Win a Vegan Collina Strada Handbag From KAIGHT (Worth $345!)

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Been more naughty than nice this year? Here’s your chance to do an about-face before ol’ Saint Nick comes a-calling. We’re giving our U.S. readers a chance to score the Sierra drawstring bag by Collina Strada, crafted in cruelty-free style exclusively for NYC eco-boutique KAIGHT. Made in the Big Apple from recycled canvas and pleated faux leather, the moto-inspired carryall will give you that tough-as-nails edge you crave without the guilt—or the need to avoid looking Rudolph in the eye—so enter now to win!


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER. (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winner there.)

2. LEAVE A COMMENT and tell us how you’re greening your holiday gift-giving this year. Although it doesn’t hurt to get fancy, we’ll be picking a winner at random.

Note: This contest is only open only to residents of the United States.

Collina Strada, KAIGHT, eco-fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion, ethical fashion, vegan style, vegan fashion, vegan accessories, vegan bags, eco-friendly bags, sustainable bags
We’ll announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, December 28. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Tuesday, December 27, so ENTER NOW for a chance to win!


Launched in Los Angeles by designer Hillary Taymour, Collina Strada is a true combination of vintage and modern style, created to seamlessly translate from season to season. Uniqueness is hard to find and Collina Strada fills that void by providing fun loving, curious, and bold women with bags that break free from the rest. The label also keeps sustainability in mind by hand-making each piece in New York City with eco-conscious materials.


KAIGHT is a carefully edited boutique in New York City that stocks clothing and accessories that push the boundaries of fashion in an environmentally conscious and ethical way.

+ Collina Strada


Originally published on Dec. 15, 2011

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100 Responses to “Win a Vegan Collina Strada Handbag From KAIGHT (Worth $345!)”

  1. LifesaBeech (@lifesabeech) says:

    I am “greening up my gift giving this season by upcycling some old ties into glasses cases (idea from your site) and making some “snake” draft catchers.

  2. Alicia (@laalicia) says:

    That bag is gorgeous! This year I am using all reusable packaging for gift giving! :)

  3. andreamacias says:

    I am up-cycling old jewelry and making new items for my sisters and friends. Laptop cases made out of old knitted quilts (get 3 cases per blanket). For the boys, I will be making them wallets made out of coffee bags and a scarf made out old wool sweaters.

    Oh! For the kitties, I’m using an old tree skirt and making them cat nip toys.

    I love giving green!

  4. campbell5 says:

    Part of my go green efforts for Christmas are by making homemade gifts and goodies for my family. There is just something special about homemade gifts. Knowing you made something with your own hands and not some random machine that pumps out millions of the same thing is just awesome!

  5. tinatre says:

    Well,I sometimes save the prettiest gift bags from last year and reuse them the next Christmas. The trick is not giving it to the same person or ppl who know that person. a bit tricky but it works.

  6. doogiko says:

    This bag looks so wild and at the same time cool! I love it.

  7. leslieannp says:

    I re-purpose old wool sweaters from the Goodwill and make scarves,gloves,cup holders and many many other useful items to give as gifts!I wrap all my gifts in recycled brown paper and use twine and outdoor sprigs of green to dress it up!

  8. cristy says:

    Beautiful, beautiful purse! I’m giving locally-produced honey and sticking to local independent stores for other gifts.

  9. SeanaS84 says:

    For the most part, I’m not really doing much for the holidays, but for the gift-giving I am doing, I’m giving second-hand gifts and organic treats. There are so many items in great condition that could continue to be used by others instead of going to the landfill (and instead of producing new items). I also really enjoy sharing food with those I care about and baking with that little extra ingredient you can’t buy in stores – love.

  10. gr8tfuldayz says:

    This bag is amazing!! We’re greening our holiday a couple of ways.

    #1 – no gift giving. We NEED nothing more. That doesn’t mean I don’t WANT this bag, though haha.

    #2 – all the plastic take-out containers I’ve been saving will be filled with home cooked means and delivered to the homeless folks in our neighborhood. <3

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  11. Hairvamp says:

    Your site has encourged me to make gifts this year.The black board clock for my daughter who is learning to tell time.

  12. mestreeter says:

    This bag is so amazing! I am greening my holidays this year by handmaking all my gifts, and I always wrap them using brown bags and ribbon that Ive saved from other gifts!

