sleeping on top of my bed!They’re quite efficient as hotwater bottles, they never get cold…!!!

  180. rae says:

    Lots of layers, a huge fleece blanket and keeping the thermostat low!

  181. CacophonyArtHouse says:

    I would absolutely love these knit items! They are so beautiful. I am staying green by dropping our thermostat down 2 degrees from where it normally is, leaving the bathroom door open during/after showers to increase the humidity in the house &, after using the oven, leaving it cracked to share its radiant heat with the rest of the house. I’m in NC & it gets rather chilly here! We have lots of extra soft blankets everywhere & I get to wear my most favorite knit sweaters & sweater boots all the time! I already have a warm color palette in my house that is suppose to trick you into thinking it is 5 degrees warmer. We also live in purposefully small home which keeps us from overstocking & is quick and easy to heat & cool.

    I’ve employed some tips from this link…

  182. jerseygrl61 says:

    We are very lucky to live in a 2nd story condo that is very insulated by other condos. We have replaced all our windows and sliding glass doors, added shades and window treatments that keep out the cold and never move the thermostat.

  183. NanPatience says:

    those are beautiful!

    always adjusting the window coverings to allow warm sun from southern exposure during the day, keep cold northwesterly drafts out at night

  184. lajoliedreamer says:

    I know I’m crazy, but I prefer to sleep in the nude. I’m most comfortable that way. However it means two important things – it requires keeping the heat up this time of year and my husband gets overheated. So this year I conceded (with much influence from my heating bill and energy-conserving husband) and we turn down the heat at night and I wear pajamas and pile extra blankets on my side of the bed. Not pleasant to get up in the morning, but after I take a hot, but quick, shower and throw on my warm robe and slippers I’m alright.
    We also keep our heat a bit lower during the day when we’re home than we have in the past and pile on blankets and robes and the kitty when he’s feeling snuggly :-)

  185. CelloGirl says:

    I am keeping warm by wearing layers and drinking tea to warm me up at my desk.

  186. dianne.erwin says:

    We ride our bike with baby in tow to pick up our co-op organic veggies, we dress really warm at night and sleep under our piles of blankets…. ahhh winter

  187. melissajarquin says:

    This winter we are staying warmer by exercising at night together when we don’t have the sun’s warmth to help heat up the apartment. We do our hour or so workout inside together and it really helps heat us up without touching the thermostat! Consistent exercise makes us want to cuddle a little more often too, which really cuts down on the heating bill and adds to our style factor as well. We also drink herbal teas and make sure to layer. It’s as simple as wearing a cute hat to trap some extra heat!

  188. amber.varie says:

    My husband and I have been keeping warm this winter with a number of delicious winter harvest soups.

  189. njl827 says:

    Winterizing the windows to keep out drafts and drinking hot ginger tea, made with fresh ginger, lemon, and honey. I also find it is easy to add an extra sweater instead of turning up the thermostat. Wearing cozy slippers. All very simple and green :)

  190. tamarapetrosino says:

    i keep eco-warm with a shelter cat pile on my lap:) we adopted 3 cats, and they love to cuddle in the winter months:)

  191. KerseyVee says:

    I’m staying toasty by eating good local food, wearing lots of thin layers and hanging out by the fire with my gorgeous dog and husband (in that order!)

  192. filmchick says:

    Despite the cold I bike year round. This winter I’m staying warm by using blankets opposed to turning up the heat.

  193. xzchung says:

    I am staying green and warm this winter by having a “share dinner” plan with few friends. We take turns to cooking at few friend’s home, and we eat together. so save energy and keep the happy cheers up in this cool weather. Thanks for asking!! :-D

  194. AnniinBC says:

    I use compostable garbage bag liners in order to keep plastic out of the landfills. Thanks.

  195. alisonian says:

    Biking for transportation (+fun) through the snowpacalypse that is Chicago winter keeps me warm and toasty not to mention rosy cheeked. It’s beautiful outside and by the time I get to work I’m piping hot and stay that way for a good while.

  196. msk says:

    We turn the heat down and light up the fire – and make a cozy little snuggle bed for weekend movie watching.

  197. says:

    I have Ugg-like ankle boots specifically worn as slippers with socks in my home. It makes a huge difference in keeping warm! There’s quite a bit of cold coming of the floor/thin carpeting. Aside from layering the clothes, sleeping under a toasty duvet and turning the temp down to 65 two-three hours before going to bed, a little warm tincture at night does wonders. I like to steep a piece of chopped ginger and when ready to drink, add honey and fresh squeezed lemon. It’s warming and soothes the body!

