Win Freitag’s Upcycled Convertible Backpack (Worth $340!)

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It was 1993 when Markus and Daniel Freitag, both brothers and graphic designers, were in need of a bag. Zürich locals ride bikes. And they get rained on a lot. So the Freitag Bros. wanted a functional, tough, and water-resistant bag to carry their designs. Inspired by the colorful traffic on the highway extension in front of their apartment, they sewed together a messenger bag from an old truck tarp, took seat belts for straps and used a spare bicycle inner tube to keep the edges from fraying.

Quite unintentionally, the brothers landed a hit. Today, Freitag products are sold and copied all around the globe.

In 2014, they gave themselves a new raw material on which to flex their creative muscles: F-abric. Their rugged, completely compostable textiles are based on vegetable fibers produced using a minimum of resources within an area of 2,500 kilometers from the factory.

+ R123 Woolf $340

+ Freitag

Originally published on October 12, 2016.

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49 Responses to “Win Freitag’s Upcycled Convertible Backpack (Worth $340!)”

  1. I really could use a stylish and robust bag for when I’m on the go with my bicycle or by scooter. Freitag bags would be perfect. Also my colleague bought one recently and was raving about it.

  2. technoharlot (@@TechnoHarlot) says:

    Durability, sustainability, and looking good are things I look for in a bag. Something that can be used in multiple situations (travel, around town, etc.) and the R123 Woolf definitely qualifies!

  3. aliceoliva says:

    woooaaaaaaaaaaah not only a beautiful upcycled bag, but a beautiful feminist upcycled bag! Lovely!

  4. catshelton says:

    I’m starting to shop smarter, and upcycled is at the top of my list. Plus, these bags look strong and I am not afraid!

  5. carol summers says:

    I am looking for a stylish but offbeat looking bag that I can wear out or while biking to work. This looks like it would be perfect.

  6. thebrownie says:

    Stylish bags are essential-especially ones that are made from responsible textiles and don’t drive the consumption up by being well made, long lasting bags.

  7. iansanity says:

    practical stylish responsibly made bag? what???? I need this in my life.

  8. ii says:

    beautiful shapes and colors. also books. i need books in a beautiful bag.

  9. Ouch… I need this bag. Very offbeat yet stylish bag, isn’t it cool? I want it now.

  10. vasilcenco (@@vasilcenco) says:

    Woohoo! Recycled bag in style for errands in nature and collecting materials for crafts.

  11. nkg says:

    Great styling for my every day site’s visits. I like it!

  12. lolly3 says:

    I LOVE FREITAG! I’ve literally had my Freitag bag for over 10 years now. It’s obviously starting to look a bit shabby but is still functional after all these years! I would love to have another one because sturdy, functional, and good looking bags are the best thing a girl can ask for!

  13. dizoe says:

    This bag will be perfect for my upcoming Cape Town honeymoon in November. It’s sleek, stylish whether day or night, multi-purpose, and is kind to our environment – what more could I need?!

  14. estellenahp (@estellenahp) says:

    I’m looking for a bag responding to sustainable standards, good quality materials, confort and of course stylish!

  15. arsm says:

    Looking for a casual bag like this! Love it!

  16. illum says:

    Virginia Woolf is my favorite author, and this may quickly become my favorite bag!

  17. alexa_says_hi says:

    I love convertible bags because of their versatility! Being both stylish and practical while living in the city is a truly appreciated combination (especially when biking.) Also, it is a HUGE plus if a bag is eco friendly! We need to protect our environment (and waste less) and using upcycled materials is a great way doing so!

  18. naed says:

    Since Berlin is at least as rainy as Zürich at this time of the year I would happily swap my tiny fabric backpack for one of the Freitag ones!

  19. amnesia says:

    The perfect backpack is a combination of comfort (no shoulder pain) and eco and socially responsible production. Of course, style is a plus!

  20. mnathita says:

    Would be my first Freitag bag ;)
    i honestly think that this design is the best one from Freitag, very stylish. :)
    and who doesn’t like the waterproof backpack when it comes to rain!

  21. elita says:

    I look for a backpack in a neutral color so it goes with everything, and especially one that’s lightweight. thnx!

  22. mybetterhouse (@@mybetterhouse) says:

    I need a bag with classic styling that won’t hurt my shoulders. I take backpacks everywhere and am tired of boring, utilitarian bags.

  23. SuS says:

    What I look for is if it’s vegan and big enough to hold my wallet and phone and ipad and dog treats and the mail and work stuff and water and…whatever.

  24. doreen says:

    I have been wanting a new book bag style bag and fell in love with this one! I love the orange colored one!
    Halloween is my birthday and would be so happy to win this. I will be 61. I love all that this bag stands for as well.
    Good luck to everyone and Happy Halloween!

