Win a Vegan Laptop Tote From Crystalyn Kae (Worth $190!)

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It may be back-to-school season, but you won’t need any instruction on standing out from the pack. Take your A-game up a notch, whether you’re hitting the lockers or cubicles, with one of Crystalyn Kae’s capacious Troubadour totes, which we’re giving away in your choice of available solids, velvets, and tweeds. Punctuated by silver-toned hardware, each bag is handmade in Seattle from glazed cotton, which Kokorowski crinkles, stretches, and buffs to give it a supple, leather-like appearance. Plus, the Troubadour includes a padded divider—roomy enough for a 15-inch laptop, homework, and not-at-all-fake doctor’s notes. Enter now to win!


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER. (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winner there.)

2. LEAVE A COMMENT and tell us which style of Crystalyn Kae bag you like best and why. Although it doesn’t hurt to get fancy, we’ll be picking a winner at random.

Crystalyn Kae, vegan bags, vegan laptop bags, eco-friendly laptop bags, sustainable laptop bags, eco-fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion, ethical fashion, sustainable style, vegan fashion, vegan accessories

We’ll announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, September 7. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Tuesday, September 6, so ENTER NOW for a chance to win!


Crystalyn Kae offers a unique range of versatile everyday handbags, great for work, play, and travel, since 2001. With an emphasis on texture, shape, and pattern, designer Crystalyn Kae Kokorowski’s handbags are distinctively stylish, durable, and functional. Each bag is sustainably created in Seattle using a mix of natural, reclaimed, and vegan-friendly materials.

+ Troubadour Tote $190

+ Crystalyn Kae

Originally published on Aug. 22, 2011

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158 Responses to “Win a Vegan Laptop Tote From Crystalyn Kae (Worth $190!)”

  1. lorettalouise says:

    That champagne tweed number is adorable (#6)! That embodies everything I love about autumn: the excuse to dress like an Ivy Leaguer – tweed, scarves and lots of (faux) leather boots and bags!

    Don’t hate me, because I can’t wait for autumn!

  2. laurie says:

    The Brown Tweed troubadour tote bag is my favorite. Would look just great to go to my new job ! I love it !

  3. Cheena13 says:

    I like the “Burgundy Clutch”… I think it’s bigger than it seems. It looks like a good purse to go out at night or go shopping: big space, small purse.

  4. y0uluckypeople (@y0uluckypeople) says:

    I really like the Troubadour Tote because it fits me best – I like the big, lots of compartments-pockets purses and totes with sturdy handles. And it looks nice too.

  5. netscribe (@netscribe) says:

    The tan Troubadour tote (#2). It’s a perfectly gorgeous everyday tote, and as someone who lugs around a 15.4″ MacBook, extra drives and iPad 2 everywhere, I love that you don’t have to give up style for space.

  6. dmf08 says:

    I love these bags. I’m in NYC so it’s all about black although the wine color one is gorgeous too!

  7. NicoleR says:

    I have a custom made troubadour tote for my macbook pro that I ordered from crystalyn kae about 2 years ago. I love it so much and would love to have another one to switch out since I use it every day! I LOVE the tweed one – what a great fabric for the cooler months ahead!

  8. Deanna says:

    Either the green or burgundy tweed tote would be my first pick: first, because who doesn’t love tweed and second, because I work in a university and every female here lugs around laptop computers in (usually) clunky bags. It’d be great to show off a vegan/sustainable bag at all the meetings I attend. Any laptop bag with great style is always commented on and I’d love to use the opportunity to show off Crystalyn Kae’s tote as an example of how style and sustainability can combine to make a quality product!

