Win an Eco-Friendly Shopping Spree on LovingEco (Worth $250!)

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We’ll announce the winner on Facebook and our newsletter on Monday, September 26. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Sunday, September 25, so enter now for a chance to win!


Ecouterre readers can enjoy an extra 10 percent off their LovingEco purchases before midnight on September 25, 2011 with the code ECODEAL10.


LovingEco is a private member-sales site that offers up to 70 percent off your favorite eco-fashion and natural-beauty brands. Each week, a guest tastemaker curates their favorite eco-friendly brands. Because a portion of each sale goes to charity partners, you can support positive change with every purchase.

+ LovingEco

Originally published on Sept. 20, 2011.

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145 Responses to “Win an Eco-Friendly Shopping Spree on LovingEco (Worth $250!)”

  1. Jamillah (@@made2travel) says:

    Ah! Love the Leah Jacket and the Ella tee from Emma & Emilie

  2. pluvius says:

    love the leah jacket!!

  3. Yuka Yoneda says:

    The Leah jacket is my fave!

  4. Bridgette says:

    I’m a huge fan of the Dirty Librarian Chains. I would take any one of them.

  5. lorizimmer (@lorizimmer) says:

    I must have that bracelet!!!!!!

  6. taffykay says:

    I really struggle to find awesome eco-friendly clothing traveling through Africa and the Middle East, but I’m dying to be able to show people this stuff exists. I tell them, and nobody believes me!

  7. I could really use a shopping spree — I have nothing to wear for fall! Plus, I desperately need a new bag and that Me + You tote is perfect!

  8. Jasmin Malik Chua says:

    I love anything and everything by Dirty Librarian Chains—they give any outfit a cool, industrial edge.

  9. rhonda8586 says:

    Emma & Emilie sure can design! I’m happy to have discovered their eco fashion line today :)

  10. sabs7 says:

    The Leah jacket is a stunner for sure. Pair it with my black skinny jeans and hit the local fall farmer’s market. The fall chill cant touch me as I load up on the weeks produce and freshly baked bread……

  11. DonnaJ says:

    I love the Emma & Emilie Zoe tee in blackberry. I would style it with skinny jeans, a long fitted black tank and tall black boots. I would wear it with the Dirty Librarian Chains Harmonic necklace for an edgy look.

  12. AdeleI says:

    The Tiffanie dress would look great with black leggings, high black pumps, a colorful scarf and an armful of bangles.

  13. StuffSmart says:

    I love the Pink Box: Cruelty-free Makeup Collection by 100% Pure. It would be the perfect gift for my daughter

  14. Wow, I love the jewelry! And the skin products…all of it really!

  15. CarolHoffman says:

    My favorite is the Chain necklace/bracelet! It rocks! I’m going to Brazil for Carnaval 2012! It looks so versatile that I will definitely dance a good Samba for hours ahead with this and also go out for dinner in beautiful Rio de Janeiro wearing it!! I will rock…better, I will SAMBA big big time, baby!

  16. NewMexMariss says:

    Leah jacket from Emma & Emilie
    would surely cause envy among mes amis.
    I like to add a bit of frontier
    to my office gear, zat clear?

  17. Kimib3 says:

    That Leah jacket and I are meant to be best friends! Eco rules!!!

  18. kammi says:

    I would totally wear a jacket to work since we have a cold AC in the office.

  19. ecoenthusiast (@ecoenthusiast) says:

    I love the Emma & Emilie’s “Leah” jacket! Fall starts in a few days and this would definitely be a ‘go to’ jacket for the fall! ♥

  20. cdmtx65 says:

    The Leah jacket is my favorite ! i would wear it with my skinny jeans:)

  21. bugze (@@hugatreewithme) says:

    I am loving the Pure Cosmetics and the rebagz

  22. scarletdays says:

    I am totally in love with LovingEco’s line. I would probably fall out of my chair if I won! ;)

  23. JLJMommy says:

    I LOVE the Rebagz All-in-One Wallet – Multicolored. So Pretty and functional. I’d use it everyday bringing my kiddos to school, grocery shopping, out for dinner. Maybe even get the All-in-One Wallet – Silver for those fancier nights out on the town! Love that Rebagz are made from recycled materials (yay for green products) and that proceeds are donated to charities especially the Breast Cancer emergency fund!

