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Shadowplay NYC, made in the U.S.A., New York, New York City, eco-friendly skirts, sustainable skirts, space, eco-fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion, ethical fashion, sustainable style

Ready for a giveaway that’s out of this world? Snag your choice of four space-age skirts by Shadowplay NYC, an independent label run out of New York City by two astronomy-absorbed Parsons graduates. Sequestered in their Brooklyn studio, Ximena Chouza and Ali Bennaim fashion their wares using locally sourced silks and cottons digitally printed with images from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. From distant magellanic clouds to luminous nebulae, these are designs with real star power. Enter now to win!


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Shadowplay NYC, made in the U.S.A., New York, New York City, eco-friendly skirts, sustainable skirts, space, eco-fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion, ethical fashion, sustainable style

We’ll announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, July 25. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Tuesday, July 24, so ENTER NOW for a chance to win!


Shadowplay NYC was founded by Ximena Chouza and Ali Bennaim, two space-obsessed graduates of the Parsons The New School for Design. All of its products are handmade in New York City.

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Originally published on July 12, 2012.

233 Responses to “Win Shadowplay NYC’s Space-Age Skirt, Inspired by Hubble Photography”

  1. cbjessen says:

    the universe is our home, it is a macroscopic of our microscopic world. love.

  2. rrellis04 says:

    I teach 6th grade science and teach my students all about space! I love that there are always new things being discovered and explored. I’m still in awe every time I look at the night sky!

  3. VacuolateTuna (@artbyalizey) says:

    What I love most about outer space is the sheer incomprehensibility of scale in the universe- how tiny we really are on this pale blue dot within systems upon systems of stars and galaxies and constellations.

  4. mgonyeo (@@mgonyeo) says:

    I love looking for constellations at night!

  5. bief says:

    i love living here.

  6. cosmicrebirth says:

    My favorite thing is looking up and catching sights of UFOs. Knowing that there are higher dimensional benevolent beings in the sky looking down on us, we are not alone. Its very comforting and exciting.

  7. Erika1773 says:

    What I love most about outer space is that there is so much I don’t know about it.

  8. jreeve says:

    I love the beauty and mystery of the possibilities that exist in outer space. Every image of stars and galaxies millions of light years away is full of innate beauty and possibility of things we cannot imagine.

  9. Amy Benzel says:

    Love This!!!!

  10. farmgirlshelley says:

    I love that you cannot count the stars, this leaves me in awe every time I look up at a starry sky. It never gets old.

  11. heyitsmegan (@@heyitsmegan) says:

    I want to dance all night in the moonlight in this skirt.

  12. janoma says:

    I love how infinite space is. There are galaxies upon galaxies and were are just a small dot within it all. It’s pretty humbling!

  13. viikktorija says:

    Love seeing shooting stars and believe that my dreams will come true…

  14. AstroTracy (@dancingpilot) says:

    I love space because every time you look up at a sky full of stars, it’s a reminder of how small you truly are. It puts your “problems” into perspective and makes you appreciate every minute of your existence <3

  15. Denise says:

    I love the other worldly, vast, wonderous, mystery of space

  16. juliamcpherson says:

    I’ve been fascinated with outer space since I was a child. On Sunday mornings I would wake up early with my dad and we’d watch Nova featuring Carl Sagan. Sagan taught me how large, wonderful and mysterious the universe really is and expanded my world view. I’m passing my love for space on to my twin daughters with similar rituals. These skirts are amazing and bring the beauty of the universe a little bit closer to us.

  17. megansteward says:

    Space is one of the most endless mysteries, it seems us humans are learning more about space every day, and thats why i love it.

  18. ohhaikendruh says:

    The most astonishing thing about space to me is the vast distances involved. But, overall, the mystery is the most thing I favored! You’re never completely sure what you’ll find. Not to mention, they discover new and amazing things every now and then and when you realize all these wonderful things, it makes you feel like you are a part of something extremely amazing. The beauty is also a nice perk (All the cosmos). If you like space you should check out the series “The Universe” on the history channel. Hours of amazement at the cosmos.

  19. marty 1989 says:

    i love it’s misterious nature!

  20. sardinella says:

    I love that there is no firm boundary where space begins…

  21. laughatthesky says:

    I love that space is a view into the past. Everything we see has already happened, an incalculable number of years ago. It helps put things in perspective in regards to time and our individual journeys.

  22. justj says:

    I love that the moon is only a spaceflight away.

