Gallery: Win a Pair of Vegan Rubber Rain Boots by Kamik (Worth $65!)

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You know what they say: when it rains, it pours. Add some sizzle to your drizzle with the equestrian-inspired Jennifer rain boot by Kamik. Made in Canada from vegan-friendly, PVC-free synthetic rubber, the Jennifer features a nylon lining for slipping on and off, a removable EVA insole to cushion your pins, and a lightweight yet durable outsole with extra-grippy traction. Plus, each shoe is 100 percent recyclable through Kamik’s take-back program, making it the gift that keeps giving. We’re hooking up one lucky reader with a pair to call your own, in your choice of black, charcoal, dark brown, red, and green. Enter now to win!


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER. (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winner there.)

2. LEAVE A COMMENT and tell us what spring means to you. Although it doesn’t hurt to get fancy, we’ll be picking a winner at random.

Note: This contest is only open only to residents of Canada and the United States.

Kamik, eco-friendly rain boots, sustainable rain boots, eco-friendly shoes, sustainable shoes, vegan shoes, vegan fashion, vegan accessories, Canada, eco-fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion, ethical fashion, sustainable style, eco-fashion contests, eco-fashion giveaways

We’ll announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, March 14. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Tuesday, March 13, so ENTER NOW for a chance to win!


Kamik is all about respecting your feet. Proudly Canadian, the family-run company has been manufacturing shoes in North America since 1975. Being a good neighbor starts with the environment. Kamik is actively working to reduce its environmental footprint, including recycling over 600,000 pounds of rubber per year. Determined to keep its manufacturing in North America, Kamik runs three manufacturing facilities in Montreal, Quebec; Hamburg, Ontario; and Littleton, NH.

+ Jennifer $65

+ Kamik

Originally published February 28, 2012.

259 Responses to “Win a Pair of Vegan Rubber Rain Boots by Kamik (Worth $65!)”

  1. Portia says:

    Spring means to me: color and new beginnings :) After a harsh winter everything starts anew and we can start the year with some color!

  2. Cielo says:

    Spring is for me a new start. it is like weaking up after a very long sleep.

  3. jenbranham says:

    Spring means planting flowers and our vegetable garden

  4. sustainabilly says:

    Spring means a new beginning :)

  5. Rossana says:

    Spring is the combination of water (rain), wind (blowing away the winter), earth (regrowth) and fire (not too hot but sunny enough to bring blossoms) for regenerating the year to come. New birth of inspiration and health.

  6. DooBops (@DevaDooBops) says:

    Spring is when possibilities are endless, where flower buds press up against the earth reaching for the sun, where new and fresh is everywhere you turn, and life has a soft glow surrounding every living thing. That’s what spring means to me.

  7. KDale says:

    I live in Portland, Oregon and spring means lots of muddy days at the dog park, working in the garden, and spicing up my wardrobe with completely work-appropriate rain boots!

  8. jenyvive says:

    spring means having coffee on my back porch while watching the turtles in the lake. i love spring!

  9. carolhoffman says:

    Oh, Springtime! Colorful, the flowers are blooming, the days are getting warmer, LIFE IS GOOD!

  10. sari says:

    Life of all things at the beginning.

  11. Warm weather, sunshine. fun floral clothing and rain boots :), flowers, and smiles all around!

  12. queenjahmay says:

    Spring means rebirth and awakening after the cold, stark, desolate winter. Each day gets warmer, the ground gets softer, buds appear and begin opening, flowers push their way up from beneath the soil to eventually open, animals emerge from hibernation, children’s laughter fills the air as they ride their bikes through the neighborhood, geese flock back from the south, and everywhere people feel lighter and happier and they’re filled with the spirit of possibility.

  13. says:

    Will certainly put a “SPRING” into my step:)

  14. Pixshooter says:

    Spring means bringing out a different wardrobe, including rain boots!

  15. Banditte says:

    Spring is the first faint smell of sun on your skin, wearing skirts without a million layers of leggings underneath(just one pair maybe), the feeling that you might see a bunny hop by on your lawn, because the flowers are blooming and best of all, enjoying your very first outdoor ice cream of the year, but getting goosebumps, since it is still below 15 degress celsius!

  16. Megan W says:

    Spring means mud of course! But also getting to see everything come alive, I get to see my lovely honey bees again and just enjoy the newness of the year.

  17. meredithhuff says:

    Spring is the start to my season of dirty feet until late fall when forced to wear shoes so my toes don’t freeze.

  18. supriya2000 says:

    To me Spring is fresh start, a season of romance and a welcome to new style. Whether it is reinventing your interior decor at home, revamping your wardrobe or going through personality change- Spring is all about STYLE and new beginnings:)

  19. peppiss says:

    Spring is fiúll of light hue colors, fresh air and tasty vegetables.