  24. dhoguet says:

    Leah Jacket!

  25. sarahaub says:

    I love 100% Pure cosmetics! I had never heard of LovingEco before this, but I’m excited to make good use of it in the future!

  26. LoveItShop (@LoveItShop) says:

    I love the “Leah” jacket! I design my own eco-friendly jewelry so it was an easy pick:) I would wear it all winter long with my vegan boots and vintage dresses as I scour local flea markets to find more trinkets to mix into my jewelry collections. Traveling to Ohio in November too (Ohio Star Ball) so it would be awesome to keep this CA girl warm! Yay for Eco:)

  27. heatherspeaks493 (@queenofgarlands) says:

    i really like the Harmonic Necklace from Dirty Librarian Chains

  28. cldangelo says:

    The “Leah” jacket is ah-ma-zing!

  29. bumstear says:

    I NEED new clothing, I haven’t bought anything in about two years… trying to save so I can build a small house for me, my girlfriend, and our pets!

  30. michele_montano says:

    I love the Leah Jacket!! So cute and goes with almost everything…perfect for fall!

  31. jrock11 says:

    i love all the clothing

  32. justjanicepdx says:

    Love the Leah Jacket…perfect for Portland!

  33. lina81 says:

    Love the rebagz jasmine laptop carrier!

  34. ramjjj says:

    I would love to win the 100% pure cosmetics. I am a mom of three young boys and tend to leave care for myself low on the priority list. I would love to show off these cosmetics not only to others when I am out and about, but mostly for my husband. So, when he comes home from work, he can see a fresh all natural face :-)

  35. jacklebee says:

    Who said all librarians are clean-cut? This librarian down in the deep South will be even more unconventional in a Dirty Librarian Chain.

  36. Martha Washington says:

    The Leah jacket is great and the make-up line looks awesome and very natural.

  37. amoration (@amoration) says:

    Very much enjoying the Emma and Emilie collection, especially the Ella tee. Thanks for putting together a great series and collection set! Looking forward to finding new pieces with you.

  38. Mookerz says:

    I would love anything in this collection for my daughter -she was raised a hand me down clothes kid and I would love to give her this prize!

  39. novolaras says:

    I immediately got lured in by the clothing. Simple and clean aesthetic. My favorites were the estelle tee and teagan coat. Couldn’t choose just one. What is great about the Emma&Emilie brand is how flexible they are: paired with belts, other clothing items in your closet, pins, etc will be easy because the items are so clean and in great basic colors. Those are usually what get worn the most anyway, clean and classic pieces. My autumn would be great with those pieces, something to sit outside with my morning coffee or to go apple picking in. The coat would be a great to wear around before winter really sinks in.

  40. kizzianne says:

    Love the Kailia black ballerina flats! I’m in a wedding this fall, and we are all looking for flats to wear once it’s time to dance…these are beyond perfect for this eco friendly elegant black and white wedding!

  41. becheerful says:

    I love the Silver Large Tie Tote! I would wear it during my “Birthday Month”. (I celebrate my birthday for the whole month!) The silver in the bag will match the sparkles in my virtual tiara, which I also wear during my Birthday Month!

  42. dc418 says:

    i LOVE the entire collection from Emma & Emilie! great find!!!

  43. kohearn says:

    Love the jacket! I’m an architect and it would be perfect to wear to early morning construction site visits – just the right balance of urban style & rugged practicality.

  44. brandisse says:

    I love the jewelry and eco friendly products!

  45. RunningMama (@@monkeygiveaways) says:

    I adore the Tiffanie Dress from Emma&Emilie. Why? Because I’m a mom with 3 kids 3 and under who gets pulled on ALL. THE. TIME. but yet has to have a place to stash my keys and phone when i bend down to pick up a kiddo. The genius of this dress? it has pockets. Big deal? oh yeah–these pockets ZIPPER! Another awesome thing about this dress–actually two: 1) I won’t feel like a mom with a newborn, toddler, and preschooler–or at least I won’t look like one while wearing it (and i think the gray color could definitely hide some newborn reflux stains, don’t you?) and 2) I can nurse in this dress! Bonus! I’m already imagining me in this dress chasing my littles around while looking svelte and feeling good knowing that their future earth is a little greener because i supported this eco-company!

