LAST DAY: Win a Deckster iPod Nano Watchband Made From Recycled Backpacks, Inner Tubes (Worth $165!)

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Headed back to school? Stay on top of your schedule with the Deckster Re:Class, a series of wristbands that transforms your iPod Nano into an eco-friendly timepiece. Developed by N-Product, an Ottawa-based design firm, in partnership with Mountain Equipment Co-op, each Deckster comprises discarded backpacks and bicycle inner tubes that would otherwise languish in a landfill. Plus, all of N-Product’s wares are designed, manufactured, and assembled in North America, from the 99.9 percent recycled aluminum chassis to the Montreal-crafted band. Enter now to win your choice of silver, red, or orange styles (iPod Nano not included).


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER. (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winner there.)

2. LEAVE A COMMENT and tell us how you’ll use your Deckster Re:Class wristband. Although it doesn’t hurt to get fancy, we’ll be picking a winner at random.

Canada, Deckster, eco-fashion, Eco-Friendly Accessories, ethical fashion, green fashion, iPod Nano, Mountain Equipment Co-op, N-Product, recycled accessories, recycled fashion, sustainable accessories, Sustainable Fashion, sustainable style, upcycled accessories, upcycled fashion, Wearable Technology

We’ll announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, August 29. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Tuesday, August 28, so ENTER NOW for a chance to win!


N-Product is a husband-and-wife team living in Ottawa, Canada. The company strives to use on-shore manufacturers and suppliers, seeking out small companies that have a steep tradition in quality and craftsmanship.

+ N-Product

Originally published on August 17, 2012.

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119 Responses to “LAST DAY: Win a Deckster iPod Nano Watchband Made From Recycled Backpacks, Inner Tubes (Worth $165!)”

  1. ASharma says:

    fantastic watch – love the orange!

  2. jennifroedrick (@jenni_froedrick) says:

    I wear my nano as I ride my bike to yoga; having a watchband recycled from inner tubes would be very meta.

  3. Editte says:

    I carry my ipod with me all the time. With a stylish watchband it would be even easier.

  4. kbeekman says:


  5. leytho (@leythogc) says:

    I will wear it and show my friends how nice and practical can recycle stuff. Congrats great idea!

  6. mba says:

    I’ll wear my Deckster Re:Class wristband everywhere I’m on the road!

  7. Scartheevillionfromlionking says:

    I’ll use it to intimidate all of the other hipsters and win the respect of people I’ve probably never even heard of or care about.

  8. CarlosDias says:

    I can’t live without my watch, so I just need my Deckster Re:Class wristband to transform my ipod on a new one! :D

  9. Dougie1142 (@dougieburns) says:

    I’ll be putting it to good use – making sure i’m the coolest cat around! :)

    Plus i’ve always wanted a strap for my Nano, and these look amazing.

    Good luck everyone!

  10. pasolini says:

    this timepiece and music band is by far the coolest reminder to being a green apostle. A perfect little piece for a flag bearer!

  11. sta27 says:

    Something to wear to the gym!

  12. Hélène says:

    So chic! I’ll wear the orang Deckster Re:class wristband in the metro.

  13. mhaynes says:

    I love my Nano, and I KNOW I would/will love this too.

  14. ifwagba says:

    Rocking that at work

  15. Pilgrim2eternity says:

    LoVe the DESign

  16. DaizyZ says:

    As a teacher it would help me keep track of class times at a glance!

  17. ksanita says:

    I ALWAYS have my ipod with me, and this would make it so much easier!

  18. zanne says:

    guess i’ll have to get a nano & figure out what it does before i could accurately tell you what I’d do with it ;0

  19. Domenico says:

    Cool watch for cool people! (me!) :D !

  20. munanto says:

    great design.. futuristic & simple

  21. Dcmermaid says:

    Not only is it fashionably functional, i could wear it as i teavel the globe promoting sustainable solutions …

  22. susiet says:

    I LOVE this Nano watchband. I stopped wearing a watch over a year ago – but I’d start again if I had a watchband like this that comes from recycled materials. I don’t like the current ones out there at all. My nano would be right on me all the time instead of stuck in my purse!

