LAST CHANCE: Win a Holiday Glamour Eco-Beauty Kit From EcoTools and Real Techniques (Worth $120!)

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We’ll announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, November 25. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Tuesday, November 24, so ENTER NOW for a chance to win!


EcoTools is a leader in eco-conscious personal care products. The entire collection of cosmetic brushes and bath and body-care products features innovative, natural ingredients, and earth-friendly materials. In a continued effort to give back, EcoTools has joined with 1% for the Planet, an alliance of businesses committed to leveraging their resources to create a healthier planet. Therefore, 1 percent of EcoTools’ annual sales will be donated to the organization.


Designed with pro makeup artists Sam and Nic Chapman, Real Techniques brushes combine high-tech materials with innovative design. The bristles are ultra-plush and smoother than the hair you’ll find in other makeup brushes. Since the bristles are synthetic, they’re 100 percent cruelty-free. The soft fibers help create a flawless, high-definition finish in any type of light, from sunlight to harsh indoor lighting.

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Originally published on Nov. 13, 2015.

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24 Responses to “LAST CHANCE: Win a Holiday Glamour Eco-Beauty Kit From EcoTools and Real Techniques (Worth $120!)”

  1. Sunflower says:

    This holiday season we will only be using solar powered lights as well as decorations made from recycled materials.

  2. collifornia says:

    I’m recycling old boxes to put gifts in.

  3. Jay2106 (@@beedeal) says:

    I’m greening during the holidays by doing several things. I am buying recycled wrapping paper as I usually do. Will hopefully get to participate in our city’s exchange of the of some of our old Christmas lights for energy efficient ones. Its first come first serve so hope I can get there early. We too have been saving some old boxes for gift wrapping but also after gifts are opened we use the boxes and recycling bins, to make playtime props, and to paint on. We try hard to get maximum use of boxes and other items.

  4. MoonChild02 says:

    I’m greening my holidays by giving gifts in recyclable and reusable gift bags. I also have a fake tree so that I don’t have to rely on one that was cut down.

  5. ajc1696 says:

    We are looking for a pinyon pine or other pine with edible nuts so that after the holidays we can plant it outside as part of our permaculture food forest.

  6. Yon says:

    This holiday I will try to gift events and activities instead of things. Everyone I know has too much stuff!

  7. SuS says:

    Everything we eat will be vegan and unprocessed. Lots of gifts will be secondhand, from thrift stores and ebay. I’m still using gift bags and boxes from like 1999. No really. And my mother is worse than me.

  8. intensev5 says:

    I don’t plan on buying new wrapping paper I plan to reuse xmas gift bags to put my presents into. I always keep all gift bags and tissue paper given to me.

  9. kinness says:

    I will continue to follow a vegan diet, use recycled of anything possible and reusable.

  10. s0824 says:

    I will be making my own wrapping paper out of recycled paper bags!

  11. 0alexandrabelle0 says:

    This year we are making gifts from things found in the neighborhood like walnuts, seashells, and succulent cuttings. We’re not having a tree; just putting any cards we receive on the mantel. We’re also doing our cooking with organic ingredients from the farmer’s market and any scraps will go into our compost.

  12. elita says:

    We always recycle as much as we can. We green the holidays by using a pretty green fibre optic fake tree. To get the scent I put an evergreen candle near it. It’s more beautiful than I thought it ever could be.

  13. Marxbar says:

    This Christmas I want to steer away from giving in to consumerism, I don’t want to give people meaningless gifts that will end in the dump, instead I want to give my family friends experiences: whether it is surfing in Tofino, or going to shows dance recitals, I want to share an experience with those I love.

  14. emw says:

    I am planning on giving fair trade, ethical-fashion and eco-friendly gifts to family.

  15. CConway says:

    Our outdoor lights are always solar powered and now my indoor lights are all energy efficient. Our tree is unique and I got the idea from outdoor displays. We pot a large dead branch off of one of our trees (non- evergreen) outdoors then cover it with ultra efficient twinkle lights, the effect is stunning. We also save recyclable paper throughout the year to wrap gifts in.

  16. says:

    As for many years, recycle everything possible. Thrift store and missions and Habitat stores, to help others and purchase holiday decorations, dishes, etc. Solar lights and solar holiday lights. Recycle old wool or flannel clothes into quilts. Look for new, unused items in thrift for gift giving. Handmade healing resonant gemstone jewelry, seedlings of medicinal herbs or seedling bonsai starter trees with directions. Recycle cleaned and separated trash to county recycling center. Motorbike or bicycle if needs are close enough to home, save on fuel for car. Wear my beautiful thrift coat and man-made material boots this winter. Make organic foods, bread, yogurt, applesauce, apple butter, pies and good healthy foods to warm, fragrance the house and enjoy. Put apple and vegetables out along deer, rabbit and bird habitat then enjoy watching them in yard and singing beautifully. Use homemade bath salts and air reshners or sented oils in an oil burner. Use the sun to warm the house during the day as much as possible to stay comfortable. Grew some herbs, small veggies, sprouts and fleeting plants for air freshener and kitchen uses. Do what I have been doing since my flower child years in late 1960s. Including natural, organic and eco friendly makeup and personal beauty/hair products. Even made several styles and density of homemade moon pads to conserve on waste products of monthly necessity.

    I would cherish receiving the Gift Set as winner. I have used many of the product lines mentioned and others like Aura Cacia, Heritage, Bella, Aubrey, Rachel Perry and others in the natural and organic beauty products.

    I am retired on a limited income and would like to replace some older items to freshening my beauty regime, but budget is tight. Being a winner of the Gift Set at this time of year would be like a Christmas Wish come true. At 65 it is never too old to look nice when going out and preserved beauty speaks a thousand words and more for natural, organic, and eco friendly products.

    Wishes are like fishes in the sea, hope when my net is cast in, this Natural Beauty Fish will come back to me. : )

  17. GreenFairy says:

    This Holiday Season, i’ll be giving gifts to charity on behalf of family & friends. If I win, this beautiful set will be regifted in the spirit of the season.

  18. latanya says:

    we green the holidays be reusing our Christmas tree each year and I make my own cards with recyclable paper and materials.

  19. Bridget says:

    I’m buying as few things as possible and giving simple gifts.

  20. manda says:

    We are trying to give gifts that are time together instead of actual physical objects.

  21. hofken (@@hofken) says:

    We’re including re-gifting as part of our gift exchange.

  22. Rhonda (@saifai) says:

    I’m planning on gifting food or reusable items this year. No wrapping paper either. Cloth scarves and ribbons at best.

  23. Sunnymay says:

    I reuse gift bags from the previous year, don’t send holiday cards, and enjoy the ornaments I’ve accumulated over the years.

  24. buffalorach says:

    I’m giving used books and cruelty free makeup as gifts this year!