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If you’ve resolved to create a more sustainable wardrobe in 2013, today just might be your lucky day. We’ve hooked up with Fashioning Change to bestow one Ecouterre reader with a starter set from its line of “ethical knockoffs,” designed to offer the same style, fit, and price points as comparable styles from leading mainstream brands. Made in downtown Los Angeles from organic cotton and hemp, each piece from the KCA by Fashioning Change collection includes a scannable Quick Response code that tells you its compete supply-chain story. Enter now to win!


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER. (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winners there.)


3. LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW BY FEBRUARY 5 telling us your favorite KCA by Fashioning Change style. Although it doesn’t hurt to get fancy, we’ll be picking a winner at random.

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78 Responses to “LAST CHANCE: Win an Eco-Fashion Starter Kit From Fashioning Change (Worth $150!)”

  1. kvieweg07 (@kvieweg) says:

    I love the Shirred Tunic Dress from One Mango Tree!

  2. KimGarcia says:

    Wow, I’m interested in that!

  3. laurenjkane says:

    Not only does it look like it feels great on, you’ll feel great wearing it knowing tat you’re doing a little bit of good!

  4. redgrill18 says:

    I like the Vivid Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Tee.

  5. sanelyChic (@sanelyChic) says:

    I love the infinity scarves, especially the olive and eggplant. I can think of a million ways to wear one, especially in the frosty weather!

  6. bananaslug says:

    I really like the scoop neck shirts – perfect for every day!

  7. ereeves says:

    I love these items!

  8. JaclynMarie3 says:

    My favorite KCA style is the Modern Red Scoop Neck Tee. It works with every style and every outfit, and the color is gorgeous!
    Thank you Fashioning Change, for giving us so many great ethical styles in one place!

  9. dreamshesees says:

    I love the infinity scarf. I can get lost on this site for a whiiiile.

  10. jitterbug7129 (@jillianreading) says:

    All of them look beautiful and will mix and match with everything in my closet!

  11. Pierrette says:

    i love the versie dolman sleeve tee

  12. charity says:

    The embroidered lace crop top. So sexy!

  13. kino_di says:

    i like the eco track pant

  14. NataliaMl says:

    Love it!!!

  15. susankit says:

    Great looking clothes! Hope I win!!!

  16. gydreammoon says:

    I think my favorite is the Versie Dolman Sleeve Tee because it looks so comfortable!

  17. ltiscia says:

    Love the scarves!

  18. bewell says:

    I love the Versie Dolman Sleeve Tee; it’s so comfy and cute!

  19. channyn says:

    The White Scoopneck Tee is perfect for summer!

  20. collifornia says:

    I like the Versie Dolman Sleeve Tee.

  21. saungtree says:

    I like the vivid long sleeve scoop neck tee ^^

  22. andrea n (@mlee) says:

    I love all of the items in this give-away! I would be quite a new year’s gift to recieve.

  23. Tide Together (@Tide_Together) says:

    Love the striped dress acai berry! (even though it’s not part of the giveaway LOL)

  24. fenido says:

    I love the infinity scarves! They are sooo nice :)

  25. ritadevi says:

    I really love the workout gear by Modrobes!!

  26. bcchic says:

    the perfect drape is beautiful.

  27. guinevere_ann says:

    SOOOO love the drapey t-shirts. Perfect with yoga clothes! Perfect for covering my booty! :)

  28. gr8tfulDayz says:

    I was already signed up for both ☺.

    LOVE the HUNS pumps! It’s so hard to find cute, vegan shoes for work!

    Thanks <3

  29. nlee says:

    timeless coop! simple and chic!

  30. Latkinssf says:

    Can always use scoop neck t-shirts and the long sleeve style is both practical and fashionable.

  31. alchea (@aucociscomaine) says:

    love the Versie Dolman Sleeve Tee!

  32. carina4 says:

    Love the Story Pirates Sweatshirt, though I’d never say no to the Versie Dolman top :-)

  33. Cliston says:

    As a science teacher, Eco friendly basics are a must!

  34. DeborahJS12 says:

    I love the vivid tee

  35. SWags says:

    The scarf. I have no style right now :)

  36. L0rriel says:

    I like the vivid long sleeve scoop neck T

  37. xyliacooks says:

    Olive Green Infinity Scarf from KCA is awesome!