  23. C-Wrex says:

    This watch is a great combanation of eco-friendly, tech savy,and sleek utilitarian fashion.I dig the design and it would be a great way to jam while I work out.It ecompasses my flow in the moment I am riding in…kudos

  24. Angel Velez says:

    I will use my Nano when I go fishing or hiking and bond with mother nature.

  25. julimi says:

    I would love to give this to my sister

  26. flippingdancer says:

    I love the design!

  27. asmiddle says:

    This would be great for getting to work on time, in style, and with tunes!

  28. Gordana says: you’ll use your Deckster Re:Class wristband?
    Me: How? Easily and stylishly! :)

  29. esbetsso says:

    gonna go for runs with this :)

  30. handschuh says:

    i’ll wear it while travelling, that way i won’t be worried my ipod will ever be stolen in the hostel!

  31. kamkath21 says:

    Watch is one of my favorite accessories to wear. I can’t leave the house without wearing my watch. It completes me. This ipod nano watchband is by far the coolest, greenest, eco friendly and most innovative watch. I’ll be so lucky if ever i win this one. It will be added to one of my coolest collection. :)

  32. schioldann says:

    Love my Nano and I’ll wear it all the time. And I’ll be braging about me being extra eco’ish…

  33. tmoobc says:

    I usually just clip my nano on the bottom of my shirt to use as a pedometer, but having it on a watch would be so much better!

  34. thatsjuststeve (@thatsjuststeve) says:

    You know it’s all about listening to tunes while in meetings.

  35. Heartthrob666 says:

    I would wear it with pride knowing it is made from recycled materials.

  36. RichardBidmead says:

    I will wear mine when everywhere and create awareness for sustainable fashion!

  37. Kog says:

    Wow this is awesome ..I don’t own a watch..this would be cool to have!

  38. Antonio says:

    This is awesome!

  39. yanugerah says:

    how can you improve your surrounding if you don’t improve yourself first

  40. nhill74 says:

    I’d help bring back wrist-centric time-telling (as opposed to using a cell phone to keep time) while sporting my hip, functional, and eco-friendly Deckster Nano-cum-watch band.

  41. antonio says:

    i just need an ipod nano now…

  42. Umarfaruq says:

    Love to put it on my wrist!I will wear it while barclays premier league game’s breaks…love to bring it to lecture to show to mybestfriends there!,

  43. nitotee says:

    definitely a conversation starter piece. i’d wear it all the time and finally put that never used nano to use.

  44. metroidology (@RoiEli) says:

    I would use the Deckster Re:Class wristband watchband to keep track of time between classes and having my tunes on hand when I want! The silver one is more my style ;-)

  45. tahoedrew says:

    If I won this I’d actually wear a watch, unlike I do now! Maybe I’ll even start to be on-time for meetings!

  46. margie says:

    I need it to listen to my classes, conferences, meditations, music, my own voice recordings, to keep me informed of the time I am investing in my routines, to use the alarm clock, and to listen to the news in my free time so I am not so disconnected. For that, a great wristband it totally conspires making it suspicious and an intriguing look.

  47. kevinmcc says:

    Love to win this!

  48. mHamman says:

    i’ll wear it for weekend party

  49. Catsho says:

    Another way to show others how we can recycle, in all areas of our life. Looks great!

  50. Vishal says:

    Our new generation needs to understand the importance of recycled material. My daughter will love to wear it.

  51. sharpamy says:

    as a cyclist i would wear this with great pride!

  52. reviewmirror1973 says:

    I *love* this idea.

    I don’t even own an iPod nano. I would buy one if I had this watchband. I’d use it for cycling. I’ve recently ditched the busing/scooter lifestyle for walking and cycling, and moved to a whole new city to make it a reality.

