Win an Upcycled Leather Purse From ReFind Originals (Worth $300!)

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What happens when you’re a little bit country and a little bit rock ‘n roll? For starters, you’ll want a bag to match. We’ve joined forces with Green With Glamour to give away a one-of-a-kind Cali bag by ReFind Originals. Crafted from buttery-soft repurposed leather (castoff jackets and ripped upholstery are the usual suspects), the go-with-everything carryall comes embellished with a handmade wooden buckle and a pair of fringy tassels—perfect from hopping from mosh pit to hoedown.


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winner there.)

2. LEAVE A COMMENT telling us what your go-to fall accessory. We’ll pick the response we like the best, so be as detailed and creative as possible!

Green With Glamour


We’ll pick our favorite comment and announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, September 8. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Sunday, September 12, so ENTER NOW for a chance to win!


ReFind Originals is committed to using recycled materials in the creation of every handbag that bears its name. It does its part to make a difference in the world by reducing waste, reusing beautiful materials that would otherwise be discarded, and recycling them into refined and unique purses and handbags.


Green With Glamour is an online boutique that reaches eco-chic shoppers worldwide by promoting the concept of living with style while passionately caring for the planet.

+ Cali Bag $300 at Green With Glamour

+ ReFind Originals

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95 Responses to “Win an Upcycled Leather Purse From ReFind Originals (Worth $300!)”

  1. shyeyes says:

    Oh my gosh! I have a leather bag that is from Urban Outfitters that is a plum colored leather bag and I carry absolutely everything in it! I am a librarian by trade and so carry my nook, plus snacks and anything else I need for the day in this bag. It’s gotten kinda worn, much like the horse in the children’s rhyme that got his fur loved off, well in this case it’s the leather!!

  2. intensev5 says:

    I have a pair of deep red short zip up boots that I love to wear in the fall. They dress up a pair of jeans and the colour of them makes me think of leaves turning colour. Thanks for the chance to win

  3. VAPaula says:

    Leggings, flat boots, tank top & long cardigan sweater, hand-knit scarf, and an upcycled leather cuff — hand painted and embellished — made by Anita — this purse would make my outfit the total package. Guess I would say that the funky cuff is def my go-to item! Wear it with everything.

  4. ToBeJeweled says:

    My go-to-fall accessory is my Naturally Knotty Wrap! It\’s made from 100% Bamboo and it definitely is the the most soft and warm grab-in-go accessory every women must have! Plus it\’s green friendly. Thank you for a wonderful opportunity to win such a fabulous upcycled beauty!

  5. sunchicka (@sunchicka) says:

    A fake fur cape draped over the shoulders it wards off the cold. It makes the statement that to be fashionable you can be eco-friendly too!

  6. shel (@auntiethesis) says:

    It’s called a “boyfriend blazer”, my poor husband thinks I cheat
    But that cotton blazer makes all my fall outfits complete
    It goes with jeans, it goes with cords, a turtleneck or blouse
    It is the very last thing I grab when I leave the house
    Dress it up, or play it down, you can even cuff the sleeves
    It’s just enough to keep me warm when trees shed summer leafs

  7. meeyeehere (@meeyeehere) says:

    Well, my go to fall fashion item is always a cute mid sleeve button up cardigan,mid hip preferred.It’s always slenderizing,warm and helps layer those boring,drab clothes that need some style.Not to mention I stay warm and I can wear cute tanks that I love so much in the summer underneath.
    Love that bag and I am a subscriber too!

  8. marie-andree says:

    Last spring I bought some beautiful & colored yarn so soft, I am knitting with this yarn a scarf and fingerless mittens. I have some grey flannel who will turn in pants (I loose weight this summer, Youppi!) And I get enough I will make a jacket to go with. (The flannel is an old piece my mother give me…)

  9. VictoriaG says:

    The color gray!
    Gray nails, gray kitten heels, skirts, handbags…all used interchangably with classic black, taupe and even chocolate. Loving the gray.