  20. eebragg says:

    Spring means busting out the ditch boots and watching the water begin the rise on all the western rivers, because come summer it will be time to drop the handmade wood dory in the flow and float away the desert days.

  21. embl says:

    Spring is a revival of life; a chance to do it all again, better.

  22. jennfinate says:

    Spring is hope and opportunity, prosperity and abundance. Growth is good.

  23. gieunkwon says:

    Spring means a new beginning for me. It just feels like a new start! I love all the new bright colors and it gets me motivated to do more things :) !!

  24. kammi says:

    That is too funny that the boots are named after me, except one “M” and my last name starts with a “K”. Spring means hot and cold in Hawaii. It has been rainy lately so those boots are the must!!

  25. baklava18 says:

    To me it means going camping. Or talking long walks in the park.

  26. zoombabe says:

    For me it is the smell of spring. When it comes we can smell it in the air :)

  27. SarahRae55 says:

    Springs means the smell of rain in the air, wild flowers, and splashing in puddles.

  28. onegoodriesen says:

    Spring may not technically be here yet, but I sure felt a waft of spring rain yesterday in little old Iowa. I went for a walk with my best friend in the rain last night, or should I say thunderstorm. The feeling and smell of the rain brought back the wonderful feeling of what it’s like to be a kid again, outside, enjoying the rain drops on my tongue and feeling so at ease; it didn’t matter that I was soaked to the skin. Rain always feels like such a magical part of life, and reminds me of what spring means to me: Spring is a time to reconnect with and embrace the earth and all its elements. This may include splashing in and out of rain puddles with awesome footwear.

  29. schmidty says:

    Spring means renewal and new beginnngs.

  30. vetushkaya says:

    Spring is rebirth, re-organization, recreation, the sign that shows the reinventing of time and nature, of feelings and sometimes people. We should have spring’s resolution, since we are too busy or lazy to start our resolution from the first day of the year.

  31. debasker says:

    Time to get to work planting and growing things! Yay, fresh lettuce! Not so fond of the allergies though….

  32. Kates129 says:

    Spring means starting seeds, turning over the garden and getting ready for fresh fruits and vegetables.

  33. Angela7ish (@@angela7ish) says:

    Spring means seeds sprouting, longer days, new possibilities, lots more local, fresh fruit and vegies! I love playing Richard Shindell’s gorgeous song, “Spring” it describes the feeling beautifully!

  34. skytracer929 says:

    As the warm dew drops commense the icey cold frost is lifted.

    Spring means friends and family gathering as wedding bells ring, it means my special day is coming soon!

  35. paseradefoc says:

    Spring means I get to start working organic farm. Planting and then working hard outside while waiting for things to grown and then harvesting delicious food and sharing it with people:) Then outdoor yoga!

  36. gr8tfuldayz (@gr8tfuldayz) says:

    Spring means hitting the trails and watching everything bloom! I can’t wait for the sunshine!

  37. hopecreates says:

    Spring is soon to be sprung. Rebirth of all things….the sprouts are arriving, promising beauty and bounty. A time to prepare for what is to come.

  38. ohohoh08 says:

    spring to me is like another new year’s eve… it’s comprised of a fresh start, and renewal of all things. And, being a college student in Chicago, it’s also a continuation of unusual and surprisingly rainy days!

  39. awsm789 says:

    springs means blossoms will bloom and the sun will shine a bit warmer, with the occasional rain. but most of all, it’s revival and renewal…perfect inspirational boost for the new year resolution(s)! :)

  40. Sunnymay says:

    I used to think Spring was the start of rainy season, but we’ve had a mild winter with only occasional Lake Effect Snow so the plows have had an easy time except for 5 days. I like the colors of these boots and the black ones wouldn’t show much dirt.

  41. roseofthewest says:

    In our home and lives, spring means nurturing our budding produce and herb gardens, longer bike rides and walks with the pups, and savoring the remaining storms that we excitedly keep a lookout for.

  42. shannonmarie (@@Rawdorable) says:

    Spring means to me new life, warmer weather and fresh flowers. April showers bring those May flowers, so I’ll need some rain boots, too. My birthday is in April. These would be the perfect birthday gift :-)

  43. carrottop4u says:

    Spring to me means a season of new beginnings, but to my daughter, a single mom of a three year old who works in a horse barn, it means mud, slush and snow galore. I am hoping to win these boots for her so she can not only be warm but green, also. Good Luck to everyone!

  44. superdumb (@superdumb) says:

    Spring means starting the garden, being outdoors more and sunshine!!!

