Win the “Ecouterre”: An EXCLUSIVE Limited-Edition Recycled Chain Necklace!

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To commemorate the official launch of our eco-fashion website, Ecouterre, and as a heartfelt thank you to all the love our readers have been showing us, we’re thrilled to announce that we will be giving away an exclusive, handmade Dirty Librarian Chains necklace—made from recycled vintage chains—to one lucky reader.

We didn’t think just any old giveaway would cut it with our smart and sassy readers, so we called upon master upcycling jewelry maker Susan Domelsmith of the coveted line Dirty Librarian Chains to whip up an exclusive creation JUST FOR YOU, and we’re absolutely in love with the result.

Dubbed the Ecouterre, this gorgeous gilded necklace is a titillating tangle of delicate vintage chains with an exquisite amber leaf charm that makes it an absolutely perfect conversation piece for your autumn outfits.


1. Sign up for the Ecouterre newsletter

2. Leave a comment below convincing us why you absolutely NEED the Ecouterre necklace. Tell us about how green you are and why you deserve to win this contest.

We’ll pick our favorite comment and announce the winner on Saturday, October 17. The deadline to enter is 3 p.m. ET on Friday, October 16, so ENTER NOW for a chance to add this stunning necklace to your sustainable style collection!

Dirty Librarian Chain Exclusive Ecouterre necklace

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94 Responses to “Win the “Ecouterre”: An EXCLUSIVE Limited-Edition Recycled Chain Necklace!”

  1. adelin says:

    i absolutely need this necklace because i love new england fall, and the color orange, and this necklace reminds me of being outside apple picking in october, and romping in the leaves and grass. i’m also a huge supporter of ecouterre – i follow you on twitter, and now i’ve just signed up for the newsletter. i recycle, i bike around (in nyc), i craft with vintage materials, and i’ve stopped using paper/plastic cups. i also shop with my own tote bags. my whole eco-shop-with-reusable-bag-while-i’m-on-bike look would be greatly improved with a stylish, upcycled necklace. just sayin’. ;)

  2. Bindweeds says:

    Why do I NEED this necklace? :
    I have been married for over 10 years and my husband, while fantastic in almost every other area, has never given me any jewelry.
    I have a horrible time buying things for myself.
    I am 32 and have only on piece of jewelry that isn’t just costume jewelry.
    I have never won prize in a contest.
    I’m TOTALLY in love with this necklace because I am an avid recycler, and upcycler.


  3. MesmerizingMuse says:

    I love this necklace, but I am certain my friend would love it more. I think she deserves it simply because she is juggling a full-time college schedule to earn a BFA in Interior Design specializing in Eco-friendly restoration. Did I mention she’s a former librarian?

  4. levoc13 says:

    I’m going to be seventy four tommorrow (74) – I’m blessed to have decent health – compared to what I have, NEEDING this necklace seems ungrateful – This is a lovely piece of art and it would pleasure me to be able to wear it! by the by – I’ve been “Green” long before there was a color for it. I was in England when WW2 was – we had to learn to save and reuse – Thank you for this opportunity……..

  5. CounterCouture says:

    Not only is this necklace gorgeous and would look fabulous around anybody’s neck, but I what draws me most to it is the fact that it is upcycled. I have recently started my own upcycling fashion brand (transforming bridesmaid dresses into couture cocktail dresses) and I can’t tell you how many times I have to define upcycling to people. Since the day of Ecouterre’s website launch, I have been following, retweeting, subscribing, and actively participating in it because you guys get it. It is so encouraging to see the word used, reused (no pun intended), and worked into mainstream fashion lingo. Together, we are an active community of doers and will set a new standard for the fashion industry. Love being a green girl, love Ecouterre.

  6. EllaRay says:

    To say that i absolutely need this necklace is an overstatement. By that i do not mean that i do not want it as badly as the other contest contestants, which i do, but i personally feel that the term “absolutely need” belongs in the categories of starving children in third world countries, abused wives and children living in fear, dying species, and the family that had to take their child out of school so that he could get a job to put some food one the table. That being said, i really want this necklace. I think that the words want and need are used interchangeably when really they are a world apart. Back to the beautiful necklace. I go to a school that requires me to wear the most hideous uniform. Its really horrible, lets just say it involves a lot of khaki. I am in love with fashion and find it heartbreaking that i can not express my self through clothing. Because i can not wear what i would like, i try to be as visually interesting as i can through jewelry. I love finding new and interesting pieces and i have never seen one like this necklace. I am also a huge supporter of helping the environment through recycled goods and sustainable energy sources, and i was thrilled when i discovered Ecouterre through Inhabitat. I think that recycling in the name of fashion will appeal to a lot of women and i cant wait to see this take off. I would so love for this gorgeous necklace to light up a tragic uniform.