  23. I love that there is no firm boundary where space begins

  24. Exitmuzic says:

    I love night and stars, I always felt atracted to them, my name is the name of a star “adhara” and i love looking to the sky and try to find it

  25. librarylady says:

    I’ve been drooling over these skirts for months now! These images are amazing, they make me feel small and isolated, but connected to a greater universe…all at the same time.

  26. Sadiegirl says:

    the stars remind us that all things are possible!!

  27. KobaK says:

    Feeling infinitely small, yet simultaneously expansive in my interconnection to such vastness. When I leave the city and can see the stars, space is a great escape…and it has inspired some amazing fashion, art, and music!

  28. crowderpea82 says:

    I love the perspective I get when I think about space, and I love how beautiful it is!

  29. Hellocarm (@socialbat) says:

    I like wormholes and aliens.

  30. EmpressEAF says:

    I’ve been a fan of Shadowplay for a while – I love the idea of taking something so unique and transforming it into something even more magical. The stars are so hard to comprehend as large balls of gases – I know it intellectually but they look so mysterious and magical, that it fuels my imagination.

  31. annstover says:

    I love the fact that we(humans) are made of the same matter that makes up the cosmos! Either makes you feel really big or really small.

  32. jmp says:

    in space, no one can make fun of your fashion sense.

  33. deep_plurrple says:

    I subscribed to your emailing list and hope I get a chance to win this fantastical skirt. I love the design because as you look into outter space, the design reminds us all that we are as infinite as our galaxy!

  34. shuzluva (@shuzluva) says:

    I’ve always been fascinated by how vast and beautiful space is…and how much there is that we know nothing about! My kids and I love looking for constellations, planets, and even searching for the ISS when it passes in orbit. This would really make my twins jealous…but I’d share it with them!

  35. Annabee says:

    I love the universe because it is infinite, & full of wonder & possibilities.

  36. Brittmarie says:

    I love how it reminds me that I am a very small part of a very great, gorgeous universe!

  37. madison22 says:

    I love looking at the night sky and knowing that what I’m looking at is billions of years old. It’s beautiful and fascinating.

  38. boldaslove says:

    The universe holds so many mysteries… so intriguing.

  39. roxanneb_09 says:

    I love stargazing!

  40. sarahpet says:

    Love this skirts! So cute and fun!

  41. toridee says:

    I love the promise of exploration and the thrill that so much of space is unknown. It’s a big and beautiful universe out there!

  42. kosame06 (@@kosame06) says:

    For tens of thousands of years, we have been looking up to the heavens. The views have always inspired humanity, and continue to do so. I hope we never lose that, and I hope we continue on our path of exploration. For ” We Are The Explorers.”

  43. kirsten527 says:

    What I love most about outer space is that it’s infinite and seemingly has no boundaries. It’s a reminder to make wishes and dream big. :)

  44. kristikirby81 says:

    I love that space is mysterious-that there’s so much we don’t understand.

  45. Amyth says:

    What I like the most about outer space is the fact that there is so much out there and so much to learn and explore!

  46. Quazixie says:

    The idea that Earth was merely an experiment, and that there are other planets out in space living up to their level of intelligence…

  47. aperfectpixel says:

    I like to remind myself often that we are all just floating in space, a vast unknown place that we hardly know anything about. I just had a 60″ X 86″ poster of space printed for my living room, I LOVE SPACE! And I love clothes that are made in the USA. Awesome website!

  48. alexpat says:

    What I love about space is the mystery! We have lived on this planet for thousands upon thousands of years looking into the sky and we claim to be “advanced”, but the stars and the universe still stumps us! I love the questions. I love that we simply do not know that much about the universe. Yes, we know how stars form. We know how galaxies form. Where did it come from though? Where did the universe come from? I love that space has been relatively untouched by the coldness of science — I love that there is still mystery in the world. I love that space will most likely be the one of area that isn’t spoiled by humans. Most importantly, I love the feeling of protection and warmth that looking into the twinkling stars provides on a late night. The knowledge that not everything needs a purpose besides existence. I like thinking about how my ancestors and everyone else in this world can be connected by looking into space. It is an amazement and wonder that connects us all!

  49. MJaramio says:

    I love how every time I look up into the night sky I am filled with wonderful amazement at what is and what could be.

  50. Bakiryu says:

    My favorite thing about outer space is how varied it is and how most of it is invisible to the naked eye. By studying space we can find so much about us and our origins and maybe even one day, we may meet other people from different planets! :)

  51. dreamer says:

    What I love most about outer space?

    I… I love the mystery of it. The vastness, the yet unexplored galaxies, the shooting stars, the Sun, the Moon, the dark matter, even the black holes.