  45. RottenApples says:

    SPRING MEANS A CHANCE TO WIN THESE SUPER AMZING RAD-TASTIC VEGAN-FRIENDLY, PVC-FREE SYNTHETIC RUBBER RAINBOOTS THAT ARE EQUESTRIAN-INSPIRED FROM JENNIFER RAIN BOOT BY KAMIK!!!! AND THEY ARE 100% RECYCLABLE! COULD YOU ASK FOR MORE???? okay, well, maybe for more rain…just so I COULD WEAR THEM ALL DAY EVERYDAY. Spring, what can I say, it’s amazing just as any other season of the year. It’s a chance to go out and discover something new, something fresh and amazing.

  46. intensev5 says:

    I subscribe via email — thanks for the chance to win.

  47. intensev5 says:

    what spring means to you
    Longer days and SUNSHINE

  48. nik says:

    Spring means that wet sidewalk smell after a soft Spring shower, sprouting tulips and nest-building…all things starting anew!

  49. spirit_kim says:

    Spring means a fresh start, it means fresh air, and sunny days.

  50. piper6605 says:

    Spring is full of excitement and new energy.

  51. polysyllabicgrl says:

    Spring means puddle jumping!

  52. devorah72 says:

    What Spring means to me…It means happiness.

  53. carriebagnall85 says:

    Spring is the clean smell of rain, the distant sound of thunder, and the sight of vibrant buds coming back to life!

  54. EgoMartini says:

    Spring means mud – lots and lots o’ mud. Nice to have a good pair of Wellies for hiking through the mud.

  55. madeline (@madelinetrait) says:

    Spring means flowers in full bloom and the sun shining while I walk my dog.

  56. zanna_leigh says:

    Spring means riding my bike in dresses, fresh asparagus and mustard greens at the farmer’s market, and cherry blossoms.

  57. tif says:

    Spring means the end of the Winter semester!

  58. se1959 says:

    spring means days longer than nights, shoots sprouting and the end of snow.

  59. colleen123 says:

    Spring gives a new lightness to everything. Clothing, of course, but daylight and fresh colours and emotions all shed their winter layers and leave us feeling more alive. Spring should really be the the beginning to the new year, as it gives us such hope in our potentials!

  60. ludreramz says:


  61. Borealis says:

    Spring means emergence, revitalization, growth, invigoration, and hope… all the things that the natural world reflects for us in this season of new beginnings. To me, Spring means green!

  62. psychonaut (@left_the_stars) says:

    spring means warm sunrays and lush greens to me

  63. djc319 says:

    Spring means to me new beginnings..The flowers are blooming with the aroma of peace and tranquility!And the beautiful pastels of color remind me of a newborn day !! Love Spring Thanks

  64. Dumaurier says:

    Spring to me is the return of green grass and beautiful blooms.

  65. katmagick (@katmagick) says:

    Spring is a time rebirth and new life. I look forward to planting my vegetable garden.

  66. Ralvyandbubba says:

    Spring is flirty and fun! Spring break = a few weeks closer to Summer break :) I am a high school math teacher and always love the Spring time! Time to pull out the cute florals from the closet!! Thank you so much! Valerie Smith

  67. fotojennic (@FotoJennic) says:

    I love Spring! It’s a time for organization & cleaning out the old year, reviving oneself for the summer season ahead. Spring cleaning is the best :-)

  68. rthomas says:

    Spring means renewal and freshness!

  69. says:

    Spring is being outside, planting flowers and going places.

  70. mamajackcharlie says:

    Spring means harvesting yummy veggies from my organic garden! Here in Louisiana, that also means rainy, muddy conditions. I’d love to have these boots to help me out!

  71. kickupdust says:

    spring means the smell of mud and rain! and open windows!

  72. shannon1976 says:

    Spring means rebirth, pastel flowers, baby animals and fresh rain. It is the time of year that I feel most alive.

  73. VirtueB says:

    Spring means rain falling, leaves growing and flowers sprouting. I especially like the snow drops that come up! :)

  74. dbauer says:

    “From you have I been absent in the spring,
    When proud-pied April, dressed in all his trim,
    Hath put a spirit of youth in everything,
    That heavy Saturn laughed and leaped with him,
    Yet nor the lays of birds, nor the sweet smell
    Of different flowers in odor and in hue,
    Could make me any summer’s story tell,
    Or from their proud lap pluck them where they grew.
    Nor did I wonder at the lily’s white,
    Nor praise the deep vermilion in the rose;
    They were but sweet, but figures of delight,
    Drawn after you, you pattern of all those.
    Yet seemed it winter still, and, you away,
    As with your shadow I with these did play.”

    From you have I been absent in the spring… (Sonnet 98)
    William Shakespeare

  75. beeblaze24 says:

    Spring means “new” – new flowers, new growth, new goals, new beginnings. I love the unraveling of a fresh Spring!