  7. Echonoon says:

    As a former fashion buyer and friend of the industry, this is a HUGE educational statement on eco-jewelry. What better way to become a walking billboard for something so chic n’ fabulous that educates and effectively brings awareness at the same time. I’d be honored and proud!

  8. KendraBell says:

    i was 15 years old. the golden chain dangled loosely around my neck, the once silver now bronze lily pad hung as it had for the last 3 years. it was a normal school day, hot. i was wearing a tank top, the necklace in it’s familiar place.
    “come with me to splash water on my face!” said my friend who was eating lunch next to me.
    we both walked into the bathroom, with the faucets awkwardly sticking out of the wall underneath the mirror. i leaned in close, as i normally do to stare at my face; noticing any imperfections, or flaws, but also appreciating the complexity of my eyes and the color of my hair.
    my hands were cupped, filled with cool water. i leaned back up.
    “what was that?” said my friend, her face dripping wet.
    i silently watched as the lily that i had gotten for my 13th birthday, was swept down the drain, as well as the golden chain.
    i put my hands over my face, letting the water drip down my bare neck.

    (i’m nearly 16 now, and am still searching desperately for another golden chain; if not only to feel the weight of something important around my neck.)

  9. Lyze says:

    So, to reiterate the common ramblings of the eco-conscious, I do not “need” this necklace. In fact, being male, I will (maybe) not wear it. However, there is a special someone who I’d like to give it to.

    Y’see, I’m in my senior year of secondary school, and I’ve held off on the entire relationship thing until I found the right person, and I have found her. My heart fluttered like this only once before, and that was long ago, in the whimsy of my youth. It’s unclear whether I’ll win her, with her fiery personality and beautiful intelligence, but I hope I do, and even if I don’t, the necklace will be a reminder of my efforts. I’d rather try valiantly and be defeated than never know what could have been.

  10. ckalepo says:

    Why do I need this necklace? Well, I turned 30 this year and I’ve been meaning to buy a jewelry the will symbolize the big 30. Fall is my favorite season and the autumn is the cherry on top on this piece. I believed that I deserved to win this because this is the year where I’m finally taking my stand on living green on a different level. My organic cotton (Gots Certified) made in USA Children’s apparel will launch next month. This is the year of new beginnings for me. If I win this this necklace it will definately travel to different Eco Fashion Shows, Sustainability Community Meetings and etc.

  11. tara says:

    i don’t need this so-pretty necklace, but my baby does. he is recently distracted while nursing by, oh, EVERYTHING and i need him to keep his eyes on the prize!

    shiny + orange? are you kidding me?

    this would work brilliantly, though i’d need to fend off his grabby little fingers, a task i’d happily assume, especially since all my friends look to me for eco-style advice and my eco-fashion budget post-baby is non-existent.

  12. Elaine says:

    The reason why I should win this amazing necklace is this; I recently started making jewelry, bracelets and earrings, and if I were wearing this beautiful necklace, people would ask how I came to own it and I could show them some of my pieces as I always wear something of mine. They would then know that my other work would have to be good as I would have the good taste to wear such a fantastic necklace.
    The reasons I am green are many. I do not own an automobile, have not for 10 years. I get around by taking the bus and walking. As I live in a small Victorian tourist town on the Puget Sound in WA state, this is often problematic as far as getting where I want to go. I only need to put out the trash once a month as I recycle as much as I can. I have only used either homemade or green store-bought cleaning products for about eight years now. I own organic cotton bath towels and sheets. I am a member-owner of my local co-op and buy most of my groceries there. I am a vegetarian, which in and of itself is green. I purchase locally grown produce and locally made cheeses. I buy Organic Valley Farms dairy products, which is sourced from a local dairy. I do not buy shoes or bags made of leather and buy most of my clothes from the local thrift stores or eBay. The personal care products I buy are from environmentally and socially responsible companies that do not test on animals and I try to buy only those that use recyclable containers. Of course, I always bring my own bags when shopping.
    So, there you have it, the reasons why I should win this stunning necklace as well as how green I try to be.

