Win One of Two Sets of Ethically Crafted Punjammies (Worth Up to $65!)

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The International Princess Project doesn’t just make great loungewear. The California-based nonprofit also helps rebuild lives torn apart by sexual slavery. Handmade in an after-care facility in India, its “Punjammies” offer formerly trafficked women and girls a fresh start, a place to heal, and a new trade. Each woman receives a higher-than-fair wage, housing options, medical care, and where applicable, education for her children. Even better: 100 percent of the company’s proceeds are reinvested in the program, allowing more women and girls a chance at a new life. Want to be part of this narrative of hope? We’ve partnered with the International Princess Project to give away a full set of Punjammies—that is, a top and bottom of your choosing—to not one, but two lucky readers. Enter now to win!


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER. (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winners there.)

2. LEAVE A COMMENT BY APRIL 28 and tell us how you’re ringing in spring. Although it doesn’t hurt to get fancy, we’ll be picking two winners at random.

Note: This contest is open only to residents of the United States and Canada.

Punjammies, eco-friendly pajamas, sustainable pajamas, fair trade, fair-trade fashion, fair-trade clothing, India, International Princess Project, eco-fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion, ethical fashion, sustainable style, eco-friendly pants, sustainable pants,

We’ll announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, APRIL 29. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Tuesday, APRIL 28, so ENTER NOW for two chances to win!


Punjammies are loungewear made with hope by women in India who have escaped human trafficking. Whenever you purchase Punjammies, you invest in the freedom and dignity of these women and girls who are working to forge a new life for themselves and their children.

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+ International Princess Project

Originally published on April 18, 2014.

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79 Responses to “Win One of Two Sets of Ethically Crafted Punjammies (Worth Up to $65!)”

  1. kastreet (@karoark) says:

    I plan on ringing in spring by spending some much needed time outside in the amazing weather and planting beautiful flowers. Hopefully, weather/no rain permitting, I would love to spend some time outside crafting for a local charity I am passionate about.

  2. elcharlton says:

    Getting ready for spring by dancing outside in the beautiful sun. Hoorayy!

  3. wanderingmuse says:

    Love the Punjammies! My Spring will be classic: cleaning and organizing!

  4. jdcreate (@jdcreate) says:

    I’m Spring cleaning and tending the garden!

  5. tleaf70 says:

    Take care of the roses outside my apartment.

  6. grayeyedgrrl says:

    I’m ringing in Spring by doing a massive declutter of my home!

  7. gohokomo says:

    I’m ringing in spring by doing Yoga on the deck, in the Sun!

  8. sonjabobs says:

    I tended the neglected flower beds in our yard and planted bulbs, perennials and herbs which will bring color and joy to our neighborhood for years to come! Happy Spring and welcome back sunshine!

  9. gardens10 says:

    I’ll be ringing in spring by finally being able to work outside in my gardens!

  10. karmi says:

    This springs is just like any spring, new beginning. Fresh feels, new smells and triping on orangeblossom scent.

  11. arudisuela says:

    Planning on enjoying early Spring by communing with nature and the wildlife out at our family cabin in the woods.

  12. zippying says:

    I am ringing in the spring by tossing worn out clothes and replacing a few of them with quality pieces, I especially need jammies!

  13. estirbune says:

    I would love to ring in spring with a pair of Punjammies!

  14. rosalind says:

    We’re welcoming spring by making a painted egg wind chime and willow wreath crowns.

  15. paulatinamente says:

    I’ll be ringing in spring by going skydiving!

  16. xirenia says:

    I’ll be celebrating spring by encouraging my little ones to embrace nature as we transplant tulips this weekend :)

  17. sarah32 says:

    Ringing in Spring the best way – spring cleaning, moving to a new place and getting my life organized! Oh, and spending as much time as possible outside!

  18. oksanari says:

    Just having the very first suntan in the park :)

  19. jeanann says:

    I will ring in this Spring by early morning walks as a thanks for the smell and new light of a brand new Spring.

  20. alyssasnana says:

    I’ll ring in spring by taking long walks out in the warm air!

  21. nancy c says:

    I will ring in spring by starting afresh after ending a bad marriage.