  9. Jennberry says:

    I’d love the emerald green faux leather bag because I am not only vegan but work in environmental media. I often travel to visit recycling facilities, attend green conferences, etc., and looking fabulous + supporting a cruelty-free designer is the perfect way to express my personal and professional views. Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. LisaFaye says:

    Love image #4, the tealish green! I would buy a new outfit just to go with that…lol. But since I wear tons of black, it would be stunning with most everything I already have. : )

  11. leahBrenn says:

    I like the burgundy tote with a close second being the black tweed tote! I’m a classics girl and these two will go with everything and perfect for fall!

  12. emilija says:

    I like the Laptop bags , especially the Burgundy Velvet Troubadour Tote Bag . I think it suits my character .

  13. kstar says:

    That NAVY BLUE is DELICIOUS! Love it.

  14. jannd23238 (@RandomlyJann) says:

    Oh la la the Wine/Burgundy Tweed Troubadour Tote Bag rocks! x.

  15. Josie Dominguez Perez says:

    I’m loving that in this bag I can carry my reusable water bottle! My favorites are the solid black and the black tweed Troubladour Totes!

  16. sarmico says:

    Love the green one!

  17. clos2red says:

    I think the tote is actually my favorite, though I love the peek-a-boo patterns in the drawstrings and clutches. The burgundy color is gorgeous! This would make a great laptop bag/purse combo.

  18. Angeliki says:

    The number #5 is just awsome ! What a vivid shade of blue.

  19. theravenishere (@Theravenishere) says:

    I love the green one as it reminds me of nature and since my closeth is full of brown/green and black clothes it would probably fit best.

  20. purplepyro says:

    I like the wine-coloured tweed one. It stands out from the crowd with an interesting fabric.

  21. Cerulean says:

    I’ve had my eye on the beautiful navy blue tote for awhile. It will come in handy when I head back to school!

  22. leire says:

    I love the Black Trobadour Tote Bag, it suits with all the outfits!! But the other colour are also so cool…

  23. Buffy92 says:

    The Troubadour in green!

  24. kerry says:

    Black tweed – timelessly ladylike

  25. tk0421 says:

    The Soiree is my favorite but I have a brown Troubador and LOVE it, so maybe I’d get the same style that I have but in black.

  26. jenniferbarckley says:

    West coast created, made-for-my MacBook tote and oh, by the way, no animals were harmed! Yes, please! Love love–especially the perfect plum! Thank you!

  27. mariguterman says:

    I love the dark blue one. It’s such an elegant color in a very beautifully design bag!

  28. lcon1386 says:

    Love the gray troubadour. Classy and functional.

  29. Craftygrrrl says:

    The Burgundy with Ocean Poppy Soiree bag is my all time favorite!

  30. Leah_M says:

    Loooove the tweed #6!!!!

  31. kammi says:

    I would like to get Burgundy Victorian Roses Métier Tote for my Mom.

  32. Treasurer says:

    My daughter loves the color blue, so the tote in navy would be a natural choice. She carries a lot of “essentials” so a big bag is a must! It would make the perfect gift.

  33. sportgrl says:

    I love the Cobalt Blue Tweed Troubadour Tote Bag! It’s fun fashionable and it’s my favorite color!

  34. cheesyMammal (@cheesyMammal) says:

    Love the Grey one with matte finish.. simple and chic.. it would go with ANYTHING!! not to mention the size is just right to fit all my bits n pieces in there..

  35. alisonb says:

    Gray Métier Tote would travel with me EVERYWHERE!!

  36. Emmakat says:

    The Burgundy Tweed Troubadour tote is pretty great!

  37. belleun says:

    love the burgundy tweed!

  38. Miehime says:

    My fave is the cobalt blue tweed Troubadour! Such a lovely bright colour that would make me happy to lug my laptop on my shoulder :)

  39. Kiana says:

    I have a Burgandy Charleston Large Hobo that was custom designed for me with a blue interior and blue stiching. But I would love to have the tan troubador as my current bag does not fit a laptop.

  40. J Hatchett says:

    Burgundy Troubadour Tote Bag … for my wife, hope I picked the right color, cause I won’t get much use out of this myself, but I do have a sister…..