  13. alisondunn says:

    I need this necklace! I have just come back from living in rural China, trying to keep the green ways I learned there … I’ve only used my clothes dryer 3 times in 2 months .. air drying is the best. Along with this, I have a great new job where I need to look great, so the necklace is necessary!

  14. Livin Veg says:

    I just hit my five year cancer free mark about a week ago. My thyroid surgery left me with a big ugly scar on my neck. Obviously, I’m happy that I’m healthy but I was left feeling very insecure about my scar. I only just started wearing necklaces again (I gave them up because they brought attention to my scar). This beautiful fall necklace would be the perfect piece to finally say “Screw it. I can look good even with a big ol’ scar.”

    In addition, I teach kids about issues affecting people, animals and the environment. I love wearing recycled and used things to class to show them you can look great while being eco.

    Congrats on the launch of Ecouterre! It looks fab!

  15. marlilyn says:

    Fall is always a difficult time of the year for me. The days get shorter, the sun disappears, the old sweaters have to come out of the basement, and my energy level drops. I am trying to stop the cycle this year and embrace fall. I have a work-out plan in motion, I have been buying more organic fruits and veggies, and am trying to be as active as possible to keep the seasonal blues away. This necklace would put that extra little spring in my step. Every time I wore it my day would instantly brighten my day and make any shirt I wore it with look amazing.

  16. MaryJaneCarney says:

    I need this necklace because fall is my favorite season of the year. I love the color of the trees and the crisp-ness (is that a word?) in the air. I love how fall makes you want to be outside… doing anything. Reading a book, walking the dog, riding a bike. I need this necklace because it captures the fall I love.

  17. jlh269 says:

    I need this necklace because I am a vegan environmentalist and a librarian, so this sounds like the best necklace for me.

  18. CourtneyKuehn says:

    This necklace would be a welcome addition to my usual black/silver/gold collection.

    I try to eat local when I can, and eat less red meat to cut down on the carbon footprint…

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  20. nsyl says:

    I need this necklace . oh how i need this necklace. The leaf the color of my hair. pick me I am a nice lady . My four year old son agrees .

  21. Lim01Babe says:

    How Beautiful this necklace is,I would love to win. My 19th Anniversary is October the 20th and this necklace would make the month more wonderful than it all really is.

  22. sweetanniegreen says:

    I would love to be the proud owner of this necklace. a) I’ve been drooling over Dirty Librarian jewelry forever. b) I’m getting married next year, and have been looking for a necklace JUST like this to wear! our colors are orange and blue, and this would be perfect! In our day-to-day life we buy all organic local produce, recycled paper products if any, organic clothes (though we try not to buy new things), etc. Our wedding is local – 3 miles away, and we’re working with a local farm-to-table restaurant to provide the (veggie) food, and a florist who works with only locally grown flowers. We’re trying to keep all other decisions and elements as sustainable as possible as well!

  23. nsyl says:

    I need this necklace. let me see here. I love it. The leaf matches my hair. I never buy my self pretty things. I am an environmentalist.single parent. food educator. herbalist. chef.
    pick me I am a nice lady.

  24. beheca says:

    I need this necklace because I want to show other fashionistas that you can look fabulous wearing green designers. Most people think dressing green is in burlap with hemp birkenstock style shoes. My mission is to change that perception.

  25. shinhee1021 says:

    I would rock this necklace everywhere I go from work to school to of course the dance floor! and wherever I go, people will ask where I got it from …compliments of Ecouterre!

  26. Pancakepopple says:

    I’m not about to express need,
    but to have this jewelry would not only feed
    my mind and soul and my pour ego.
    For I’m a poor vegetarian grad student without any cash
    and Dirty Librarian Chains would certainly add some class
    to me and what I wear everyday
    this necklace would add some gorgeousness to my vintage array
    of clothing and items that I collect —
    because I’m low on money but high on spirit.
    Thanks Ecoterre for offering this up to your readers,
    hopefully I can walk away looking neater.

  27. jennc says:

    I need this necklace because I have so few necklaces in my collection that this gorgeous piece would be a great way to start. Plus, fall is such a beautiful season and this would compliment it greatly!