  22. natalija says:

    I’m ringing in spring by riding bicycle everyday to university and sprouting seeds on my windowsill :)

  23. eepulos (@@eepulos) says:

    I’ll be ringing in spring by drinking coffee on the porch, letting the cats look through the open windows again, cleaning out my closets (for swapping and recycling) and wearing my new punjammies to the park!

  24. milotheantex says:

    Spring is the time for me to blend fruit drinks, spend time outside in my garden, bike in the rain, and cleaning my house more than usual lol.

  25. alanab says:

    I am ringing in Spring by cleaning the house thoroughly, planting a garden and frolicking with my dogs in the park. :)

  26. bjrreiss says:

    spring planting

  27. sunspirit says:

    I ring in spring by going out to gardens and sitting beneath trees daily.

  28. twixynix says:

    morning walks, playing with my dogs, lazy afternoons in the hammock and stargazing in my back yard

  29. Tilling aged compost into soil to get ready for planting!

  30. notfromaroundhere says:

    After spending the winter learning about safer food, I’m now focusing on where to buy safer clothing. This includes clothing that is safer for me to wear, as well as safer for the people involved in the manufacturing of them.
    Have a safe spring!

  31. Bethro says:


  32. magpie says:

    I’m opening a resale/eco-friendly clothing shop!

  33. helenejw says:

    De-cluttering the house and looking at what we need to do to put in a garden.

  34. jude antonio (@juddledoodle) says:

    I’m ringing in the spring by preparing the garden beds for our urban farming initiatives with friends! Also, attending community spring events and enjoying the sunshine outside. finally the weather is turning for the best! <3 jammies! :)

  35. anna a says:

    I am ringing in spring with my two kiddos planting veggie & flower seeds in our backyard garden and taking long walks in the woods with our wildflower guidebooks to see what treasures we can find popping up among the ponderosa pines! Enjoying the hummingbirds return and soaking up some sunshine. Thanks for the chance to win these gorgeous pants & best wishes to everybody!

  36. lit says:

    My family is ringing in Spring by digging in the dirt and planting our very first garden!

  37. chefgabe says:

    Love punjammies.

  38. ff40 (@@fashion_frwd40) says:

    I will be ringing in spring by breaking out my bicycle.

  39. katk says:

    Spring is coming in like a tsunami here, with cleaning, give aways and massive reimagination of space.

  40. tilamonster (@tilamonster) says:

    I’ll be answering the ring of spring with a 14-day detox for the body/mind, and spirit. It was a crazy winter!

  41. fabtads says:

    Spring rings in the task of cleansing the body and mind. A season to awaken the spirit from a dormant, long rest. Spring into life. A good veggie/juice cleanse and daily meditation.

  42. samilang says:

    I’ll be ringing in the spring by going to the local park/wildlife reserve with friends to practice photography!

  43. raaaaachel says:

    i’m going to be going through my old clothes and donating them, or recycling the fabric to make into something new :)

  44. teeseabee says:

    I will be ringing in Spring volunteering with Five14 Revolution, a local non-profit and anti-human trafficking organization.

    One of the things that we do is love on the girls at the local strip club. We do things like take them cupcakes and goodie bags with necessity items like shaving cream, shampoo, deodorant, and diapers for the ones with small children. We are there to help with any needs they may have like getting their GED, medical attention, etc. Our number one goal is to make sure that none of the girls are victims of trafficking and to let them know they are loved!

    P.S. I LOVE punjammies and what they stand for. I have told everyone about them and plan to get a pair for everyone on my Christmas list. Thanks for sharing and spreading the word!

  45. agrames0001 says:

    These look very comfy and just want a new mommy needs. I’ll be ringing in spring by welcoming our first new little boy into this earthly realm!
    It is wonderful to hear of a company achieving positive change on Earth! It seems we only hear of the opposite. Keep up the loving work!

  46. cbrookman says:

    Working in the garden and getting rid of clutter!

  47. menil says:

    Everyday is a spring day here. Flowers bloom, fruits plump, grasses grows. Happy earth day for all women here.

  48. julzitron says:

    getting back to my roots and try to do more diy projects. As a college student with little to nothing for saving, ya gotta get creativvvve. I’m also trying to eat as clean as possible. That means no added sugar, alcohol, candy, soda, meat, corn syrup, and all that other junk!