  41. Superbunnyvegan (@superbunnyvegan) says:

    Navy Blue is lovely and I love these bags just because they are not too eye standing, beautiful and can be compared to normal bags. Some laptop bags are too much different from normal bags and it’s not so nice…

  42. Woodstock says:

    It’s b/t the Tweed Troubadours & the Baby Bag Soirée for me. I’m loving the mix of two materials on both styles. These look top notch!

  43. Cate says:

    Ah I love them all – but if I must choose, then I’d have to go with the Black Tweed Troubadour Tote Bag!

  44. Larajwong says:

    The Orange Troubador is hot – the colour would accent dark colours nicely and stand out in the dull winters we have here in Ottawa. It also reminds me of the colours of our NDP party – whose leader, Jack Layton, died yesterday.

  45. The Orange Owl says:

    I LOVE the Wine colored Troubadour! It has everything I need for a laptop carry bag I have been looking for all this time. AND it is ecofriendly to boot! *woohoooooo* Since I advocate an ecofriendly lifestyle through my business The Orange Owl ( I have been consciously trying to set a good example myself!

  46. bredale1 says:

    I am now subscribed and liked on FB. I’d like to win the Blue troubadour tote! Thanks!

  47. rene1e says:

    I love the Green Troubadour Tote Bag – I definitely need a new one, and I am very picky about my bags!

  48. dmm says:

    I love the black troubadour! But I already have Monarch Bag and Foxtrot Hobo :)

  49. kbell109 says:

    The Troubadour in green…green is my fave colour :)

  50. MeganM says:

    I love the Troubadour in black. It looks like the perfect bag for travel. Also, Crystalyn was adorable in person at the Urban Craft Uprisin in Seattle where I picked up a tweed Matinee Messenger – love it!

  51. taisao says:

    Black is timeless and classic.

  52. intensev5 says:

    I subscribe via email. I also like the Burgundy Monarch Hobo Bag – thanks for the chance to win.

  53. amberdegrace says:

    I adore the Brown Tweed Tote Bag – beautiful.

  54. silverange says:

    I love the grey troubadour tote – it’s chic, professional, and perfect for fitting and organizing everything you need!

  55. ashwhit29 says:

    the brown is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.

  56. aidadelsolar says:

    Love black. And vegan style is sooo chic.

  57. superdupergreen says:

    These bags are so delicious! The green back is my fav, the perfect color to show off my new vegan bag! Pick me, pick me!

  58. sgdesign says:

    Any of the Troubadours would be lovely to carry my laptop to the office!

  59. agreg says:

    I love the burgundy tweed. Classic, beautiful, eco-friendly. What more can a girl ask for. I want it!!

  60. ecwrites says:

    Kinda loving the pleated clutch in black and red

  61. Karen B says:

    The Brown Troubadour Tote Bag is the cutest!!!!! I just love the leathery feel, and without the animal slaughter. It’s just the perfect size!!1.


  62. SuS says:

    The black tweed is so me, but the Metier tote is equally me.

  63. kitkat says:

    I love the Monarch Hobo bags

  64. Jacqueline says:

    I love the Burgundy Troubadour Tote!! It is perfect for work or for travel. Anybody wearing this bag will look stylish, sexy, carefree… and everything you need for a busy day fits right in it! The first thing I looked at is that its materials are vegan, eco-friendly. I am against animal cruelty and original leather products, so this is perfect. I totally love it, plus I am in a huge need for a new bag! ;)

  65. pgf says:

    the Troubadour totes are incredible-love the varied pockets- I normally go for black because I always wear it, but the burgundy and the green are beautiful too.

  66. Eizy says:

    I like the Metier because it seems simple. I like how it looks, but I like the ease of the snap pocket and zipper on the outside. The purple one is sharp. Looks pretty rock & roll.