  198. ldewalt says:

    Turning down the heat and using scrap/dead wood and a wood burner to heat the rooms we are using in the evening…

  199. Christmaself55 says:

    I would nee a cute knit like that because it’s very cold in Utah. I’m from Miami and I am totally not used to the cold weather. I also love arm warmers. I used to make them out of old shirts and jeans when I was in high school. I think I deserves the set the most because I am fashion forward and I try to live my life as eco and animal friendly as possible.

    Thanks for the great giveaway.

    My Email is and I am following your news letter.

  200. Christmaself55 says:

    Oh I didn’t read the entry correctly, I’m staying green this winter by turning down the heat while I am at work and using heating blankets while sleeping. I’m also making sure my car has good snow tires so that I don’t waste more gas than I have too. I posted another comment before. Thanks again!

  201. melisgreen says:

    we are keeping green this winter by taking 4 more hours off of our furnace timer, keeping our food waste in a big metal garbage out the back door (to be dumped this spring)and planning to plant a row of evergreens around the house in the spring for a good windbreak/insulation.

    we also put the tv, computer and phone chargers on powerstrips and turn them off at night.

  202. greensky says:

    Keeping green is spending more time outside in the white and turning down the heat when out. Shutting off AND UPLUGGING everything that is not being used. Off is not good enough, elotronic things still energy when shut off but still plugged in.
    Spending more time cuddling with my family. We each got our own little blanket with our name in it and when we come in the house we take off our shoes, put on our personalized blankets and foot cozies!

  203. GreenLeafCabinetry says:

    Low heat, Warm food, Warm friends, Warm Wine :-)

  204. Yon says:

    To be more green this winter season, I am eating less meat and continue to use public transportation over taxis.

  205. thevicagirl says:

    To keep warm this winter (which is hard to do) I have been layering my clothes. I have also been attempting to keep all the cold out of the house, by shutting basement doors and fixing leaky windows, so the heater doesn’t run as much.

  206. TheLCB says:

    Being poor college students, we have learned some handy tricks in saving and being green. We leave our thermostat at sixty which is rather ballsy being in MN, but we trudge around the house in comfy layers, slippers, stylish self-made knit hats and swillin on green tea. We keep a blanket on each couch to allow cozy warm-ups and prime snuggle seshs in front of the tube. We have become accustom to unplugging electronics and lamps that are not being used and flippin the switch on our way out of rooms. I’ve turned our water heater down to 120 from 140 to be more savvy and to prevent lovely skin from being scalded in the shower! I have also made a make-shift draft snake, that is hideous enough that even the cat won’t mess with it. The Bokashi Happy Farmer has become great option for us to compost in the winter and a important dispensary to load our veggie scraps from homemade stews and soups.

  207. GeorgiaMist says:

    We keep our heat at 65 degrees and wear sweats and jammies inside!

  208. Kagyuwindhorse says:

    I started a cottage industry home based company called “Predator Friendly” which makes, faux fur muffs, scarves and quilts. they are soooo warm that little exterior heat sources are needed, and they are beautiful and soft and sexy!

  209. magmorisle says:

    I have flannel bedding & down quilts on all my beds, we keep the thermostat low & where sweats & turtlenecks indoors.

  210. Sage09 says:

    We keep our heat at 65 at work and at home, so at home I work with a quilt to keep me warm, and have my dog sit at my feet so we both benefit from each other’s warmth. At work I wear my down vest, drink hot tea, and wear fingerless gloves while I type.

  211. Felicit says:

    I’m the family heating and electricity watch-dog. I’m forever following behind my family members, turning off lights and unplugging appliances. They say I’ve gone too far when I hang out clothes on the line in below freezing weather, instead of turning on the electricity-sucking dryer. But you know what? The clothes actually dry out there, I kid you not. Everyone’s now trained to wear sweaters and comfy slippers in the house. Right now I’m teaching my daughter how to knit. We often cozy up on the couch with a cup of tea, two sets of needles and and a bag of yarn. Guess what we’re making? Yup, another pair of slippers.

  212. vipassana says:

    staying green and warm by moving the body via yoga and keeping the mind still and free by meditating… somehow all this really does serve to make one warm :)

  213. Lubica K. says:

    I am a subscriber. I want to recycle all my yarn and fibers this winter and to change them to new warm products like slippers, shawls, wrists… its green enough i guess.:-)

  214. sezouli says:

    Old sweaters that don’t fit sew up nicely to make a super-cozy blanket that lets you keep the heat turned down but you stay warm!