  49. kunztrio says:

    I am ringing in Spring by going on daily walks with my toddler and showing him the new life al around. Also we are planing our own herbs and vegetables for the first time! Can’t wait for the results!

  50. madalimba says:

    Spring is a time of joy for me, I will be celebrating the weather getting warmer and all the green nature coming back to life.
    Meditation is awsome so the punjammies would be great!

  51. buffalorach (@@BuffaloRach) says:

    Getting outside with my new rescue pup! So glad spring weather is finally here.

  52. whitefurry (@white_furry) says:

    Run on the trails! And sleep in fab jammies.

  53. katbernie says:

    I’m ringing in spring by spending as much time outside as possible!

  54. gr8tfuldayz says:

    I’ll be ringing in Spring camping at Joshua Tree Music Fest with my love! Sure could use some new jammies to take with me! ☺

  55. says:

    I am preparing for Spring by making sure any new clothes I buy are ethical!

  56. says:

    I ring in spring by spending as much time in the garden as I can, reveling in the dirt under my nails.

  57. smack says:

    Spring means pajama parties on the deck!

  58. intensev5 says:

    I am an email subscriber. For Spring I have added colour to my wardrobe and have been go out for walks.

  59. akto says:

    I’m ringing in spring by tuning up my bicycle ‘cos any moment now the chance of snow will be gone … any moment now!! :)

  60. noelietrex says:

    I love your PJs! I’m ringing in spring by planting a balcony garden in recycled milk jugs (the handles make them easy to hang for space saving) and buying all ethical summer clothing this year as I go through the closets. I was searching “ethical clothing Colorado” and found you guys. So glad to have found your local ethical company! Keep up the great work!

  61. sivart says:

    A beautiful spring walk!

  62. sacctx says:

    I will be out in the garden. Thank you for the giveaway.

  63. jaclynreynolds says:

    I am ringing in spring by letting go of things and ideas not in line with my world. Thank you for the chance!!

  64. hofken (@@hofken) says:

    I’m ringing in the spring with the windows wide open and two new Australian Shepherd puppies. Cool, crazy days ahead!

  65. deliasj says:

    Dancing in the rain!

  66. coco55 says:

    Yoga, Hydration, Relaxation, long bike ride..come on spring!

  67. Kathleenes says:

    ringing in spring by biking and gardening – the pants are very nice

  68. elita says:

    I’m brightening up for spring by adding fun colorful scarves. In makeup I use colors for eyeliner and a softer pinky blush. Thnx! E

  69. sarahcoenen says:

    We’ve been busy planting our garden and setting up our bird boxes for our feathered neighbors! I love spring. This is SUCH an amazing organization. I love the efforts being put into these woman. I absolutely love this. The pajamas are gorgeous; thank you for your generosity!

  70. ceruleansky says:

    I’m ringing in spring by cleaning, gardening, and going for long walks on nature trails! I’m an email subscriber.

  71. marcellam says:

    This spring I am teaching History of Costume and Textiles at a university in Philadelphia and I was looking for articles on sustainable textiles when I came across this one on Punjammies. I’ve followed ecouterre for many years now and I’m hoping that by sharing it with my students that the next generation of designers will be more aware of the far-reaching effects of their choices.

  72. xocaid says:

    I’m ringing in this Spring by hiking at the local national park and taking pictures of the blooming flowers in the area.

  73. ladybird says:

    I’m ringing in spring by getting the garden started, soaking up the warmth of the sun, and stopping to smell all the wonderful new flowers!

  74. pukashel says:

    Ringing in spring by gardening!

  75. ashsun says:

    I’ve been ringing in spring by joining a gym and getting healthy. I am also looking for a new place to live with land so I can finally grow more veggies and have chickens. I also seemed to have started an weird infatuation with collecting jars. Happy spring!

  76. miraclesmanifest says:

    My family and I will be looking into small business loans to get our rabbit meat (and other things) business/small farm up and running!

  77. twiggins says:

    Looking forward to cleaning up spending habits, getting out in the garden, and looking for a new apartment!

  78. piickeljones says:

    I’m finishing spring cleaning and preparing to finish a book I’m writing.

  79. jesspress says:

    I’m getting chickens in my bakcyard. :)