  52. greencake says:

    Astronomy enables us to know greater things about the Universe than we can conceive of ourselves. Better than fairy tales we can imagine. More complex, more extensive, and much, much more vastly knowable. So incredibly vast.. that knowing it all just don’t real.

  53. maggiemayfeathers says:

    what i love most about space is that we are galactic in nature. we are stardust. the most beautiful thing about outer
    space is that it is inside of us all as well.

  54. saraf says:

    I love the beauty of the night sky!

  55. magicalacy says:

    What do I love most about Outer Space? ALIENS! Lol, just kidding. I love gazing at the stars and identifying constellations. Our planet is so big and beautiful, so the stars, sun, and moon just make this beautiful planet shine even more!!!

  56. megmarie says:

    I love space because it’s unknown. It’s full of so many things we can’t understand, but it leaves room for everyone to stare up there and make their own possibilities. It’s unconquered, still incredibly undiscovered, and absolutely gorgeous.

  57. gelarouche says:

    I just simply love to be lost through the sky and the stars!

  58. tsukominako13 (@tsukominako13) says:

    What I love the most about the Universe is the beauty of its immensity, the awkwardness of its crazy galaxy designs. Everything we know about the Universe is yet to be discovered. This is what makes it so intriguing and disturbing. By looking at the the stars for example nobody can resist but admire its hypnotizing brightness. In a night of clear sky, I can stare at it, wondering so many things, yet the answers never came, but the uncertainty of what the magnificent Universe is remains. I love the perfect balance of its components, the perfect mixes of colors, like a painter design, like if an architect has had meticulously place every component.

  59. Molina Meow (@@TaylorRainbow) says:

    The sky is not the limit when we’ve set foot on the moon. That’s us in outer space, limitless.

  60. Satellite (@Satellitemindz) says:

    It’s beauty is limitless and reminds me that there is so much above us, and beyond ourselves.

  61. kensmi00 says:

    “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the the universe.”

  62. lovegoodideas says:

    The best part of space is how many combinations and possibilities that are out there. There are SO MANY stars, planets and galaxies, its practically infinite the amount of different views and pictures that can be taken from it.

  63. blayne says:

    I love to look up at the stars.

  64. lizzysheiknock says:

    Space is home to the unknown, the beautiful. In space there are infinite possibilities of other worlds and life which is astonishing and encouraging. To wear a skirt that embodies the notion of this would be an honor.

  65. tattarrattat says:

    The mystery

  66. sillyone says:

    When I look at the stars it reminds me of how small we all are in the vastness of everything. It’s like staring into a big mystery!

  67. briverwood says:

    Using this design on clothing is a great idea. The whole company is a great idea. We need more things in our daily lives that remind us where we are and our place in the universe.

  68. bdueker says:

    It’s scary and amazing and there is so much potential out there: potential for technological advancement, potential for discovery, potential for life, potential for inspiration.

  69. alexhalenda says:

    Outer space is one HOT date.

  70. ashsu says:

    I love the imagery and the poetry that it inspires.
    Nebula, stardust, moondust.

  71. jenefur says:

    I love that we all are made up of star matter <3

  72. zarine says:

    I tend to agree w/ others, that the best thing about space is how incredibly vast it is and how seemingly full of infinite possibilities!

  73. kaykay38 says:

    I love space because it is so vast and so much is still yet to be discovered!

  74. selkiekin says:

    I love the mystery of space… what’s out there? WHO’s out there? And can I go?

  75. aQuick (@AQuickTwit) says:

    I love the beauty and the mystery. No matter what is happening in my little spec of the universe I am connected to things far larger than my planet or galaxy…or facebook page.

  76. DFAMBLE says:

    The name of my child care business is ” Under The Stars ” because I want every child to reach for the stars !

  77. gryphoness (@gryphoness) says:

    I love space because it is our destiny! What more do you need?

  78. dmac says:

    I love how beautiful outer space is. i love gazing at the stars and the constellations. and i would love to have a skirt like this that would remind me of the universe every time i look at it.

  79. Mecrjcr says:

    I just love all the pretty colors in the vastness of space.

  80. jkuroiwa says:

    The best thing about space is all that it inspires.

  81. SuzVanG says:

    I love the possibilities of space, and all we will never know.