  46. yousoldtheworld says:

    I love the Pure cosmetics, especially the eyeliner duo and the pink box!

  47. stpian says:

    I love the lip liners and the tote bags made from recycled rice sacks. Very fashionable and good for our environment.

  48. gr8tfuldayz (@gr8tfuldayz) says:

    I loooove the Teagan Coat (and need a new coat badly lol)!! It would look so great with my black leggings, blue tunic and black vegan boots. Add my recycled LOVE purse, silver recycled candy wrapper bracelet & guitar pic necklace & voila! Perfection!

    Thank you so much for an awesome giveaway!

  49. Jblaze11 says:

    I love the Pyrite bracelet from dirty Librarian Chains because of the mixed metals look. You can wear it with anything and not have to worry about changing your other accessories for not “matching”.

  50. ajoebloe says:

    I liked the All-in-One Wallet – Multicolored! Would make a great gift for my Aunt!

  51. Eidara says:

    I like the 100% Pure lip butter, yum!

  52. annaleighmcclelland (@@McClellandAM) says:

    This mama needs a new pair of shoes! And I am loving the Kailia ballet flats…then I might have to add the Rebagz silver all in one. I’m in desperate need of clothes as I really haven’t bought anything for me since my kiddo was born…2 years ago ;-)

  53. sabrina says:

    So beautiful and amazing.

  54. leah kinthaert says:

    Would be a cool way to try out some of your products, then become hooked :)

  55. xhonkytonkx says:

    leah jacket!!! and almost all their shoes!!!!

  56. cindiizzy says:

    Love this site!

  57. sunnymay says:

    Dirty Librarian Chains caught my eye. I love bracelets and these are unique chains.

  58. gaye m says:

    My favorite is the Harmonic Necklace from Dirty Librarian Chains. I love how cleverly it’s been created with mixed pieces of vintage chain. It’s eclectic, fun and feminine too. I’d wear it with jeans and a tee.

  59. KarenZ says:

    I joined Loving Eco. My favorite item is the Black Embellished Ballerina Flats? They look super cute and would be perfect to wear to match with my black dress when performing at FREAKING CARNEGIE HALL With my orchestra. And they look super comfy! Last time I wore dress shoes it killed my feet and hurt so bad.

  60. acwallace says:

    Loving the Summer Tank ‘Style for Change. Also the 100% pure range is excellent, love having a good range of natural options.

  61. jssk6 says:

    love the Me+You Celebrity Gold Tote. ’tis simple, useful, sustainable, and fashionable,

  62. m L says:

    Loving the Kailia shoes!So adorable!

  63. rose154223 (@samarac1187) says:

    i love the leopard print vegan pump

  64. joyc says:

    The Teagan jacket is super cute and looks perfect for the early fall/late spring transitional weather. Nice and comfy and cozy for relaxing on the weekends. Nice with jeans or leggings and boots! The Simply Nude Face Kit also caught my eye because I’ve been trying to replace all my old makeup with vegan options with fewer chemicals, and I love the nude palette!

  65. brasildragon says:

    Love the Leah Jacket! Perfect for the upcoming season. You guys rock!!

  66. Mkokopelli (@mkokopelli) says:

    LOVE the Riley V-Neck and the Teagan Coat!!

  67. nina.e.singh says:

    I hadn’t heard of this site, so firstly, thank you for bringing it to my light. It looks like it should prove to be a veritable cornucopia of eco-treasures! Secondly, I’m really admiring the drapey silhouette of the Emma and Emilie Julia tee. It is relaxed yet refined, expressive yet understated, so extremely versatile, as well as perfectly trans-seasonal. These sort of restrained, all-occasion pieces should be the bread and butter of every wardrobe, but especially the eco-fashionista. We should all make a mantra of “Less is truly more!”


  68. rattled mom says:

    I love the Dirty Librairian Chains pyrite bracelet. It would be the perfect bling for a girls’ night out!