  13. castlefashion (@Castle_Fashion) says:

    I’m going to mail out presents using gift wrapping that I received my presents in. It might look a bit messy but it’s cheaper and more ecofriendly than buying new gift wrap :D

    Thank you so much for hosting this! I hope I win!


  14. viharsheth says:

    We’re limiting gift wrapping and reusing gift bags that we save from season to season. We are sending eco-friendly holiday cards (couldn’t commit to going fully digital just yet) that are made with 100% recycled paper and eco-friendly ink. Plus, we’re vegetarian every day of the year, which is greener than all of these other things combined times a million! This would be a great gift for my wife!

  15. kammi says:

    I would get it for my friend for xmas.

  16. bridalletter (@bridalletter) says:

    Green xmas. Made my christmas cards, made gifts including deer jerky and cookies. I made note cards and gift tag sets. Hand rolled bees wax candles and decorated with designer papers, ribbon andsnow flake acents. Made coasters with changable images in the center to coordinate seasons and holidays. I used less wrapping paper, placed items in reusable containers.

  17. designlil says:

    I am buying local from artisans that make elegant eco items. I feel that it is always better to give something small, well made and gorgeous than try to spurge on something huge that may not be well-received. I love sharing creative items that are made with love from surprising materials, like recycled metals hand forged into a beautiful ring. Happy holidays!

  18. clairebird says:

    I green-up the holiday season by reusing packaging from the stores give you whn you buy things as the wrapping for the present. I also reuse tissue paper as many times as I can.

  19. smonty says:

    Browm kraft paper bags that I save throughout the year for wrapping + yarn scraps/fancy friendship bracelets instead of ribbon and gifts are all hand knit.

  20. ljupkab says:

    Green = sustainable = local:
    This year I will “hand make” my favorite cookies from all local ingredients. These will be gifts for my in-laws a cousins!
    So proud of myself this year!!

  21. cassandraleopold says:

    Green Holidays=Taking public transportation to all the best local businesses in town. Supporting in town designers who deconstruct recycled or found materials and create new jewelry or clothing. I make sure my friends and family have lasting gifts that look great and are eco-fabulous!

  22. bldymvkaltlvr says:

    I’m not going to wrap my presents that’s how green I’m going!

  23. Veganza says:

    Im dreaming of a Grreeeeen Christmas! Shopping at locally owned stores. Using newspaper as wrapping paper. Re-gifting items fit for others.

  24. ginger says:

    i am in love with that bag!…the biggest way my family makes the holidays greener, is by redusing waste….one way is by reusing gift wrap, bows, and boxes, that have been carefully saved through the years (and using green alternitives when needed)…this year we have a live Christmas tree and used LED lights =)

  25. LawMom says:

    I purchased several items from antique stores. Recycling AND buying local!

  26. jperalta says:


  27. rcmath says:

    My family reuses the same gift bags and tissue paper every year. For gifts, I’m giving several gifts from a vintage home goods store, and the rest are locally-made.

  28. Cloud says:

    I’m crocheting items with hemp twine and bamboo yarn for my family this year. For wrapping the gifts I’m turning potato chip and cookie bags inside out. Once cleaned they have a beautiful shine!

  29. organic1 says:

    make wreaths and garlands from fabric and clothing that has stains or tears and cannot be donated. A great way to upcycle.

  30. brienne says:

    I’m greening this year, by buying locally made gifts. I haven’t set foot in a mall, which I’m happy about. I also, promised myself I’d meet the people that made the gifts, and thank them for their talents. It may not be “green” to do that, but I’d say it’s…an effort in sustaining their efforts. Sustainability, is cool. So I’ve been to a lot of art fairs, etc.

    I also, work at a design firm. And I’m using our old floor plans for wrapping paper, one more use before they’re recycled!

  31. stephaniejlee says:

    That bag is GORGEOUS! I would love to add this to my list of green gifts for the year. I’ve been hand-making a lot of gifts, knitting scarves from organic wools, and upcycling old clothes to make quilts, bags, and jewelry. I would LOVE to have one thing that I could simply wrap up and give… or keep for myself as a birthday present (my golden birthday is the day after Christmas!)

  32. Im asking them what they want instead of just guessing and then it ended up being a wasted product that never gets used. LOVEEEE this bag!!

  33. DDKBerlin says:

    I’m knitting all my holiday gifts from organic and recycled yarns and fibers.

  34. kristiex36 says:

    I’m greening this years christmas by making homemade gifts, baking organic holiday treats, and wrapping in old newspaper!

