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Unleash your inner designer with Constrvct, a first-of-a-kind three-dimensional design app that allows just about anyone to create original clothing designs using their favorite photos and graphics. Don’t mistake this for some mall-quality iron-on transfer job, however. Constrvct uses U.S.-sourced double-knit organic cotton jersey and industrial digital textile inks to create its vibrant, photo-quality prints, which are then professionally stitched together in a garment facility in New York City. The best part? We’re giving a custom dress worth $350 to the Ecouterre reader with the most creative, knock-our-socks-off design. Start sharpening those virtual pencils and enter now to win!


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER. (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winners there.)

2. SIGN UP AT CONSTRVCT and create your design.

3. LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW BY FEBRUARY 12 with a link to your design. We’ll pick our favorite.

We’ll announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, February 13. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET Tuesday, February 12, so ENTER NOW for a chance to win!


Constrvct is the world’s first open fashion label, where everyone can be a designer. Create beautifully unique designs from your photos, and order them custom made to your exact measurements. With its beautiful 3D design interface, you get a wonderfully accurate render of your dress design as well as a live size preview. It’s instantaneous style backed by solid engineering. Fashion for the digital age.

+ Constrvct

Originally published on February 1, 2013.

148 Responses to “LAST CHANCE: Win a “Constrvct” Dress Featuring Your Favorite Photo (Worth $350!)”

  1. jrendel (@jonrendell) says:

    Crazy good website!! I used a photo I took of Paris’ famous “Deux Magots” cafe.

  2. zmb812 says:

    This is such an awesome website.

    I designed a dress with a brightly coloured firework design on it.

    I am also signed up to the Ecouterre newsletter.

  3. sweetleigh says:

    I love Constrvct! When I first read about it I didn’t think I’d have a chance at owning one. Thanks so much for the giveaway. Spectacular!Love that its sustainable/no waste and of course forward creative design concept.

  4. gr8tfuldayz says:

    I get the Ecouterre newsletter ☺

  5. gr8tfuldayz says:

    I looooove my design!

  6. rodixeca says:

    Made out of a painting called “Little Autumn”.

  7. coletteg says:

    This is so much fun! I used a photo that I took of an old shed.

  8. intensev5 says:

    I Subscribe to the ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER.

  9. audrey1001 says:

    My print is from a art project I did two years ago involving water and alot of candy floss.

  10. laurenhelen says:

    This was so much fun, I can’t believe I never have heard of this company before!, I used a photo I saved to my laptop ages ago with doves :)

  11. subsomatic (@oaktreeemedia) says:

    I can’t tell you how fun this way to make! Will definitely save up for one of these if I don’t win the contest.

  12. AnneliT says:

    My favorite Mediterranean town turned into a painting that turned into a photo that became this dress! AnneliT

  13. Brasspaperclip (@@Brasspaperclip) says:

    What a great website…I couldn’t stop designing, but here’s one of my favorites: It’s from a photo of a grate that I took at the main branch of the Seattle Public Library. (I also signed up for your newsletter) – Thanks for the great giveaway!

  14. elsabajracharya says:

    I think this is a fantastic idea. I chose an image from the Lascaux caves in France. I reminder of how we once revered our Earth.

  15. modernmuse says:

    Fine Artist as well as designer and color addict I’m excited about this contest! All of my designs are from my original paintings and photography.Enjoy!!!!!!!
    First submission: 70’s Love comic inspired…..

  16. ajk0916 says:

    Love this way to use my favorite photos with fashion! Found a great use for a picture I took at the Musee D’Orsay in Paris!

  17. ajk0916 says:

    Love it!! Great way to combine my love of photography and fashion!

  18. modernmuse says:

    ModernMuse : now has a place to combine her fine art and photography in design. Blast from my past having been in PD/DESIGN for twenty years to have opportunity to feature my own painting and mixed media as textile for garments.Now focusing 100% on my art and design….thanks ecouterre and constrvct!
    ELECTRIFY ME is first submit.

  19. modernmuse says:


  20. channahh says:

    I hope you enjoy my “Boston at Night” dress! I used a photo that I took on my way back home :)

  21. Lucertolita says:
    Great website, enjoyed making the dress. Inspiration-my art classes at my University:)


  22. joannisabell says:

    some Polish winter trees, enjoy ;)

  23. cabm says:

    here´s my dress … i hope i win….