  28. The Q says:

    I rarely get to buy jewelry and I am jonesing for a gorgeous fall/winter piece that I can show off at all the upcoming holiday parties. A necklace like this would be perfect, but alas! I can’t spend $170 on a piece of jewelry right now. So I would love to win it and wear it all season. I’d photograph myself wearing it for my eco fashion blog, I’d tell people where I got it and who made it, and I’d spread the word far and wide about how righteous Ecouterre and Dirty Librarian are.

    Also, it would make me very happy to win. And wouldn’t you like to make another person happy?

  29. kahlileo says:

    I absolutely NEED this necklace. As a New England transplant to Saint Louis, I don’t quite get the same breath-taking Fall season foliage.

    I have carried with me my ‘green’ ways, and implemented them thoroughly throughout my life. I recently graduated with a degree in Commercial Interior Design with a focus on sustainable design. I plan to become a LEED-AP professional. I am part of the 2010imperative and the 2030challenge (

    As a recent graduate in a rough economy, I am ready to turn over a new leaf. I am a new co-organizer for the Local Architecture for Humanity chapter and have found this to be greatly fulfilling. I can’t wait for the construction industry to blossom from this recession so I can start making a difference on a larger scale.

    This necklace, to me, is a physical representation of all of every part of this path I am on. I am in a critical stage of life in regards to my future, and I will continue to carry my passion and nurturing self to each and every challenge that I meet.

    Again, I absolutely need this necklace.

  30. pamcakes says:

    Ever since moving to Holland, I have been more eco-friendly and have started reading about sustainable fashion and just being more “green.” I use public transport, cycle everywhere, and use canvas bags for my groceries – where i buy organic products. I also feel a lot healthier. I am totally loving your site (and not just b/c Yuka writes for you guys).

    I absolutely need this necklace because it’s gorgeous and would go with most everything that I wear! It is autumn here in the netherlands and orange is the national color! Plus, I’m not currently working, and have not splurged on myself in a while. Living off savings is not so fun, plus I have a wedding to plan but can’t seem to get started on it until I find a job here!

  31. FaithJ says:

    I don’t NEED much in life, however, I WANT this beautiful statement necklace to compliment my fall wardrobe! I’m not a tree hugger, I like my leather handbags and shoes. But I recycle newspapers, cans, and grocery bags. I don’t run the water while I’m brushing my teeth. And I only eat organic fruits and ground beef. That’s about as far as I go! Hope I win!

  32. avery2290 says:

    I need this necklace because as a stay at home mom, trying to live as green as possible on a very tight budget, I have very little left over to buy myself anything that inspires beauty. We do as much as possible to live green – always use reuseable bags, buy organic as much as possible, conserve water, electricity and recycle everything!

  33. pepperlc12 says:

    I need a break, that’s why!

  34. superdumb says:

    Mommy needs her edge back.

  35. cvs says:

    As many others have stated, I do not NEED this necklace, but it is gorgeous and I am an avid upcycler of clothing (donations and bought at local thrift/goodwill stores), I make some of my own jewelry, reusing old costume jewelry, I recycle EVERYTHING, use tote bags (no grocery bags), I work for a green/sustainable sunscreen company and I LOVE this necklace – it is perfect for Fall, but, knowing me, I’ll be wearing it in Winter and next year as well :) I appreciate beauty and this is truly beautiful, aesthetically and what’s behind it.

  36. ElizabethPearl says:

    I would love this necklace as a replacement for my dear ducky. Years ago while wandering around downtown Austin, chatting with my best bud about what this world would be like if we were in charge, we stumbled upon a philosophical jewelry cart merchant. The three of us stood on the busy street talking of a better future in which bicycles rule and everything serves a purpose beyond single use. A world in which every home has a veggie garden so nobody goes hungry. A world in which our ethics are no longer founded on the economics of capitalism. I supported our new off the grid friend by purchasing ducky, a simple string with a stone duck looped on the end, and wore it everyday until he wandered on at a concert. It has been years but I cannot bear to replace this necklace unless it also symbolizes what ducky means to me… and this necklace just might.. With its up cycled nature and simple vintage lines.. I would love to wear it with a story and pride! So please, pick me!