  35. hungry_for_light (@mmariebarnhart) says:

    I have my Christmas decorations on a timer to conserve electricity and I recycle gift wrap and bags as a means to produce less waste!

  36. Clee8 says:

    I’m Going For more Eco friendly toys for my daughter and reusing gift bags and Eco friendly wrapping paper

  37. fran says:

    i am using old magazines as wrapping paper and using old polaroids as name tags ;)

  38. talik says:

    I am buying all my gifts from small, local businesses and I am recycling wrapping paper and DIYing from things I already have when possible…and emailing all xmas cards to reduce paper usage!

  39. ecoenthusiast (@ecoenthusiast) says:

    Instead of giving a material object, this year I’m giving them an experience such as a class, event tickets, a charitable donation or a membership. Also, I’m sending out an e-card instead of a physical card. I donated all my old gift wrap and ribbons to a children’s shelter.

  40. lizzie says:

    I use stamped brown paper, cereal ´box to wrap my christmas presents, light bulbs to make snowman and hang on the xmas tree and sea shells as name tags and just let my imagination work. It is like a muscle more you train more you get.

  41. gabbylgm says:

    Even though it was an electric golf cart, and our main means of transportation for ourselves and guests, we are recycling the cart and going with only biking or walking. YAY!! Very exciting, and turns out we actually passing golf carts on our bikes. Feeling great about our decision and our health!!

  42. studioamelia says:

    Me and My son made all of our own christmas decorations out of either recycled magazines (snow flakes) pop corn (biodegradable) and Cranberries (also Biodegradable) our house looks very festive and we will have very little waste. We also are giving each other gifts of seed balls to plant around the neighborhood in open lots to add seed diversity to our neighborhood.

  43. laughinggirl says:

    w/o green backs ($$) i am sending the ultimate clean green gift-
    lots of love and well wishes. if i can take something i have and turn it into a fabulous gift or dish – that goes along with it.

  44. smilingcrow says:

    Greening it up by toning it down. Hugs ‘n’ homemade cards, not loadsa gifts =)

  45. Nicilo says:

    I am making little underwater worlds with gorgeous waterplants in jars, inspired by your terrarium christmas ornaments. :)

  46. kittielover says:

    Greening up the holidays:

    Reusing holiday paper, gift bags, bows, etc
    Sending e-holiday cards rather than paper
    Giving gifts that are packaged from recycled paper and \ or can be recycled
    Making sure any gift cards I give can be reloaded, rather than tossed in the trash

  47. investor says:

    We greened up the holiday by reusing holiday paper, holiday gift bags, & all of that, we sent e-holiday cards, as well as holiday e-gift cards, & we gave eco-friendly gifts {hopefully we will receive the same}

    PS – my wife would LOVE this bag!

  48. n2kaja says:

    I am giving Kiva gift cards from, all is done by email. It’s a gift that keeps on giving helping those in need to help themselves.

  49. bbb says:

    buy less, buy local and buy green when ever I can. BYW- that is a very cool bag!

  50. cockamamie (@cockamamiejewel) says:

    Nice bag. I want it. I am being green by only giving jewelry I’ve made myself of antique and vintage found items (which I also sell and wrapping gifts in newspaper.

  51. Susiefoo says:

    I am greening up my holidays by using brown paper bags and magazines for wrapping paper. Super cute and pretty green!

  52. greenigirl says:

    We will stay home for the holidays this year. We made ornaments from wine corks and will reuse gift bags for all our wrapping.

  53. Aimee1118 says:

    I haven’t bought wrapping paper in years. I reuse large pieces – a cool iron takes the wrinkles right out of wrapping paper and tissue paper. I also save pretty holiday cards and cut them up the next year for gift tags.

  54. tarynanderson (@TarynAndersonn) says:

    I’m greening my Christmas this year by using recycled and handmade wrapping paper and using less so it does not end up getting wasted! I am also hand-making some gifts for family and friends! (:

  55. Peeseeg says:

    I am only using the gift bags and tissue paper I saved from last year.

  56. flutterzby says:

    This yeah I am scaling back on gift giving and making everything, including cards, home made!

  57. dbowman says:

    I’m greening my holiday gift-giving this year by hand decorating paper grocery store bags and using them as wrapping paper that can be recycled after Christmas.

  58. butterflittle says:

    My kids and I are making gifts for family members. Less packaging, happy memories. :)

  59. buddtownbrew says:

    Love greening the holidays!

    Our tree this year is one that wasn’t cut down and we will be planting after the holidays.

