LAST CHANCE: Win an Eco-Friendly Laptop Messenger From Plaid Doctrine (Worth $129!)

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Ties are boring. Give your dad or grad a gift he truly can savor, like Plaid Doctrine’s Belltown messenger bag. Handcrafted in downtown Seattle from recycled plastic bottles, the water-resistant carryall features a main compartment large enough to fit a 15-inch laptop, a padded interior pocket for an iPad or Kindle, a rear pocket that slips over a rolling-luggage handle, and two expandable side pockets for a water bottle or small umbrella. Plus, you get your choice of chevron or argyle print—like socks, only a gajillion times better. Enter now to win one of your own!


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER. (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winner there.)

2. LEAVE A COMMENT and tell us why your dad or grad rocks. Although it doesn’t hurt to get fancy, we’ll be picking a winner at random.

Note: This contest is only open only to residents of the United States and Canada.

We’ll announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, June 20. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Tuesday, June 19, so ENTER NOW for a chance to win!


Plaid Doctrine is the brainchild of Suzanne Park, who has logged 300,000-plus miles traveling for work and has spent ample time feeling frustrated with the travel gear available today. Plaid Doctrine offers the kind of travel accessories Park says she would have killed for in her days of non-stop travel: good-looking but not too trendy, green, and built to last. Nearly all of Plaid Doctrine’s materials are sourced domestically, and all of its goods are crafted in the United States.

+ Belltown Messenger $129

+ Plaid Doctrine

Originally published on June 7, 2012.

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78 Responses to “LAST CHANCE: Win an Eco-Friendly Laptop Messenger From Plaid Doctrine (Worth $129!)”

  1. aimeeknits says:

    I think my husband is amazing because he’s been living with Type 1 Diabetes for 25 years and he never complains about it. It is very difficult to manage in order to stay well, but he does it. I’m grateful, and I’m sure our son is too :-)

  2. 30minutes4me says:

    My Dad is awesome because he is my champion, my advisor, my shoulder to cry on, my biggest cheerleader. He’s the best Dad, for me!

  3. intensev5 says:

    I subscribe via email

  4. elindbloom says:

    My Dad rocks because he has the confident demeanor to know he rocks without being told.

  5. edieM says:

    My dad is my inspiration- he moved from Colombia to New York when he was 18. His parents were poor and he decided he would make his fortune in the States. He did. He also met my mother while getting his masters in electrical engineering, had 5 children, bought us a house and loves each and every one of us very much.

  6. adina39 says:

    My dad is the greatest. Loves us unconditionally, is generous, caring and does whatever he can for us

  7. bookshift (@trypd) says:

    My Dad is the tops because when I was a child, he showed me how to use practically every tool a grown man would need when he owns his own house. I now own my own house.

  8. AmyT says:

    At 82 years old, my dad decided to scrap his typewriter and buy a laptop so her could email his 85 year old sister in Croatia. He kicks ass and doesn’t let a thing like age dictate when you’re too old to learn a new trick.

  9. thereg says:

    My dad rocks because he never gives up despite his physical incapabilities. He is always trying to do things even if he knows he can’t. He tries and tries and it’s his persistence that is admirable.

  10. gr8tfuldayz says:

    My Dad rocks because the 1st tape he gave me as a kid was Ozzy! ☺ ♫

  11. PierretteW says:

    Unconditional love

  12. intensev5 says:

    I asked the kids and they said he rocks because he makes them laugh

  13. jennadb says:

    My Dad is unique and amazing because he signed every permission slip throughout school as “Daddy-o”

  14. SusanRam says:

    My dad rocks because he’s 84 and he’s been to hell and back and is always there for his 6 kids! :)

  15. breanne303 says:

    My husband rocks because of his loyalty, devotion, commitment, love and provisions for our two kids and me

  16. krazykillaz says:

    My dad rocks because he’s responsible. Don’t really know enough about him to say more.

  17. JENNIFER HART says:


  18. akto says:

    my dad rocks ‘cos he can fix anything … he’s a true handyman

  19. alyciaengel (@alyciaengel) says:

    My dad is awesome because he has always been there for me, AND because he reinvented himself as a photographer after he retired from a very non-creative job… and he’s GREAT at it!

  20. vasspapakon says:

    my dad rocks and he is retired

  21. JenniLyn says:

    My dad taught me two important life lessons. One, to treat everyone regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation fairly. The other is if I want to do something, try. Whether I succeed or not, I’ve always come out with greater knowledge.