  76. voxxielady says:

    Spring is Earth’s big cosmic turn on and everything wants a part of it, from plants to people. ;)

  77. coastalluna says:

    Since moving to Vancouver from years in Northern Ontario, Southern Ontario and Alberta, I never realized how colourful, fragrant and truly refreshing Spring in Canada could be! Here, you actually do get to see a postcard spring – crocuses popping up all over lawns in February, birds return and bushes of ‘yellow bells’ bloom all over like polkadots on a sleepy lawn. I even welcome the rain and its new spring smell! And rain boots are not just a necessity here – they are a way of life :)

  78. cyberkittylitter says:

    Spring means lots of RAIN!

  79. karmalily says:

    Spring is the start of something new sprouting up after a lifeless winter.

  80. warrenl737 says:

    Spring means good weather and sunshine and bright colors

  81. jjjjjv says:

    Spring is great!

  82. machineverte says:

    Spring usually means to me more daylight, but with these boots it could mean deliberately looking for puddles to walk through. :)

  83. artzombie says:

    spring to me is my birthday and that smell of life renewed.

  84. Severin says:

    Spring propels us forward; we shed our cloaks, and with each layer an opportunity to show a facet of ourselves with whom we have not been acquainted. How lucky we are…

  85. Digamama says:

    This spring is going to be a very monumental to me. Rejuvenation, healing,peace, new beginnings and focus.

  86. rachel_tennis23 says:

    Spring means rebirth, youth, and beauty. As Shakespeare wrote in The Two Gentlemen of Verona,
    “O, how this spring of love resembleth
    The uncertain glory of an April day;
    Which now shows all the beauty of the sun,
    And by and by a cloud takes all away.”

  87. anglerfish says:

    Spring means daffodils and hyacinth and lily of the valley, periwinkles and forsythia and all the most beautiful but fleeting flowers.

  88. Brittany (@byrniegiraffe) says:

    Spring means colors, birds singing, and dancing in the rain!

  89. easyvegan says:

    Springs means lots of walks in the park with my seven rescued dogs!

  90. digamama says:

    Spring means transition, rejuvination, healing, empowerment.

  91. wurk4fude says:

    It means the chance to visit my sister, which I hope I can give her these boots if I win!

  92. kimsushil says:

    Spring means it gets hot again (in Florida).

  93. cricketb says:

    Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!” ~Robin Williams

  94. lannylanny says:

    Spring means I need to remember that day light savings is approaching, and that I’ll hopefully set my alarm accordingly and make it to work on time. Spring 2012: I will get it right this year! =)

  95. jujuett (@jujuett) says:

    Spring means time to play and enjoy the essence of freash new life.

  96. resha says:

    Emerge from the tempest, a kiss, a rainbow. A force that will shake you, whip the cobwebs from your branches and leave you floating among the weightless clouds.

  97. discomedusa says:

    Spring meaans…Puddle Jumping! (& racing twig boats down the stream)

  98. mermaidj says:

    Spring means mud and muck and new sprouts and baby bunnies

  99. velvet1116 says:

    Spring means the birth of new. Wipe the slate clean ,start fresh ,everything colorful and the elated feeling of happiness.

  100. doogiko says:

    Spring is the months of rain and that’s good for trees. My old rain boots are now to small, so I would like to get these fashionable boots and walk in woods to see how trees are growing.

  101. Zchick says:

    Spring means that I can finally give my horse a bath after the long winter! A pair of waterproof boots is very much needed in this endeavor!! Plus it’s fun to jump in the puddles!!

  102. cachexic says:

    green things and new beginnings

  103. cchen says:

    Spring is bright sunny days and beautiful blooming flowers. A fresh, clean start.

  104. Urban Sherp (@Urban Sherp) says:

    Spring makes me think green – daffodils start to bloom, trees begin to bud, and the sun shines. Well, and there’s quite a bit of rain, which makes these boots a wardrobe essential!

  105. anton says:

    Spring means new life splashed in sunny rain.

  106. AllieChica123 says:

    Spring means Easter Egg Hunts, Blue Skies Filled With White Cotton Balls, Long Bike Rides With Friends, Freshly Cut Grass, And Lots Of Ice Tea.

  107. aldin124 says:

    Spring is new growth. I love seeing the new buds on trees and the new leaves.

  108. amymkz says:

    Spring is for new shoots, new life and a reminder that the world continues to replenish itself no matter how much we keep screwing it up – it has eternal faith in itself.

  109. Mon says:

    Spring is a Beginning.

  110. agirlnamedsue says:

    Exciting contest would love some in pink to wear clamming!!!!

  111. juliekane99 says:

    Spring means it’s time to start thinking about planting the garden, riding lessons moving outside, and getting antsy when I’m still cold working inside my office and it’s gorgeously warm out!