  10. megquinn says:

    Looks like my accessory this fall will be a cornflower colored natural sling that I will be proudly toting my little girl in-due any day now and much anticipated. You know, it just may be the best accessory I have ever owned. I would love to own this purse as it looks spacious and could double as a diaper bag;) Thanks for the chance!

  11. velorutionista says:

    my go-to fall accessory is a stylish purse that fits in my bicycle basket…or maybe it’s my fall bicycle–either way, they’re inseparable! fall is my absolute favorite season for pedaling around town (and I pedal around Minneapolis year round, I would know!)

  12. oddtree says:

    I have a pair of 70s knee-high leather boots that I found in a vintage shop years ago. I took them to the cobbler last year for new soles and then I gave them a good polish – so they are ready for another season of super re-use!

  13. ashleygv (@athurkow) says:

    I have this cute pair or heeled brown suede boots. They are warm and not so high-heeled so I can where them all day. They look great with skinny jeans or even with a dress and tights! Love ’em! :)

  14. superdumb (@superdumb) says:

    My thrifted engineer boots keep me grounded!

  15. katygmorris (@@katygmorris) says:

    Right now my fall go-to accessory is a white recycled paper coat from Nina Valenti’s naturevsfuture paper coat experiment. The coat is absolutely beautiful with clean lines and strong geometric angles and on top of it all it’s made with Made from 70% post-consumer, 30% pre-consumer recycled paper! Love it!

  16. diana.b says:

    Suspenders Suspenders tan cotton and leather
    With my vintage specks they’ll go swell together
    When I ride my bike I’ll look like Tom Sawyer
    Not just for nerds, geeks, or Larry Parker the lawyer

    I’ll be the hippest cat walking the block
    Suspenders and weathered combat boots I shall rock
    Maybe a hat too, a wool Beret or Fedora
    If I win the Cali bag by ReFind, I’ll be seeing aurora

    Even though my suspenders, glasses, and hats all turn heads
    My most valuable accessory does not contain threads
    I must not forget my stainless steal liquid container
    For my coffee and tea, reducing waste is a no-brainer!

  17. eseberg says:

    Are you kidding, I like a really big purse so I can hit people with it. HA. This would be for my wife or daughter, I’ll let them fight it out.

  18. SheilaBee says:

    Always boots-I love boots and trade the flip flops for boots as soon as possible in the fall. That purse is to die for in rich buttery leather.

  19. Beegrl77 says:

    my $5 royal purple long cotton scarf from target – can be worn a million different ways and really brightens up an outfit & as a bonus- keeps my neck warm & toasty!!

  20. CarolineC21 says:

    My go-to fall accessory is my Sea Bag made from a recycled sail. I like to stuff everything in it for the day and go. Of course, I could use a repurposed leather carry-all such as this for my more formal outings. I love recycled bags!

  21. JanPattersonRN says:

    My go-to fall accessory is my pair of ~fetchings~, hand-knit for me by a friend: wrist/handwarmer with a thumb-hole and long enough to cover my knuckles but fingerless. I work nights in home-care these are just right for keeping my hands warm at work, and when I need to push them up to wash my hands I just slip my thumb out of the thumbhole, slide my fetchings up, wash and dry, and slide them down again. Voilà! Warm hands!

    I love the idea of this bag. It is brilliant, and brilliantly executed, too.

  22. I just got my first smartphone, HTC Hero, covered it in an Invisible Shield so it\’s safe from whatever else is in my pocket the few minutes I actually put it away. The phone IS the accessory, succeeding my fat boy 3rd gen iPod nano in it\’s new black silicon case. Those, along with my skull candy hook headphones go with EVERYTHING I wear.

  23. lisamj says:

    it’s a tie! for my favorite inanimate accessory i say heather grey sweater tights. i wear a lot of black and i love deep red boots so whether dressing up or down this grey looks great. my favorite VERY animated accessory is my incredible boyfriend who dresses so well and like a REAL man. he is the sexiest thing and he rocks my world…now THAT is my favorite accessory!