  69. ew says:

    the reusable bag by me+you is dope

  70. AlexandraS says:

    Absolutely EcoFabulous & LOVE the Zoe Tee in Blackberry too!!
    If I had one wish it would be to redo my whole wardrobe & know I was making it 100% environmentally friendly while keeping my Style On!

  71. greenmomali says:

    I love the Emma & Emilie Leah jacket in grey. I would complete the look with some eco-friendly boots and my growing baby bump. Pregos need eco fashion just like everyone and this flowy jacket would certainly do the trick!

  72. Marisol says:

    Great giveaway and community! My favourite would be for the Zoe Tee- Blackberry and I would keep it for those rainy days you can stay at home and just lay in the sofa reading a book with a nice freshly squeezed orange juice to enjoy! Or with a photo album remembering fond memories, the tee just looks so cozy and warm!

  73. Robyn E says:

    Hands down for the Leah jacket for me !

  74. HPotatoes says:

    Really interested in the Pink Box: Cruelty-free Makeup Collection by 100% Pure, as it’s so hard to find natural and animal-friendly products… especially cosmetics!

    Lovely <3

  75. theresa n says:

    Love the Dirty Librarian Chains.
    theresa n

  76. betshsu says:

    Love the Rebagz

  77. BQ says:

    Love the contest and the bags! hope i win :)

  78. MoonlitWitch69 says:

    Would Love this Shopping Spree! My kids complain how I never buy anything 4 myself, but I have to buy 4 them, & run such a tight budget! I live on disability @ 41, w/no help fr the Government~ :P But what Cute clothes! I Love the Boots that the Model is Wearing w/ the Leah Jacket! Oh, how cute! :D

  79. stigay says:

    i like the emma and emilie tiffanie dress

  80. bluflax says:

    My fave is the Leah jacket in Black. LOVE!

  81. weyrcat says:

    I’d never heard of LovingEco before, but I’m glad I’ve found it! I need more Reusable Produce Bags! Our grocery store once had a 3-pack that I use constantly. I don’t need to worry about those hard to open, wasteful plastic bags at the store, AND, I can plunk my fruits and veggies RIGHT in the fridge or fruitbowl without worrying about the plastic bag keeping moisture in and MOLDING my new produce! Happy to be able to get more!

  82. atlantagalknows says:

    My favorite piece on LovingEco right now is the Stand Up To Cancer Bracelet Exclusive from Novica. I’ve been a big fan of Novica for awhile now, loving how they provide beautiful, high-quality jewelry with the costs going to benefit artisans around the world. To think that you’re wearing a piece of jewelry lovingly handcrafted by someone who cares, and that your purchase of that piece affects their lives in so many ways, well, that to me is truly a statement piece. I’d wear this bracelet–with its red, light-catching beads–to one of my husband’s concerts, paired with some black faded skinny jeans and a long, beige flowy tunic that has some embroidery around the edges. I’d wear some red flats to tie in the bracelet and let my accessories do the talking for me while I sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

  83. clkeyzer says:

    i would definitely wear the zoey tee..looks so comfy!

  84. BeccaAlley (@BeccaAlley) says:

    Oh how awesome are those clothes!

  85. greasyfatso says:

    I love the Hayden vest…it’s so perfect for fall!! I would wear a white-navy blue stripe long sleeved tee under the vest. For bottoms, I would go with a gold sequined mini skirt and my mom’s vintage platform sneakers.

  86. mariam says:

    I’m a member, and I love the Vegan Leather and Canvas totes they have!

  87. lwhite says:

    I love the me+you vegan leather and canvas tote! As a busy, fashion-conscious vegan, I think it would be the perfect bag to take to the community outreach events that I attend for the nonprofit I work with, or for my weekend trips to the local coffeeshop and farmers market.

  88. debby14 says:

    I really like the Dirty Librarian Unbound earrings. I’d wear them to my new job at our local library and tell everyone the name and where I got them.

  89. Carla16 says:

    I would pair the Ella T-shirt and the Leah Jacket with a cute A-line skirt, opaque tights in a bright color and a pair of boots. I’m ready for the fall! :)

  90. psyche says:

    I adore the “Cruelty-free Makeup ” Pink Box Collection. It is such a relief to wear Make up I know has not been tested on animals of any kind,The natural tones are perfect for a daytime light look, and the Bunnies on the Box are “The Bees Knees.!”