  22. Sunnymay says:

    My grad rocks because he finished Miami University a semester early with summer courses at community college and his last summer on Miami’s campus. He figured the job market would be better without so many new grads to compete with and worked his resume and interviewed for six months. Two weeks after graduating, had a full time job working 60 hours a week in economics. He’s proactive, smart and working and I congratulate him.

  23. monticell0 says:

    My dad rocks because he is helping pay my student loans!

  24. amanda alvarado says:

    My dad is the best! He has always been there for me and has never judge me or criticized when I have made a mistake. He is also an awesome grandpa! He will get down on the floor and play with his granddaughter (my daughter) and he used to watch his grandson (my son) when he was smaller (he’s now 18 and in no need of babysitting!)

  25. hennagirl says:

    My dearest grad rocks because he strives toward individualism in the face of homogenized teenagers, listening to his heart and soul, staying true.

  26. wurk4fude says:

    possibly because he’s sacrificed so much to make a life for our family here in America.

  27. sooshiQ says:

    My grad is amazing..a beautiful charismatic young woman who excelled while being homeschooled and matriculated with ease to pub school. She works a full time job while completing all her required classes and is ready to take on college in the fall. She is best friends with her older sister, plays with her younger sissy and helps me out in the garden. the bag would be a perfect gift for my grad!

  28. el_chacal says:

    My pop beat odds left & right. Escaping from communist Cuba in the early 60’s, he taught himself English, finished his education and created a new life for himself and his new family here in the states. I’m constantly amazed with every new story he tells me – and I couldn’t be more proud of what he’s done.

  29. Miranda says:

    My dad rocks because he’s The best grandfather ever!

  30. emilee says:

    My dad rocks because he has finally said he is sorry for all the pain he caused. It really meant a lot.

  31. Zeypher says:

    My Dad is awesome because he has always been there for me and my brother.

  32. nico_strider (@niconectado) says:

    I Hate my dad, and love it at the same time. I hate him because is always worried about the mistakes i have to commit by myself. I love him because beyond everything, he loves me more.
    In 10 or more years i will think about why didn’t i talked more to dad, to be more symphatetic, and finally how did he needed my companion and support, as much as i need his.

  33. bryanizmir says:

    My dad is awesome because he always has the best advice and is always there when I need him :)

  34. orlandoarroyo says:

    My dad is just awesome, he’s always been there for me

  35. Amir Esaei says:

    My dad is the best, because he is my dad!

  36. cameosilver (@cameosilver) says:

    Dad is wonderful to his kids and grandchildren, We all truly love him.

  37. RinTina says:

    My father rocks because he’s sacrificed his wealth, pride and esteem in his home country so that my sister and I could come to America and build our own futures. Love you dad!

  38. sp00kyprincess says:


    My Grad rocks because he graduated with an Honors Diploma and has a head start on several classes for College.

  39. pwlcapricorn1 says:

    My gradfather rocks because he inspired me to be a better father. He also invented the 6 foot beef stick! :)

  40. LaurenP says:

    My dad rocks because he’s always had a great sense of humor, which he passed down to me. Laughter’s what makes everything better, and I’m glad I inherited that!

  41. mjs1076 says:

    Dads are awesome!

  42. cyn1600 says:

    My Dad rocks because he inspires me. As an artist he is always there when in need of assistance and my biggest supporter in whatever I create. I am rather lucky to have his genes.

  43. nik says:

    He taught me all I know about creating and appreciating art, and loving life!

  44. pandoraxsage (@pandoraxsage) says:

    My fiance is amazing because he works very hard to give so much of himself to his kids and to me.

  45. deedee says:

    Love the bag.. My Dad while not always there while growing up had a light switch moment some years ago and changed almost 180degrees.. He is now more communicative..tells me he loves available for me if I need some help..( ie buying a car, moving something), always offering his help/advice if required or mental support ( ie trying to lose weight, work out tips, diet tips). I’ve come to love my dad more especially in these last # of years..So I think he deserves as much blessing as he can get.

  46. djc319 says:

    My Dad rocks because he has always been my rock!He will be 76 this year and he still parties like a rock star with us!He can stay up with us till 3 and be up making everyone breakfast at 8!He also have such a great smile and he is always smiling!

  47. janwarner says:

    My dad rocks because he can fix anything! My grad rocks because she just graduated from college and is going to be doing her student teaching in the fall. My whole family rocks!

  48. blujeans says:

    My dad rocks because everything he does is for family.

  49. lizzy2012 says:

    Love and support

  50. superdumb (@superdumb) says:

    My (step)dad rocks because he loves me unconditionally and always has.

  51. spirit_kim says:

    My Dad rocks because, he is fun loving and funny.

