Win a Pair of Limited-Edition AliveShoes That Used to be Art (Worth $185!)

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AliveShoes, eco-friendly shoes, wearable art, eco-friendly art, eco-fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion, sustainable style, organic cotton shoes, organic cotton sneakers, public art

AliveShoes are more than your everyday ethically produced sneakers. Each pair of stylish organic cotton kicks starts out as part of a one-of-a-kind art installation, giving the term “wearable art” a whole new level of meaning. Enter our giveaway and one of these toothsome twosomes—taken from “On the Run,” a piece by German artist Susanne Neumann—could wind up in your closet. Worth €150 (US$185), these sneakers come with their own storied history, a unique identification number, and an illustrated rendering of the artwork it belonged to. Enter now for your chance to win!


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winner there.)

2. LEAVE A COMMENT below giving us your interpretation of Neumann’s art installation and why you deserve a pair of AliveShoes to add to your personal collection. We’ll pick the response we like the best, so be as detailed and creative as possible!

AliveShoes, eco-friendly shoes, wearable art, eco-friendly art, eco-fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion, sustainable style, organic cotton shoes, organic cotton sneakers, public art

What does it mean?

We’ll pick our favorite comment and announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, June 2. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Tuesday, June 1, so ENTER NOW for a chance to win!


AliveShoes is a project that brings together the worlds of artistic expression, fashion, and sustainability. Using pairs of AliveShoes, artists create visionary installations, sculptures and stories.

These installations can be viewed online in a virtual museum at and the shoes purchased. Part of the profits from the sale of AliveShoes is donated to a number of charities, as well as to fund and support the creation of new artwork.

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44 Responses to “Win a Pair of Limited-Edition AliveShoes That Used to be Art (Worth $185!)”

  1. Turkeybacon says:

    Neuman’s piece seems to depict several different species of animals on the run from something larger that may be threatening them (I’d love to see a giant Aliveshoe chasing them). Symbolized by actual shoes, the exact image of running is created.

    Why do I deserve these shoes? I am an avid sneaker enthusiast and I am in love with Aliveshoes’ one-color style. It looks like a lot of a love goes into handcrafting these pieces of art and I will be rocking these kicks with the love that they deserve!

  2. lori.andersen says:

    This installment makes me think of a diverse group of people making their seperate journeys through life. They are near one another, but still walking their own path. Maybe this is what the world would be like if everyone chose an interesting path rather than the easy one. Walking (or climbing) up a tree definitely isn’t the easiest or most practical war but when you reach the top what a beautiful view!

    I love the colors of the shoes. Self expression through wardrobe is an art installment in itself. I think these would be the perfect addition. I don’t know I I deserve them the most, but I really want them.

  3. erik.graf says:

    I believe that this installation is a take on the illusionary nature of time and its perceivers: Past and Future aren’t lost, they co-exist and keep on affecting everything that we can perceive, which is the fleeting moment of transition between past & future, the present. Steps that we took aren’t only not lost, they are still here. This is represented by shoes still standing in every step.

    There being only empty shoes symbolizes that the one who walked here only ever existed inside the ephemeral moment: The soul does not linger. What we are seeing here is the totality of time and effect in which a person lived, everything that happened. But the person is gone: He only ever lived in the state of transition, between the steps.

    There being several trails of different colors might hint at the different paths the person walking here might have taken. Even though only one choice was ever experienced, the different possibilities co-exist next to each other, with none being valued over the other.

    This piece of art might be a vista of full lucidity over all the lives that could have been lived. And eventually they all wind up up a tree, skyward..

    P.S.: Now I think I deserve the shoes because I put serious effort into my take on the installment, because I would like to see it with my own eyes and because I currently own only two pairs of shoes, both pretty old. I would really love me some new shoes :) Have a nice day guys! Greetings from Austria

  4. DIYorNotatall says:

    I see this work of art as a recreation of how we all interact as humans. The forest signifies that we can be vicious and beastly and yet unique in our own way (the wide array of colors). It shows how unknown forces bring us together. But, as soon as the purpose is masked by our everyday lives we go our separate ways oblivious to the fact that we’re all striving for the same goal. We’re all looking to go up but we never take the second to stay down and enjoy the ones around us. We walk on alone, our bodies invisible to our onlookers. And yet when we’re up we strive for the lowly innocence we once had. But above we remain, our climb leaves us stoic to everyone and thing around us.