  112. elissaloren says:

    Spring means planting my seedlings and getting ready to watch them grow and provide food for my family. It means magnificent thunderstorms and mild weather, and the first blooms of color that burst through the grey of winter. Everything feels a bit lighter. It means my cooking is getting more light and colorful too, with more fresh salads and herbs making their way onto my plate, and less dense hearty foods.

  113. mksaumier (@montrealenvert) says:

    Spring means thinking about what we are going to plant in the garden this year…

  114. rsuleman says:

    Spring means blooming of new colours, a freshness in your step, cleaning (!), coming to terms with the old while getting ready with the new, and rejoicing the gift of the different seasons I can take advantage off!

  115. gardener70 says:

    Spring means re-birth, a chance to start all over again with verve and bounce.

  116. jodyki says:

    ADORABLE rain boots!! Spring means skipping through rain puddles happily – as soon as you send the Kamil vegan rain boots – with my sweetest lil (big) babies rescued goats who are the MOST AMAZING FUNNY SWEET SASSY INCREDIBLE BABIES in the whole wide world — and why I woke up to become vegan. LOVE is in the spring air!

  117. Thartek says:

    Spring means ski season is wrapping up and motorcycle season begins!

  118. chichijunk says:

    spring is rebirth and the dwindling end to cold, dark sleep.

  119. Margot Core says:

    Spring of course means rain, but it also means gardening and where there is a garden there is always hope.

  120. PoignantTuna says:

    stomping around in my rain boots!

  121. astemarie says:

    Spring to me means beautiful delicate flowers and beautiful colors outside.

  122. kdrodge says:

    spring means a new start for me.

  123. Aben says:

    Spring means I should definitely take down the Christmas decorations and lights!

  124. @holly says:

    Spring means the smell of earthy leaves that are finishing composting from the previous year. previous employment was landscaping! Been though many seasons of spring clean up.

  125. hhejjas says:

    spring cleaning and new beginnings!

  126. mnikpat (@@mnikpat2) says:

    Spring means a time of refreshing and new as the trees start to bud and the flowers poke their little heads out of the ground. It’s like getting to start over again. Everything if fresh and new!

  127. nbonito says:

    Spring means getting outside again and working in the yard!

  128. Vesper says:

    Spring means that the snow has stopped and has started to melt

  129. gbh999 says:

    Spring is the season of rejuvenation. It is the season to plant seed. If you don’t, there will be no harvest in the fall. That would be a shame, especially if you have the garden plot. Nothing tastes as good as veggies that you have grown yourself. If you have children, it is a season to teach life skills to the little ones.

  130. rockstarkntis says:

    Spring means gardening and biking and camping! I love the smell in the air when the snow melts and the sun is shining!

  131. Peanut44 says:

    Spring means a change of season after a long winter with sunshine birds singing tree buds appearing with new life.

  132. RoxannaG says:

    To me, Spring means beautiful bright colored flowers and fresh green leaves, plus crisp mornings and sunny, mild afternoons. And of course who could ignore the cute birds chirping again after a long cold winter!

  133. abraidwood says:

    Spring means the big melt, blackflies, and the promise of summer.

  134. ksalinas says:

    Spring is a time for renewal and new life. Spring is today in San Francisco, like a warm blanket on your skin. I can’t wait!

  135. JeannetteNL says:

    I love watching the new spring flowers come out and much enjoy getting rid of heavy coats, hats and gloves etc. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  136. Margaret MacKenzie says:

    Spring is a time of new beginnings. It makes one feel alive, awake and rejuvenated.

  137. krmaki says:

    Spring means playing in the park with my boys.

  138. barbder says:

    these boots are so useful and warm

  139. jiidii says:

    Spring means the fragrant smell of the Lilac Bush in my backyard

  140. 409cope says:

    Spring means the end of the cold and that I am that much closer to the beauty of summer.

  141. maybella77 says:

    Spring means a brand new start and a chance to get ready for my favourite season… SUMMER!!!!!!

  142. kitsa says:

    Spring means beautiful flower gardening and planting veggies with my son!

  143. tiflauren says:

    Spring means plenty of time in the park with my pup :)

  144. Marta says:

    Its all about flowering :)

  145. VeggieDoc (@VeggieDoc) says:

    Spring in Iowa means freezing temps one day, 60s the next. Repeat until June.

  146. ohemgee (@ohemge3) says:

    My birthday is in the spring… means I’m getting older!

  147. hrenney says:

    Spring usually means allergies for me, but I still love it!

  148. ellenmass says:

    Spring means the outdoor farmers’ market is back in town! Fresh local fruits and veggies…yay!