    I wear hearing aids & use a bluetooth thingie that pumps the iPod’s sound into my hearing aids, so I don’t need headphones, and this watch/Nano mix would mean I’d be wireless and could put my phone away on rides. I’d love that.

    And that it’s made from recycled bike parts makes the fact that I’d be using it for cycling (and walking) seems brilliant.


  53. BeckyIB says:

    Form meets Function in this Deckster Re:Class wristband. My nephew is headed to New Zealand to study next year and this would be perfect for all the hiking, cycling, camping, and touring he has planned between classes. Plus, excellent study aid… music and time management rolled into one.

  54. sanchalf says:

    The idea that this product is recycled makes a huge difference when you know that its good quality. Im an architect major and to just have the Deckster not only shows fashion at its best, but to show that materials we throw away CAN turn into amazing things…well that just makes it even better, lets show a little supprot for the GREEN.

  55. jeevon says:

    If this Deckster Re:Class wristband were mine, I will always be on time, never miss any deadline, wearing it to any occasion and any event to show off the cool design.

  56. kevinkolb (@KevinKolb) says:

    I’ll use it to curb my cell phone addiction!

  57. minsss34 says:

    This would make me the coolest 45 year old stay-at-home mom when I win this for my 17 year Los son.. Cheers!!

  58. thetechwizards says:

    This would help study for my IT exams while I run around my 5 year old son, being that I already broke my ipod doing this :)

  59. kielts (@kieltfs) says:

    It would go well with my wallet made of inner-tubes and messenger bag made of couch material and seat-belt.

  60. Kickd420 (@Joeldestruction) says:

    Maaaan! So been wanting one of these! I would totally be wearing this all the time, to the gym, grocery store, walking the dogs, just everyone! I would be jammin out so hard everywhere I went! Anyway, good luck to me! :D

  61. Hetsku says:

    I’d use it as a conversation starter to tell ppl about eco friendly / recycled products and why they are both cool and necessary :)

  62. h0b0daddy says:

    I would wear my ipod while cycling long distance audax rides around the UK

  63. kharvilak says:

    Would definitely use this watch band for my Nano while I bike… easy access to the time and music :) It would perfectly match my reclaimed inner-tube wallet.

  64. gui.borg says:

    I’ll use it every day to listen to music while going to college and at the gym! :)

  65. J3nnyK says:

    I would wear it “all the time” and everyone could “watch” me being happy! :D

  66. Dhruvin says:

    Crazy concept! Ever changing watch design of the watch with a brilliantly looking strap of Deckster! I want this totally!

  67. Wiz says:

    It’s just awesome.

  68. s_wilding says:

    I would wear it to the office, the gym, yoga, pretty much everywhere!!

  69. Brandika says:

    If I win this, it means I’ll be sporting a cool new watch and I wouldn’t have to put my Nano in my pocket anymore!

  70. dasgoot says:

    I would… start using an iPod Nano instead of my iPhone as my time piece.

  71. says:

    Great looking band – I’ll wear it everywhere. I promise!

  72. says:

    Wow –I could work in the dark

  73. vadrover says:

    I already receive your newsletter – yay! And I’ll listen to audiobooks and music on the go if I win!

  74. Eggplant15 says:

    I would use it for my 10 kms running routine across the forest

  75. jcadenr says:

    If i win i’ll wear that awesom ewatch as chic geek wear at a formal party. So classy!

  76. Lukiemon says:

    I would wear this at work. Working in a bakery and cafe, timing is everything, from coffee to pastries to milk. Things expire quickly, things bake for certain times, etc. I look at my watch all the time. But when it’s my break or I’m working after hours I hate having to have a separate iPod. This would just make my life so much easier to keep a pair of Apple earbuds in my pocket and be able to use my watch as an iPod as well, all in a fashionable case. I hope I win! Thanks :-D

  77. Setareh says:

    will wear it while biking to volley

  78. sunnymay says:

    I’ll use it as a watch and get an iPod since it’s such a neat carrier.

  79. J.christopher says:

    Swing my wrist around everyones jealous eyes.