    Hmmm…why do I deserve these shoes? Well truthfully I think I deserve them because I’d be honored to wear this piece of art. I mean c’mon Susanne Neumann is big stuff and it would be really awesome if I could own them and say I own a pair of AliveShoes, that were once a master piece and are still a piece of rocking art. And think about it if your selling some I can advertise with mine (lol VERY mature way of putting it).

  5. veggie says:

    I am one that is not impressed by designer labels and prices.
    Whether a person drives an expensive car, wears the best clothing
    labels, etc., doesn’t mean very much to me. The whole concept/concept behind AliveShoes is nothing short of phenomenal!
    Susanne Neumann’s woodsy artistry says so much to me…
    The starkness of the trees in the winter season mixed with
    the color of the sneakers is a delightful contrast. It is as if
    the shoes; one by one, are coming out of their winter hibernation
    and ready to take on new life. Some of the sneakers appear to be going up the trees as opposed to a downward effort. Almost ant like in their being separate; yet, working as a whole.
    Another thought that entered my mind while studying Susanne’s
    wearable art is Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken.” This company with its’ fascinating manifesto and talented artists from all over the world is to me, the road not taken or the less
    taken. I appreciate the whole idea and the wonderful wearable art themes that make me think and appreciate something as simple as a cotton sneaker can take me to a higher level of
    consciousness. Lastly, I adore how the tonque of each shoe
    is stiched with the artists sketches. Who wouldn’t want to wear
    a piece of art that is uniquely theirs and that it was once part of global art?! Many thanks, Cindi

  6. herdz says:

    I believe these shoes express the true virtues in life. The color and style of these art pieces against the contrast of the dull forest scene, expresses joy, happiness, and hope. The solid color scheme on the shoes allow each shoe to show the amount of detail and hand work put into each crafted piece of style (or life).
    I myself am a sneaker fanatic. I love the way some sneakers can tell about your mood, aspirations, and even soul. I believe these sneakers are the best I have seen that are able to do just that. When someone wears these sneakers, it will define not only their entire outfit, but the way their day is played out. Lastly, i believe that wearing this piece of art will give a person a sense of style and even confidence, no other apparel can. I would love to acquire this unique piece of art and style. Thanks, Mat

  7. talleytrans says:

    Why climb the walls when you can climb trees?

  8. Green Matter says:


    When I look at this artwork I see like-minded people from all walks of life together in a common (albeit barren) place with a common mindset and common mission and then diverging off into separate spaces going so far as to climb high places to make their mark on the world like footprints on the heart. The yellow shoes coming down the tree represent mission accomplished and now on to the next. To me this artwork symbolizes real groups of people who desire to “save the world” by being ambassadors and examples of living green and spreading awareness in hope that their message reaches and touches all making an impact on the world from people living greener lives to bringing color back into nature that has been subject to destruction and decline (plants, trees, animals, insects). We can not live without any of these and saving all is detrimental to the fate of mankind. With everyone banding together, this is possible.

    I don’t feel that I “deserve” a pair of AliveShoes. However, I would like the chance to use a pair as a symbol that continues to carry on a message in hopes that others follow in the shoes’ symbolic footsteps. As a professional designer, marketer, biologist and teacher-at-heart, I am headed to Costa Rica in the upcoming months to study global ecology of the neotropics. My aim is to launch a new website who’s mission will be to 1) spread global awareness and the need for conservation, 2) create a community of citizen scientists of all ages and 3) encourage everyone to live greener lives. There is a great need to get science in the classroom (STEM) and kids outside (nature-deficit disorder). By sharing my experiences and the importance of being self-aware, as well as developing programs to get people involved, I hope to make more of an impact on those I reach. I think a pair of AliveShoes will be a great asset for my new initiative as I strive to get people to not only talk the talk but also walk the walk to living greener lives and ultimately coloring (and re-coloring) the world with nature’s diversity… one step at a time.

    Thanks for this opportunity and good luck to everyone!