  24. rbailey1958 (@@pkbailey01) says:

    A long Black button-up knit sweater w/pockets

    I also get the Ecouterre Newsletter

  25. kammi says:

    My go-fall accessory would be BAGS!! I am a huge fan of bags. Any type of bags. lol. You should see my closet with filled of bags. lol.

  26. Rebecca Jaye says:

    The perfect combination of hand-me-down-sentimentals:
    dad’s plaid button up shirt
    sister’s grey tank from Wales
    mums old red leather ankle boots
    and my favourite pair of jeans, with all time favourite worn-out leather jacket…
    this leather bag would be the perfect addition

  27. shreya123 says:

    hi my name is shreya.i want that purse because i want means here all said in comment that they want this mathching purse because they have a matching outfit which matches with that purse but i dont have any matching outfit of that purse but i want it.according to me i dont see that is it matching with my outfit or not.i just make the outfit matching. it is not necessary that if we have same matching thing then only we can wear that dress.what is recycling and reuse? means if i have different materials and if i want to recycle them so i have to recycle the things which are matching only?no i will make a thing with diferent materials.

  28. Amanda says:

    My favorite fall accessory combination – antique amber earrings from my Grandmother paired with a vintage Vera silk scarf. Amber goes with almost all of my fall clothes, and I love to wear scarves during this transitional season because of the practically endless ways you can use them. If the morning is cool but the afternoon is warm, for example, I start the day off with the scarf around my neck and end it with it wrapped it around the strap of my bag.

  29. DawnAkemi says:

    Ode to Go-to Fall Accessory: A Limerick
    (with homage to Anita’s talents)

    When the air brings the first nip of Fall,
    I reach for my Grandma’s cream shawl.
    For me she did knit,
    When I was heart-sick,
    My most cherished accessory of all.

    I feel I beautifully beguile
    In a shawl so sweetly versatile.
    With jeans and a shirt,
    Or blouse and a skirt,
    It brings a bohemian style.

    Anita’s bag is not for one season.
    For this there is a good reason:
    It brings great credibility
    To maintain sustainability,
    Every month this purse will be pleasin’.

    Thank you for this terrific opportunity!

  30. LoraSteele (@LoraSteele) says:

    My favorite and most “must have” fall peice of clothing is a pair of SUPER worn in leather boots. I got them a few years ago after a long search for the perfect “upper calf” high camel colored leather boots. They are sooo comfortable and now pieces of the leather have become worn and lighter than others, which makes them even easier to love. These boots are my fall must have because I can, and will, wear them with EVERYTHING. The camel color makes them so versitale that I have worn them with a short black dress, a long white skirt, shorts, fitted jeans, non fitted jeans….you name it. They zip up the sides and have a strap that buckles over the top. Simple, yet a bit trendy. I will be broken hearted the day these boots are made to retire. Buuuuuut, now that I know about ReFind Originals, maybe these boots can continue to live on ;)
    Lora Steele

  31. ibejimom says:

    hemp fedora, black leggings, faux leopard lace-up booties!

  32. Hofken says:

    My go-to fall accessory is a variety of simple cardigans in all colors. I toss them over whatever I wore during the summer and viola! it’s autumn-ized (I live in Tucson, after all)

  33. melissa mc says:

    at this time of year, i bring out my long-sleeve turtlenecks cotton tops in a variety of colors and go from there with the rest of the wardrobe which usual consists of either jeans or kahkis — to me the Autumn season sums up comfort clothing!

  34. melissa mc says:

    at this time of year, i bring out my long-sleeve turtlenecks cotton tops in a variety of colors and go from there with the rest of the wardrobe which usual consists of either jeans or kakhis — to me the Autumn season sums up comfort clothing!

  35. JMack says:

    My fav way to move into my Fall/Winter wardrobe is by using accessories. I love love love scarves and textured, colored tights! Both can lend a pop of color without breaking the bank. My all-time fav go-to accessory is my red mock-crocodile handbag. It looks great whether dressed for work or wearing nice jeans with a blazer/jacket.

  36. creatrix412 says:

    My favorite fall accessory is a large olive organic pashmina. Excited for pashmina and fluffy sock weather!