  52. vikimaui says:

    My step dad rocks! When he married my mom, there were 3 of us kids. He took responsibility for all of us on a daily basis without ever making us feel like we were a burden or that our dad was a jerk. Bravo and thanks!

  53. tofucute says:

    My dad made me tough.

  54. sethsd says:

    My dad rocks because he’s always been supportive of what ever I’ve chosen to do in my life.

  55. trenonotte says:

    My dad is a mountain climbing professor and general badass who loves me unconditionally.

  56. mynameisobel says:

    My dad rocks because he is his own person – never to be defined by anyone else. He is also willing to fight for what is right. And most of all – he loves to have a great time!

  57. rebeccaolson says:

    After being estranged for many years, my dad flew to California (from Oklahoma) in order to be there when I had brain surgery last week. I could tell he tried to be positive and I appreciate his efforts. It’s never too late to try again.

  58. KevinKolb (@KevinKolb) says:

    He has the best parking karma ever!

  59. alva says:

    My dad always knows when I need to hear from him (sometimes even before I do), and then calls with the best advice.

  60. maway says:

    My dad rocks and its my hero because he was in the Army of Guatemala for over 30 years. Guatemala was at war for 36 years and my dad was in it. He never got shot but saw many of his friends died and every time we talk there is always a new story and its incredible what he lived. Now, my entire family lives in United States, he is retired and learning English and of course how to use the computer. He risk his life for his family and country and for that he will always be my HERO! I love my daddy

  61. hypu says:

    My dad rocks because he is the coolest man in my life!!! \m/

  62. Khashayar_m says:

    Father asked his son, who is stronger between us?
    Son responded me.
    The father took his hand off the sons shoulder remembering all he had done for the son.
    Went a few steps away and asked again, are you stronger or me?
    The son replied you!!!
    Father asked why did you changed your mind?
    Son replied when you had you hand on shoulder, I was feeling like I have support of the entire world, but when you took it away, I realized….

  63. mattafam says:

    My Dad rocks because he works hard driving a taxi to support his family. This bag would hold all his stuff with style. No more lost receipts!

  64. hofken says:

    My grad rocks because he jumped right in to college summer classes a week after graduating from high school.

  65. lelandstewart says:

    My Dad is a wonderful person. The way he takes care of my mom is amazing and heartwarming.

  66. Karla says:


  67. Indy339 says:

    I grew up with a man who earned the title of Dad. He could have cast us aside or used his disability as a crutch. He had no kids of his own and felt as green as a new dad when he married my mother, but he over came both nervousness and disability to raise three amazing human beings all of whom have started their own families. My dad passed a few years ago age and injury caught up with him. So he doesn’t need this bag, but his life’s work should be shared. Happy father’s days to all the dads out there and remember that you have the power to change the lives of your children!

  68. asherman says:

    My dad is wonderful – he always holds the philosophy that art supplies are equivalent to drinking water and eating food in our family. He always encouraged me to do art and still does to this day. I am so grateful for that since many parents won’t see childrens’ true gifts until it’s too late. Thanks to my dad, I will always value art as an essential element to human survival and happiness.

  69. jck1 says:

    My dad rocks for giving me a copy of “Being and Nothingness” when I was 12!

  70. Cheryl Kidder says:

    My dad rocked because he told me, in 1971, to get into computers (think Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate being told to get into Plastics). He worked at Lockheed and was always ahead of the technology curve.

  71. kebiana (@kebiana) says:

    My dad rocks because he instilled in me the idea that the most important thing to learn is to love learning. Best gift anyone could give~

  72. saungtree says:

    My dad taught me everything he knows from biking and swimming to ping pong and chinese chess. But most importantly, he instilled in me the love of animals and nature, and the patience to observe and watch things grow.

  73. hematts says:

    My dad rocks my socks off because he’s always encouraged me to follow my dreams

  74. smorean (@smorean) says:

    My dad lives on wooded land he inherited from his great uncle 10 years ago. He built his own 700 sq. ft. cabin there which he lives in. He’s my inspiration for living small, finding satisfaction in nature, and being a hard-working, goal-oriented person. He’s a real visionary and one of a kind!

  75. Renaude Laberge-Boisjoli says:

    My dad inspires me and makes me want to take better care of me!

  76. mhc says:

    My dad rocks because he would wear that bag if I win it …!

  77. perogi12 says:

    My dad is stylish and bad ass, just like your bag! He’s retired and has a small business that involves handing out flyers. Your weather resistant bag would be perfect. A flyer is no good wet. He’s a nice guy too! Love you dad!

  78. ReflectingLight says:

    Encourager, provider, unconditional love, and goofy! Just some words to describe my dad. He rock because he tries his best everyday to be a great dad and role model.