Win a Fair-Trade Fedora From The Andean Collection (Worth $68!)

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Sun-kissed glow? Hot. Blistering scalp? Not so much. Shield your noggin from that mass of incandescent gas with The Andean Collection’s new Lola hat, made by fair-trade artisans in rural Ecuador. Available in three sizes (feather optional), each fedora comes in a dazzling array of neutral (camel, chocolate, slate) and jewel-toned (fuschia, electric blue, lavender) hues. Enter now to win a topper to call your own—and watch an exclusive behind-the-scenes video about the label’s inspiring mission.


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER. (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winner there.)

2. LEAVE A COMMENT and tell us your must-have summer essential is. Although it doesn’t hurt to get fancy, we’ll be picking a winner at random.

We’ll announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, August 10. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Tuesday, August 9, so ENTER NOW for a chance to win!


The Andean Collection was founded to bring sustainable change to impoverished communities in South America. The fair-trade accessories label offers artisans the opportunity to participate in the global market while providing others access to the elusive world of the rural Andes.

It have a non-profit arm, The Andean Project, to ensure that this change is productive and healthy and to address other poverty-related social issues, all funded through sales and private donations.

+ The Andean Collection

Originally published on July 28, 2011.

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132 Responses to “Win a Fair-Trade Fedora From The Andean Collection (Worth $68!)”

  1. LeslieCarole says:

    Summer Essentials: Vintage or vintage-inspired sun dresses and ponytail holders!

  2. Alexandra Preis (@AlexandraPreis) says:

    My must-have summer essential: sun screen. Thanks to religiously using sun screen since I was 20 years old, no one believes how old I am (38). Another must-have are books – but that’s actually all year :D

  3. ArtCraftCulture says:

    My summer essential: Pimm’s and soda with slices of fresh organic cucumber.

  4. julie kennedy says:

    my fave summer essential is my Frogg Togg!!

  5. JenniferBarckley says:

    My sensational summer essential(s) are my simple Stewart & Brown, organic cotton long marrow tees. Belt them as a little dress, tuck them into shorts, throw over pants and feel fashionably free!

  6. alexismae says:

    A summer staple: Water! Keep hydrated!

  7. madfishmonger says:

    My must-have for summer is my Chaco hiking sandals and sunscreen. These are great hats! I wear those in the summer too :)

  8. dayz0616 (@lovedayzm) says:

    Definitely need to have cute and fun sun dresses, maxi dresses, sandals, swimsuit. And I need this cute fedora to complete my summer essentials!!! ^_-

  9. nina.e.singh says:

    Hats (THIS ONE!) !

  10. raezemfunk says:

    summer essentials: sunscreen, simple flip flops (made from recycled materials), long but thin necklace, and regular self-mani’s to correct the day’s gardening

  11. dana.quarles says:

    shimmery lip gloss & good sunscreen!

  12. windycindy says:

    My summer essential is a gardening hat I was
    given to by my friend, Lina! Lina grew up in
    the Philippines and moved her around 20 years ago.
    One year when she went back to her home village
    to visit her family, she brought me back my
    lovely straw gardening hat…It has two lavender
    crocheted flowers on the brim! I like how this
    fabulous Fedora from The Andean Collection is Fair
    Trade made…Many thanks, Cindi

  13. kitty32504 (@Kitty32504) says:

    My must-have summer essential is a floral gauzy cotton maxi dress! I can dress it down for an evening out at the beach or dress it up for a nice dinner party and STILL be comfortable in this oppressive Florida heat & humidity!

  14. Emmetchick (@Inspiredberi_16) says:

    My summer essential is my Kora organics energizing citrus mist, it’s so refreshing that it’s become a must-have for me! and also cute vintage inspired sundresses

  15. gr8tfuldayz says:

    My must have summer essential is my super comfy brown maxi dress. Can’t beat it. <3

  16. linda_bohlke says:

    summer essential in the desert southwest: hot pink fedora adorned with a peacock feather… ;-) keeps the sun out of my eyes and looks quite spiffy at the same time!