  215. colley.lindsay says:

    The best way to stay warm and green this winter is to seal up the drafts in your house by making your own draft stoppers. Simply fill up an old pair of tights or leggings with clean sand, sew up the ends and put them along any drafty doors or walls.

    …and if all else fails, simply make yourself a cup of organic green tea and cuddle up with a friend under a blanket :)

  216. ssheilah says:

    Green: Signing up for helpful newsletters — Less disposables — More precycling
    Warm: Getting fatter (won’t more insulation help?) — Heated bed pad (heat the bed, not the house)

  217. mehammeren says:

    We’re turning down the heat and snuggling up next to the fire to stay warm and green this winter! It’s also a great excuse to snuggle with your family! =D

  218. sahill says:

    I keep warm in a big second-hand flannel shirt with some nice organic tea with local honey.

  219. fitzha says:

    I think the greenest thing we’ve done this winter is to simplify our lives & schedules. We’ve been staying home more, starting more fires and snuggling up with our daughters to play games, do puzzles and have movie nights together! Sure we use the eco-friendly light bulbs, we use windpower, we drive low-e cars, recycle everything under our roof and prefer to walk a lot. But the real “warm” we feel is just from simply being together. Less IS more…and its warmer too – inside and out. Trust me!

  220. passive-solar says:

    As I write this, the ambient temperature is 27 degrees below zero with a windchill of 47 degrees below zero. (I love North Dakota)! We stay green by keeping our thermostat at 58 degrees, opening our draperies during the day to let in light (heats the ceramic floor), wearing socks & sweaters, and best of all, using our crock-pot for hot, healthy meals and a warm kitchen. We are the definition of cool!!

  221. kathemc says:

    Made wristwarmers out of a pair of old athletic knee sox, versus buying ones that were hella-expensive and manufactured who-knows-where. I also conserve energy by warming my feet on my husband an/or cats. :)

  222. vintage56 says:

    Our home, designed and built ourselves, utilizes the most efficient ground source heat pump that was available at the time of construction, and has super tight construction, so our day to day energy consumption is pretty well in-check. But just yesterday I scored some 85 square feet of free, repurposed double pane tempered glass for my solar-collector project for pumping some Joules into my garage/studio. I couldn’t be more inspired as the mercury plummets and meteorologists set their sights on scribing new record low temps.
    Be safe out there folks!

  223. Marshmallow says:

    We are staying green by wearing sweat suites in the house, and have towels set under the door jams and windows,to keep the cold air out. we also close off some of the vents that are in rooms that we do not use, and we also keep the bedrm doors closed during the day.. out windows are double pane glass. We also keep all lights and anything that produces heat or cold away frm the thermostat. We even have a thick blanket pushed up to the garage door to maintain the temp in the garage since our unit is in the garage.

  224. bune says:

    the giveaway is amazing while I am wearing the arm-warmers I can put the scarf around my handsome’s neck and together we will be a great fit ONCE AGAIN – BEING ONE!!!

  225. alexarae says:

    I shower at night which prevents the need for a hairdryer in the am before entering the brisk outdoor air. Then I start every morning out with fifty energizing jumping jacks to warm me up once I’m out of bed and in my apartment where the thermostat is set at 67 degrees. When I go out, I love layering knit tights and knee-high socks in order to maintain warmth and still look cute!

  226. Nina says:

    We are staying green by having double pane windows installed when we bought the house 3 years ago.We turned down our heat to around 18 degrees celcius and our walls got an isolation between the outer in the inner wall this autumn, so that the heat doesn’t go out of the house that easily. If we still feel cold sometimes then we use just pullovers of wool and thick socks, blankets and something hot to drink. Then you stay warm! And of course kuddling with your husband is the best option of all.

  227. Lynda says:

    Actually donning a hat around the house to keep heat from escaping, so I don’t need to put the heat up.

  228. Kathleen W. says:

    We have a programmable thermostat that goes down to 60 at night. We just pile on the down comforters and keep warm.

    We also wear a lot of layers during the day and keep the heat low. Fingerless gloves help too!

  229. leaflove says:

    I do lots of knitting wrapped up in homemade shawls & blankets. Made lots of presents for the holidays, lots of scarves & mittens, blankets & still have some winter birthday presents to go.