  67. pgf says:

    I love the Troubadour bag with the varied pockets-they are sooo useful-black is usually my pick,but the burgundy and green are beautiful also.

  68. doogiko says:

    Fabulously handsome-looking laptop bags! I have been using the same laptop bag for more than three years! It’s time to replace. I hope I can get the blue one!

  69. Lmillar3 says:

    The black troubadour will of course go with anything and create style envy with any outfit. But I have to say I am loving the burgundy – I can imagine it during fall travels to Paris causing more then one head to turn in admiration. And of course who doesn’t live that these bags are vegan! Crystalyn Kae makes beautiful high quality bags so really any one of them would be a treat to own!

  70. Diane M. says:

    My favorite Troubadour Tote Bag style is the black tweed, and I absolutely love the orange Metier Tote!

  71. annierojo says:

    All the colors of this laptop tote are great, but the blue and dark green are my favorites. Both fun and practical for work and school!

  72. Smoochety says:

    I love the rose/brown tweed! I’d love to feel spoiled while still being a starving student! Thanks so much! :)

  73. Sharon T. says:

    Troubadour in green is my favorite!

  74. lizzie says:

    These are all lovely, roomy,but not huge, stylish, but simple and suitable and also functional, the brown or burgundy tweed Trobadour are so perfect to carry all I need with me. I´d use it for ages !!

  75. aplatte says:

    The Troubadour in cobalt Tweed is gorgeous! And its size makes it practical for a student like me.

  76. hamjenny says:

    I think they put the best one on this page for their giveaway. I would like the Brown Troubadour Tote Bag. It is really cute and stylish.

  77. JulieA says:

    I really like the wine colored one (although they are all amazing!!) So cute and any bag that doesn’t harm nature is amazing in my book! :)

  78. maryg (@@ocean_mary) says:

    I am in love with the black or Burgandy bag!!!

  79. galaxycoff says:

    the purple one! it matches my grad school (Clemson) and my favorite NFL team (ravens)

  80. rclar says:

    #2 looks great!

  81. AmandaGAdams says:

    As someone that is out and about all day, and well into the night usually,I tend to carry a lot around with me so like the larger bags. Totally love the look of the Troubadour tote! Stylish and practical, can carry my laptop?! – right on!. Love the tweed!

  82. monkum says:

    Hard to choose between the blue and burgundy wine tweed(#6) troubadour totes! Blue because I’m a brown skin with blue eyes (a great genetic defect) and would be great for work/hosp with carrying my 14.1″ laptop and even as casual tote with blue jeans. Also the burgundy wine tweed is really nice for fall time! :) I guess I would have to go with Blue!! :)

  83. joyc says:

    I really do love the Troubadour. The tweeds are cute, but my practical side likes the black glazed fabric. Looks easy to wipe clean, and classic!

  84. belindabee says:

    The fact is they are ALL beautiful and lovingly made! I have 2 soiree bags that I can’t live without! The addition of a black tweed troubadour tote would make tramping papers to grade back and forth to school much more enjoyable:)

  85. knoggel says:

    The Brown Troubadour Tote Bag in amazing! It is my dreambag – the color, the size, the style, the shape – everything! And it would be PERFECT for my new job where I will be doing alot of traveling. Please be mine! :)

  86. hofken says:

    The style of Chrystalyn Kae bag that I like bestis the Soirée drawstring bucket bag. I love the pleats!

  87. stillquirky (@stillquirky) says:

    The purple puckers and silver embellishments are so very pretty, so the burgundy monarch hobo bag is my favorite. A lot of people must feel the same way since it’s sold out! I’m also partial to the green troubadour bag since I wear a lot of green, it’s one of my university colors, and the inner lining is such a light, cheery hue! The things I need always seem to wriggle down to the deep, dark bottoms of bags.