  37. DianneA says:

    Let’s be honest.. nobody “NEEDS” this necklace.. however I would love to have it! It’s a beautiful piece that very nicely walks the line between the “green” thing and the “fashion” thing without being overly in your face about the decision. I love finding beautiful things that offer the opportunity to let people know that eco-conscious decisions can also be aesthetic- conscious.. who want’s to wear something ugly just because it’s “good?” I’m thrilled we’re finally getting to a place where that doesn’t have to be the only choices. I just moved from New Jersey to Florida and I love the Autumn colors.. it’s be great to feel I have a little piece of “home” with me :)

  38. denimdebutante says:

    I need this necklace because it would become the centerpiece of my accessories. I don’t own much, just the basics (a pearl necklace and earrings, stuff like that), but I need to add some edge to my wardrobe!

    Plus, how AMAZING would this look dressed up with my favorite jeans and a fitted blouse? It’s effortless glamour.


  39. vicki7178 says:

    I am still updating my wardrobe with green, eco-friendly items. I love the colors and the style of this necklace. I think it would look great with my olive skin tone and dark brown hair!

  40. SMITHRS says:

    Gorgeous necklace, my wife would love it!!

  41. matzsmith says:

    Crafty and creative, quite the pair. Beautiful necklace.

  42. lisie1 says:

    Well, I am a librarian and I always try to dress in the current fashions to negate that “librarian” image…but I do still have the glasses so I have always kind of looked the part — but I just love jewelry and my patrons like to look and comment on my jewelry — breaks the ice and makes me approachable — and I am a teen librarian and you must look au courant for them…I always say the more jewelry the better…and I do promote a vegetarian/vegan diet and always put up displays for adopt a shelter animal…love the necklace, too!

  43. carlyTKO says:

    love the necklace. as an up-and-coming librarian, a dirty librarian chain (ESPECIALLY with an eco-flare) is a staple! perfect to wear at work or out on the town. i need some more sassy pieces to really complete my wardrobe, it’s almost impossible to find something that i love, but that is also unique.
    i’ve been green for a long time, so staying eco-friendly is a big deal to me. it’s part of my style, who i am and something that i want to grow into more. only green fashions are difficult for my wallet to handle sometimes.

  44. awesomemidwestwedding says:

    I absolutely NEED this amazing Ecouterre necklace, because I’m getting married in an informal, eco-friendly wedding ceremony and I still have no idea what to wear as my jewelry! The whole theme of the wedding is nature and we’re going out of our way to make sure we’re being as green as possible. We chose a Chicago park for our wedding location. We’re having bridesmaids wear their own favorite dresses rather than flying them in to get fittings. My dress is being made by Elise Bergman, a local Chicago designer known for her use of eco-friendly materials. The decorations are all plants and gourds and natural items that will be used to keep the park building looking lovely for weeks to come.

    This necklace is literally, my missing link! :)

  45. hockiemack says:

    I need this necklace because I just moved to a new city where there is no fall foliage! Every year I would take a drive through vermont to check out the leaves changing color and enjoy some wine- tasting along the way. This year I’m on the other side of the country.

    Autumn is my favorite season, and I don’t have the chance to enjoy it this year. I know this necklace would keep me in good spirits.

  46. Gloryhal says:

    I work in an office that is on a mission to go greener and with lots of executive fashionistas that could use a little greener sense of style and this is the perfect way to show them from the front desk that green is the new sexy without having to spend a month’s paycheck to prove my point. Though it would be likely to create an Ecouterre spending spree from the higher ups. The colors of the necklace also go beautifully with my slightly olive with peach undertone skin and red hair with eco-blond highlights.

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  48. omni26 says:

    Boy, I can’t really top some of these really “needy” stories but I can say that you have one beautiful necklace here that would go great with my strawberry blonde hair. I’ve been told I am an “Autumn girl” I guess meaning that the orange, reds and greens of fall compliment my skin and hair type. Plus, it would match the beautiful fall foliage here in New England where I live. I do my best to recycle everything I can. I never buy notebooks b/c I get so much scrap paper w/ all the junkmail I recieve, never waste anything at all, and air dry my clothes as often as humanly possible!!!

  49. dc4101 says:

    I absolutely need, want, require, and admire this necklace. Why? Because, it’s gosh darn gorgeous and I would wear it well! Please pick me, me, me.

  50. mightyatomgirl says:

    I lust over this dirty librarian necklace. The variegated gold hues of reworked, vintage chain are set off by the perfect amber leaf, softly shouting, “autumn, I am here.” And that just makes my heart go pitter-patter.