  149. Hdavidson98 says:

    I love spring because you get to experience the explosion of color, and the beauty that is Mother Nature. It also doesn’t hurt that my birthday is right after the first day of spring… :)

  150. kittiesquties says:

    Spring-new life sprouts ,worm sun and breeze of sweet flower sent.

  151. orange31 says:

    Spring means that winter is almost over in Ohio!

  152. Fortune says:

    Spring is bittersweet for me… the bad stuff being allergies and starting to train for road races! The good stuff? Clothes, sun, bowling and friends!! I am so boring though that spring is always my favorite time for clothes… bring on the khakis and navy stripes LOL (and hopefully some new vegan rain boots).

  153. catxmas says:

    Spring means happily sloshing around in my garden planning and planting futures delights!

  154. marthafulopreed says:

    LOVE springtime!!… my fave: sloshing around in the garden!

  155. chooseraw says:

    Spring means tulips and bike rides!

  156. Ephany says:

    Spring…Means I need a new wardrobe including those awesome boots.

  157. LisaRicc says:

    Spring is all that we always hope we can be.

  158. jetle25 says:

    Spring means playing in the dirt and drinking beers

  159. Cami Watts says:

    As the Vernal Equinox beckons Spring,
    my catalyst for renewal & resolve,
    via mind, body & spirit holistic,
    is held within it’s embrace…

  160. thelemicflowers says:

    To mean spring means bright forgotten colours and the smell of the earth again!

  161. wopdeli says:

    spring means the recreate the body & soul / for me

  162. jabulonestar says:

    Springtime means tissues because my nose starts to flow like a garden hose LOL I love the flowers and sunshine and soft rain but I am not to thrilled with allergies :)

  163. Sioen (@sioenroux) says:

    Spring? The The hits it for me:

    In our lives we hunger for those we cannot touch
    All the thoughts unuttered & all the feelings unexpressed
    Play upon our hearts like the mist upon our breath
    But awoken by grief, our spirits speak:
    “How could you believe that the life within the seed
    That grew arms that reached
    And a heart that beat
    And lips that smiled
    And eyes that cried
    Could ever die?”
    Here come the blue skies
    Here comes springtime
    When the rivers run high & the tears run dry
    When everything that dies
    Shall rise

  164. gomeggo says:

    Spring means lots of birthdays, spring cleaning, beauty and newness!!

  165. Tuesdaigirl says:

    Spring is wonderful

  166. jmpecenka says:

    Spring means cleansing, rejuvenation, and a fresh start!

  167. hulahulagirl says:

    Spring means turning the compost bin that’s been sitting all winter and picking out which seeds I need to order! These would make great gardening boots, too.

  168. tinatchick says:

    Spring means renewal! The beginning of warmer weather and outdoor enjoyment :)

  169. jaded_octopus says:

    Spring means a fresh start, renewed energy, and lots of sunshine!

  170. makingadreamhome says:

    Spring means fair weather, fresh air, and flowers.

  171. marianne says:

    Spring means warm breezes and longer days, new birds and new blooms!

  172. tropezstarr says:

    In Oregon Spring means actually seeing some sun!!!

  173. lo_storm says:

    Spring means finally getting to trek through the mountains and slosh around in the recently melted snow puddles. Kamik vegan rain boots for the win!

  174. mhigg2002 says:

    Mud, mud and more mud!

  175. happycamper116 says:

    Spring means peepers and salamander crossings. <3

  176. sarah12 says:

    plum blossoms! buds! green shoots! and sun. Like ee cummings called it — when the world is mudluscious and puddlewonderful.

  177. reenster1970 says:

    To me spring means rebirth and an awakening to warmth and fresh breezes . . . I love spring!

  178. snichols says:

    Spring means to me, nature releases a natural perfume! Everything is in bloom and it smells so wonderful to be outside!

  179. Bethtimlin (@greyrockco) says:

    Spring means the start of more time outside.

  180. romneymc says:

    cherry blossoms and wood smoke, green buds and chirping birds, crisp winds mixed with warming sunshine, rutting animals and prancing people (in their new rain boots!) = the best Season there is = Spring

  181. meganinwien says:

    Spring is my favorite time of year!

  182. LMarie says:

    Spring means awakening! Eating outside and enjoying the blue skies

  183. bach.bergs says:

    Spring means Mother Earth’s new beginnings (which inspire new beginnings in ourselves…and in our rain boot selection), fresh air coming through newly opened windows, stripping off heavy winter jackets to feel the warm and invigorating sunshine on my back as I take in the great outdoors (in my new Kamik Vegan Rain Boots) and listening to the birds chirp through out the whole day long (while wearing my new Kamik Vegan Rain Boots!) HAPPY SPRING!