  88. alizabiza says:

    Sable Tweed Bag – Maude Marigold

    Because after spending 6 months in India, after my military service, it reminds me of that time. The lush color and its beauty bring me back to that time in my life, and remind me of the wealth that that country has to offer. I can’t wait to go back

  89. gr8tfuldayz (@Gr8tfulDayz) says:

    Love the Burgundy Velvet Troubadour Tote!

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  90. ledraymond says:

    the Red Tweed Troubadour really catches my eye, but I would prabably go with the Black Troubadour because it just seems the most classic and would go with most any outfit

  91. nina.e.singh says:

    The Troubadour tote, in burgundy, is spiffy and just sumptuous (black is fail-safe, but I’m trying to break out!). It would make the perfect home for all of my goods and chattles. It’s stylish and unfailingly practical, just the thing a deserving, ethically-minded college grad needs as she moves to enter the workforce. Oh, pick me, pick me! :-D

  92. Nayamon says:

    Loving the brown troubadour tote bag… perfect in every way! It would be great for work and all of my urban adventures.

  93. stephaniemwb says:

    Love the design! This bag is more than just a statement; it is beautifully made. The subtle pleats with studs are a great accent with the faux. The tweed laptop bag is gorgeous and also my favorite because it plays with different textures. The colors that she is using the for fall will aid anyone in making a fashion statement with their fall wardrobe. Plum and emerald are beautiful and perfect for fall. I also love the multiple pockets because I am an organization freak and need a space for all my stuff. Choosing one, it is hard to do, but the plum tweed laptop bag would be perfect for me, not only because none of my bags fit my mac, but it would be a storyteller for my environmentalist mind!

  94. brownatural says:

    I love the Burgundy Tweed Troubadour Tote Bag, they are all so cute and special! I can fit so much in them.

  95. auntiethesis says:

    I’d love the Ale Brown Soirée Brown with Ocean Poppy…just a hint of happy color peeking through and large enough to carry everything I own. This would be my everyday awesome bag.

  96. sj says:

    The bags are all so beautiful! I like the Metier for it’s clean lines but am impressed with the interior of the Troubadour (red twee just pops!). Beautiful!!

  97. juju2424 says:

    I love the fact that this bag is stylish yet animal friendly! The Troubadour tote is a perfect Fall addition to your eco-conscious wardrobe!

  98. jcaplus2 (@jcaplus2) says:

    I really love –the Black Troubadour Tote Bag–best. It’s roomy, has the right amount of compartments and is so elegantly styled, plus in black it’ll go with anything! <3

  99. glynnichu says:

    I like the Brown Troubadour or the Burgundy Velvet Troubadour. The brown one is so classic, and would go with anything, but if I had to pick a second choice, the pattern in the velvet is gorgeous.

  100. s0t2419 says:

    The burgundy tweed Troubadour Tote is just perfect! Fashionable, animal friendly, and completely functional.

  101. Designo says:

    My better half would love all of them, but I know her favorite would be #2! **Fingers crossed!**

  102. Carolyn says:

    I love the animal friendly, vegan bags! My favorite is the Matinee Messenger Bag, but I can’t decide on a favorite color.

  103. laurenshaps says:

    i love the Green Soirée with Vera Satin Stripes bag, because it’s a unique design that will still hold all my stuff!

    laureneshapiro at gmail dot com

  104. Peasoupme (@Peasoupme) says:

    I would love to win the cobalt blue tweed troubadour because it is a beautiful color that would go win most of my wardrobe and would be big enough to put all my stuff in :)

  105. hopiecan (@hopiecan) says:

    i just love that last tweed bag. classic style, goes with pretty much anything. very useful and practical giveaway!