  24. amzycoco says:

    Absolutely love this website, so innovative!

  25. REMdreamtime (@lynne_oconnor) says:

    Wow! That was so much fun. I’m going to work on some more designs, soon :)

  26. joannisabell says:

    fractal design vol. 1 :

  27. says:

    This was fun! I used a close up picture of a marble flower in the ruins at the Roman Forum.

  28. kvieweg07 says:

    This was SO much fun! Here is my design, a mirrored image of an Aurora Borealis

  29. joannisabell says:

    fractal design vol 2:

  30. joannisabell says:

    fractal design vol 3:

  31. loriannyc says:

    I made mine and had a good time doing so! I love it and I hope I win!

  32. mj says:

    And, for fun, here’s another:

  33. modernmuse says:


    The Mosscatraz series is based on photographs I took in San Fran at Alcatraz. The walls surrounding the prison are actually quite lush and natural….just beautiful. I took to use as inspiration for paintings but love how they look in the constrvct garments.

  34. jennig-p says:

    Very fun! Great giveaway.

  35. alwen says:

    Such a great website!! Here is my design

  36. anti_gr says:
    very interesting website!
    I used a sketch we made for a landscape architecture competition!

  37. tylerevelyn says:

    great giveaway! Heres my design.

  38. modernmuse says:


    This is based on photographs taken at Alcatraz … architectural area in the rain.

  39. modernmuse says:

    RainReflect : based on photos taken at Alcatraz.

  40. jaimemonbebe says:

    I love this idea and it was tons of fun to do! I took a picture of jellyfish with great blues and purples to make a very pretty dress! Here it is:

  41. modernmuse says:

    Fractured Not Broken Sheath

  42. modernmuse says:


  43. halpincreative says:

    Beautiful colors of the red rock at Petra, Jordan

  44. modernmuse says:

    I really really want this dress!
    Photo from Chilhuly exhibit taken in Dallas Oct 2013.

  45. modernmuse says:

    More designs based on photos taken at Alcatraz…these next are from inside….


  46. modernmuse says:


  47. megawhat says:

    This is made with a photo I took – would love to see it made.

  48. modernmuse says:


  49. modernmuse says:

    Painter’s Palette Mini

  50. modernmuse says:


    So addicted to this, but gotta go work!

  51. 84rms says:

    Check it out, Red Door, abstracted car door

  52. paolostenta says:

    here is my link, thanks, I’m having so much fun…

  53. cabm says:

    …this is really my favourite

  54. onebitpixel says:

    great concept; used some of our designs from a recent art exhibition here:

  55. 84rms says:

    Abstracted Red Car Door, check it out

  56. Mawiki says:

    Wow! What great website! I used one of my father’s paintings in my design:
    Hope to win this stunning dress :)

  57. paolostenta says:

    This is my design

    I hope you’ll like it.

  58. jeannegreeneyes says:

    Created a beautiful dress using a photo I took in Hawai’i of the Center for Korean Studies building. This is a neat idea and fun process!

  59. srkane says:

    I constructed a ‘woodland buddha’ dress from a photo I took at Philly’s Magic Gardens last fall.

  60. fusansan says:

    Fabulous idea, I used a photo I took from a temple in Shangrila, Yunnan, China

  61. fusansan says:

    I have too many photos! Here is a photo I took from the Yi Torch Festival in Daliangshan (Greater Cooler Mountains) of Sichuan, China

  62. fusansan says:

    A souvenir from the ruins of a church in Bahia

  63. fusansan says:

    Merging a weaving from the Dulong River Valley in China

  64. bungi says:

    It’s so much fun to play with designs at Constrvct. I made a few designs here. and here

  65. richardessphoto says:

    This is an amazing concept…. wish i’d found your site sooner so i had more time to practice but here’s my entry for this contest…. V8 mini:

  66. lunule says:

    Thank you for the contest. I love ecouterre and constrvct is a great idea! I had so much fun uploading my drawings and playing around with how they might work on a dress or t-shirt. I hope that you pick my Monarch Clusters: or Monochrome Jungle:

  67. susanlawrence says:

    I think this is and amazing idea and would love to have my rescue dog all over the dress as I love wearing dresses. the innovation of this company is amazing- and I will be shopping as I save for a special dress- perhaps a trapeze design !

