Win a Recycled-Leather iPad Case From Dewdrop Designs (Worth $60!)

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Get the birth announcements ready; Apple welcomes its iPad 2 to the world on Friday. To commemorate the much-ballyhooed occasion—the likes of which we haven’t seen since the launch of, well, the first iPad—we partnered with Gillian Stevens of Dewdrop to give away one of her ultra-luxurious iPad sleeves. Hand-stitched from leather scraps, which Stevens dyes and silkscreens with natural pigments, each dramatically hued sheath offers protection from dust, scratches, and smudges without the bulk of Fort Knox. One lucky reader will get his or her choice of four designs (fuschia fish, bark flower, chocolate leaf, or silver octopus), just in time to welcome your special delivery.


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winner there.)

2. LEAVE A COMMENT telling us which of Dewdrop’s four designs you like best. Although getting fancy doesn’t hurt your chances, we’ll be picking a winner at random.

Dewdrop Designs, eco-friendly iPad cases, eco-friendly iPad bags, sustainable iPad cases, sustainable iPad bags, recycled iPad cases, recycled iPad bags, eco-fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion, ethical fashion, sustainable style, iPad, iPad 2

We’ll pick our favorite comment and announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, March 16. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Tuesday, March 15, so ENTER NOW for a chance to win!


Dewdrop is a collection of products that favor timeless style and utility with a flair for the unexpected. Designer Gillian Stevens uses recycled material in the majority of her products, and most are handmade-to-order in the sunny South.

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94 Responses to “Win a Recycled-Leather iPad Case From Dewdrop Designs (Worth $60!)”

  1. cinmc says:

    I love the stark contrast of silver on black in the chocolate leaf design. The leaf has the lacy effect you find on a leaf that has laid on the forest floor and started to disappear. The leaf is also appropriate to represent the trees that are saved in the use of an iPad (or e-reader)to substitute for the use and discard of thousands of books.

  2. hautegoat says:

    two words – Pink Fish! No wait, GREY OCTOPUS… no, I still think Pink Fish!

  3. AdrienneF says:

    Love love love the one with the leaf on it. I’m such a tree hugger but LOVE IT!!

  4. Urban Sherp (@Urban Sherp) says:

    oooh such a tough call – octopus or goldfish, octopus or goldfish. Have to go octopus – feel the husband would be more comfortable toting the grey…… It’s very Thomas Paul.

  5. jana (@jspd) says:

    love the pink fish!!

  6. laymanrecycler says:

    I would love my iPad case to be a recycled leather octopus! I’d definitely be the coolest green kid on the block.

  7. mademoiselleyuu says:

    In my opinion the Gray octopus stands out, speaking of colour harmony. the colour blends well!!

  8. tweetjill22 (@tweetjill22) says:

    Hard to choose one since I think all colors are great…I think I like the leaf printed one the very most!

  9. Bridgette Meinhold says:

    These are beautiful! I wish I had an iPad.

  10. thinkingjosh (@thinkingjosh) says:

    octopus for the win! i’m all about multitasking and what better to represent than an octopus !?

  11. lotorres22 says:

    Love the brown one with the Leaf!

  12. d00d says:

    The silver leaf on chocolate design is my favorite. It is a case that I will certainly use everyday to carry my iPad around. It will stand out among the crowd and make a statement of my taste in unique, high quality, and creatively designed products. I simply love chocolate and leaves though i would stop short at eating the case even if it looks so deliciously tempting. Please count me in the giveaway. Thanks.

  13. mendyev says:

    They are all so lovely, makes it difficult to choose just one…but I’d have to go with the bark flower. Looks like it will accessorize with just about anything.

  14. cayi99 (@cayi99) says:

    I love it, think it would be great for those who use it for business. Makes a wonderful first impression!

  15. shellthebell says:

    I Love the Octopus, I will name him Charles!

  16. Sayuri Hamada says:

    I want to win the octpous case, its the coolest one made ever!

  17. cdawg says:

    the fish!

  18. amorfashion says:

    Silver with leaf design is my choice. It brings back childhood memory of my grandma and friends. My girlfriends and I used to go look for and gathered these type of leaves after school. We brought home and my grandma showed us the process to peel off all layers until only the veins left. We spent hours giggling and teasing each other when we made mistake and broke the leaf! What a magical moment when you finally hold a “perfect vein” leaf in your hand.

  19. eseberg says:

    I like the chocolate leaf. Are you going to give me an Ipad to put in it?

  20. kmom says:

    The chocolate leaf is way cool!