  17. stitchlily says:

    Depends where you live, here in Ireland essentials for your bag are suncream, sandals, and raincoat!

  18. gonzomema says:

    My must have summer essential is a big straw hat with fabric flowers on it. Keeps me in the shade and so cute!

  19. springrain says:

    my summer essential is a pair of well-worn K-Jacs sandals, a long billowy skirt, and a tank top

  20. mxld says:

    Must haves for the summer tinted moisturizer, shorts, sandals, maxi-dress and an umbrella, lots of sudden rainstorms in Miami during the summer.

  21. analucia_mt says:

    My must have summer essential are my havainas flip flops!!!

  22. clare says:

    My summer essential is a good book to read on the beach!

  23. nik says:

    My must have is my beloved pair of moccasin sandals because they’re broken-in-comfortable. Thanks!

  24. casson says:

    My must haves for the summer are the ocean, the river, and this hat of course. <3

  25. jimena says:

    Absolutely fabulous!! I am Andean myself so I’ll wear it with extra pride!!

  26. fedor_federov says:


  27. aria.disalvo says:

    Summer essential in Massachusetts: my paper-feet sandals (made from recycled billboards!) It’s like walking barefoot with a little protection, so I can feel more in touch with the ground but not scrape my feet up :)

  28. debby14 says:

    Dresses and skirts and anything without sleeves.

  29. majeral says:

    Living here in Texas were it has been in the 80″ since February the things you need for summer essentials are
    #1 Sun Screen
    #2 A good hat, and because I am a Red Hat society member It has to be RED or PURPLE!!
    #3. Water with you at all times. NOT soda not sweet drinks water or water with electrolytes.
    Thank you in advance for pulling my name and sending that great PURPLE HAT!

  30. hattie says:

    my #1 must have – has always been a great hat, with a brim that shades my face. I absolutely love the classic design of the fedora,always have. Delighted with Electric Blue!

  31. hulafish says:

    My must-have for summer is lots of flowy, comfy skirts. And this hat would go so perfectly with them! I love the Fedora!

  32. Hogansisle says:

    The brown is perfect

  33. eelasor says:

    vibrant sandals with a maxi dress, the beach, a summer novel, and a gimlet

  34. beyondthepicketfence says:

    White button down shirts. I have 7…i am addicted! they look great with purple :)

  35. lindsaylea says:

    sk-ii sunscreen, sunnies, and a good novel.

  36. fmterry says:

    In the summer, I live in fun, flirty sundresses.

  37. globalheart says:

    Definitly my tinee weeny polka dot bikini and a Fushcia Fair-Trade Fedora!

  38. Iconoclastix says:

    My summer essential is a laptop so that I can take notes in class and then do my university assignments while relaxing in the beautiful park nearby. Good luck everyone!

  39. sjs2671 says:

    Sandals and a great pedicure!

  40. lheinze says:

    bikini, thongs, hat and sunscreen!

  41. ozki (@ozki) says:

    My must-have summer essential: a new hat

  42. Sirirux Ng says:

    Bright colorful Swimming suit, crystal clear sea and white sand beach. A nice lola hat fill in will be so perfect.

  43. juliasupanich says:

    My summer essential is a wide-brimmed soft crushable hat. It’s black and white which goes with everything and it’s ribbon straps keep it firmly tied on in all kinds of weather!

  44. GoGreenDirectory (@gogreendir) says:

    In South Florida? A HAT!!! I love the Sun, but without some kind of topper my hair gets FRIED and FRIZZY in this heat and humidy! I hope I win this beauty :-)

  45. ryzellon says:

    I moved out of a heatwave (req: sunglasses, hat, 6 tons of water) and in to a cold snap (req: hoodie, fleece hat). I’m so confused.

  46. greenvegeta says:

    Hats are pretty BA but overall the best summer must-have is anything fair-trade or anything that gets the message out about how important fair-trade/organic products are.

