Win a Vegan Peacoat and Earmuff Set From Vaute Couture (Worth $458!)

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Extreme temperatures call for extreme measures, but you don’t need to pull a Nanook of the North to jam with Old Man Winter. We’re hooking up one lucky U.S. reader with the “Alicia” peacoat from Vaute Couture, a Brooklyn-by-way-of-Chicago label that constructs its 100 percent cruelty-free toppers from recycled and recyclable fabrics, right here in New York City. To keep your ears extra-toasty (not to mention looking freakin’ adorable), we’re throwing in a pair of Vaute Couture’s critter-friendly earmuffs, available in myriad fun colors (navy, magenta, citrus, petal pink) and insulated with fibers derived from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Enter now to win!


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER. (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winner there.)

2. LEAVE A COMMENT and tell us what your green New Year’s resolution is. Although it doesn’t hurt to get fancy, we’ll be picking a winner at random.

Note: This contest is only open only to residents of the United States.

Vaute Couture, vegan fashion, vegan clothing, vegan accessories, vegan style, eco-fashion giveaways, eco-fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion, ethical fashion, sustainable style

We’ll announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, January 11. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Tuesday, January 10, so ENTER NOW for a chance to win!


Vaute Couture (spelled for “haute couture” with a “V” for vegan but pronounced like “vote”) by Leanne Mai-Ly Hilgart is the first apparel line to focus on developing high-style, high-performance fashion with one major challenge: no animal-derived materials. Vaute Couture believes in collaboration, improvisation, and Ellen Degeneres. Celebrity fans include Alicia Silverstone, Emily Deschanel, Ally Sheedy, and Ginnifer Goodwin.

+ Alicia Coat (in “Bittersweet”) $398

+ Signature Earmuff $60

+ Vaute Couture

Originally published on Dec 30, 2011.

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148 Responses to “Win a Vegan Peacoat and Earmuff Set From Vaute Couture (Worth $458!)”

  1. chrissylostherpoise says:

    I’m hoping to be more green in the new year by not only making an attempt at upcycling, but also going raw and riding my bike around town as oppose to taking my car. :)

  2. Heartsleeves (@@Heartsleevs) says:

    My green resolutions: Buy fewer clothes/upcycle more/re-learn how to knit!

  3. saraf says:

    I’m going to learn to bike and try going vegan!

  4. stardust0719 says:

    My green resolution is use less plastic water bottles and to encourage my family to do the same. Oh an of course est lots of yummy vegan food!

  5. ShutterbugShann (@ShutterbugShann) says:

    I plan on biking to as many places as I can, use less gas. Also, use public transportation when possible.

  6. Dorsha says:

    I plan to freecycle more of our things, and start doing a garden again (last year I was high risk pregnancy) And also I just ordered the Diva Cup and mama cloth.

  7. pextube (@pextubing) says:

    My green resolutions: less consume any service any product!

  8. gomeggo says:

    I want to learn more about composting and am going to walk my kids to school more.

  9. longislandrob says:

    My green resolutions for 2012: will be cutting back on toilet paper and bringing back the sponge to clean after bathroom use, as you can imagine, my friends dont use the bathroom at my house anymore and tend to be busy when I ask them to come over but Hey: my savings there loss……..smiles.

  10. dabs2011 says:

    I’m going to finally launch my vegan blog at to encourage people to switch to a plant-based diet since that’s the greenest action anyone can adopt :)

  11. JLgoesVegan (@jlgoesvegan) says:

    I subscribed to the newsletter!

    I plan to eat far less processed foods which will cut down on packing implications for the environment and will be better for my health!

  12. gretchenm47 says:

    My resolution is to be better about composting on a regular basis, not just every now and then.

  13. reneerose says:

    My new year’s resolution is to be kinder to myself and to others; practice loving-kindness, and publish my book, “The myth of apathy” (a compassion-based approach to environmental engagement).