  184. pedden says:

    Spring means getting out all my spring jackets- its like waking up from hibernation. You get to start enjoying layering and all the lighter stuff you have ignored for months seems relevant again!

  185. cljacks09 says:

    Spring means everything is born anew with warmer temperatures and light rain the plants and animals grow and mature and brighten my days.

  186. Stephanie Press says:

    Spring is a reminder of the natural flow of creation, of cycles, thoughtful living, and renewal.

  187. cokeven says:

    Spring means sunshine and fresh air…let’s go outside!

  188. obxmaureen says:

    it takes less time to get dressed for my morning bike ride. which means more time to ride!

  189. whitedove says:

    Spring means the thloop thloop of our boots in the marsh mud along the marsh trail to watch the ferry shrimp run. Spring means climbing the alluvial bluff trail to watch the fiddle head ferns emerge. Spring means watching the goslings gathered on the river dike as we try to move stealthily along without disturbing them. Spring means watching the airboats leave the boat landings on our way to the river bottom to hunt for mussle shells and floating water lilly bulbs. Spring means listening to the music of the chiming ice as breaks and flows down the big river hearing the barge horns blow as they lock through.

  190. anabyrd says:

    Spring means splashing on puddles, baking. Tons of fun, countless hours of happiness and time with the family!

  191. agreg says:

    Spring means lots of mud and sunshine.

  192. luminarycrush says:

    Spring – life interrupted begins again.

  193. lisagee1234 says:

    Here come the blue skies
    Here comes springtime
    When the rivers run high & the tears run dry
    When everything that dies
    Shall rise———————DITTO THAT PLUS
    lots of birds snging is music to my ears. The mockingbird puts on a great show. The Seagulls are ok from a distance but up cose they are irritating. Mosquitos on the bird trails. Don’t forget repellent.

  194. lisbuzbee says:

    Spring is the melting of snow to reveal the dead earth, only to cultivate new and fresh buds and blades.

  195. JKW60 says:

    Spring means warmer weather, flowers (daffodils, etc.) Flowering trees! Unfortunately, spring also means wind.

  196. kmom says:

    Getting outside to play in the gravel driveway and the little man practicing his favorite new words: shovel and dump truck.

  197. missmocha says:

    Spring is a time for renewal, when you clean out your house and start all those projects you’ve been waiting on! Its a time when you can go outside and breathe some fresh air and feel alive before the summer heat comes creeping in!

  198. shillbot says:

    Spring means having to pay the gardeners.

  199. peaceablepie says:

    Spring means sitting on the balcony to eat dinner.

  200. mitchk says:

    Spring to me means the start of the cycling season.

  201. josephk says:

    Spring means hoodie weather!

  202. Spring to me means energy. It means a renewed sense of self and a sudden awareness of the things happening around me. And finally some color!

  203. lulubird says:

    Spring means I might get to wear fabulous Kamiks instead of snow boots!
    Also, spring = longer days, more light, new green sprouts, the smell of earth, shedding layers, budding flowers and bursting new dreams. Yay for spring <3

  204. Rosanna says:

    Spring means it’s breeding bird season. All the males are showing off their bright new plumage and everyone is shacking up!

  205. amandawellread says:

    Spring to me means that amazing smell in the air that breathes new life into everyone and everything.

  206. traceyd says:

    Admiring the flowers and listening to the birds sing.

  207. Readingknitter01 says:

    Spring is crocuses an daffodils blooming and the chance to plant seeds and start a garden! Everything is possible in the spring.

  208. kazzadragon says:

    Spring means being able to get outside, again, and witness the re-birth of our beautiful world.

  209. Pewter says:

    Spring is new life and happiness.

  210. beeloveflower says:

    Spring means gardening season!!!!! *falls into a big pile of seed packets* Woohoooo!!

  211. denverpro1 says:

    Spring means life; renewal. Playing in the garden, soaking up the sun’s warmth again like a turtle on the riverbank, long walks around the park & dusting off the bicycles for trips to the farmer’s market.

  212. jillyen says:

    Spring means renewal, a world opening you up to new possibilities. But I live in a small mountain town in Idaho, where spring means slush and mud season, the only cure for which are some fantastic vegan rubber boots.

  213. ChristieMW says:

    New, recycled rain boots!

  214. greta.alouette says:

    Spring means no more snow!

  215. Pomegranates (@Pomegranates) says:

    Spring means new life indeed and I look forward to exploring it with my newborn son and eight year old daughter..

  216. Christinesheal says:

    Spring means wearing rain boots as much as possible!

  217. jabacker says:

    Spring means an awakening: new start, clean house, bright colors, and new life outside!

  218. JillBryan says:

    Spring means cutting grass and warm days!

  219. katy11 (@helen41) says:

    spring means new beginnings

  220. Pamalot says:

    Spring means discarding your winter clothes and spirit and embracing the new you.