  82. annaol says:

    The infinity and beauty, that makes you dream and wonder :)

  83. nanamama says:

    we are all made of the same thing…

  84. sugarfoot says:

    outer space .. encorporates the vast unknown. it represents dreams, fantasy, and anything imaginable. it represents the gods and creation .. to wear a ‘piece’ of it would encompass the wealth of energy it represents.. it would only prove to enlighten and energize anyone in it’s forcefield .. <3

  85. Arichanz0rs (@Invisipop) says:

    The sheer infinite mystery of it. It’s everything we don’t understand and it proves us wrong over and over again. It’s dreamy and pretty and scary and just perpetually complex. I really do like space. It’s a shame we don’t go out there anymore.

  86. lorriebob says:

    I love that the universe creates life.

  87. lugubriouslycop (@@favabean) says:

    outer space is humbling and mystifying. it is at once enigma and our answer. it is the kick that humans need to regularly remind ourselves that we are but one teeny, tiny spec. there is so much more than us.

  88. courtybee says:

    I love that the universe is infinite and always expanding, so we are always discovering new and exciting things about it!

  89. silverstar says:

    I love the vast beauty of the universe. There is simply so much more out there than we will ever know in our lifetime and I spend hours a day dreaming about what wonders it holds. There must be millions of Earth-like planets out there in galaxies other than our own. The shimmering blues and purples, fiery reds and oranges, mysterious inky darkness and bright shimmering stars and planets…how can they not invoke a deep array of emotions?

  90. imanne says:

    I teach environmental education at a nature center. What I love most about space is the awestruck look I see in a child’s eye when they see a shooting star for the first time. There are so many things about space that I love, but this look never fails to give me chills.

  91. TeriD says:

    Space is amazing!

  92. Kim says:

    I love the endless, beginning-less, glorious expansiveness, infinite mystery of the universe. I tremble when I look at the stars.

  93. ecrutage says:

    The sky’s the limit!

  94. vampomatic says:

    I love space because looking up at the night sky makes me realize how small we are, and yet makes me feel like life — brief as it is — has so many possibilities.

  95. LeeEtta says:

    Finally, a skirt as unique as I am!

  96. ashleygv says:

    I love it when I’m far from the city lights and can spend the night out on a deck enjoying the changing stars. Even better with a telescope! So much you can’t see with your own eyes.

  97. bekochan says:

    There is too much to love about space. There are so many things that we have to discover. Whether it is more history of our origins or mind boggling physics that no one has even fathomed before. It is the most endless frontier that will give us drive to keep learning and growing.

  98. ALorenaE says:

    What I love about space is the infinite possibilities for imagination it provides. There are no limits to the creatures you can dream up that inhabit other places, the strange environments that could be out there that we could never survive in and the beings that live there, and the romance of exploration that we have been short on since we stopped sailing.

    I also love the following quotation and its source, along with the shuttle launches, propelled me into this fantasy world as a small child:

    “Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.”

  99. Jamillah (@made2travel) says:

    I love that it is a magical place that people actually have been to and they are tweeting to prove it. Go space!

  100. Parker.laurenb says:

    I live that, even with new discoveries daily, there is still so much we don’t know about space. It continues to inspire my students daily!

  101. yasminamber says:

    Everything I see in the sky at night, I’ve seen everyday since I was born. The universe, despite how changeable it sounds, throughout our lives remains a constant. Unlike so much of our lives, we can always look up at the night sky and know it will be there, unchanged <3

  102. juni0078 says:

    I love the outer space because it reminds us that we are so small in this universe; yet our imagination has no limits. When I look at the stars, I feel that I have a life of limitless possibilities. It also doesn’t hurt to wish upon a shooting star or two!

  103. micha ela says:

    What I love most about outer space? Right now I love most about outer space, that without the outer space the inner space will not exist and I would not have the chance to win this super cool skirt with outer space print.

  104. g.moon says:

    The unknown is intriguing. The universe is the prime example of the measurement of infinity. It puts me in check and makes me feel so small.

  105. jeneile says:

    constellations! and aliens!

  106. Kenntron (@@kennetharthur) says:

    I love that the human race presently on Earth is like a dolphin in the ocean. *thumbs up*

  107. dankeshayne says:

    Infinitely vast, endlessly beautiful. <3

  108. Jennifer B says:

    I love the endless possibilities of outer space <3

  109. megabyte26 says:

    I love how unique these skirts are :) they’re totally going to become a new trend!!

  110. CatherineAdele says:

    I love that there is always something new and amazing and unbelievable discovered about the universe all the time!

  111. mazbosa says:

    i love everything about universe, the connection between all beings that live in it. it’s my all-time inspiration! love, love, love! :)

  112. SuzinRVA says:

    Love ! The skirt is amazing!