  9. marvah says:

    it reminds me my childhood when i used to climb trees and never got down and always had to ask my friends to go and tell my mom to come and help me down.

    i deserve these kick-butt shoes to kick butt :) i’m hopefully(still waiting the marked letter) going to art academy this year to become a graphic designer and starting my new non-profit project designing t-shirts/tank tops for the zoo to help them raise money for new buildings(right now most animals live in concrete+iron cages from soviet union and i need that kick of color when i’m wearing those shirts :)

  10. cincud says:

    DeStijl colors and composition inside of the nature. For once I see full colors on natural materials. It’s time to see colors associated with bio finishes. Art is allays colored.

  11. Kgkell2 says:

    These shoes are funky! and with a great concept behind them.

  12. Todd6789 says:

    Your path through the forrest is only determined by the shoes you are wearing.

    Your path will allow others to follow should the path be made clear.

    Each instance a different experience. Each experience a different shoe.

    Today I walk a red path. Tomorrow a Blue.

  13. zabutter says:

    Ooks like ” walkin in the woods”

  14. LadyWillow says:

    This shoes are an ingenious idea. About time someone created environmentally safe clothing – and shoes are a wonderful way to begin. Would be honored to have a pair. I’m 67 and can fully understand the impact our wasteful/ greedy habits have damaged the environment. It’s time to take responsibility for our actions and change as an example to our children and grandchildren.

  15. daMBAexperiment says:

    Because I live in Vermont, and my toes get real cold when I run around barefoot!

  16. hlporter says:

    This iconoclastic installation colorfully depicts the meeting of urban meets rural, constructed meets nature. With each step, through each color, we journey within ourselves to define what ‘natural’ really means to each of us. Personally, I had to ‘retire’ my hightops this year, after 10 wonderful years of use… They were white. I can’t imagine how much more adventure a colored pair and I could have.

  17. africa says:

    I love!love!love! these shoes they are so fun I feel that they would make you happy when you put them on your feet,not to mention that they are a part of green living and good for the environment.I could semyself wearing them and strolling through the conceret jungle and transporting my mind body and spirit to a distant place if only for a brief moment.I would love to have a pair if only for a day to have the experience.keep up the good work.

  18. Hanka says:

    Makes me think of paradise in autumn. Different collors that support their own weight together.

  19. katygmorris says:

    Susanne Neumann’s installation of brightly hued high tops trailing through the forest seem to permanently mark the path that humans have created while recklessly and haphazardly damaging nature. The shoes are a reminder of the everlasting imprint we leave wherever we go.

    If I won the shoes I would cherish them because they would remind me of my eco “footprint” each time I wear them.

  20. LadyWillow says:

    Please send my pair to a Sioux Reservation Child in So Dakota so they can walk the earth knowing the someone cares if the trees grow in a cleaner, healthier place. Can’t think of a better method to emphasize environmental responsibility than teaching the children to care for the Earth.

    See more about what these children need on One Spirit & PRR below…

  21. tonywt1 says:


  22. ALIVESHOES says:

    Hi Ladywillow, thx for sharing the site, we have added that charity to our Non-Profit listing here :

    If you win the contest, i think that one child over there will have this: and not the Susanne Neumann one.

    That is another artwork featured in the project, and the Artist, Sebastiano Mauri, would be proud of having one of those in the feet of one Sioux Child.

    Bye for now!

  23. massive.ashattack says:

    The colours and the landscape take me back to my youth growing up in the Green Mountains of Vermont

  24. massive.ashattack says:

    Reminds me of my Eco-colorful youth, growing up in the rolling Green Mountains and learning to live in sustainable harmony with my surroundings.

    Climbing trees, building forts, the forest withholding endless possibilities.

    The intensity of colors emitting the allure of future hopes & endeavors.

    I have blogged about these shoes.
    I have dreamt about these shoes.
    If only I could afford a pair with my single-mom salary.

    And if I were to win them, I would feel slightly ashamed of all the pride I felt whilst wearing them, however, I couldn’t help myself, knowing that with every step taken and every time I push down on my bike’s pedals, I am representing something uniquely creative and Earth positive.