  21. melohbee says:

    The pink one with the fish for sure !!!

  22. thriftalina says:

    Fish or Octopus! woot! marine life!

  23. Bubbles says:

    It has to be the octopus as he would never let go of me!

  24. skeptikos says:

    Alas, I find myself swept up in the tragedy of choice! In particular my understated-and-elegant aspect is thrilled by the stately gold octopus, almost camouflaged by the subtly mottled grey space on which it serenely and sagely floats. Meanwhile my flamboyant, exhibitionistic side would have nothing but the ECU Bug-Eyed Koi flashed into the retina of anyone who cares to look by the marbled acid fuscia surface upon which she (he? me?) chooses to pose. And the other Dew drop designs are not without their particular charms too. So what to do oooh oooh?

    (Eons later, it emerges)
    Octo… octo… octopus, shield my ipad without a fuss!

  25. marladawn says:

    I proudly admit to being a girly girl and I do love the color pink (fuschia) and I am a Pisces…need I say more??

  26. intensev5 says:

    I really like the pink fish deign — thanks for the chance to win

  27. DSock says:

    The Gold Flower would be my choice… reminds me of my southern roots… is that a dogwood flower? Just Lovely!

  28. silver octopus says:

    The silver octopus is ideal for me, definitely worth registering to be a new user. Inspired by nature and helping to preserve it.

  29. kia (@bodhi_bear) says:

    silver octopus

  30. nicoleraine (@nicoleraine) says:

    Also a tough call! I Like the octopus and the goldfish also.

  31. ecochica says:

    I love the hot pink cover with the fish on it. The color pops and I like fish (a lot).

  32. tinyAnya says:

    Wonderful cases! The silver and gold octopus is my favorite. Beautiful colors and representation of this ancient creature!

  33. cmcginn says:


  34. antoine says:

    Octopus Silver for ever

  35. cchops says:


  36. mikauhsoj says:

    That Chocolate Leaf is pretty awesome!

  37. melsutton says:

    octopus. no wait, goldfish. how can i even decide?!

  38. MacroSamurai (@MacroSamurai) says:

    My favorite design is the one on the passport cover. I wish there was more contrast, however I like the cartographic details too greatly to let color get in the way.

  39. nsparr says:

    Hot pink leather with gold goldfish = favorite. Definitely! =)

  40. kzyu (@kzhenyu) says:

    oh my. these are amazing. i think pink for me

  41. Giovanni Calia (@estragon) says:

    Octpous for sure. What else?

  42. jfrisch (@Jucettina) says:

    Pink Fish IPAD Sleeve … I DO love it plus I’m a Pisces :D
    But I must say the silver leaf on chocolate would be my second choice.

  43. alr4432 says:

    The leaf. <3

  44. jamortega says:

    LOVE the pink one with the goldfish. the color and image are beautiful and refined.

  45. viclen1954 (@@viclen1954) says:

    The Silver Octopus looks so rich and unique, I would be thrilled to show it off and encourage all my ‘pad owners to buy a case from Dewdrop Designs and peruse Ecouterre.

  46. Msperber says:

    Love the Octopus!

  47. Flo_Shizen (@shizenlemag) says:

    I want the grey one with the octopus!
    Why? As a tribute to Paul the octopus of course.
    Not to mention that I already have a fantastic Tshirt in organic coton with an octopus on it. See? I must have it ;)

  48. joortan says:

    To be honest, I like them all…I would love to have them all and switch them depending on the occasion or outfit, but if I really need to pick just one it would be the one with the octopus design. It`s a unique design to find and I love how it works with the color of the case, it gives it a surreal feeling,

  49. shiri says:

    i say the black one with the fish! classy! <3

  50. Rebeckyruth says:

    The octupus is my fav.

  51. eekostudio says:

    loveee the leaf design! it’s simple and makes a statement!

  52. roottobranch says:

    the octpous case is great!!!

  53. the _claire says:

    The grey octopus is gorgeous. I am a marine biologist and I would love to have a grey octopus always with me

  54. Autumndh says:

    I love the fuschia fish… Being a breast cancer survivor at 33 it would remind me how important and thankful I am to be here everyday!

  55. Marshadee2001 says:

    Hard to choose. Pink with fish

  56. eddiekclau says:

    The Black one with the see through leaf reminds me i used to keep all those yellow leaves in my notebook and make bookmarks in my teenage!

    Holding my ipad with it is definitely cool!

  57. e13 says:


  58. olkin says:

    Not spring colour, but definitely spring essence: the leaf is turning from winter transparent into a live, spring one in flesh! Black with leaf.