  113. akromm says:

    I love laying in the backyard with my 3 year old and 5 year old identifying (and making up) constellations, wishing on shooting stars, and making sweet memories.

  114. kali57 says:

    I love that we are all made of stars — that the carbon on earth comes from outer space and that space lives in our bodies as we are born, grow, age, die, and decay.

  115. martinazq says:

    I’m a huge fan of ‘The big bang theory’! I’have to get this skirt! AAA! :D

  116. katrin says:

    awesome! what i love most is the randomness in patterns!!!

  117. justsayjuli says:

    I love that it puts it my silly little life and its silly little problems in perspective.

  118. JennyStyma (@JennyStyma) says:

    The thing I love most about outer space is that it’s the final frontier, baby! The place where humans and stars collide!

  119. Lilsie says:

    Because it’s my home and I love living here :)

  120. jooliedi says:

    Absolutely awesome.

  121. niajihan says:

    I love the vastness of outer space and all the possibilities therein.

  122. Cherokeesita (@Cherokeesita) says:

    I like that technically, we are looking at the past when we look at the stars – the light we see was emitted so many years ago! I also loved seeing the night sky when I was camping in Nevada a few years ago – truly awe inspiring

  123. Emkhaybee says:

    How rthe ancients understood it in such depth without the fancy schmancy technology we have today.

  124. raygunrobyn says:

    The thing I love most about space is that when all the Mars colonies went tits up, I was able to slingshot my spaceship around Earth and travel back in time to your present. I like it here!

  125. cheshirekat says:

    Feeling so small and knowing there is so much out there to discover!

  126. screechowls says:

    I love that space is unattainable, but the skirt is not. with this skirt .I can have the stars at my fingertips..

  127. SFlynn says:

    The Universe is an amazing place to share with people, it is fascinating!

  128. cici says:

    the idea is great !!!

  129. mjs1076 says:

    Encoded into the universe are the rules by which everything is structured.

  130. lestersn says:

    I love the beauty and the mystery.

  131. jenni_froedrick says:

    Space,” it says, “is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mindbogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the road to the chemist’s, but that’s just peanuts to space, listen…”

    ~hhgttg says it ALL.

  132. kristabeth24 says:

    I love space because it is endless and the possibilities are limitless.

  133. joemack962 says:

    I like the elbow room. Plus, my lady will look totally hot at the next convention!

  134. keridwyn (@@keridwyn) says:

    I love how much it sparkles!

  135. sole says:

    I LOVE space because it is who we are. we are made up of the exact same substances as the stars and planets!!
    Be humble for you are made of Earth. Be noble for you are made of Stars. AUM

  136. vtjem says:

    The Universe is amazing and I’d love to wear it!

  137. executivehippie says:

    I love looking up and feeling tiny tiny tiny

  138. MsSatisFAXON says:

    I love the brilliant colors or nature – – in and outer space! Great idea!

  139. ZoeCamilaMorgan says:

    We are a tiny spider trapped in a web that is the universe. I love the contracting and expanding of raw energy that surrounds us. I hope we discover more about its mysterious beauty and it’ relativity to time and space.

  140. cmkolker says:

    I love everything about it…I live in Roswell and enjoy meeting the aliens from there ;)

  141. SPACECADET says:

    I love space because it is gorgeous

  142. M de los Reyes says:

    One night I lay in the backyard, the grass scratching my bare legs as I looked up at the sky, watching the stars blink out from behind the wisps of clouds at night.

    And then it hit me: The Earth was rotating and revolving around the Sun, which was revolving around the center of the galaxy, which was moving away from every other galaxy, and it all added up so that even though I was lying perfectly still in the grass, I was actually whizzing through the universe at a million miles per hour.

  143. Lizbethkemp says:

    I love that the moon is made of cheese, I mean who doesn’t love cheese?

    (this skirt is beautiful, what an awesome idea)

  144. mayarenee says:

    My favourite thing about space is the infinite beauty and wonder that learning about it/seeing images of it always fills me with.

  145. debbie hardy says:


  146. jedimady says:

    One of my favorite things is the fact that we are made up of elements that were created at the core of a dying star. That fact just is incredible! We literally are made of stars, they are the reason we exist and the seemingly impossibility of it all (that we are so tiny and stars so immense) makes it that more amazing. “Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars.”

  147. mmarks says:

    I love the stars and I love living out west now, where sometimes the sky is pitch black so the entire the night sky is twinkling. Backpacking and star gazing: two activities that mean the world to me, and thankfully, go well together. Star gazing is one of my favorite things to do – finding satellites and watching shooting stars. I grew up with my Dad getting the whole family up in the middle of the night during a meteor shower, and my best friend and I would lay out on her deck for hours looking for shooting stars and asking each other if we saw that, because if we both didn’t see it, we couldn’t be sure it was real.