  106. bohochicbeauty says:

    I am now completely obsessed with this bag. I’ve been lusting after it for the last week and have finally decided that the black tweed version of the Troubadour is my absolute fave (although the brown, the burgundy and the cobalt versions are gorge as well). I have been on a quest to find the perfect, beautiful tote/laptop bag for years and this could be it!! I would LOVE the opportunity to show off how fabulous a vegan and eco-friendly bag can be in my office and among my peers in a corporate environment. :)

  107. bohochicbeauty says:

    Gah, I might think that the burgundy is tied with the black tweed. I can’t decide! I want both. :)

  108. ybgreen says:

    I would love to rock the Black Tweed in the fall/winter. It’s classic, chic, and definitely original in a vegan tote state. It’s a perfect size for people who have larger laptops like my throwback Lenovo. I also love the protection at the bottom, which comes in handy with the heavy usage I plan to get out of it.

  109. geriaranjo says:

    Love love love the Burgundy Tweed Troubadour…the lush garnet hues evoke my songbird within~

  110. aylakay06 says:

    I’m loving the Troubadour bag in plum (#3)! It’s the perfect color for fall, and as an interior design student specializing in eco-friendly, “green” design, I know I’ll have it full of design supplies in no time! Style + function is what good design is all about!

  111. marlylouwho (@marlylouwho) says:

    Loving the Burgundy Tweed!

  112. dumbo30 says:

    I like Crystalyn Kae’s pleated clutches best because I don’t own one and the ones in her collection are nice, roomy, and pretty to go from shopping at the market to a party at night.

    Side comment: I’m lucky #111 :)

  113. sanielj says:

    I like the Charleston Large Hobo Bag because it’s large enough to fit all my stuff!
    via email subscriber

  114. Crakrjap says:

    I love the Burgundy Tweed Troubadour Tote Bag. Its perfectly organized and the ideal color for the fall. Fashion, function all in one without sacrificing style!

  115. tofucute says:

    Luvin the Orange Troubadour and Metier!

  116. StephanieC says:

    The burgundy tweed bag is absolutely gorgeous!

  117. Wildlore says:

    I love the burgundy tweed too ~ nice casual with a hint of refined. I like the color selections across the board, but stylistically, the tweed (-:

  118. aubs38 says:

    I love the green troubadour tote!!!!!!!! I gravitate towards all things green – color and materials!

  119. kmom says:

    Love the Troubador in all of the tweed colors and the velvet. This would be such an upgrade from my diaper bag!

  120. MaureenE (@maureenelsberry) says:

    Brown Tweed Troubadour would be perfect for all the conferences I need to carry my laptop around in for work…sleek and classy.

  121. ecoartspace says:

    I would LOVE the burgundy (purple) Troubador! I turned 50 this year and travel a lot with my coveted Apple computer and am the founder of ecoartspace, a platform for artists addressing environmental issues. I would be an proud to carry your bag as a gift and would spread the word for you.

  122. margoelena says:

    I love them all! especially the last photo, the one that looks woven. would love to have one!

  123. mssuzyg says:

    The grey and burgundy Troubadour Totes are both gorgeous! Definitely classy!

  124. I adore the Matinée Drawstring bags! Especially the one in green.
    I’ll share this fabulous Giveaway on my twitter page :)

  125. Ivette says:

    I would love to own the tan troubadour. Have bag and laptop will travel to and fro work and school.

  126. mlnickel says:

    I love the plum troubadour, gorgeous!

  127. cbaginski says:

    It’s hard to choose! Burgundy or brown.

  128. rorybrooke says:

    Although, I’d love to tote around any one of these scrumptious (yes… I may just kiss it!) weak-in-the-knees Troubadour bags, the burgundy tweed first caught my eye. I am returning to school to study Textile Science + Design (as well as bookbinding independently) and this has been the bag I’ve been DREAMING to find. Seems like it is fate <3

    -Fingers crossed.-

  129. tamarap says:

    Navy blue is amazing!

  130. andreadgz says:

    This bag is absolutely gorgeous. As a strong opponent to leather and other animal-derived materials for fashion, this bag would help me make a statement.
    My current faux leather bag is basically falling apart from the daily use (it’s my work bag) and this one looks like it would make a nice replacement.
    I would be so so so happy if I got the brown troubadour! Thanks!