  37. nightowl says:

    I have a row of hooks hanging on my wall next to my closet, on which I keep autumn and winter hats, scarves, and purses during the whole year. I have even had the doors to my closet removed so that I can match accessories with my clothing while I go to sleep. Of this collection, my favorite pieces are an authentic vintage black cloche with velvet trim and a versatile spiced-pumpkin colored scarf with black and glimmering silver threads woven throughout and ending to form twisted tassels at the edges.

  38. janet says:

    i just cleaned and moisturized my camper oxford shoes after wearing them for three months straight. I plan to wear them all through fall seeing as how they’ve matured with a nice finish that will match the season’s foliage. They’re also really comfortable since they’ve broken into a perfect fit for my feet. There’s going to be some great walks and bike rides while wearing them.

  39. dinagor says:

    My go to fall accessory would be my brown scarf, that I knitted last year

  40. eatsofeden says:

    Would love this bag! It is perfect for my Fall wardrobe. 1 eco piece at a time!

  41. kammi says:

    My go-fall accessory would be bags!! lol. I’m crazy of bags. You should had seen my closet. lol. If I get this bag, I’ll give it to my mom. It’s her style. =)

  42. lastylemama says:

    since i live los angeles where it never gets really cold. my go to fall accessory would be clogs with socks! i\’ve done a little survey around the office to see if this is a look that really works… there have been a lot of naysayers that have turned into yeses!

  43. jssk6 says:

    To tell you the truth… I have no idea and I might need help to figure it out. I
    i’m a frugalista, and at the moment i’m not buying anything unless is used-vintage or new organic-vegan. I’m so focused on reducing my carbon footprint and on finding fashionable eco accessories that I haven’t taken a moment to think about what might the one essential go-to fall accessory. Easily the Cali bag by ReFind Originals could become my go-to fall accessory.

  44. BOJENSEN says:

    A lightweight windbreaker jacket.

  45. Redlotus108 (@Redlotus108) says:

    My favorite fall piece is a purple corduroy, beautiful and indestructable, tote bag…it’s uniquely embroidered with a “story cloth” by Hmong (vietnamese) tribeswomen who now live in the Midwest…

  46. Melwalk10 says:

    My favorite fall accessory is my beautiful 5 month old baby boy. He’s easy to wear and fits perfectly on my hip. He goes with anything else I’m wearing. His bright blue eyes and rosy chubby cheeks turn heads everywhere. He’s the perfect snuggly and warm fall accessory and no scarf, hat, or coat could bring the kind of warm fuzzy feelings that baby wearing does. Oh, he’d go great with an upcycled leather bag.

  47. jocesaul says:

    my favourite accessory this fall,
    are my two girls, that’s all
    they are 8 and 5, both are blonde, and…
    though they are getting older, they still hold my hand
    I do like boots, that is true,
    and I have a weakness, for lots of coats too
    but what I love the most, isn’t made of leather or suede
    it’s holding my daughters’ hands, no matter what age.

  48. ewysiwyg says:

    My go to fall accessory is definitely my vintage loose collar, over-sweater in burnt orange that drapes dramatically and really flatters my figure. (Not to mention how well it would go with that bag!)

  49. ewysiwyg says:

    My go to fall accessory is definitely my vintage loose collar, jacket-style-sweater in burnt orange that drapes dramatically and really flatters my figure. (Not to mention how well it would go with that bag!)

  50. shellthebell says:

    Favorite Fall accessory = Scarf! But more specifically, a creamy off-white super soft and fluffy pashmina that I bought in a street market on a school trip to Italy. I’m all about classic pieces now, but as a high school student in a foreign county, I just wanted to “fit in” with the gorgeous Italian women I’d see wisping by on their Vespas. Now, I’m so thankful I had a little good sense to choose the creamy scarf that will last my lifetime, and maybe longer. Whoa, it would look great with that bag ;).

  51. artelisa says:

    my favorite go-to fall accessory is simply a beautiful bright smile … i love this year-round accessory most, because it just goes perfectly with any kind of material and color.
    it never becomes outdated and it\’s even ecco-friendly in a special way :-)

  52. glanc says:

    I have been schlepping my stuff around in an old no name bag from a resale shop! This bag is beautiful and would become my new go-to essential accessory (or office space).