  47. onehundredsocks says:

    My summer essentials have become the harem pants. I made two of them and I love the comfort and the quirkyness!

  48. Bismuth says:

    Black lace tights, leather jewelry, and, or course, rat skull necklaces.

  49. schmidty says:


  50. Alexa says:

    Actually, I could really use a stylish hat. I’ve got sundresses, sunscreen (though I rarely apply it – bad me) and comfy Ts, but I have yet to find me a hat that I love to wear that keeps the sun out of my eyes and off of my nose.

  51. lwhite says:

    My summer essentials: my Wayfarers, a hat, and plenty of sunscreen.

  52. shakesonora says:

    I have officially declared 2011 the SUMMER OF SHORTS. I refashioned a pair of high waited sailor style jeans that constitute my favorite pair. Even in the San Francisco June (and July, and August) gloom, I’m finding ways to wear them. The shorts-and-tights combo is always a good call :)

  53. arinweitzman says:

    I will be so excited to get the ecouterre newsletter.

  54. Zariah says:

    Of course a great summer wardrobe is great… but even better a hat that not only protests you from the crazy raz but also is friendly to the great outdoors you are enjoying.

  55. heatheranne99 says:

    My must have summer essential is a flowy maxi dress!

  56. jaclyn43552 says:

    My summer essential is (are) amazing tanks. It’s 90F here in Housotn (at night!) so I can’t be having sleeves and sweat stains ruining my outfits :)

  57. j.nancy says:

    Sunscreen and a hat are my very boring summer essentials.

  58. socrobin says:

    Gotta have great friends to make unforgettable memories with despite the almost unbearable weather.

  59. embloch says:

    My summer essentials are lots of sunscreen and fresh fruits and veggies!!

  60. wordsandcats says:

    Summer essential: wine, cheese, and a picnic blanket for all those awesome outdoor activities.

  61. brownatural says:

    I love the fedoras! I hope I can win one for my summer wear! I also love straw hats too!

  62. soulrole says:

    aloha!summer essentials = my organic cotton soy jersey circle skirts and maxi dresses(which would look totally cute with this hat!)

  63. davidpdx says:

    always love a good fedora, any time of the year! would love to add a lavender one to the collection…..awesome!

  64. marie.elements says:

    My feather earrings :) which would be beautiful with this fedora too!

  65. ybgreen says:

    I signed up for the newsletter. I would love something Andean. I love cultural expressions and have a healthy obsession with Bolivian Bowler hats. If I can’t make it to Bolivia, then I’ll rock this fedora until (and after) I do. Plus I love supporting businesses that celebrate culture through fashion and art while linking it to the environment. Awesome.

  66. KarmaChameleon says:

    My summer essential: Knit Jersey sundresses…so cool and comfortable…I live in them all summer! With a straw hat and some funky, chunky jewelry…

  67. Kathryn says:

    Summer essential: Outdoor concerts and a flower in my hair
    Fall essential: My new fedora

  68. ashleygv (@athurkow) says:

    In summer it’s essential to have multiple colorful swimsuits! The colors just cheers you up and scream Summer! I also love my wide-brimmed sun hat!

  69. lscalzo says:

    my summer essential? cold water!

  70. teffi_026 (@teffishimo) says:

    My favorite summer accesory is sunscreen! :)

  71. akbright says:

    My summer essential is my camera. So many people are out enjoying the sun, I like to be ready to take some photos of the fun.

  72. pduthoy says:

    Sun Block and Sun Glasses

  73. idprints says:

    I live in Austin, TX…

    Today the high is 108 degree Fahrenheit!), so the heat plays a major role in what I can wear, what I can’t wear, what items I need to carry with me, and what items I have to leave at home.

    I always wear a fedora, every day, especially in the summer. It keeps the blazing sun out of my eyes and the heat off of my head. It works particularly well for festivals like SXSW or Austin City Limits. Absolutely critical.