  25. velvet1116 says:

    Colors of nature ,like life ,vibrant,colorful and so beautiful! Walking through life ,the many steps we take to laugh and love
    We all walk in many paths that are all so different .Life is a colorful and fun ,that no matter how different,we are all the same and like our AliveShoes we have soul!
    I would love to win these wonderful shoe so I can walk through my life giving,loving and know I can color someone else’s world with the same

  26. Ellsworth says:

    This art installation describes the appropriate escape route, should you encounter a bear.

  27. Bex says:

    Ha ha I just imagined myself going for a run in the woods and i came across this! I would probably follow the two shoes path (yellow ..or maybe the turquoise…augh all so beckoning)to see where it would lead and what sort of life they have. Perhaps then I might tell them about my life in New Zealand with the trees there and how its cool to find art and become a custodian of it… then maybe we could walk a new path together, and pass them on.

  28. ashleygv says:

    This art piece looks like the footprints left behind by someone running from something if gravity wasn’t a factor. The colors look like different paths they kept trying until they found a good one.

    It also reminds me of a trail of ants, each sneaker following another. Very different idea, especially using such bright colors to stand out against nature!

  29. morse1 says:

    Walk the world and see the road less traveled.
    Your trip will astound you as you see the colors of world are as bright as AliveShoes.

  30. Brings to mind Art Going Places and touching people’s lives. An idea I love. With an artist husband you have to love some aspect of art. Using sustainable methods to develop clothing and fashion is reaching out more to the mainstream everyday it’s importance is not just a fad but a way of life that is catching on. I love this! And I love these shoes!

  31. LadyWillow says:

    AliveShoes – Thanks for adding OneSpirit to the your Non-Profit List of Donation Sponsors. /;)

  32. chelsera25 says:

    When I see this installation I immediately think of the footprints each of us leave behind on the earth as we journey through life. What looks colorful and lively – bright shoes, fashion, human beauty – impacts nature unless we are careful where we step, and what we are stepping out IN.

    I would love these shoes to wear to make a statement about the impact we are each leaving behind us in the form of throw away fashion without consideration to the means of production or end of life of the product. Wearing these shoes, describing their story of sustainability would remind me and those around me to leave fewer footprints on the natural world.

  33. DLori27 says:

    As soon as the link to the page opened and the sneakers appeared, my breath was taken away.The bright and bold blue perfectly depicts my personality and these sneakers had my name written all over them. I am an independant woman, a woman of strength of mind and conviction, who understands the difference between being overbearing as compared to someone simply expressing their individuality through the color and style of clothes she wears and the way she carries herself. It takes a very secure person, confident in their own skin to wear such a beautiful, bright colorful pair of sneakers that will certainly attract attention and turn heads when worn. These sneakers are made for the woman who enjoys volunteering their time helping those less fortunate, putting smiles on the faces of those facing difficulties, a take charge woman, self starter, a leader, a teacher in many ways and always an approachable friend ready to flash a warm, welcoming smile.. These sneakers are bold, bright and beautiful. The color and style is so original that regardless of your mood, the minute you slip these babies on, all your problems seem to go away. It’s as if the boldness and beauty in the blue gives the wearer a surge of energy and makes you appreciate all the beauty the world has to offer. The grass is greener, the sky is bluer, and those magical blue sneakers just make the day much more special. I see myself as that woman and would love and be honored to be given the opportunity to wear these one of a kind wonders.

  34. Ruthng says:

    We’re on the run everyday
    Running to work, running late
    Running for appointments, running to catch up
    Running too fast, running on the spot

    I’m on the run everyday
    Running to my goal, running to feel alive
    Sometimes I run in circles
    Sometimes the days just become a blur

    I’m on the run everyday
    as I fix my gaze on what is ahead
    Running to slow down my life
    Running to fight the urge to stop

    I’m on the run everyday
    and so I need new shoes today!

  35. whitelotus234 says:

    My interpretation of Neumann’s artwork is that she symbolized the chaotic harmony of a forest ecosystem, and how even though so many species(the different shoes) inhabit the area, they can still come together to create a bright, lively, togetherness that becomes a forest. the bright colors of the shoes symbolize how vivid and individual each species can be, while when they all unite they can create something anew.
    For me, if I were to get the shoes, I would take every step of my day knowing that I helped make a difference in the world and it’s frantic condition, and will know that with pride, my steps would be symbolizing the steps toward a better world.