  14. sfinfgeld says:

    Finally applying my eco-savvy toward a bona fide ‘green collar job’!!

  15. dancersmomma says:

    To help my daughter get her eco-friendly lingerie company(daisy & elizabeth) off the ground.

  16. filmmaven says:

    Keeping family close on New Years eve – Supporting Detroit Urban Organic Farming!!!

  17. Janay13 says:

    I’m going vegan in the new year!

  18. EarthSoleil says:

    oops, think my last comment did not go through because I accidentally filled out New User info and not Current User! Anyways, I said I want to put a stop to my long wasteful hot showers. Cold + short = better for the health and Mother Earth.

  19. magicman7 says:

    Met Leanne of Vaute Couture- she is the sweetest!! I’ve been dreaming of one her coats and I know they’re quality but I need to SAVE! Anyways, my green philosophy next year since I am headed off to college is to not take my car with me as tempting as it is on a rural campus. Biking, walking, running, skipping- my new modes of transport for 2012.

  20. danhclark (@elkhorninn) says:

    Planning to plant the sunflower meadow across from our home/inn (The Elkhorn Inn & Theatre, in Landgraff, WV) my wife has dreamed of for 9 years- to bring in the bees & birds!

  21. isabellag says:

    I subscribed to the newsletter!

    My green new year resolution is to use eco-friendly laundry detergent and commute by bike more frequently.

  22. eskimoats says:

    i’m going to feed all of my friends super delicious vegan foods and get them all addicted. it will be fun!

  23. korilynn (@_korilynn_) says:

    To be on time!

  24. sarah12 says:

    Love, love, love Vaute Couture! My green new year resolutions are 1) wear more Vaute Couture :) 2. When I supplement my CSA, make sure it’s also local 3. More raw 4. Less processed 5. More bulk (so tired of individual hermetic plastic seals on food! 6. Only biodegradable doggie poop bags 7. Continue to do everything in my power for farm animals — what’s good for them is good for the planet. Compassion is the new green!

  25. Tammy T says:

    My green resolution is to eat fewer processed foods and grow more of my own veggies.

  26. SharonS says:

    I am going to buy products with the least amount of packaging.

  27. nik says:

    I’ll be donating office supplies and equipment that I no longer need to the local animal sanctuary (they have a long wish list and these thing are all on it and badly needed!). Cheers!

  28. stacypea says:

    To be more green in 2012 I am no longer using my clothes dryer and opting to hang dry my laundry. Plus, my garden will be even larger than last years and I will learn to grow many of my favorite foods.

  29. lotusdragonfly says:

    I’ve been vegan for many years and this year I’m really excited about rescuing a dog from a shelter, I’ve been planning to do it for ages but this is the year I’m actually able to finally do it. I have been looking into vegan dog food and talked to owners of vegan dogs and their dogs are in excellent health so I’m going to get vegan dog food.
    I love the style of the jacket but I kind of wish it wasn’t in “bittersweet”. I’m not a fan of shades of brown, wish it was green or red or black. It’s still a nice jacket and it would be great to win, I don’t have a decent jacket these days.

  30. sweeper333 says:

    Consume less and recycle more

  31. melelina says:

    I want to becoming a full-time vegan!

  32. jadorechrisdior says:

    I am going to unsubscribe from all direct mailings including catalogs, coupon savers and magazines that I don’t need or that I can find a digi version of. Thank you & Happy New Year!

  33. suezqh2 says:

    Im going to go back to making a composting. I had a pile going for a few years but as the trees grew it ended up in the shade. I got lazy and never started a new one.

  34. sparklejewelsp59 says:

    i plan on taking a cup with a lid and stop buying bottle water

  35. dransom says:

    I make a part of everyday life by using less and reusing. I try to use green products and make my own house cleaning products. I turn the down (I can wear a sweater). I only heat or cool the rooms I’m in. I grown my own vegtables. Like I said many things.