  230. frau jonason says:

    warm winter

    1. cooking a lot of soups with hot spices-
    e.g. pumpkin soup with ginger and lemongrass

    2. wearing wool clothes- warm pullovers, underwear- nothing keeps you warmer than this material- fine and soft wool/silk underwear from the German brand living crafts(

    3. doing sports outdoor like walking, running.
    Keeping you body in motion.

  231. artbyrica says:

    – putting on another layer and turning down the thermostat
    – avoiding having to drive anywhere
    – making art from recycled materials…

  232. Torny says:

    I have one word for you: FLANNEL!
    -flannel bed sheets and pillow cases (keep you snug & warm without having to boost your heating)
    -flannel clothes
    -flannel hats and scarves
    -flannel socks
    -flannel blanket by the couch
    I can go on and on ….. i am just missing flannel chairs and maybe a flannel table… :)

  233. hifuqua says:

    We live in an older apartment complex, so the first winter here I weather stripped all the windows and doors. But the greenest thing I’ve done so far has been to use Green Mountain Energy’s 100% renewable energy, ALL Year Round!!

  234. leTGray says:

    We keep the thermostat at 60 to 62 year-round, and I keep my fingerless gloves, hat, and scarf handy — in addition to a sweater, natch.

  235. cyberkittylitter says:

    I sleep with my dogs under the blanket and don’t turn on the heat. We are all quite warm ;) !!!

  236. Eve says:

    I turn down the thermostat
    wear layers and furry clothing
    lots of blankets
    I always wear socks and slippers
    and I drink a lot of hot drinks

  237. missreneer says:

    We are turning down the thermostat and using lots of blankets. Thanks for the great contest and Happy New Year!

  238. flyyydreamgrl says:

    My dad likes to keep the house a little chilly (55 degrees is not “chilly”) but I’m weaker than that :P I have to wear several layers to stay warm. Over the summer, I started making scarves (I’m not a slow crocheter but I tend to put things down and not pick them up for months) and the best part about that is that I get to keep my best friend and my boyfriend warm in the cold, too (: I’m currently trying to make a hoodie scarf so my ears won’t get cold in the wind outside. When my mom gets home from work, we all sit in the same room doing things to save energy and just to keep each other company

  239. ooshla says:

    I live in Vancouver, so the humidity makes it colder than it really is. I wear slippers and my fleece pullover to stay warm while I’m at home. While at school, I make sure to wear a scarf around my neck, and I always keep a pair of mittens nearby. I drink either Jasmine tea or English toffee tea to stay warm, or bring soup to heat up in the micro wave. Also, I purchased an inexpensive down-filled duvet to keep me warm at night when I turn the thermostat down (17 degrees) at night. Or, I have a quick hot shower. :)

  240. hockiemack says:

    i rarely turn on my thermostat and if I do, only for a certain amount of time. I’ve also began layering a lot more… and hanging out with friends. There’s nothing warmer than their company!

  241. RottenApples says:

    Well to start off I have no heating in my apt. haha, so i definitly have to keep warm because it can get very cold! To start off I keep warm my making sure all my windows and doors are tightly sealed, afterwards I make sure to make some hot chocolate, yum! I wear knee high socks, pj bottoms, top & sweater, don’t forget the blanket! oh boy is that cozy! I also keep eco-friendly by wearing bamboo socks which are awesome!, And let me not forget to always make sure and save up energy by making sure lights and are not being used, or cell phone charger unplugged until they are needed. That’s my simple way of helping out the enviornment.:)

  242. R.MnTnA says:

    Changed my landlords thermostat myself from an old round turn style one to a programmable one. Programmed it to Turn down the heat when no one is home. Extra blanket at night. Checked all my doors and windows for drafts and fixed.

  243. melisheath says:

    I insulated my house with soy-based spray foam last year, so my house is fairly draft-free — so i have my thermostat pretty low all the time. i turn it down further at night, so when i get into bed i warm my bed up: i have a big cotton sport sock that i have filled with rice, i microwave it for 2.5 minutes, and it stays warm for up to 20 minutes, making my toes nice and toasty while i fall alseep! works well when i sit and read, too. : )

  244. ecofrugal says:

    I am staying green and warm because we had foam insulation blown into our basement around all the ceiling joists, where the most heat was lost from the house.

  245. Sharon French says:

    Having a fire keeps me warm and the electric heat off.

    Sometimes when its warmer I conserve by not building a fire and wear fabulous bright and fun pj’s, my ugg boots, wool sweater, a scarf and a hat.