  53. LMcLendon says:

    I will be “GREEN WITH GLAMOUR” when I win this lovely upcycled bag!!

  54. weblynx says:

    I have a brown leather hobo purse that I love and carry everywhere, but it is getting worn out and I would love to add this to my daily accessories. I love this purse

  55. rcook says:

    Scarves in every color for the work day and slippers for the home front. Helps ward off the chilly North Dakota winters!

  56. samsonoio says:

    Having been a student for 21 years (1-12th grade, undergrad, graduate school), Fall has always meant the start to a new semester. My favorite fall accessory is thus a purse-sized notebook. It’s diminished in size as I’ve gotten older – I now prefer one that’s 3″ x 6″ – but never in importance. September rolls around, and I always tote around a fresh new note-carrying/sketch-holding/idea-storing companion. Just doesn’t feel like fall without one.

  57. rider8 says:

    there\\\’s only one fall accessory anyone needs: rosy cheeks courtesy of cool fall weather that gives that in-between-summer-and-winter-glow. it says autumn is the most important season as i reflect back on the long, beautiful summer and prepare for winter, storing all i need in my new but wonderfully upcycled ecofab refind purse.

  58. Carla Oliveira says:

    Eco Chic!

  59. theethicalfashionmissionary (@@ibadona) says:

    my favorite go-to fall accessory is my “creamy white organic” necklush. my favorite things about the necklush is the versatility and the eco friendliness. it is like a hybrid of an infinity scarf and a necklace. the necklush is a great spring accessory when worn hanging like a necklace and perfect for double or triple looping for cooler autumn evenings. the creamy white color is ideal because it transitions well between seasons. it’s worked well with floral & lace items and i can wear it with everything from a slip on pair of TOMS to a heeled oxford. this fall i love the new trends, so i can’t wait to wear it with camel colored capes, turtlenecks, loose earth tone pants and patchwork! it’s simple so it goes with anything, and can be dressed up or down. many of the necklushes are organic and they come in all kinds of colors and lengths. they are delicate and chic and each one is handmade in brooklyn by the designers stephano and troy, so i don’t have to be concerned about unethical labor! it’s an eco spring/fall dream come true. thanks for the chance to win ecouterre.

    -xoxo the ethical fashion missionary
    twitter @ibadona

  60. MV says:

    I love bags, shoes and yes, clothes. So I used to buy a bag that fitted the season. Not necessarily THE bag of a season, but MY bag of a particular season. Yet, the last few years, I have been walking around with older bags. Why…you may ask. Well, becoming more conscious about carbon footprints, sustainabilty and our -uh- my responsibility to walk my talk, I have been buying less and less “stuff”, including bags. It’s wonderful to notice that these days even fashionable items can be, and are, produced “with a conscience”. So it becomes ok again to buy a fashionable and useful item and be sort of proud of it. Like this wonderful purse. Tell other people about it’s background, material. Make them wonder…and they may make a different choice themselves next time.

  61. earthapril says:

    Leaves with color are my fall accessory. I bring them in and put them on my desk. I weave them into my barrettes and hair. I hang them from my rear-view mirror. I leave them scattered through my house. I make beautiful bouquets of amazing color. I love the colors in fall leaves! Having them around reminds me of the precious value of life versus the cycle of decay. This is the true essence and the true color of fall!

  62. Joanne Woolf says:

    A Mother of Two’s Go-To Fall Accessory Haiku

    An accessory?
    Really? Since kids I’ve no time…
    to accessorize!

  63. oonabaker (@glasscastle) says:

    My cherished fall accessory is a dark orange knitted chunky cardigan sweater. I love to bring it out every year with jeans or thrown over a vintage dress because it makes me think of making soup, drinking tea in the mornings, and snuggling with my family. And the best part is: I found it at Goodwill so it’s getting a second life with me in the Pacific NW.