  36. karwp says:

    I plan to simplifly my life, ride my bike more often and eat more greens.

  37. ma6791 says:

    I’m planning on eating more healthy natural and organic foods.

  38. lil_lady_dz (@@lil_lady_dz) says:

    To reuse more stuff & be more creative, and to also start my own compost.

  39. traymona says:

    Recycle more and buy more vegan products

  40. lilsnobelle says:

    I’m going to give my clutter away on my local Freecycle so as not to fill up landfills.

  41. NewYorkCityGirl says:

    Just made my 1st payment on my new electric Chevy Volt! Lovin’ the less pollution in the environment & starting my new year nature friendly. Happy New Years!

  42. sleo8284 says:

    I’m already a strict vegetarian, recycle and nag my coworkers to do the same, have a reusable water bottle, take mass transit or walk everywhere, turn the lights off when I’m not using them. In 2012, I’ll just keep on.

  43. gabflab says:

    we will recycle whenever we can. thanks for the chance.

  44. vegansuncake says:

    Love VC <3 I'm going to try- even as a college student living on campus- to keep up my regular recycling and I also last year discovered soap nuts for doing laundry. I like them better than liquid/powdered detergents!

  45. JaxaRoo says:

    To influence my friends through direct peer pressure to STOP USING PLASTIC BAGS!

  46. CloverSarah says:

    I’m going more green in two ways this year. 1. I will throw out ALL of the chemicals in my household; 2. I will join my local co-op to support local farming.

  47. roopa.s says:

    Eat more locally-grown, fair trade, environmentally friendly food!

  48. lentil says:

    This year I plan to get my sewing machine working so that I can upcycle and repurpose clothes and also sew my own handwoven bags! I want to track down organic cotton string as well! GMO cotton is one of the Earth’s top enemies! <3

  49. Annalisa Kraft-Linder says:

    really going to eat local and seasonal and support my local farmers!

  50. pinkpuppy25 says:

    my green resolution is to recycle more and to eat better–vegetarian food especially!

  51. velvet1116 says:

    Beautiful coat!!We already are green! Plant more organic food to give out

  52. songbirdfemme says:

    compost more, waste less, bike and upcycle.

  53. Samwoman says:

    My New Year’s Resolution is to spend more and better time in bed. <3<3<3

  54. Tanya schiavone says:

    I am going to start my own Eco home design business. I want to prove that beauty and profit can be obtained while respecting the earth.

  55. rachelckelly says:

    my new years resolution is to trust my gut always and create more.

  56. zanna says:

    My new year’s resolution is to donate more clothing and shop more vintage and recycled apparel! Also, I’m going to aim to support more local artisans and less big corporations.

  57. cinderellen (@cinderellen) says:

    I’m on a mission to reduce the waste from my household. Composting, recycling, reusing, and just plain old buying less.

  58. rhimarie says:

    Use more glass products (over and over and over again), don’t buy water bottles, buy more products in bulk (reusable containers), and support local!

  59. shannonmarie says:

    I’m trying not to buy as much stuff and find new homes for things I no longer want. I’ve even been doing some upcycling projects like the zipper bracelet posted on your site. I get so many compliments on it.

  60. eseberg says:

    I’m stepping up my recycling efforts at work.

  61. zippyonfruit says:

    My goal is to set an example for others to be minimal and efficient with resource use, create less waste, be compassionate and conscious of all our actions, and stay vegan.

  62. UnderTheRoot says:

    Brilliant and Beautiful opportunity for these precious items from a forward thinking design, thank you.
    I have a list of upkeep for my continued lifestyle to help the health of our planet.
    1. compost is ready to go, now I need a container indoors for reduction of our food scraps to the landfill
    2. recycle the dickens out of everything, including clothing
    3. bicycle every time and make bicycling a priority
    4. continue to reduce, reuse, recycle plus consumption of eco conscious goods all around

  63. SuS says:

    Reuse leaves in my yard instead of just leaving them raked in piles here and there. I can’t bear to see them hauled away, even in the yard waste can, but we need to actively grind them up into mulch and distribute them in the garden beds. The dogs really like the leaves, so we’ll have to save a pile for them.