    I buy bulk, recycle, re-use, buy root vegetables from the farmers in bulk less packaging, compost, shower only every couple of days and sometimes it can be 3 days, hang my clothes to dry by the fire after I have washed them.

    There is a little ditty with the bathroom and it goes like this….. if its yellow let it mellow if its brown flush it down.

    So I don’t flush each time and its best not to put the TP in the bowl so I would put the TP in the fire.

    I drink water from my alkaline Ionized Water Machine so no need for bottled water and I have a recycling program in my class room as well and I am a volunteer with a local Environmental Group.

    Very Blessed and Very grateful.

    Thank you for asking !

  246. vikkivale says:

    I have been without heat since last Sunday, just got my heater installed today, so we were using a small space heater downstairs and a larger moving one upstairs, these would be a great addition to my winter warm wardrobe!!!

  247. polloe says:

    I warm myself with my diary positions of hata yoga and when i go to bed i use hand made (by my mom) blankets.

  248. Scott says:

    I signed up for your newsletter.
    I am staying green and warm this winter by wearing organic cotton/wool/alpaca/bamboo/etc. knits in layers, including a hat whenever possible. I have my heater set to 63 degrees this year instead of the normal 65-68 as well.

  249. Angie says:

    I am getting your newsletter now!!!! Thanks!
    2010 is a big green year for me. I am switching as much as possible to organic/local/natural foods. I’m making sure that all of my bath/body products are vegan and organic/natural. I am also trying to be more aware of where my products are coming from, buying made in the USA and local whenever possible. I am staying warm in natural fibers or recycled fibers in the form of hats and scarves this year too.

  250. lenacavalheiro says:

    Currently have sustainable attitudes and habits is a must for every person, no matter if it’s winter or summer!

    Now you can do it with style.

    For example, review your wardrobe before buying new clothes to face the winter, you may be surprised to rediscover old clothes that do not even remember! You can donate the clothes that you no longer want, so you can make someone else’s winter less cold. When buying new pieces, choose durable clothes made of natural materials (always elegant), and that you can combine with other clothes you already have. Combine basic pieces with fun accessories. Use your imagination to combine layers of lighter clothes, so you will get warm and and can still be stylish in the other seasons!

    You must be green
    But you can also be chic!

  251. mkc156 says:

    a couple cozy additions make my apt snuggly in the winter; throw rugs come out to keep my feet off the cold floor and heavy drapes block the poor window insulation of my building. . lots of blankets all about. I keep a comfy bathrobe & slippers in arms reach to help ease out of bed in the am. The combination keeps my heat down and me toasty. :)

  252. Cara T says:

    2 cozy kitties who like to cuddle + eco logs on the fire + heat on low and only in the room we’re in + hand knit blanket with eco yarn from etsy + tea for two = Green & Warm this winter… and all winters to come!

  253. Mtrigg says:

    Keep the heat down, put another clean, dry log on the fire, another sweater and a couple of cups of warm rum or brandy

  254. zinstra says:

    I don’t leave home without my Kombi mittens and Smart Wool socks. Also, regular exercise keeps the blood circulating and drinking warm tea.

  255. DolphinV27 says:

    During the winter, we shut the heat off for the upstairs portion of the house…my bedroom is the only one up there so that means I move back downstairs for the year’s coldest months and sleep with my sister in her double bed. To stop the chill from creeping into the rest of my house we hang a weighted sheet over the stairs and ensure that a seal forms. I know, it sounds a bit depressing and dreary, which it is! This year though I surprised everyone…one night, when everyone was in bed, I painted bright designs on the plain white fabric with some old leftover paints from school before my mom tossed them. Everyone loves the piece…it’s much nicer than anything decorative that we could have bought! Cheerful, stylish, money-saving, and totally green (the predominate color I used actually!)

    I’ve subscribed to your newsletter! thanks xx

  256. nightowl says:

    I have lots of warm blankets so I don’t have to crank up the heat at night. When I am home I put on one of my really warm sweaters and slippers to help keep me warm.

  257. jules0342 says:

    Since we’ve programmed the thermostat to go wayyyy down at night, I’ve got my oldschool Seahawk sweats, 4 blankets + oversized comforter, and my pudgy pug who loves to cuddle in my nook (and sometime on my face). Think thats pretty good for a single gal :)

  258. jules0342 says:

    Since we have the thermostat programmed to go wayyy down at night, I have my oldschool Seahawk sweats, 4 blankets + oversized comforter, and my pudgy pug who loves to cuddle in my nook (and sometimes on my face.) Think thats as good as it gets for a single gal :)

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