    For gifts, I made soaps made out of spent ground coffee beans, spent grain from my fiance’s beer brewing, and hops that we grow on our farm.

  60. RhiTodd says:

    This year, most of the gifts I’m giving came from and, and I made jewelry out of old guitar parts and records. I also use 100% recycled paper to wrap.

  61. KEG says:

    As many others have, we’ve cut down on gift giving in order to be able to spend more time together instead of stressing over shopping and to focus on giving gifts that will truly be loved. For the gifts we are buying, we shop at local stores, give food from local farmers and buy items from artists. I always recycle gift bags and ribbons or use reusable shopping bags as “wrapping.” (And I’m working on getting all of my family to do the same!)

  62. GetSkinnyGoVegan says:

    Regifting and buying green gifts like BPA free and forever usable stainless steel coffee filter and brew system, pure hydration thermoses for hot and cold stuffs, tiffins and hemp clothes.

  63. PollyJeanW says:

    Cute bag! I’m giving locally made and gently used gifts to my family this year.

  64. alexandra says:

    gorgeous bag! I’m using compostable cutlery, plates and glasses for a dinnerparty we’re hosting on christmas eve for around 30 people (yeah, that’s right!) since we decided we couldn’t handle the dishwashing after the hearty eating.

  65. SuS says:

    I’m giving used books, homemade treats, and regifting some unneeded/unwanted items.

  66. leapyrbb says:

    All the gifts I will be giving this year are All Eco-Friendly!! Happy Holidayzz Everyone!!! xoxo :D

  67. kittielover says:

    I am green ALL year round, so for me to be green for the holidays is super easy, like reusing \ recycling holiday giftwrap, bows, bags, even gift tags!

    Oh yes, I am all OVER this bag – wow!

  68. investor says:

    My wife is the main green person in the house, but I do follow her example quite well.

    For the holidays, we do things like reusing gift paper, bags, bags, send e-cards, etc.

    PS – my wife would LOVE this bag

  69. investor says:

    My wife is the main green person in the house, but I do follow her example quite well.

    For the holidays, we do things like reusing gift paper, bags, send e-cards, etc.

    PS – my wife would LOVE this bag

  70. tiarraf says:

    This bag is so amazing! I am greening my holidays this year by all my family gifts, and I always wrap them using wrapping paper, gift tags, and cards.

  71. lifeforce77 says:

    The bag is beautiful and a great adjunct to those who are “green” For Christmas I am making dehydrated raw food for friends an those in need and supporting local farmers. I am learning as I go and proud to be a part of our changing the earth back to it’s healthy eco state. Namaste’

  72. borderbrookfarm says:

    I’m greening up by buying local products as much as possible — handmade from local craftspeople. If not local, I’m at least trying to be conscious about buying Made in America products. Haven’t stuck to this steadfasting but I am alert about it and making a great percentage of choices in this way. Also conscious of recyclable/reusable packing materials.

  73. says:

    Hi and happy holiday! I have gone online to send gifts which eliminates all of the paper wasted through gift wrap, but in addition I have wrapped a few and in doing so I used and recycled paper that I have and used leftover ribbon from prior years Christmas using organic wheat products as decoration as well. And what is inside the gift? Well, I have introduced my friends to different organic and healthy foods and I am showing them how delicious this food actually is.

  74. DLori27 says:

    I love the bag. This is my favorite color and to know that such a beautiful item is green makes me much more conscious to do my part as well. For the holidays, I have decided to help make it more green by not wasting paper and wrapping gifts. To think of all that wrapping paper and the waste it produces makes me sick. While it’s more fun to open wrapped gifts, I’d rather do something to preserve the environment than enjoy a moment of opening gifts and throwing away all that wrapping paper.

    Happy holidays to all and Good Luck. Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win such a beautiful and generous handbag.

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  75. greenmomali says:

    This year I put my sewing and knitting skills to good use by making handmade gifts for loved ones. It’s definitely more time consuming, but oh so much more fun than standing in lines at stores! (p.s. purple has been my favorite color since I was 5, but this purse is way cooler than the purple cow purse i toted as a tot! :-)

  76. alijoyism says:

    We are keeping our holiday celebrations to a minimal this year, cutting down our own tree and eating within a 10 mile diet. Crafting our own gifts and having a great time in the country.

  77. aksbright says:

    I am using up what is in our fridge and cupboards to create edible treats for our friends, and 4-legged friends.