  91. mj says:

    I would like to wear the DLC Text necklace and Ix ring with the E&E Ella t-shirt (terrific drape on that shirt), grey skinny jeans and edgy vegan booties. Wearable, on-trend and responsible: fashion trifecta!

  92. organicmommyluv says:

    I would totally style the Leah Jacket before AND after my baby is born!(First of November) I’m always cold so this would be fabulous for fall/winter months- plus the lapels are awesome and would help keep my babe’s breastfeeding on the discreet when we’re out looking hot in our postpartum bods!

  93. naturalsuccess says:

    I really like the Tiffanie Dress from EMMA & EMILIE not only because it has my name but also because it can be dressed up or down. Me as a TEXAS girl would rock it with some cowboy boots, a blue jean jacket, and a cute cowboy hat :). I would accessorize it with a Stand Up To Cancer Bracelet Exclusive from Novica, the Celebrity Bag from Me+You and Watermelon Summer Fruits Lip Butter from 100% PURE because I love to keep it natural and sweet :)

  94. shibamom (@producttweets) says:

    looks like my town (small country town) needs to see a F*@k plastic reusable tote – which is filled with Reusable produce bags – so I can pass them out to people who are staring at me @-@

  95. stephaniec says:

    I love the Me + You vegan leather & canvas tote, especially in the tan color. Not only is it cruelty free, which is a must-have for me, but it’s also sophisticated enough to wear to work & simple enough for class & weekly trips to the farmer’s market (the included produce pouch is a great plus!). For a busy college student, it’s the perfect all-purpose bag.

    Everything on the Loving Eco site is amazing, & I’ll definitely keep using it in the future. Thanks for the discount (I used it to snag some 100% Pure products I’d been eying before), & for advertising this fantastic site!

  96. greenola says:

    OMGAWD!!!! LOVING THE Emm&Emile [Leah Jacket] A perfect transition piece as I work back into my pre-preggo hot body ;) I totally will rock that hotty dotty style.

    Holla! Chicago!!

  97. tinagirl (@@warp65) says:

    I signed up for LOVINGECO and I’m especially smitten
    with the Emma & Emilie Teagan Coat which would look great
    with jeans & leggings as well as a little floral dress and boots!

  98. fresharjuna says:

    The Julia Tee from Emma and Emilie calls to me! Tencel is a glorious fabric, so easy breezy, and still so chic. That tee can do double duty, day to night.

  99. angielilly (@fotomacro) says:

    I joined! SUCH a great site! I love the Summer Fruits Lip Butter Trio by 100% pure and would wear one of them every day just to keep my lips ultra-sexy and smooth! heheheeh I love 100% Pure brand and use a lot of their stuff. Such a great company and such wonderful products! I also love love love the Cheeky Bag that says F*@k Plastic! HILARIOUS and PERFECT to take to the farmers market or my local whole foods. I know it would be a conversation starter! How fun! (sorry I am plus-sized and no clothing options on their site for me so hopefully this entry will suffice!) Thanks!!

  100. miglenka2000 says:

    love the emma & emily teagan coat.

  101. Caron (@wallstories) says:

    I’ve fallen madly and instantly in love with the Me+You nautical tote. I have two kids, work, and love traveling. This bag is going everywhere with me.

  102. pduthoy says:

    I love the Teagan Coat.

  103. jenyvive says:

    I absolutely love the Hayden Vest! I would wear it over my latest buy…a vintage 1940’s hand dyed slip dress, dyed in greens and blues with lace trim. I’d pair the outfit with my favorite mary janes or mid calf vintage boots, some upcycled telephone wire jewelry found on Etsy and a smile!

  104. blusugie says:

    Wave Bracelet-dity libraran chains

  105. rdroege says:

    Being from Alaska, it’s hard to find eco-chic clothing! I think the Leah Jacket in grey from Emma & Emilie would be the PERFECT jacket for the already 30 degree Anchorage autumn! I would to be the eco beacon in alaska! spread the word, spread the love.

  106. jcaplus2 says:

    Really love the Zoe Tee – Blackberry

    from Emma & Emily on LovingEco!