  38. BBC says:

    The White Scoopneck Tee is great !

  39. MaRedi says:

    My favorite is the vivid scoop neck long tee!

  40. RunnerRunner says:

    I love the t-shirts (you can never go wrong with the basics) and the onesies for my daughter!

  41. Mandy says:

    I love the “wear this, not that” feature. It’s nice to have alternatives when you know what sort of piece you want, but not exactly where to get it (responsibly, that is).

  42. intensev5 says:

    I subscribe to the ecouterre newsletter

  43. maureenk says:

    I love the short sleeve v-neck tee!

  44. intensev5 says:


  45. tameeky says:

    Wow, I love, love them All. Look so Cozy!

  46. intensev5 says:

    I really like the La Rochelle Dress

  47. clayfrog says:

    I love the infinity scarf

  48. rtertin says:

    The Versie Dolman Sleeve Tee is way cool and very retro 80s! Love it!

  49. waytojo says:

    I love the short sleeve scoop neck!!!

  50. says:

    I love the jewelry.

  51. bmen10299 (@@fairtradefab) says:

    I love it all, but especially the dresses!

  52. aubs38 says:

    Love the Versie Dolman Sleeve Tee – and love the Fashioning Change website – what a novel idea!

  53. Jemma (@@jembahloo) says:

    I love them all. I buy almost all of my clothes second hand (to reduce my footprint) but sometimes these kind of basics are better new and these are such a great alternative to environmentally unfriendly and socially irresponsible brands!

    If I have to pick one favourite I guess it’s the Vivid Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Tee; I’m so in love with the colour!

  54. akto says:

    My favorite KCA by Fashioning Change style is their “Eggplant Infinity Scarf”. I can totally see myself wearing it. Thanks for the introduction to an amazing retailer. I wish more would be so conscience.

  55. kmwaddell says:

    All the KCA fashions are my favorite because when I wear them I feel good about what is on my body and who I am!

  56. amhackett says:

    I really like the Short Sleeve Euca Vee t-shirt and the crew neck version. I like that is made from eucalyptus and comes in different colors and a long sleeved version. I live in the southeast so I can tell you that July & August here are hot & humid. I do alot of pet sitting and dog walking, this shirt would be great. It’s incredible this shirt eliminates odors, wicks moisture and protects from the sun. I don’t even mind that it has to lay flat to dry.

  57. artaaffe says:

    I love the Hip Vee! Perfect for this naturalist in Boise!

  58. trhorsley says:

    All this things look great! I’m registering for the desire to get my girlfriend a gift though!

  59. Florissa Glen says:

    I really like the Tratar Long-Sleeve Crew Tee thats KCA by Fashioning Change. Good luck everyone! I looks like they have some amazing clothes there.

  60. chelseyperron says:

    I really like the infinity scarf!

  61. Viv says:

    I love the Versie Dolman Sleeve Tee, such a sleek and easy piece to wear and accesorized, perfect to replace my current Zara wishlist :)

  62. amanda alvarado says:

    I like the Feather Trim Maxi Dress in Green

  63. Danielle says:

    I really like the Vivid Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Tee.

  64. hofken says:

    My favorite style is the Stratus Bracelet by Dirty Librarian Chains

  65. superdumb (@superdumb) says:

    I love the Ecoology Poppy Seed Dress

  66. jeynne says:

    I like the Vivid Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Tee

  67. ktekat says:

    I would love to win this!

  68. Delana says:

    Hi, I love them all! Yes Pick Me!

  69. ktekat says:

    I forgot to say what I liked….love the Easy Chic top.

  70. stoptrffckfash (@stoptrffckfash) says:

    I love the Versie Dolman Sleeve Tee!

  71. davisgirl32 says:

    Versie Dolman Sleeve Tee is a fave!

  72. amandarock says:

    All of those tshirts are amazing! wardrobe essentials!!

  73. stardustK says:

    Love the red scoop neck tee.

  74. JulieMarie says:

    The Infinity Scarf!

  75. pippimazzarri says:

    I want the olive green infinity scarf!!!!

  76. deziraygun says:

    The versie is the cutest top, but the best thing about the whole collection are the social and environmental benefits they have over their big brand counterparts <3

  77. mwalentiny says:

    I love the versie dolman sleeve top…very sexy and fun

  78. creence says:

    A fitted white t-shirt is a wardrobe staple.

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