    But my favorite, must have summer essential item is…..

    A standard bandana!

    I have a huge collection of colors, simply because I need a fresh one daily. Sometimes I let it hang out of my back pocket, sometimes I fold it nicely away so its hidden. Other times I can use it for a dust mask (at ACL this was a MUST), a hand rag if I’m working on something and need it quickly.

    But most importantly, I use it to wipe the sweat beads off of my forehead…
    …after I take my fedora off of course!

    Thanks Ecouterre and The Andean Collection!

  74. springrain says:

    my summer essentials are a flowing skirt, a tank top and sunglasses

  75. evildemon501 says:

    Sunglasses, a hat to keep the sun off my head and, of course, my Levi’s.

  76. Pauly says:

    Is Hats very important for sunny summer days!!!

  77. Jo says:

    My Summer essential are my gorgeous Fair Trade bracelets :-)

  78. colomom says:

    The perfect summer accessory? Why, a beautiful Lola Hat (in Camel), of course!

  79. mssuzyg says:

    Flip flops, shorts, loose, breezy cotton tops, KleenKanteen w/ cold water…

  80. intensev5 says:

    My summer essential: kids, beach, family and friends.

  81. Lara says:

    Essential for the summer is a hat, shades and sunscreen.
    Lots of refreshing iced mint tea to drink, healthy foods from our garden, swimming, biking, reading and fun times with friends!

  82. AT says:

    My summer essential: I love my hats. Can’t go outside without one. A fedora would accent my “collection” very much, haha.

  83. honugirl says:

    My summer essentials: green smoothies and flip flops.

  84. artwmn says:

    summer essential? the beach! I can’t do without it. A pool is a close second but give me the rolling waves and sand between my toes and I’m in heaven.

  85. Ema says:

    Sunscreen , cotton clothes , sunglasses . And good company .

  86. stefhill91 says:

    aviator sunglasses and a giant stack of books- a nice Muskoka chair isn’t too shabby either :)

  87. claytonia3 says:

    My summer essential is a good book, sunglasses, a nice sun hat, and a attitude of gratitude that life is good!

  88. Peace Love makeup (@ecomakeupartist) says:

    My summer faves are are sweet summer slip dresses in guaze and any shade of tinted lip balm from Alima Pure! * love the chocolate brown fedora!!!!

  89. kmm1091 says:

    Absolute summer essential is a light, 2-in-1 floral and grey dress with a pair of sandal wedges. It’s light and airy and effortlessly stylish.

  90. thevicagirl says:

    Must have summer accessory is sunglasses. They protect your eyes from the harsh sun, as well as providing a great way to look good.

  91. leck22 says:

    pink is my power color!

  92. ellencanderson (@ellencanderson) says:

    Must-have summer accessory: lip balm with sun screen!

  93. maureene (@maureenelsberry) says:

    My must have summer accessory is (for this summer at least) my vintage one-piece swimsuit, which when worn with a skirt creates an adorable outfit…with the amount of pool parties that happen in Arizona its a necessity! The must have accessory that I am missing is a cute hat to top it off (both for sun protection and style!) Probably why I’m still single… ;)

  94. ecwrites says:


  95. hofken says:

    My must-have summer essential is a lightweight neutral cardigan to toss over sundresses, etc. when I go inside over-air-conditioned buildings.

  96. Calala (@nanitree) says:

    My summer essential is my pair of ever so comfy teva flip flops. they go well with everything and are so soft! :)

  97. dropastitch (@@dropastitch) says:

    summer must have: great sunscreen and fab sandals

  98. sunnymay says:

    My must have summer season item is a wrap leather bracelet. I see them plain or with studs and colored stones or rhinestones.

  99. Total Summer Essentials:
    Best Girlfriends
    Cute Sundresses
    Hot Swimsuit
    Sexy Sunglasses
    Great Accessories
    …and maybe a Margarita or two!