  25. jlslaw says:

    Style and utility are important. If I can’t easily reach the stuff in my bag, that bag is not going to be used that often.

  26. hbadminton says:

    Namaste, I work for an ethical garment and accessories manufacturer in Kathmandu, Nepal! It would be awesome to show my team a bag like this as we’re also trying to develop sustainable slow fashion handbags. Forward thinking and sustainable products like don’t really exist in KTM, so hopefully it would inspire some innovative thinking, car parts and truck spares are in abundance here!

  27. phillyhunt says:

    Firstly anything I buy has to be as sustainable and ethical as humanly possible, and diverting plastics from the horror show of landfill and keeping them along with old tarps too, out of the ocean and the world’s habitats is the biggest USP ever for me!
    Also it looks slick as! Nice one Freitag!
    Oh and I guess i always choose a rucksack over a handbag because it’s better for your back.

  28. eleanoroneill says:

    What I look for in a bag is what I look for in every product that I buy – creativity, responsibility and innovation. Quite frankly, nothing could be more stylish.

  29. majimeli says:

    I would love to have a backpack made with a responsible textiles

  30. flomo_13 says:

    I want my bags or backpacks to be durable and comfortable. I usually don’t mind about prints or colors, it just needs to be suitable for the occasion it is designed for.

  31. schmidty says:

    I need a strap that’s comfortable and long enough to use as a shoulder bag. I also needs nook and crannies to hold specific items, and it needs to be large enough to carry all of my (numerous) stuff! This bag looks perfect.

  32. a.pehrsson says:

    It is important that the bag works for multiple occasions. It should be practical but stylish. Should have a Long life time and beeing as Ecological as possible and produced under good working conditions. Freitag has a great sustainable Business concept!

  33. 123gabbi321 says:

    What a delicious bag!
    I suppose I look for something very long-lasting as it will be with me on the train, when I cycle, when I get to work…
    I look for something I can adapt from travel, to a meeting, to seeing friends after work.
    I want something a bit different, with soul, and beautiful, which makes me smile when I look at it.
    And I think this bag has all of that!

  34. akto says:

    I look for versatility when it comes to buying a bag – can I use it when cycling? Does it carry all my knick-knacks? Does it have a space for my water bottle? Is it good for casual & sport use? Is the price point reasonable? Is it in the colour & material that I like? This bag hits a lot of my points so thank you for the opportunity.

  35. photob says:

    be kind and donate one to the cause :)

  36. the4venguard says:

    Can you imagine having this? damnn.

  37. Majia Li says:

    this is an unbelievable bag for something so environmentally friendly

  38. gemma_jane says:

    What do I look for in a bag… Style, durability and practicality!

  39. johi says:

    I’m looking for a big enough backpack but not bulky (short female outdoor enthusiast), waterproof is grand. The brand is sustainable, high quality to a high price, great for a win :D

  40. seifas says:

    I would love to have an nice looking responsibly made backpack.

  41. seifas says:

    I need this bag in my life. It’s amazing.

  42. johanna says:

    I love freitag bags! Would make my days at uni!

  43. rb jazbec says:

    I always wanted to have a Sailor Bag! And out of recycled material and at the same time so practical and versatile? I want it!

  44. rock sea says:

    love it! can’t wait to put my few little useful things inside and cycle in the rain!

  45. alicel1 says:

    Ooof. This Freitag Sailor Bag is hitting the spot for the bag hunt I am on at present. I’m visiting India and Nepal in January – as if I were Goldilocks, this appears to be the right size for carrying what I’ll need each day. And most importantly! a) not new petroleum based / non-biodegradable (which I refuse to buy) and b) not leather (which is not culturally appropriate for all sites within these amazing countries).
    Please may I have it?

  46. dhc1824 says:

    This bag is gorgeous and unique. Ultimately, I look for style, durability, and sustainability in a bag (and my clothing). It looks like Freitag certainly has these points covered and more! Thanks for the chance to win this great product and for the introduction to an innovative and eco-friendly company!

  47. jojobell says:

    The perfect bag is just the right mix of material, size, design and the way it hangs. And if it’s a joy to use! Quality never goes out of fashion and this quirky and responsible design is so cool :-)

  48. beeenie says:

    I look for style and durability. Simple is better!

  49. dhc1824 says:

    This bag is gorgeous and unique! Ultimately, I look for style, durability, practicality and sustainability in a bag (and in clothing too). Freitag certainly meets these criteria and more! Thanks for the chance to win a great product and also for the introduction to an innovative and eco-friendly company.