  107. jcaplus2 says:

    Really love the Zoe Tee – Blackberry

    from Emma & Emilie on LovingEco!

  108. tylerpants says:

    I love Emma & Emilie’s Julia tee! I would wear it with a pencil denim skirt and black heels

  109. scmama says:

    I like the Emma and Emilie Riley Tee.

  110. angrylittleowl says:

    That me+you nautical tote would look super cute with my navy anchor sundress, nautical scarf & navy converse.

  111. halvom says:

    Look, I’m a college instructor of Sustainability and Fashion, and am duty-bound to demonstrate to my students that ethical, pro-human, and timeless garments are the only option. (Ecouterre is required reading in my class). From the Emma & Emilie line, I think the Zoe tee and Tiffanie dress could be beloved basics–with narrow pants and heels no matter the decade. Thanks for what you do.

  112. DLori27 says:

    While there are a few gorgeous jackets that I would love to have, not to mention all the pretty make up and jewelry, the one item that I had to choose as the piece I would want if I won this contest is the LovingEco – Stand Up To Cancer Bracelet Exclusive

    I have intimately watched 2 Aunts slowly deteriorate, eventually dying, from the ravages of Breast Cancer and nobody can understand what kind of horror that is for the person who is ill, no less for the people who love them as they watch them deteriorate and slowly wither away, being powerless to do anything to help them or give them hope. They turn from vibrant human beings to shriveled up, non humans who beg to let them die. It’s heartbreaking.

    That is why his I had to choose the limited edition,, exclusive bracelet in honor of the life and work of Laura Ziskin, where 100% of the net proceeds of the bracelet goes to the organization Stand Up To Cancer.

    This bracelet is absolutely gorgeous and is made from leather and carnelian, a stone known symbolizing protection.

    The Leather in combination with carnelian, creates a beautiful wrap bracelet, and is called ‘Hope’.
    The Thai artist, Panapha, combines “the timeless allure of hill tribe jewelry with a bold sense of originality for this wrap bracelet. She crafts it by hand, tying bright carnelian gems into a sleek leather strap featuring a florid Karen hill tribe silver clasp. The soft pink pearl symbolizes friendship, harmony and inner peace. Carnelian’s bright orange glow is energizing and fosters a sense of humor.”

    I love this piece and I love the fact that there are wonderful people in the world who donate their time endlessly to donate proceeds from their hard work to charities such as this one. Everything about this bracelet is eco friendly and it is probably one of the most gorgeous bracelets I’ve ever seen, one I’d be proud to wear, educating people about the organization and trying to do my part in raising funds for this very worthy organization.

    Thank you for giving your fans the opportunity to possibly win such a generous giveaway. Good Luck To ALL!!!!!

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  113. windycindy says:

    All of your giveaway are fabulous! I am a proud member
    of LOVINGECO and their assortment of products are endless…
    One of my favorites items is the “Teagan Coat!” What a
    great look!
    Many thanks to you…Cindi

  114. slava vukelic says:

    I love the leah jacket- just that right look between being put together and comfy at the same time. Style with modesty = eco!

  115. Matrim says:

    Ode to a shirt

    Oh thy shirts of grim demise,
    How you must shiver in their eyes.
    A look of pitty then tossed away,
    Like some unwanted trash or stray .
    A wasted life so fresh and new,
    Forced to bid your last adu.
    But wasted you will be no more,
    Thanks to lovingeco’s online store.
    For shirts like you are kept afloat,
    As Recycled T-Shirt Totes.
    But in this life you mustn’t mourn,
    The fact that you will not be worn.
    For you can do things much more drastic,
    Like rid the grocery stores of plastic.

    These totes are really cool; I’d use them for everything (I don’t think I’d wear them tho). Gotta love reclaimed products.

  116. Color_Me_Happy says:

    the zoe tee in blackberry

  117. Emmy411 says:

    My favorite LovingEco product has got to be their exclusive Stand Up To Cancer Bracelet because it is cute and nice and eco friendly and adorable and uber stylish but most importantly, it goes to a great cause. 100% of net proceeds of this limited edition, exclusive bracelet go to Stand Up To Cancer. I think that is really amazing because I personally know people who have been diagnosed with cancer and they are still working hard and their strength and strong will made them heroes and idols in my eyes. I am doing all I can to help donate money to eorthy causes like these to help people with this disease. I would wear a bracelet like this everyday everywhere and everytime with ANY outfit- be it my bridesmaids dress for my friend’s wedding or with jeans and a tee shirt when I go to the park or a floral skirt, a cardigan, and a cute tank top when I am hanging out with friends because this bracelet has a meaning behind it-a very important meaning and is for a very good cause<3!!!