  59. Walter says:

    The silver with the octopus for me please. Anything from the ocean and marine life! Silver is ageless, even though the octopus lives only one year. Its an existential contrast.

  60. Pussycatpline says:

    Being the pussycat I am, I love the pink fish!

  61. Davman29 says:

    Silver octopus! In order to commemorate our lost psychic soccer world cup predicting octopus! R.I.P. Little guy, we hardly knew ya.

  62. teetlebomb says:

    silver octopus for me. If I only had 8 arms to use on my iPad…

  63. danx says:

    The Squid!!

  64. dredub38 (@dandrewriley) says:

    Def. the silver leaf over brown leather. Fantastic.

  65. apirateisemo says:

    OMG I love them all. My absolute favorite is the gray octopus though :)

  66. SarahLooLoo says:

    My absolute favorite would have to be the octopus cover. The combination of color texture and graphic images is stunning as well as still subtle and sophisticated.

  67. kumasokka (@kumasokka) says:

    I love the Chocolate Leaf design. The leaf has this ethereal quality that is really haunting and beautiful. Also, the color of the leather with the silver leaf provides an excellent contrast. Simply beautiful.

  68. nikkipee says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the grey octopus one!

  69. sass says:

    Beggars can’t be choosers, right?
    I’d be happy with any of these beautiful sleeves.
    Though, I must admit I have a slight obsession with kintoto & pink at the moment ;)

  70. meloncollie (@@AlbionSailsOn) says:

    I would very much enjoy being the owner of a grey recycled leathery octopus.

  71. Lily says:

    They are all equally gorgeous, but there is something incredibly striking about the chocolate colored leaf design. I’ve been utterly in love with trees since I was a child, and this one strikes my fancy.

  72. jenefur (@dreadpiratejene) says:

    Wow! I am a huge cephalopod nerd! I dig the octopus!

  73. chichijunk (@arliess political)) says:

    I’M Liking the chocolate dewdrop leaf! Just gorgeous!
    chichijunk at cs dot com

  74. fleecey says:

    The soft gray with the finely drawn octopus is irresistible! But I secretly love them all!

  75. LivLuna (@LivLunaNews) says:

    I love the hot pink fish and recycled leather because i’m an eco fashionista, because hot pink is a color in LivLuna’s logo and symbolizes a movement to empower women & girls in eco style, and because recycled leather is a sustainable choice, and because looking at hot pink makes me happy, and an ipad sleeve brings me one step closer to manifesting my ipad dream :)

  76. anne morgan says:

    So much choice! I think the grey octopus one, perfect for keeping my little ones hands off my ipad!!

  77. mr.moon says:

    I love the chocolate leaf! Fantastic!!

  78. greenygirl (@grblissorganics) says:

    These are gorgeous! While all the designs are beautiful, I have to say that I LOVE chocolate. And it just so happens that the brown one sports a leaf that resembles my company’s logo, the almost heart-shaped bodhi leaf, which has symbolic parallels with love, truth and happiness. What better way to carry my ipad?

  79. aldin124 says:

    The Silver Octopus! Love it!!!

  80. Maymeicheu g says:

    The brown one is cool! Especially with a nice flower!

  81. lilly says:

    pink one with the fish!

  82. stillll32 says:

    I love them all but I like pink best, almost as much as I love my IPad so naturally it would look best laying on my iPad!

  83. WhiteRabbit says:

    I’m all for the octopus. Love those long tentacles.

  84. kathyk says:

    I love the bark flower! These designs are great!

  85. afterlight says:

    I love either the pink fish or the camel flower one ♥

  86. Louisa says:

    I wonder if time is pink over there? here it is one o clock on the goldfish.

  87. piisuke (@aliaistweeting) says:

    I’m hoping the luck of the Irish will come my way so I can win the brown leafy one. Many thanks!

  88. mamia says:

    no doubt ! pink fish !!! colours and use of space are great , this one is the most atractive

  89. Hannerz893 says:

    I loooooove the chocolate leaf :D all the designs are beautiful AND eco-friendly? Win.

  90. Woodstock says:

    Chocolate leaf all the way. The only thing better would be if it came in pink. All of them are AWESOME!!

  91. kathelesage says:

    I like the dark brown with leaf…so simple and clean. Just Lovely!

  92. Lagan says:

    Beautiful flower in brown and tan – protect my iPad in your marvelous shell…

  93. designgoddess2011 says:


  94. Clarebearry says:

    I love the contrast leaf design, would use it everyday! Amazing design.