  64. Marshadee2001 says:

    I love to go to yard sales and thrift shops to shop for purses. The variety is wonderful. But instead of getting a recycled one, I would love to have an upcycled one!! This purse would match any outfit and in style all seasons. This would be my new favorite purse.

  65. Marshadee2001 says:

    I love to go to yard sales and thrift shops to shop for purses. The variety is wonderful. But instead of getting a recycled one, I would love to have an upcycled one!! This purse would match any outfit and in style all seasons. This would be my new favorite purse. Woops, I forgot my go to fall accessory would be…..mmmm hats any and all hats!!

  66. pansy says:

    If the weather stays like this I will have to say a toque and mittens homemade of course from organic wool. This handbag would look awesome with them. I would so love to win this handbag. I subscribe to both Ecouterre and Inhabitat.

  67. lafalcon says:

    I love the term upcycle and the fact that this beautiful bag is made using cast off jackets and ripped upholstery. It has great style and will go with just about everything I wear. I recycle/reuse whenever possible; this bag will nicely complement my lifestyle.

  68. rose154223 says:

    shoe booties!

  69. livininavan says:

    My favorite fall accessory is rosy cheeks. I’ll happily admit I am too poor with money to have enough to have been able to buy a new bag in YEARS, but as long as I have ample time outdoors to enjoy my favorite season’s gifts – the cool breeze that makes my cheeks rosy, the gorgeous leaves and their sound underfoot, and maybe a cup of fresh pumpkin tea – that makes me the richest girl in the world. To have my health and be able to enjoy the gifts of the earth in each of it’s seasons…ahhhh. I like to keep a bit of mother nature on me as the perfect accessory…a little dirt from a hike, a flower in my hair or vine as a crown – those, to me, are the best accessories!

  70. velvet1116 (@velvet1116) says:

    This country girl with a touch of city would love this beautiful Eco-friendly handbag. It would be such a great feeling ,carrying this fabulous bag and know I am doing something awesome for the planet ! That classic look that will never go out of style,its a feel great,look even better ,its a gotta have bag!
    Thanks for the chance to win !I am a subscriber!

  71. Cristina A. says:

    We only have dry and wet season here in my country. The best “accessory” that I always carry around with me is my folding black umbrella. Climate change makes it rain hard during summer and desert hot on days when it should be raining. My old faithful umbrella makes me feel a bit safer and ready while many continue to contribute in warming the globe.

  72. nagzter says:

    I’m walking up a stairway that leads nowhere. The sky is blue and a crisp breeze is blowing leaves around like confetti. The wind is swirling around me playfully animating the fringe on my beautiful bag. Everything I need is in this soft buttery leather handbag. Retrieving my camera, I take photos of the clouds, the leaves, the stairs. I use my bag as a prop and it looks beautiful sitting on stairs surrounded by the fall colors…

    … I abruptly wake up and realize I’ve fallen asleep on my sofa from a beautiful dream.

  73. chrysalis1975 (@chrysalis1975) says:

    My favorite fall outfit is my Anthropologie Elevenses Red Corduroy swing jacket (I got it at 1/3 the price at a consignment store!), my RVCA blue jeans skirt that has been upcycled with applique owls (thrift store), a Vera Wang tie dyed shirt I purchased at a garage sale, cream-coloured Orla Kiely tights from London (my friend sent them), and my $5 Keds lace ups. This bag would go perfect with my outfit!! It’s gorgeous :) I subscribe to Ecouterre & Inhabitat.

    Thank you!!


  74. teatags says:

    I love my comfy sweaters! Perfect for all of the cold weather comfort delights and the extra lbs. they’re sure to bring.

  75. fletch says:

    I’m walking up a stairway that leads nowhere. The sky is blue and a crisp breeze is blowing leaves around like confetti. The wind is swirling around me playfully animating the fringe on my beautiful bag. Everything I need is in this soft buttery leather handbag. Retrieving my camera, I take photos of the clouds, the leaves, the stairs. I use my bag as a prop and it looks beautiful sitting on stairs surrounded by the fall colors…

    … I abruptly wake up and realize I’ve fallen asleep on my sofa from a beautiful dream. A dream of the perfect go-to fall accessory, a leather bag!