  148. Ominsnievi92 says:

    Outer space is vast. The Sun supports life. And that itself is mindblowing.

  149. lotus_eyed_1 says:

    “Recognize that the very molecules that make up your body, the atoms that construct the molecules, are traceable to the crucibles that were once the centers of high mass stars that exploded their chemically rich guts into the galaxy, enriching pristine gas clouds with the chemistry of life. So that we are all connected to each other biologically, to the earth chemically and to the rest of the universe atomically. That’s kinda cool! That makes me smile and I actually feel quite large at the end of that. It’s not that we are better than the universe, we are part of the universe. We are in the universe and the universe is in us.”
    ― Neil deGrasse Tyson

  150. shellketty says:

    i love the moon controlling the tides & the general lack of gravity!

  151. opheliaquixote says:

    David Bowie. He is obviously from Outer Space and he is the King of Awesome.

  152. Alicia_Staples says:

    I love space because it challenges my ability to comprehend my place, our place, this place.

  153. lildedgrl says:

    I’ve always been fascinated with the mysteries of space. I’m still waiting for the Doctor to pick me up in the TARDIS so I can explore those mysteries.

  154. bdl71 says:

    The possibilities. “It’s not that we are better than the universe, we are part of the universe. We are in the universe and the universe is in us” – Neil deGrasse Tyson

  155. stardancer says:

    The universe is a vast place full of possibility and mystery. Just like the soul:)

  156. tcb_cb says:

    Love the skirts! Hope to wear one while looking at the constellations of the summer night sky. :)

  157. loorah84 says:

    “We are stardust…We are golden…and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden”. Who wouldn’t want to twirl the stars around their hips, vibrant and humble, in an open field under the big sky!

  158. lissettcc says:

    I love how the depths of the universe are boundless. Proves that some kind of magic is out there….

  159. itzy andrade says:

    The universe is a the unlimited dark place full of lights. It is more than a dark place its a place with tiny lights that we look up as hope.
    P.S. the skirt is mega great looking :D

  160. xJennJen says:

    I like space because it never stop amazing us! Also, every time you look up at the sky you can’t help but feel how tiny we really are; just a speck in this immense universe.

  161. fieyr2002 says:

    My favorite thing about space is that it stretches the bounds of our earthly perceptions of size, distances, and scale to the absolute limit. We spend inordinate amounts of time focused on the day to day; our jobs, what we’re going to eat for lunch, what’s on TV. However, it’s because our fates are so intertwined with these relatively mundane concerns, that when we look up at the night sky, we find it all but impossible not to be awestruck by the granduer, vastness, and boundlessness of space. Just by looking up, the night sky has the ability to melt away all the trivialities of our meager existences and replace them with an incredibly humbling sense of persepctive regarding our place in the universe as well as a profound gratefulness that we are intelligent enough to appreciate its beauty.

  162. kcante245 says:

    This would def. match my wallpaper screen! :)

  163. sunnymay says:

    I enjoy making wishes on shooting stars and remember a night filled with them while on a sledding class field trip from sixth grade. We had hot chocolate and claimed which falling star was our own.

  164. gaye m says:

    Sometimes I like to relax and skygaze and just enjoy the beauty of space, but I’m fascinating by the infinity of it and the fact that we’re just a speck in the universe.

  165. diannab (@diannabdesigns) says:

    I love so many things about Space, but ultimately, it’s the infinite possibilities, awe-inspiring beauty and wonder it holds. It’s the question and it’s the answer.

  166. superdumb (@superdumb) says:

    The vastness of space reminds us of endless possibility. Love that.

  167. tdsollog (@@SaintSalvage) says:

    Space is infinitely cool (pardon the pun). It’s always evolving and thought provoking. We use it for orientation, inspiration and entertainment. It entertained me as a child… staring into space and pondering the constellations. It also is quite humbling…. imagining the great beyond, and our tiny places in it.

  168. KiraSamaDaisuki says:

    Stargazing just takes my breath away. It reminds me how small we really are and helps to put things in perspective.

  169. EveT says:

    It allows the imagination to expand beyond that which we know.

  170. pjpjpj says:

    …to boldly go where no designer has gone before!!! (And I would look great in this skirt!!)

  171. AlexisV says:

    What isn’t to love about space? It’s our mythology, above us every night.