  68. tylerevelyn says:

    Great giveaway! Here’s my design.


  69. thumbelina says:

    Another design is “Like Plants”
    bright and happy – perfect afternoon dress

  70. thumbelina says:

    My design: “Dutch Tree”
    When a tree was meant to be a dress.

  71. ollie131 says:
    This design is based off of a pencil and ink sketch I did for a series called “barnacles.” It would be so great to have a dress constructed out this drawing!

  72. fiza says:

    i created this dress using a graphic image that i took of the underside of a water reservoir.

  73. valentine says:

    I love constrvctions!
    My design is a collage of constrvction machines. The way the collage it’s wrapped around it both feminine and exciting!

  74. Chawnaj1 says:

    This is such a great contest! Thank you! My design is from a photo I took in Cairo, Egypt in Al-Azar park. If I win I will wear this at my wedding!

  75. one2try says:

    Super fun! Now I want my design. Very Flowery!

  76. fiza says:

    Geoffery bawa, the famous Sri lankan architect created this enchanting ceiling inspired by the native batik textiles. i photographed this ceiling on my trip to Sri lanka and it has now inspired a graphic print for this dress. From textile to architecture to photograph to textile!!

  77. Okay, I might like it better in the silk sheath style:

  78. fiza says:

    An abandoned piece of furniture in an abandoned haunted colonial hotel makes for a haunting photograph and an equally impactful graphic print on this dress. would love to wear it!

  79. anadapuzzo (@anadapuzzo) says:

    My design based on my painting:

  80. anamikic (@anamikic) says:

    My design dress proposal:



  81. fiza says:

    i love graphic prints and unconventional designs! i created this one out of a photograph i took of the underside of a water reservoir

  82. fiza says:

    An abandoned piece of furniture in an abandoned haunted hotel makes for a dramatic picture and an equally dramatic graphic print dress. would lovee to wear this baby

  83. anamikic78 (@anamikic) says:

    My proposal is dress designed by using my digital art.

    Thank you for a lovely competition.

  84. zoescope says:
    rough and tough, ready to party

  85. fiberfusing says:

    from natural print to digital print, how cool is that. I couldn´t stop making. Here is one of the collection talking leaves

  86. jaeshields says:

    I was inspired by the intricate ceiling of King’s College Chapel, Cambridge. In the source photo taken recently by my husband, I noticed the affinity of its geometry and structure to the human body. I love the customization of the clothing from constrvt!

  87. Monica Lid says:

    What a pity – upload there is not working anymore…

  88. naturalsuccess says:

    I’m not able to see my design :( but I Love my picture :)…

  89. honebfly (@sunkissedhealth) says:

    Thank you Ecouterre for leading the way for sustainable fashion! And much gratitude to CONSTRVCT for creating this beautiful technology. I have already spent hours and hours on it (oopsies!)

    Please look closely at my design, there is a hidden image in it that even I couldn’t see until I used this design interface. There are also many forest devas (or nature spirits). I took this photo of a sacred Banyan tree while traveling in India. Looking at it helps me to stay grounded and connect with nature:

  90. LynanSap (@@LynanSap) says:

    Amazing contest! Followed all the steps would love to win!
    This dress is amazing and I love ecouterre!

  91. nclark88 says:

    so much fun to play designer with this! love it!

  92. Kyzclawok says:

    Here is my favorite picture and you’ll see why…

  93. ninelai says:

    When I first read about CONSTRVCT, I thought it would fit perfectly my aspirations about using fashion design to communicate to people my research into the good applications of fungi and the beauty of these organisms. I have used one of their images to create this dress:

  94. inikoa says:

    Here is my dress:


  95. lwjohnson (@LinWalkJohn) says:

    So happy to be introduced to Constrvct and Ecouterre!

    My design is from the Seattle Public Library- designed by Rem Koolhaas’ firm OMA.

  96. lwjohnson (@LinWalkJohn) says:

    Another design from the Seattle Public Library- designed by Rem Koolhaas’ firm OMA.