  76. melohbee says:

    my go-to fall accessory: vintage, brown, smooth leather, pointed toe, knee high, zip-up, 3” heeled boots with a weaved pattern throughout the shaft.. they are comfortable to wear all day; i can wear them with tights, a knee-length dress, and a cardigan. or i can wear them with skinny jeans and a knit sweater. i love them!

  77. carolinestigsdotter says:

    Blue is the new black, I have a blue scarf that fits all.
    This leather bag would be the perfect addition.
    I love it!

  78. greenmarketgirl (@Greenmarketgirl) says:

    Fall is for boots, preferably Eco or made in America, and cool Eco Jewelry like the fab Eco Cuff, made out of wood, with or without a groovy metal peace sign, made by Green Market Girl!

  79. meiaran says:

    Black Leather Bomber Jacket best investment piece I ever Bought. Goes with everything I own

  80. aliciaely (@@alicibrandt) says:

    I love wearing colored stockings and Frye boots. It means the fall is here!

  81. gknee-d says:

    My FAVORITE go-to Fall accessory is my handsome husband of 26 years hangin\’ off my arm!
    Now if I just had a gorgeous, buttery-soft repurposed leather handbag hangin\’ off the other arm
    I\’d be perfectly balanced and \”stylin\’ \” for sure!

  82. jeansaung says:

    I gave it some thought, at first, maybe some feather earrings I made, or my Simple Shoes boots, but then I realized that it was neither. It may sound silly to say this, but I think it is my smile. A smile can do so many wonderful things. And I don’t mean just any smile. I mean a truly sincere happy-to-see-you, glad-to-be-on-this-planet-making-a-difference, smile. My elderly, white-haired physics teacher in high school nicknamed me “Smiley” because I smiled when he handed me the syllabus the first day of class. Everyone was still half asleep at the time, and I simply thought he was a really nice man and he deserved some morning cheer. My classmates in college have remarked on different occasions, that I am “always happy”, but I think that more accurately, I am “always willing to share some cheeriness”. A person may have a bad day when things are going all wrong, but a genuine smile from a friend, acquaintance, or a stranger on the street, can make a huge difference. Just one small gesture can brighten their day just like the sun shining through broken clouds. A person can be wearing the most wonderful clothing and accessories, but what really illuminates their look would be a smile. It is a message of sustainability and responsibility to our planet that this re-purposed bag brings, just like a smile brings energy and hope.

  83. duhrel says:

    My go-to fall accessory: my girlfriend wearing…in a mild orange short-sleeve polo top, with worn out faded wash jeans and earth brown closed toe shoes. She’d love this bag to go with her outfit.

  84. lady_bugga_boo says:

    My go-to-fall accessory are my boots! I love to find great boots that are made of recycled leathers, if possible. Boots are such a great accessory since they go with jeans, dresses, shorts, and skirts!

  85. mannequin says:

    What started out as an investment piece for me, ended in a financial and material disaster. I had waited for so long for an Aran fisherman sweater and had finally saved up to buy one; at the price tag of $350 (which is a huge amount for me to spend on myself). But I felt great and cherished that sweater, even while I washed it by hand for the first time because I was too cheap to pay for a dry cleaning. I was crushed when I saw it shrink before my very eyes, to the size of an infants, with arms the length of an alien.
    The next winter, I happened upon a fishermans sweater in a thrift shop (for $7.00) and nearly screamed with excitement. It looked just like the one I ruined. I must have worn that sweater (and dry cleaned) 40% of the time in the cold outdoors. Since then, my boyfriend got me a fishermans cardigan while vacationing up North, and it indeed, is my fall go-to piece.
    I love, love, love a nice fishermans cardigan, riding boots, chunky scarf and jeans (or cords!).

  86. greenmomali says:

    my favorite go-to fall accessory would be my favorite mug filled with organic hot cocoa. it embodies coziness, conversation, and warmth and it goes with everything.