  64. srashid says:

    I’ve been upcycling old clothes for years, and this year I’m ready to take it to the next level by sharing my projects on my blog and hopefully inspiring others to creatively reuse their old clothes.

  65. samsstuff (@@samsstuff) says:

    This peacoat is adorable!

    How do I plan on being more green this year? Well, for my shop I am making even more items with organic, recycled & locally sourced materials. For myself, I am using more green cleaning products, recycling more & using more re-usable products, like hand made dish scrubbers.

  66. kkgulbrandsen says:

    I’m going to be more green by repurposing my clothes — either into updated styles or into quilts or pillows.

  67. permeate says:

    Grow/produce half of what we eat.

  68. lifesabeech (@lifesabeech) says:

    Use less – buy less – upcycle more. Be more active and healthful.

  69. ohziedesigns says:

    continue our business a success

  70. CMMcCue says:

    I plan to swap more of my diet out for organic and locally grown foods. Also, thanks to the motivation of the Univerity of Texas Marine Science Institute’s Green Team I will be trying to ride my bike to work 14days/month. Having co-workers to help motivate is a great way to be sucessful with resolutions!

  71. njewell says:

    I’m hoping to be more green -> garden more, consume less, and convince others to do the same.
    Happy New Year!

  72. urbannewman says:

    New Year’s Resolution: Less heat and more sweaters!

  73. mcristinafernandes says:

    I plan to exercise my environmental activism 365 days in the leap year of 2012!

  74. cokeven says:

    Consume less, re-purpose more. And of course, SIMPLIFY my life.

  75. desert_eco says:

    Buy ONLY recycled paper products!

  76. kimsushil says:

    We’re significantly increasing our purchase of organic, local produce and other food products (honey, etc.) by joining a co-op and visiting the local farmer’s market each week. (No more sleeping in excuses!)

  77. tonicV says:

    As before, definitely recycle on the regular at work and home. For the new year, I resolve to eat less processed foods, bicycle more frequently, and practice yoga consistently.

  78. PeppermintStarlight says:

    My resolution is to start an awesome garden at my local grange and continue my permaculture education!

  79. superdumb (@superdumb) says:

    My 2012 resolution is to be more thoughtful about coveting things… I can always peruse them on Pinterest or my bulletin board without littering my house with too much stuff.

  80. trustnotaz says:

    Getting up Saturday morning early enough to go to the farmer’s market to increase my local veggies and fruits intake.

  81. kmom says:

    My resolution is to be the best mom I can be. And get my kid potty trained–I’m tired of two years of washing diapers!

  82. hockiemack says:

    i’m going to encourage others to recycle more!

  83. SavvyTree says:

    I want to cook at home at least one dinner a week. I live walking distance to a farmers market, but somehow only utilize it for breakfast foods!

  84. amanda alvarado says:

    I will be using more reusable bags and storage containers instead of ziplock bags.

  85. jackiepie says:

    My green new year resolution is to buy only ecofriendly items which will decrease my already smaller sized vegan footprint :)

  86. Suburbansnowwhite says:

    My aspiration is to finish writing my novel!

  87. Saraphine says:

    This year I resolved to be less of a junk food vegan and have a healthier, more well-rounded diet. I’ve already signed-up for a CSA and I am so excited to cook from scratch more!

  88. MsKristiina says:

    To dumpster dive more.

  89. Foxy1968 (@Foxy1968) says:

    I am sending my fossil fuel burning car to the scrap metal. The next car I buy I will charge from the solar pannels on my roof.