  100. ladybuggy says:

    summer hat and lots of flip flops!!!

  101. antonija says:

    Summer essential:
    a folding chair, which I’m caring around in my car, so I can make myself comfortable where ever I arrive on my way trough the mountains.

  102. lizzie says:

    my essential for the summer is a crocheted tunic to use over bikini, a big denim bag and a hat of course , I die for the beige fedora one!!!

  103. Marissa says:

    Sunscreen is my essential. My skin has hardly any melanin so I don’t tan…I cook.

  104. mayatime (@@CleverGayle) says:

    My most important summer essential is a cute pair of flip flops.

  105. Reileycat says:

    Can’t live without a hip pair of shades in the summer!

  106. inspire says:

    a flowing dress for the summer breeze
    sandals for feet to feel the sand and the water
    a hat to protect face and eyes from the sun’s sparkle
    flowing water for the soundtrack to a perfect summer afternoon

  107. samesame says:

    My summer essentials: sunglasses and sunscreen. And those cute fedoras would come handy too :)

  108. GretchenKeelty says:

    Essential = BIKINI
    Swimming in the sea, relaxing on Bondi, gardening, sailing….. bikini is definitely my No 1 essential for Summer!

  109. greenmomali says:

    now that i live in the high desert my must-have summer essentials have become sunscreen & sunhats. this fedora would be a nice addition for this fair-complected gal!

  110. scylla says:

    Sunscreen is essential for the summer>

  111. kkrain says:

    My summer essential is anything I can grow. I LOVE eating home grown fruits and veggies, and I rent an apt!

  112. landoncube says:

    Handcuffs and Vodka as the sun gently sets.

  113. harrishkp says:

    Stay in beach of middle east….Get Natured Coloured of skins :)

  114. korki says:

    Summer essential – sandals! I wear them everywhere, to everything.

  115. momtolucy says:

    Summer essential: Zoya nailpolish!

  116. bbchopz says:

    Summer essential is a single one-size fits all bronzy shiny make-up stick for cheeks, lips, nose whatever. makes you feel like Miss Universe (only smarter :-))

  117. vanga says:

    My summer essentials are a sun dress and flip flops. The less I have to wear, the better:)

  118. shahanaz says:

    summer essential – sunscrren n sunglasses

  119. andems says:

    Summer Essential – Free Trade Andean Fedora…of course!

  120. crystalmarie0812 says:

    definitely good lip balm, shades a cute hat! this fedora would be perfect for my california trip at the end of the month :)

  121. vallerina31 says:

    Summer Essential: Water with a few slices of lemon.

  122. mslaura (@mslaura) says:

    SPF 30+ sunscreen, a big protective sunhat, and Havaianas flip-flops.

  123. fastfrankieb says:

    Summer essentials include sandals, soft skirts, sunscreen, sorbet- and plenty of water!

  124. DemyBlack says:

    Summer essential for me – clorful dresses, comfortable shoes and a lot of desserts with fruits!

  125. TqMarch says:

    My only summer essential are my M&S Loafers.

  126. Organic Fashion Blog says:

    My summer essentials are sunscreen and a floppy hat.

  127. sommer says:

    watermelon. evening walks. beach time. peaches. comfy n light summer dress.

  128. bbb (@@BotanicalB_B) says:

    my summer essentials- Friends, sun, smiles, lipgloss, a cute skirt, a cool top and hopefully the fedora in pink!

  129. LaPetiteWatson says:

    I like a beautiful fedora is just what I need to spice up my summer!

  130. Aves says:

    Flip Flops, Neon pink toes and a lake.

  131. Deborah Merriam (@ecoDomestica) says:

    Sandals with a good rubber tread so I can wear them for walking and on my bicycle – I love my El Naturalista’s. A bike helmet, and a cute hat to hide my helmet-hair. Hemp-cotton blend capris. My kids and our bicycles!

  132. Liveup says:

    sunscreen, and my bike – a few dollars in my pocket helps also… :)