  221. annas2662 says:

    Spring means seed-swapping, seed sowing, tree-planting and dancing in the rain with my new rainboots !!!

  222. Tam_tam says:

    Spring means fresh new air in my lungs while out in my kayak.

  223. Dori says:

    “When spring comes, even the false spring, there are no problems except where to be happiest.” EH

  224. topgunphantom says:

    Spring means new beginnings and new adventures.

  225. AliAli says:

    Spring in Texas means wildflower drives, flowy dresses and carrot cake.

  226. JMcConnell says:

    “Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn.”
    ~Lewis Grizzard

  227. markmongold says:

    Spring means Sailing!

  228. Carolina says:

    Spring is a beautiful season that the others, for my is a new start. The nature is grow up again. You can see diferent colors and It’s wonderfull…I love so much this season everything is perfect.

  229. schoonerpixie says:

    Spring means new life.. where rural communities come to life everything is opening for another new year!

  230. eesau says:

    Rain, mud and fab new boots to walk through it all without worry? =D

  231. Courtoy says:

    Spring is time to go out with the kids, bicycle and gardening …

  232. piipsqueak says:

    Spring means eating popsicles by the river looking at pretty flowers and lying on the grass feeling the light breeze on my cheeks

  233. patty11 (@helen41) says:

    new beginings- all fresh

  234. calisuisse says:

    Earth Day was first observed on March 21, 1970, the first day of Spring… The ideal was/is to celebrate the Earth’s life and beauty. For myself – as well as many others – at this particular time of year, as the weather gets warmer we renew our love for the environment.

  235. jonny tunnell says:

    spring in raleigh nc means sweet sweet rain!! can’t wait!

  236. tbritt says:

    spring is nature waking from the slumber, shaking off winter and adding new life to its number.

  237. kgament says:

    Spring means renewal!

  238. Victoria Bloomfield says:

    Spring to me means….wonderful things are on there way, the local farmer’s market will be opening soon:),the flowers will be blooming, the days are longer and bike riding is possible(I live in Winnipeg, MB)!

  239. pmkpmk says:

    spring means new life

  240. fritz65 says:

    Spring means the baking hot days of summer are getting closer.

  241. lawnwrangler13 says:

    cherry blossoms!

  242. gman13579 says:

    Spring showers bring May flowers. But way to state what spring means. The May flowers can be literally meant as the wonderful floral that burst from the ground and radiates the Earth with color. But it also is the bringing of life. The animals all bringing little ones into the world. I was a “spring chick” and love being a part of the growth and beauty of spring.

  243. happinessis says:

    Spring is about regrowth and new beginnings. Such a beautiful time of year!

  244. iliketherain says:

    Spring is about rain and flowers, clouds and sunshine.

  245. Twinkie says:

    Spring to me means a rebirth of everything. It means spring into to action and start doing more. It’s a time where there’s more light and longer days to do more. Everything is reborn from flowers to people’s lives and to all the animals that hibernated. It is basically happier times for many

  246. Vivia says:

    Spring mean rainy day and the wonderful tulip blossoms!

  247. flaps25 says:

    Hopes.. eternal!!

  248. bytheby says:

    Spring is the return of life to our world!

  249. karenhanson says:

    spring means growth, green trees. blooming tulips….and puddles

  250. dawnstiles says:

    Spring is the sweet smell of thawing earth.

  251. staceyjoy (@redlipstickny) says:

    Going outside in just a Tee shirt! Nothing signifies Spring more than this for me, every year.

  252. brittb88 (@lioninakoma) says:

    Spring to me means good smells…the flowers and rain are always so amazing!

  253. NadiaB says:

    Spring in Montreal is absolutely nature revival… an awakening.
    Life at its best!

  254. SustainaBelle says:

    Spring means to me jumping in puddles, running with my dog, remembering what the sunshine feels like, and happily leaving my winter coat inside!

  255. ashleychase says:

    so far, spring means summer … in atlanta, anyway. it’s 80 degrees today.

  256. dave848 says:

    Spring is the rebirth of nature’s beautiful plant and animal creatures!

  257. Deanna says:

    Spring means bringing out the warmer-weather clothes,a muddy yard, new resolutions to clean the house, small buds on the trees and bushes, stubborn daffodils fighting their way through the weeds, but mostly, spring means that I made it through another sloggy winter.

  258. npuzio says:

    Spring means green. It can bring a smile to a person’s face. After a cold and miserable winter, many people are more than ready to see the first shoots of flowers. Also a rebirth and entering a new “season” in your life.

  259. LaurelAndLime.Etsy.Com says:

    Spring is about long bike rides to the beach, working in my garden, and of course, puddle jumping! =)

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