  118. bonniejean says:

    The Simply Nude Face Kit from 100% Pure really got my attention. The neutral and peachy colors in the kit compliment my warm hued complexion. This would be a great starting base for an earth toned Fall wardrobe.

  119. sennaj says:

    What a great site! I love the Zoe Tee – Blackberry. Just my style. Will be coming to the site again. One to watch. Fab concept.

  120. nsparr says:

    Man! There is a lot of great stuff! This was a hard one to choose. But I definitely love the Emma & Emilie Sale. Though picking a favorite garment from that group is even more difficult! The Leah Jacket and Teagan Coat both were favorites! I am really torn on which one of those I would rock more, but definitely love them both! The Estelle Tee and Ella Tee were also big favs! I really love the “shoulder cut-out” look and both of these tees do it and do it well!

    I think my overall favorite ~ the Estelle Tee. It does the shoulder cut-out look the best and makes an awesome silhouette, and for a great price at that!

  121. aubade says:

    I adore the 100% Pure cosmetics. I’ve been a vegan since September 1998, (it’s my 13 year veganniversary!) so it is always great to find an ethical vegan product. Especially makeup, because animal testing for beauty products is just so heinous. :-( I’d like to buy almost all of their products – just not foundation b/c since going vegan I’ve had great skin. (shameless plug lol)Even if I don’t win, this busy working mama is treating herself to the 8-pc Fruit Pigmented Color Collection right now!

  122. mroberts1020 says:

    So much I love. Particularly the stand up to cancer bracelet, so stylish and makes a really great statement. I also love the bags, the nautical one would be perfect all summer!

  123. shannonmarie says:

    Hope I’m not too late. I tweeted about this contest the other day (I’m @Rawdorable), but didn’t have time to leave a comment (gotta get off the computer when my toddler’s calling my name). I did join the site :-)

    Love that Loving Eco has great deals on 100% Pure (I’m a huge fan of their products; I don’t even mind using them on my little girl, who’s been eying the ice cream bath products), and the Emma&Emilie clothes are so comfy and stylish, without trying to hard. Some of their jackets would be cute atop a Style for Change tank, which I was amazed gives you the opportunity to have the proceeds donated to the cause of your choice. It doesn’t get better than that, so it must be my fave :-)

    Btw, the Dirty Librarian name cracked me up. Definitely gets one’s attention and their designs/concept are well done. Vintage rocks!

  124. aebred says:

    I really love Emma & Emilie, especially the Zoe Tee. And because I live in south Florida, I’d be able to rock it all fall and winter! I have to say the Dirty Librarian Chains are awesome too! Love the charity aspect of this company!

  125. nicole@TheSaleRack (@@TheSaleRack) says:

    I love Emma & Emilie’s “Leah” jacket! And I’ll wear it all fall over my eco-knits from from Fotoula Lambros Design & SPUN clothing!

  126. kimbergill (@kimbergill) says:

    I have travelled far and wide to find Alternative Apparel clothing (obviously such travelling is not so eco-friendly); I am so grateful to find Lovingeco so I can spend more time and efforts at school. Thank you Ecouterre and Lovingeco!

    p.s. Love the Emma&Emilie gray t-shirt dress


  127. om83 says:

    Love the Teagan Coat!!

  128. nique says:

    Banana’s over the Leah Jacket by EMMA&EMILIE! Wish I had the models legs, are those for sale?
    Pretty much have to have the F*@K Plastic Tote by Me+You. I think I want that for my client x-mas gifts this year.

  129. wildlore says:

    Novica’s Stand up to Cancer Carnelian Bracelet – it is beautiful and supports an important effort ~ a good friend of mine was just diagnosed with breast cancer and must now wait many years to have children – she is just 31. Remember your breast exams. Her mom is a 13 year survivor. Let’s all beat this!