  87. greenfish says:

    The ReFind Originals Cali bag inspired not one, but two haikus. Thank you Ecouterre and Green With Glamour!

    An Autumn Haiku – Part I

    Green turns red and gold
    My bag is Earthy and chic
    I am ready for Fall

    An Autumn Haiku – Part II

    Leaves change shade and fall
    I don well worn fleece and boots
    Meet the chill with style

  88. tilliemax says:

    The ‘go-to\’ accessory for me has to be something which can be may different things depending on the places it’s seen and the kinds of needss it has to satisfy. Instead of describing some of the top tier ‘go-to’ items I have, and those I’ll never EVER own let’s look at the Upcycled leather purse as a possible ‘can do all in every situation’ and see if it can fit the task.
    1- The material has a comfortably strong quality which allows for constant use with various objects inside (I give it an A for utility)
    2- The purse is light enough to carry over the shoulder or with one hand around the strap, whether it’s taken to a museum or a dinner party or a little league baseball game. Go Cubbies! (I give it an A for multi-tasking)
    3- This could be loaned to my daughter or a grandmother or a girlfriend if they should they ever need something which is comfy-casual and quietly-stylish (I give it an A+ for sophistication)
    and 4- The Upcycled purse has a unique beauty without need for meaningless monograms or loopy labels, crayon-colored madness or retro-fashion toss aways.
    It’s a well styled, carefully detailed piece of clothing which is beyond compare. I cannot wait!(I give it an A+++ for its beauty, economy, sustainability, eco-friendly Joi de Vivre for it is truly an authentic specialty!)

  89. mollipop99 says:

    Myyyyy favorite go-to fall accessory would have to be my new black denim blazer! Sooo adorable, and goes with anything!! Tshirts, tanks, sundresses….really makes anything more fashionable :) I wear it to my school’s GreenLeaf Society meetings :D

  90. gina says:

    My favorite go-to fall accessory would have to be a long scarf…I try to have some practical colors & also some funky ones, so I can get whatever look I want.

  91. tenmoku says:

    My favorite go-to fall fashion item is a lovely, tweedy, mahogany brown pullover sweater ‘loaned’ to me one cool evening by my then-new boyfriend, now husband. Somehow it remained in my closet! It is soft, slightly over-sized, and looks great with both jeans and skirts. I always get lots of compliments on it, plus it’s warmth holds a great memory of falling in love!

  92. Laney says:

    My favorite Fall accessory is the cashmere scarf I bought at Nordstroms in 1987. I had just moved back to Seattle from SoCal and my cousin and I went shopping. We were looking for nothing particular, when I saw this scarf. It was so very soft, a gorgeous gray, and I knew I had to have it.
    Bob, my cousin, now lives in Minnesota and every time I wear this scarf I think of him. If I won this bag, however, IT would my new all year favorite accessory.

  93. DolphinV27 says:

    my go-to fall accessory has to be my favorite pair of black knee-high stacked boots (they go with everything and keep me warm)…faux-leather of course! i have to admit, i never wanted to wear non-leather goods– shoes, bags, coats –but after i saw eco- & animal- friendly celebs like stella mccartney and natalie portman wear non leather things, i was inspired to do the same. they can be trendy too! this bag is cool…i never knew recylced leather was an option! thanks!

  94. henley0715 (@henhenmac) says:

    My go to accessory would be brown flat knee high boots with tights worn inside.

  95. acootis says:

    i am not sure what the actual contest is here, given the instructions: [“2. LEAVE A COMMENT telling us what your go-to fall accessory.] …accessory, PERIOD? …accessory, WHAT? what my go-to fall accessory… is? …does? …wants to be? …might have been? …could be? …should be? …means to me? i mean the possibilities to end the question are endless! which is just what a go-to accessory should have, endless possibilities… like a bamboo scarf you can wear around your head, or your neck, or your waist, or wrapped around your legs for leg warmers (assuming you have two of them, of course)… then you could wrap them around your arms, too… or both upper arms, like a shrug… so i guess my answer would be “My go-to fall accessory has endless possibilities!”