  36. abhishekduggal says:

    Like a colony of ants, by oneself one is lonely, but as an army, they can accomplish the unthinkable!

    I would feel really honored to add these shoes to my collection since these are the result of an admirable project!

  37. laurelm says:

    Make a positive (and colorful) impact on the earth.

  38. HeidiJJJJ says:

    Cool shoes.

  39. yoni says:

    I see man walking over nature. (yes a bit cynical I know)Not being content to stay on the path/ground and walking over the trees. Symbolic of moderns mans relationship with nature.

  40. melisheath says:

    the shoes represent life – the name itself says that! we associate the bright bold colors with nature’s abundant life in spring and summer. the shoes are retreating up the trees for autumn, just as nature hides her life, showing nothing but the grey of bare tree trunks and brown of dead leaves. but the color will return to nature in the endless cycle of life, death and renewal – and returns to man also through art, by which we are given the opportunity to return the beauty offered by nature and express our joy in life! for man is not separate from nature, but part of it, and also subject to its seasons and the ebb and flow of life. the shoes are indicative of that relationship — how man experiences life and expresses it through art, as time marches on (pun intended!)

    i work for the environmental protection agency, my civil servant career aimed at protecting nature’s air, water and land. i would be honored to wear these shoes produced in an ethical manner and conscious of their impact on nature. (a government salary doesn’t allow me to normally buy shoes this expensive, so that would also be a treat!) thank you for your consideration and for the chance to witness this unique art expression!

  41. vale says:

    This is the story of an enchanted forest, where sad and lonely fairies and elves lived. They didn’t know what happiness and joy were. Everything around them was dark; colours didn’t exist. Their lives were black and white.
    One day the sky above them, that until then had been grey and hadn’t allowed the sun to peep through the trees, opened, the warm rays of sunshine came softly through the windows of the houses in the trees and the fairies and elves awoke as kidnapped by a beauty never seen.
    The trees, animals and all the inhabitants of the forest started taking color: the hair of the fairies were painted yellow like gold, the one of the elves of a warm brown; the soft and long dresses of the fairies were painted in shades of red and orange, the pants of the elves stained blue and their shirts were green as the Irish fields.
    All the inhabitants of the forest started looking at each other and their sad faces change into huge smiles. They began to admire one another, amazed and fascinated by that rainbow of colors that was presented to them. Their headgears dyed a light purple; they didn’t know whom to thank for that surprise, for giving them the opportunity to look through that variety of beautiful colors.
    However, the surprise had just begun. Suddenly, like light feathers, a multitude of colored shoes that matched with their clothes began to fall from the sky…some were yellow, some orange, others red, green and blue…then brown and purple.
    The fairies could not believe their eyes, that multitude of colors that was awakening the entire forest.
    Everyone wore the colorful shoes and started to dance and run in the forest all together, as they wanted to thank that person that had brought, with those shoes and those colors, happiness and joy to their lives. This was the first day they started to feel alive….ALIVESHOES!

    I’d like to win this pair of shoes to start my own collection of all these eco artworks!

  42. Mathijs says:

    The work says: go your own way, where ever you go you will find nature to adore and nurture. You won’t walk up against walls, but you will climb trees to get an overview of your environment. See people you want to deal with.

    I’m vegetarian with my own vegetable garden. We buy our fruit from a Biofarm in our street. To provide ourselves from energy we have solar penals, and for water a rainwaterwell. I wear also recycled or nature friendly clothes such as a belt made of fire hose (firewear), recycled handbags (freitag and milkberlin), shirts and pants.. Daily i go to school by bike, it is about 10 km, very healthy and better then coffe to wake up. My parents alsi work in a fairtrade shop where we buy also bio and fairtrade goods. I think, at home we are more or less a little bit knowingly about nature and environment.

  43. stsenarist says:

    I tend to avoid colors, in fact everything I wear is gray, including every pair of shoes I own. Perhaps this is the perfect time to bring color into my life, it is summer, just maybe this is the time to wear those bright colored shoes? I sure would like to try.

  44. Shift Sustainable Fashion says:

    I would need this shoe, cause I am doing my graduation work in fashion design right now. There I develop a womans streetwear collection and I really need shoes for my models! So this would be absolutely perfect!