  131. awong20 says:

    The Burgundy Tweed Troubadour Tote is so beautiful. I love fall colors and the mix of texture is very fun.

  132. tcosio says:

    The deep burgundy tweed bag for the win! A nice classic style and yet designed to hold everything I need safely and securely. Everything I love in a bag, attractive and effective.

  133. (@NatureSketcher) says:

    I like the Burgundy Troubadour Tote Bag. The tote itself is classically style with a nice touch of silver. The color of burgundy adds a unique-but-subtle touch to any wardrobe. In addition to being vegan, it’s also styled to organize to boot: pretty, function, and ecological. Who can beat that?

  134. cbacsa says:

    Absolutely love the bergundy tote. My favourite colour of all time! and such a simple beautiful style.

  135. rader1977 (@rader1977) says:

    The Navy Blue Troubadour Tote Bag is easily my favorite! This would make my beautiful wife look even better!

  136. M.Johnston says:

    I especially like the dark brown leather bag #3 on the slideshow.. Very sophisticated..

  137. fred1111 says:

    Great blue with no hardware!

  138. Kellimac says:

    The Soiree Drawstring tote is definitely my favorite! The Geisha blue instantly caught my eye! Such a rich color. This bag would definitely take me from my day job right to the pub at night!

  139. briannec says:

    I love the “Soirée drawstring bucket bag” design the best. Crystalyn uses vintage fabric in the pleats. That peek-a-boo of color and drawstring really makes this bag stand out.

  140. windycindy says:

    I adore your handmade vegan bag creations…
    A favorite of mine is her “Black Tweed – Burgundy Pixels!”
    The laptop tote would be fabulous to win because I
    don’t have one…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  141. mzamroj says:

    I totaly love the black one because it combines with all kinds of cloths because black goes with every color!

  142. melmorgan4 says:

    I like the burgundy tweed Troubadour tote.

  143. happybynature (@Happy_by_Nature) says:

    I adore this bag! Especially the green one – so earthy and classy!

  144. jennybento (@jennybento) says:

    <3 burgandy monarch

  145. jennybug says:

    I love the black bag! Its so classy & chic. Being a business woman doesnt mean you have to hual around a bulky old fashion laptop bag! I love that these bags are made from natural materials.

  146. Ashley Wheeler says:

    I love the Gray Troubadour Tote Bag. It is roomie enough to hold everything I have for school.

  147. coniecone says:

    Hard to choose, Ill go with the Burgundy Tweed Troubadour Tote Bag. Vegan Tweed is the BEST!

  148. sue345678 (@sue345678) says:

    I like the Monarch Hobo because it look professional enough for work.

  149. mommy2mza says:

    I Love all of the totes!!

  150. doreenone says:

    You said it best, the “Troubadour Tote Bag is a rock star”….As a Mom, rockstar has a completely different meaning, and this bag fits my needs perfectly!

  151. nightowl says:

    I love the “Cobalt Blue Tweed – Liberty ‘Wilshire'” because it’s classic, cute, and I could wear it with anything.

  152. Margie says:

    Hi, good luck to everyone!!!! :) I like the burgundy with fabric and red inside. I like it more of fabric, they las longer.

  153. sivelkova says:

    Orange Troubadour Tote Bag is my favourite, orange is so shiny .

  154. mcgyverova says:

    Cobalt blue for me please! <3 so midnighty & matching almost everything in my blueish wardrobe

  155. tinyjello says:

    Would love the orange troubadour tote! Such a perfect pop of colour :)

  156. kammi says:

    I would get this kind of bag for work and to play.

  157. deannamackensen says:

    I love the reddish brown Troubadour tote. It has the warmth and relaxed look that I love. I heart big totes!

  158. inhabitdenver says:

    Love any of the brown numbers. Hope I win!