  97. MichelleBuchanan says:

    This is my design based on one of my paintings. Wow, loved doing this!
    Michelle Buchanan

    and if anyone wants to see some of my other artworks on dresses:

    Too much fun.

  98. fiza says:

    Bokeh in a photograph from a religious festival in pakistan. turned into a gorgeous print

  99. edavis (@giraffetale) says:

    As an architect, I love to play with scale. Using a photo I took of the Sydney Opera House, the geometric tile pattern looks almost like a natural animal skin when mirrored and placed on the dress. I tried to align the slight building curvature to flatter the female figure. It would look great styled with nude patent pumps or a pop of fuschia!

    Constrvt is simply an awesome concept with great execution! I was obsessed with the Continuum duo’s D.Dress and admire this new line just as much. Keep up the amazing work!

  100. edavis (@giraffetale) says:

    Working with a little more color, the structure of the Perth Maritime Museum is placed to structure the lines of the dress and flatter the figure:
    I also happen to be a sucker for any chevron ;)

    Thanks again for hosting this great competition!

  101. cs5934 says:

    So fun and simple! Great idea for a website!

  102. annsj84 says:

    I absolutely love this concept and for my design I chose a picture from one of my favorite places in the entire world, along the Yarra river bank.
    (not sure which link is the best)

  103. k377y says:

    My dress is allows you to be in the forest everyday.

  104. GiMo says:

    This is the dopest web application ! Thank you for excising !

  105. gimo says:

    I can’t stop applying my design on dresses! I’m in love with CONSTRVCT!

  106. katygmorris says:

    I had a blast making my designs! I had to finally force myself to stop after five. I had a tough time choosing one, but finally picked a picture I took of a friend’s band. We all had such a great night, and I’d love to immortalize it with a dress!


  107. edavis (@giraffetale) says:

    As an architect, I love playing with scale. Using a photo I took of the Sydney Opera House, the geometric patterning of the tiles looks a bit like a natural skin or animal print. The slight curves of the building are placed to to be figure flattering. I’d love to style it with nude pumps or a punch of fuchsia!

    I’ve been a fan of the Continuum girls since the d.dress and would love to see my hours playing with their amazing applications come to life. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

  108. Adorna says:

    I designed this dress with one of my Plein Air Paintings. You can see my blog about the painting here:

    I loved how many different looks I could get from this one painting. I think this dress would look awesome for Easter! I can’t wait to try more of my paintings and photos as dress designs.

  109. gimo says:

    So much fun! Thank you for hosting this wonderful competition !!!

  110. gimo says:

    This is so much fun ! It’s overwhelming how many ideas I have right now.Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful contest!

  111. gimo says:

    This is so much fun ! It’s overwhelming how many ideas are in my head right now. Thank you for hosting such a wonderful competition !

  112. stephng (@StefNg) says:

    I love personalised products. Every little detail in the design has so much meaning.

  113. alainaw83 says:

    This is a photo i took of my small town on the first snow day :)

  114. FabriceAndThania says:

    soooo, i played with this image i took of the capri landscape on photoshop. Voila!

  115. akc0625 says:

    I’ve always loved the intersection of design and technology, so I couldn’t resist using an image of a responsive sculpture I designed and built alongside two classmates.

    It’s overlayed with two shades from pantone’s spring 2013 colors to give it a punch of colorblocking in the background!

  116. dayziemayhem (@gg2g) says:

    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity ! As an artist/designer I’ve always wanted to be able to experiment with making my own printed fabric. It was interesting to utilize the different options, to create such strikingly different effects. Love CONSTRVCT’s and Ecouterre!!!!

  117. livelongday says:

    I’m in love with street art, hence my design from a photo I took in the Netherlands. I call it AmsterDAMN!

  118. gimo says:

    It’s so cool,I can’t control myself and I just found out about CONSTRVCT this morning! Can’t think of how many more I would’ve done if I knew in advance….

  119. addisgut says:

    This was fun! I used a layered marker drawing that has a watercolor look, entitled “Lilypad”.

  120. This was so much fun. Good Luck everyone.

    My design is called AimieHalo Amaxing Buddha333

  121. gimo says:
    I would like to close my entries with ” City lights” print
    Good luck to everyone ! I hope I win.

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