  90. mishellecol says:

    My green resolution for this year is to continue becoming as minimalist as possible when it comes to what we “need” vs. what we “want”.. I’ve been working on this for years with my 3 daughters.. and it pays off when the eldest tells her siblings…”that is junk. do you really need it?” :)

  91. grammydiva12 (@grammydiva11) says:

    I will continue to recycle, and to encourage others to do , also.I will also buy more green products.

  92. kyra mairead says:

    I just got a raised bed for the backyard, I will be growing my own organic fruit and vegetables!

  93. jkozloff says:

    to continue to spread the word about not buying bottled water..I stopped last year and have been very happy with my reusable water bottles

  94. tiffduke says:

    My green resolution is to keep recycling the plastic and papers in my house!

  95. Halochanel (@WrightWin) says:

    For 2011 we gave up plastic bags completely so for 2012 we are giving up paper bags as well.

  96. RoamingRiley says:

    My green resolution is to incorporate more recycled and sustainable clothing into my wardrobe.

  97. level2mommy says:

    I will be walking more places! Our grocery store is 15-20 minutes away so we are reducing the frequency of our trips from once every 4 weeks to going once every 5 or 6 weeks for those things we aren’t growing ourselves.

  98. mleinart (@melissleinart) says:

    I plan on recycling more.

  99. makingadreamhome (@makingadreamhome) says:

    Walk, walk, walk!

  100. melissa mc says:

    my green res is to be more concious about what products I use for cleaning and the types of packaged foods I purchase as well as compost more — ty for the chance!

  101. kitiara65 says:

    my resolution is to save enough money to get solar panels for the house

  102. sunnymay says:

    My New Year’s Resolution and practically everyday resolution is to exercise more and get back in shape. Another is to use safe products around the home and to make many of my own cleaning solutions using essential oils and common household items.

  103. hofken says:

    My green New Year’s resolution is to cut down on all the paper cups, plate, etc. that I use – just because I’m too lazy to wash them afterwards.

  104. mpotter01 (@mpotter01) says:

    We have been cultivating our compost and getting ready for our organic garden in the spring, also we are reusing laundry soap bottles as scoops and art projects

  105. increan says:


  106. ugogirl says:

    I’m going to stop using plastic bags and bring my own shopping bags to the grocery store. I’d also like to cut down on how much food I waste!

  107. elised says:

    Make a point to shop less frivolously by being a more conscious consumer and transitioning to a mostly vegan diet.

  108. Jessicalee says:

    I’m going to start carpooling more and buy more whole foods! I know both these resolutions are things I can easily incorporate into my life

  109. lildedgrl says:

    Going to remember to bring my cloth bags with me when I shop. No more paper or plastic bags.

  110. Caseface says:

    I’m a civil and environmental engineering student. This spring I hope to apply my knowledge in order to construct a deck for my grandparents using only recycled, environmentally safe, and locally harvested materials.

  111. LittlestBear says:

    Upcycle MORE!

  112. kammi says:

    My resolution is going to be managing my budget

  113. frolickingferrets says:

    My green resolution is to start a compost pile in my backyard and use that as fertilizer for my garden this year.

  114. Julie Harris says:

    I hope to lose weight in 2012

  115. Lorenebrooks72 says:

    My children have set-up. Recycle program at home and have made a game of sorting the recyclables.

  116. crb370981954 (@crb370981954) says:

    I am a fan on facebook as Carolyn Barnett and i subscribe via email.Thanks!

  117. mamansmart says:

    This year, I am going to use only cloth diapers for my babies than disposable ones that are detrimental to the environment.

  118. Blessedad says:

    I want to be a better husband and father for this year.

  119. petunia says:

    reduce random consumerism
    count my blessings
    continue improving my health through diet, exercise and positive thinking

  120. HelloRoxy says:

    My father recently passed December 3rd. My New Years resolution is to make him proud!!! Lose the extra weight I know he worried about. And go back to school and be successful in life so he doesn’t have to worry about me any more. I love you daddy <3

    Happy New Years everyone!