  78. hofken says:

    I am a newsletter subscriber
    I’m greening my holiday gift-giving this year by “wrapping” my gifts in reusable bags.

  79. Urban Sherp says:

    Shop local, give evergreen gifts, invest in heirloom quality gifts – and for books, I no longer buy new, but pick up all sorts of great books–bestsellers and classics–from Goodwill putting good books back in circulation. I do let the recipient know their book was previously loved!

  80. Denny says:

    We reuse gift bags, boxes, and paper from year to year. I made some of our gifts.

  81. Intergarlictic says:

    I’m taking everything apart and creating all handmade gifts. My favorite is a quilt robe with lace and iPod speakers in the collar. I loooovvvveeee the vegan bag!

  82. Dwyndal says:

    To go green, I planted a tree rather than cut one. I didn’t lay out lights but instead have gone outside to look at stars! I have also set aside a few gifts by giving small terrariums to family. One of my eco attempts was organic shirts with special homemade organic inks but was too busy in the shop to continue but I do what I can to keep as green as possible.

    On a side note this bag is amazing and even cooler since it’s vegan, never seen a vegan back but I’m excited to see one eventually.

    Thanks for a chance to win!

  83. shag66 says:

    We have always made our family gifts and this year will be no different with that. One year we bought gifts and my siblings told me that it wasn’t a real Christmas without the homemade gifts so tradition continues. I am also going to give my crabby-rude neighbors a tray full of homemade goodies this year, maybe it will help their sour disposition.

  84. VeganDonutsGonuts says:

    I will be using recycled paper to wrap my gifts. I like to draw little illustrations on my presents to make them special for each person. I love this bag! So awesome that Collina Strada is now making some vegan bags!!

  85. saraminda says:

    I am using recylcled wrapping paper and a lot of it!! :D Merry Christmas!!!

  86. canvasjunkie says:

    I’m making gifts from recycled aluminum.

  87. plaidrose says:

    Amazing bag! This year, I decided to regift items I knew others would love! I also decided to re-use any and all packaging supplies including wrapping paper, bags, and ribbon scraps from my sewing projects!!

  88. zippyonfruit says:

    I’ll be participating in a “white elephant”-style gift exchange, and my contribution is a portable set of re-usable bamboo utensils. Everyone saves money because you’re not buying a gift for each person, and even just one gift is enough to bring much holiday joy.

  89. Petunia says:

    We have greened up our holidays in several ways. The adults no longer exchange gifts- really- we all have enough stuff. For the kids, we give other people’s children “experiences”- whether it is an ice skating party, surfing lessons, or take a group to a benefit concert. Any gifts that are purchased are wrapped in recycled paper. And we practice the one in- one out policy so we always make a donation of gently used items to our favorite charity.

  90. Joezl says:

    I’m buying not one but 5 green Christmas trees!

  91. melissa mc says:

    i’m handing out locally made gift baskets containing locally made soaps, candles and treats!!

  92. gina says:

    By recycling gift bags & wrapping paper.

  93. jannd23238 says:

    I lovingly looked for things I had in the house to create wrappings for my gifts this year, and I must say they were beautiful! Merry Christmas! xox

  94. treenymph says:

    I had a very green christmas by getting gifts made by local artists who used reclaimed materials. Each gift came with a unique story to share! For the harder to shop for people, I made donations to may favorite charities in their honor….tis the season!

  95. MyLirpa1 says:

    I reuse gift bags, tissue paper, and other items from around the house for wrapping presents. I also try to buy locally.

  96. sakbaybee says:

    To green up my holiday I will be carpooling and taking public transit when possible to all the gatherings!

  97. macaent says:

    I’ve been collecting and saving win corks. I’ll be making wreaths to give to family and friends. my most popular theme will be black an gold for the WHO DAT nation.”GO SAINTS”. My 2nd theme will be purple,green and gold the traditional Mardi Gras colors.”Happy Mardi Gras”.Sure would love to win a much needed brand new purse. “Good luck everyone”.

  98. bootswon says:

    This year I am using wraping paper and bows that I bought a couple years ago. I would just love to win this bag! Right now the bag I am using is falling apartment., Thank you for this wonderful giveaway! connie danielson.

  99. Aly says:

    I’m greening up my holidays by convincing my family to go vegan for the holidays.

  100. Verde says:

    Thanks for your beautiful bag opportunity. We buy local and wrap recycled, baking, making candles. Less stuff, more quality time. Happy New Year!