  172. aubs38 says:

    across the universe – in wearable form.

  173. jorjah-b says:

    i love that it’s one of the greatest mysteries with unreachable potential of exploration and that i am not out there lost in it, but anchored or tethered her to earth with my family and friends where i can look into space and enjoy it all i want. i love that it holds the stars that twinkle down on me on a clear night.

  174. amanda alvarado says:

    I love the vastness of space and not knowing what is out there making it mysterious as well!

  175. janis says:

    People have been looking up into the night sky since there have been people. Loss of the belief in legends has been a good thing because the legends were dead ends. OK, this god does something or other. Instead, with modern science we learn more and more faster and faster. But knowing more does not take away the mystery. We are as deeply moved by the night skies than people ever were.

  176. anonomie says:

    the close and far at once

  177. spiralshannon says:

    I’m inspired by the utter vastness of space, and the amazing variety and beauty of nebulae that we’ve been able to capture via telescope over all of those light years.

  178. kyra mairead says:

    The coolest part about it is you don’t know what we will discover next!

  179. kwil79 says:

    The stars are pretty!

  180. meghansebold (@afiameghan) says:

    who doesn’t love space?

  181. aktie9 (@worceatsveg) says:

    It makes you feel so small, makes politics and petty arguments seem so trivial, that there are more important things out there. Space puts things into perspective.

  182. Danger Bunnie says:

    The Universe is infinitely vast. We are all made of Stardust. To be interconnected with such an endless source of wonder makes my Spirit sing.

    To wear such a bearutiful reminder of this connection will be pure bliss!

  183. dahlbek1 (@kd_visualartist) says:

    I love looking at the constellations, but since I’m near the city and the airport I can’t see them as well as I use too. I love how much color can be expressed in space too with nebulas and such.

    This makes the nights when I’m out in the middle of no where a wonderful thing!

  184. skat245 says:


  185. deanajo says:

    yay! space rocks.

  186. Robot says:

    Outer Space, the final frontier. What mysteries await us in the void?

  187. vedamsj says:

    I’ve always wanted to travel in space, be a cartographer, but at 58 I don’t know that I will be able to do that, but through beautiful photography and wonderful stories, I have traveled more than most.

  188. luckyh says:

    The sense of wonder one gets in looking at the starry sky!

  189. pia says:

    oh wow, this is so rad.

  190. mrodgers says:

    What I like most about space is the thinking it inspires in people.

  191. hang10honey says:

    My favorite thing about outer space is when Carl Sagan waxes poetic about it.

  192. angelien says:

    enchantment and possibilities… what more? the cosmos are most romantical

  193. anjaclaire says:

    A Higgs boson walks into a church. “We don’t allow Higgs bosons in here!” shouts the priest.
    “But without me, how can you have mass?” asks the particle.

  194. eustacia (@6eustacia) says:

    I love both the beauty and the unknown of outer space!

  195. unicornish says:

    I love space because it has been the driving force for human evolution for thousands of years –a never-ending well of inspiration for poets and scientists.

  196. chelesncheese says:

    This is amazing! I love trying to really wrap my mind around the vastness of space. Is it really infinite? If not, where does it stop and why?

  197. aharvey321 says:

    I love that space is a mystery – so much left to discover

  198. delightfulbutter says:

    I love laying in the grass and staring up; imagining i’m floating, weightless, among the stars.

  199. consciouslydriven (@herroherren) says:

    Space offers an infinite number of wonders for us to ponder, keeping us humans ever so curious.

  200. capaguara says:

    It reminds me Im just a speck of Dust

  201. perandal says:

    because it is the final frontier

  202. lalalaura (@@lauraayalasays) says:

    I just love the largeness of it all!

  203. EmmyHoran64 (@@lilirishitalian) says:

    I love that you don’t know exactly happens out there, it’s beautiful, and I feel safe in it’s dark, sparkling light. If I were an alien I would never feel safe. I just love how different we are, so many people, animals, and plants and sources to love and keep, I absolutley love our universe more than anything, ever.

  204. emmycordner says:

    I love that you never know what goes on out there, because we are so small in this universe. But I also feel safe. I feel safe to have so many people, animals, plants and resources with myself on this planet. I love feeling safe and sound in the dark, sparkly universe we are in. I love everything in it also, it amazes me. The universe fascinates me.

  205. nialler64uk says:

    I love that you never know what goes on out there, because we are so small in this universe. But I also feel safe. I feel safe to have so many people, animals, plants and resources with myself on this planet. I love feeling safe and sound in the dark, sparkly universe we are in. I love everything in it also, it amazes me. The universe fascinates me.