  121. theimaginetree says:

    My green resolution is to start composting!

  122. flubbie says:

    My goal is to re-purpose the clothes I don’t wear anymore.

  123. blanksweeps says:

    I will perfect my vegan diet to help me reach my ideal weight.

  124. ostmega says:

    I plan to reduce our household waste and increase our home garden!

  125. bluebuggy says:

    recycle, recycle, recycle

  126. marie howard says:

    my resolution is to try harder to be a locavore

  127. talik says:

    my resolution is to make a compost bin in my new backyard

  128. ltlbitone says:

    I’m planning on eating more healthy natural and organic foods.

  129. Natasha (@natasharenee07) says:

    I’m going to reduce my consumption, simplify my life by donating and recycling things I don’t need anymore, and pay more attention to the ways that my choices affect the earth.

  130. pmarie57 says:

    recycle more clothing, go hybrid, and research more vegan recipes

  131. Vegyogini says:

    I already live a vegan, green lifestyle and I can always improve! This year’s make-my-life-even-more-green resolution is to eliminate my very last magazine subscription.

  132. ahconlon says:

    My green resolution is to keep my green revolution going and share, share, share in the vegan love/life that I live. To that end if I won I would give this coat to my beloved little sister who lives in Colorado and really needs a warm winter coat. She loves animals and is always donating to the local shelters, however she cannot afford a new coat. I own the Alicia and can testify to it’s incredible warmth and durability. I’d love to see her in a super warm, animal-friendly coat (and earmuffs!!!)

  133. stitchlily says:

    I’m going slow.Slow food,slow clothes,slow life.I’ve started by buying a slow phone! Its not smart, it just rings, texts, and doesn’t have to be charged every day…

  134. mayarenee says:

    my green resolution is to grow as much of my own food as possible, and learn how to make more of my own clothes!

  135. Zenimue says:

    Eat more raw foods!

  136. TofuTed says:

    My green new year’s resolution is to eat raw foods more often

  137. BarracudaRon says:

    recycling, don’t know that I could do more personally

  138. Rebekah says:

    I want to recycle more

  139. jodilev344 says:

    I plan on eating unprocessed clean foods.

  140. stillshadows says:

    My green New Year’s resolution is to implement simple and easy to use recycling bins in my kitchen!

  141. hippievegan says:

    I am going to continue to help rescue & rehabilitate farm animals from the meat & dairy industries and continue to do vegan outreach.

  142. nadiajean says:

    I am going to try my best to not have my showers go over 10 minutes so I can stop wasting water!

  143. johnnygirl says:

    I’m going to try to eat more raw and local produce. Healthier AND more eco-friendly….my favorite combination :-)

  144. getskinnygovegan says:

    I plan to buy less packaged food AND try not to buy any sweat shop clothes!

  145. Ashwahine says:

    I’ve been a snowboard instructor at Mad River Mtn, Ohio for about 4 seasons now, and with each year something changes. This season, we got a new Manager! His name is Greg & him and his Wife are both fabulous people, who want to know everyone and get involved with every aspect of the hill. I’ve spoken to him a few times about how we can reduce waste (recycling) as well as take advantage of the extra land the Resort Parent Company owns, to grow some seasonal foods for the upcoming seasons. We’ve implemented a preliminary beer bottle recycling venture, and so far, it’s been well received! GO Mad River! and GO GREEN!

  146. jck1 says:

    We’ll continue to support our local (wonderful!) CSA, supplemented with other local, organically grown foods from farmer’s markets – amazing how much better non-modified foods taste.

  147. emmavictoria says:

    This year I’m going green by simplifying my life – starting with decluttering my home from top to bottom. I vow to recycle, re-purpose or donate most of what I go through. :) Happy New Year!

  148. heatherspeaks493 says:

    my resolution is to continue what i’ve done for years…buy clothing at thrift & consignment stores…reuse, repurpose, and recycle!!