  80. Eletruk says:

    I guess I’m not exactly clear on this. Is this just the watchband, or the the iPod Nano included?

  81. maseguin says:

    With a suit!

  82. GeogKat says:

    I will use this watch for every day use! I need a watch and tire of frilly girl watches!

  83. laroyal06 (@@laroyal06) says:

    I would use it as a gift for my little bro

  84. PurityNectar says:

    This would be super handy to have because I never know where to put mine in a non-annoying place. This would allow me to use my time more efficiently!

  85. sueryan says:

    I’d use this for everything! I am constantly setting my nano down, and being able to keep it with me would save loads of time spent retracing my steps to find it.

  86. Nantu says:

    Would go great with my sense of style!

  87. nilrem says:

    Great for going on for a run

  88. Rafael_vr says:

    would love to have one since I do not have any watch at the moment, will use it to get myself more organize and punctual to my classes and also to put my daily routine tiptop and will never miss any group meetings, dates nor being late again. deeply in love with RED color *-*

  89. fotinos says:

    I would where it and listen to music all day :)

  90. anniebrady says:

    I would love to give it to give it to my fiance, who just got an ipod nano to help him tell time. :)

  91. scott91 says:

    I would Climb back up all three mountains in Wales that I did on holiday, the beats from the watch making me finish each mountain in 10 mins ;)

    or id just see how slow I am haha!

  92. rogerrobey says:

    This is too cool. It is just what I have been looking for.

  93. kmholle88 says:

    I carry my ipod everywhere, and love how it keeps track of my workouts. Using it as a watch would make things that much easier!

  94. jsatjip says:

    I’d love to use it during my jogging session

  95. Sofi says:

    I’d use this for everything! It´s so cool! It´ll be my exercise partner!

  96. ltfhenry (@uaMoo was) says:

    I’d wear the nano watch for working out, walking the dog, and pretty much all the time. Stylish, useful and green, what a great idea.

  97. toni says:

    use it @ work to destress and take vitals

  98. yammabubble says:

    This would become a gift for my dearest to break up his early morning runs and work commute.

  99. Peterflick says:

    I’d wear it every day

  100. Richter Jansen says:

    I need a band for my nano.

  101. akto says:

    I would use my Deckster Re:Class wristband day in & day out. I don’t currently own a watch so this would be a good addition to my wardrobe. I might actually be on time now!

  102. BarracudaRon says:

    Gifting it to my 15YO

  103. balletennis55 says:

    with my eco friendly clothing!

  104. mijulinmarie says:

    I think that this would look great with any outfit

  105. weeziestoy says:

    I would wear my Deckster Re:Class wristband all the time…

  106. MBGrammer says:

    Orange you glad I entered?

  107. iamliza says:

    It’ll be great for running, wristwatch and music player in one!

  108. ledlights (@ledenergysystem) says:

    I would give it to my son because he loves watches and I would like to get him something cool like this. : )

  109. harini33 says:

    another way of upcycling and encouraging product innovation! love it… :)

  110. Jehan M says:

    It looks like it would be pure joy to wear it… Retro design would provide some much neded tarnish for my pod…

  111. Lyall7 says:

    I’d wear it with my iPod nano, while I ride my bike to college.

  112. talpro_fit says:

    If I won the Deckstar Re:Class wristband, I would give it to my husband. He’s always there for me, and making sure I’m happy. He would love this. He deserves it and more. High Paw

  113. William Clifford says:

    Recycling meets cool, who wouldnt want one?

  114. miaignet says:

    If I had this, I would actually wear a watch and listen to tunes as I run.

  115. GreenChic says:

    I’d wear it and never be late again!

  116. JanD says:

    This is a great way to bring along everything that’s important to you during work or play.

  117. nanopacket says:

    I’d be compelled to buy some tiny bluetooth transmitter. Bring it on!

  118. patrickdanforth says:

    This help me not only keep track of time but also keep track of where the heck my nano is. What a great idea!

  119. ramster says:

    I will wear it while doing my daily walks!