  206. shewolf says:

    ecstatic silence

  207. missmocha says:

    Space is beautiful – endless, boundless unknown, and so fascinating! I love staring out into the skies and wondering if there’s another little creature out there staring back at us.

  208. sassymassey says:

    I love astrology, no matter how you feel about it, you can find some interesting insight!

  209. FairyShannon says:

    The mere thought of outer space and all of it’s expanses make me feel like such an insignificant part of it all, but what would it all be like without me?

  210. BrienneE says:

    All that sparkle and distance represents possibility, and humility. Puts things into perspective of how small we are!

  211. danielle_cayla says:

    Space is beautiful because of how small it makes me feel :)

  212. danielle793 says:

    Since the universe is constantly expanding, there will always be more to learn about it. Not to mention, the thought of alien life is pretty fascinating.

  213. andreajayros (@sovaydesitges) says:

    We ARE in Outer Space:) soooo beautiful!

  214. dirtyweebesom says:

    I love outer space because I can have gravity-defying sex in my spaceship with alien life forms.

  215. yvonnedtm says:

    What I love most about outer space is that it is a continuation of nature, albeit not on this planet. As technology continues to expand, I hope to one day be able to see what it looks like with my own eyes!

  216. DustyGrimm says:

    I love everything about space! Fun facts: It is impossible to get pregnant in space! Also, did you know the cantaloupe is the only fruit that is not affected by space’s zero gravity effects?

  217. tightrope_walker says:

    it has no edge… it’s endless. what will happen as it continues to expand forever and ever? how can it be endless and still have the concept of constant expansion attached to it? space makes my brain hurt.

  218. diagonaleigh says:

    As a child, the infinite nature of space was my biggest fear, keeping me up at night. As an adult, I still find it somewhat terrifying, but also beautiful, mysterious, amazing and embracing.

  219. msspanishteacher says:

    My favorite thing about outer space is that it reminds us how small we are in the grand scheme of things and how wonder-filled life is.

  220. ziniszanzibar says:

    Learning about the infinite amazement of the universe and gazing up into the sky inspires me to be creative and enjoy each moment of my tiny yet awesome human existance!

  221. rmiles says:

    Would love to wear this skirt when I teach a unit on Earth & Space to my fifth graders here in The Bronx. Then again when we take our trip to the Rose Center at the American Museum of Natural History. I’m sure I’d find many ways to rock this skirt; )

  222. LaurenPS says:

    Just thinking about all the infinite possiblities, the beauty, and the mystery of what outer space has to offer puts a smile on my face very time I look up at the sky.

  223. supacoco says:

    i love that it is so unbeleivable vast and full of possibilities.

  224. urzzz (@ursulajar) says:

    stargazing is one of my favorite & fascinating things to do. seriuosly, I love that it keeps humans in check – there is a bigger world beyond our own.

  225. jayne.zar85 says:

    I spent every weekend last semester at the local college planetarium. They would set out large telescopes for students…basically just me to look up into the night sky and beyond our earths atmosphere. Every time i would look to the moon it was a different experience. Sometimes it would be full of wonderful and vibrant colors; blues, pinks, and oranges. On one very special occasion I was witness to the very rare viewing of the lunar x, which can be viewed during a small window of opportunity once every lunar cycle. I would sit there with the director and talk things of space, some of which were easy to comprehend and some of which would send my mind into a whirl wind. There is much we know and understand of space,yet even more we do not know. But what i truly love about looking up into the cosmos is the very fact that 93% of you and I are technically made up of all the same atoms and various molecules in are very solar system. We are essentially the very stars wish upon. I feel very lucky to be part of something so vast and amazing! I hope to know more about the mysteries of the universe we have yet to explore.

  226. kathyology says:

    I love space because it serves as a reminder that we are all part of something so much larger than what our human scope can comprehend. That feeling of being so infinitesimally small compared to the universe that exists beyond is awe-inspiring and indescribable.

  227. spacegaze says:

    The universe rocks! No pun intended.
    It’s a stray wonderment of dreams!

  228. gailann60 says:

    I love the unknown. You can dream of what you believe is there.

  229. spacecat says:

    What I love most about space is the sense of possibility it offers. And how astonishingly beautiful the universe is!

  230. kazvik says:

    I love the vastness of space, from the size of the known universe to the smallness of micrometeories, I’m amazed.

  231. iuli says:

    In outer space…the most amazing voyage!!

  232. gvakos says:

    These skirts are what I love most!

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