  130. clos2red says:

    Novica is a fantastic site which doesn’t get enough exposure in my opinion. Thanks for spreading the word!

  131. Terri Davis Smith says:

    So happy to have found LovingEco! My favorite product is the Vegan Leather and Canvas Tote in Tan. Lot’s of room in this bag for shopping or for any girl on the go. The dotted loop vintage amulet, which is attached to the bag, is a cute embellishment to compliment this classic neutral bag. I LOVE the practicality of the bag, with the vegan leather pouch insert! Not only can you use the adorable pouch, but there is a reusable fruit, veg. + bulk bag included within the pouch. Brilliant! The icing on the cake is the pin-striped lining–I’m a girl who owns probably 20+ striped shirts, and I’m all about the stripes. Sold!

  132. Kathleen says:

    It was almost impossible to pick one thing but the Dirty Librarian Chains Wave Bracelet is my favorite. How I envision myself wearing this is on my wrist while I am reading a book on the beaches of San Tropez. The azure waters reflecting off the crystals making them sparkle and heal.

  133. Terri Davis Smith says:

    So happy to find your site! Thank you for the LovingCo Shopping Spree giveaway opportunity. I left my comment on your Facebook Fan Page. Will be spreading the word!

  134. sprincenatu says:

    Simply Nude Face Kit

  135. taz says:

    I love the Dirty Librarian Chains, but the Me+You bags are pretty cute, too. Lots of great things!

  136. Eurekm says:

    I love the Hayden Vest! I would wear it year round as I live in high mountain country and no matter what tiarme of year…we have to have layering pieces. I prefer to have stylish layering pieces…not to mention eco-friendly! The Hayden Vest fits my personality…criss-cross and fun!

  137. organic1 says:

    the Tiffanie Dress! It can be worn over black leggings with a nice necklace for night time wear, casually as well with leggings, with tights and boots for a modern look, or by itself as a dress. There are many ways to wear this one piece, and it would be flattering on any body!

  138. krazykillaz says:

    Out of what they have now, I’d have to go with the Me+You bags. Mainly the cheeky bag and the reusable produce bags. Odds are I’d use it weekly for food shopping. It’d be great to stop getting all those damn plastic bags. I’d probably get some comments on it too. It certainly would be unexpected for someone like me to just show up with one of those.

  139. Crystal A. says:

    I love the Leah Jacket in black the best! I think it would be wonderful for fall and I would pair it with some dangle earrings, a soft spiral ruffled scarf, a pretty blouse underneath, some awesome fingerless gloves, knee high legwarmers over black leggings and some calf high slouch boots.

  140. rhoNDA says:

    Love love love me and you bags.

  141. lmsalim says:

    i love the reusable produce bags and pretty much all of the clothes. i’d like to try the organic makeup as well!

  142. matrim says:

    Ode to a shirt

    Oh thy shirts of grim demise,
    How you must shiver in their eyes.
    A look of pitty then tossed away,
    Like some unwanted trash or stray .
    A wasted life so fresh and new,
    Forced to bid your last adu.
    But wasted you will be no more,
    Thanks to lovingeco’s online store.
    For shirts like you are kept afloat,
    As Recycled T-Shirt Totes.
    But in this life you mustn’t mourn,
    The fact that you will not be worn.
    For you can do things much more drastic,
    Like rid the grocery stores of plastic.

    These totes are really cool; I’d use them for everything. Gotta love reclaimed products.

  143. anitamahoney says:

    I’d totally rock the teagan jacet with my thigh-high black boots and nothing eles while I wait for my guy to get home from a hard days work and start a “hard” nights play. I LOVE DATE NITE!

  144. lisalila (@Sunsetstarlet) says:

    Desert Girl in bloom:

    As a true ‘lovingeco’ fadhionista, I would start my look with some boho-chic feather earrings, a braided leather hair tie, like a Hollywood starlet that I am; Rockin a sumptuous natural hued halter bikini, along with a pair of good society jeans and a pair of sultry vegan shoes.

    ***************************I’M A LOVINGECO GAL*********************************


  145. lisalila (@Sunsetstarlet) says:

    That’s fashionista, using an iPhone can be an interesting experience!