  51. lugo818 says:

    Love the necklace. I’m an LEED AP in condominium property management. Not a lot of us out there. My job is to educate the staff on green practices in the office and subsequently our clients. It’s not easy. People definetly don’t “get it”. It’s not a priority for our clients and our employees. So all I can do is update, educate, and live by example. I also am a vegan, and get the stares in the lunchroom. But the only way for the concept and ideas to spread is to keep a positive attitude and live as green as possible. I don’t have a car, ride my bike and take public transportation everywhere! Oh plus I try to only buy used goods, nothing new (I have been 90% successful). So the recycled necklace is right down my alley!

  52. says:

    Why do I need this necklace? I only have me to buy things for myself and it’s been a long long long time since I’ve been able to do so. Bonus that’s its sustainable fashion!

  53. mightyatomgirl says:

    I lust over this dirty librarian necklace. The variegated gold hues of reworked, vintage chain are set off by the perfect amber leaf, softly shouting, “autumn, I am here.” And that just makes my green heart go pitter-patter.

  54. terragirl says:

    Why do I need this necklace? I only have me to buy things for myself and it’s been a long long long time since I’ve been able to do so. Bonus that’s its sustainable fashion!

  55. JBlue says:

    This necklace is amazing. Why do I need it? Well…I have been watching in awe as Dirty Librarian Chains grew into what it is now. The work is amazing, alas, as someone who has dedicated her life to non-profit work, I cannot afford to purchase one of the beautiful items. I have very little jewelry, and it would be amazing to start my collection with something this gorgeous and recycled to boot!

  56. lilacskin says:

    mmmmm- im a forest-green mommy of a lime-green 3y.o. who is attempting to turn my paaaaaaaaaaaaale green hubby a tad darker. something this fan-freaking-tastic dangling in my cleavage might just do it!

    tremble-leaf covering
    a pulse, a heart, a quiet
    my loves, i love
    this lovely thing…

  57. kelpopelka says:

    I absolutely need this necklace because I am a new, small business owner (doggie daycare) and have not yet been able to take a salary, therefore I have had to cut out some of the things I love to do most, like shopping.
    I absolutely love to accessorize and think that this necklace is a MUST HAVE for this fall!

  58. samsstuff says:

    I need this necklace because it’s fabulous & in wearing it, I will feel fabulous as well!

  59. lisalila says:

    This necklace needs me!

    I will be a model for an eco-fashion shoot and would love to wear the exclusive vintage “Ecouterre” neckalce, which would be seen on the cover of the magazine. Great exposure for you folks too. I am a green girl by heart. I eat, breathe and sleep everything that is green. I do not own a vehicle, I choose to bike. I am vegetarian and vegan friendly, 90% of my wardrobe comprises of eco couture, made from all natural fibres. We gow our own vegetables and live on pure raw juices.


  60. bbpetro says:

    We am very much struggling to keep afloat, and I am working 2 waitressing jobs, as well as working as an independent curator, my dream, which my fiance recently encouraged me to start up. I’m working this much not only to help support us, but also, to pay for our wedding in March — a “green” wedding which will consist of potted plants for guests to take with them, and eco-friendly candles, eco-friendly dishware and organic cake. Despite the expense, this is super important to us! With this, and graduate school about to start in January, we have sacrificed a lot. While this necklace would be for me, it would make my fiance very happy that I could have something nice, when he cannot afford to buy me anything. Also, we take public transportation everywhere, use reusable bags for all shopping and buy all organic foods. Thanks for the consideration.

  61. jjconde says:

    I would be so grateful to have this beautiful piece for myself. I think it’s wonderful that you are creating a line of jewelry from salvaged materials. I only shop at thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales for my clothing and accessories. This year I discovered the comfort of designing jewelry and wallets from found and salvaged materials. It’s really distracted me from being a poor college student caught up in an unnavigable financial aid system, and have even started to give away some pieces to friends that I know will appreciate them. Maybe someday my works will go for $170 and my designs will be as clever and crafty as Susan’s, but for now I’m really enjoying creating jewelry and seeing my friends actually implement the pieces into their outfits.

  62. krise says:

    As a stay at home mom trying hard to raise my two boys to become responsible, earth conscience adults I need this necklace to keep motivated. That way the next time I have scrub a 3 x 5 foot crayon mural off my wall all I’ll have to do is look down to my neck to remember why I’m using the less powerful all-natural cleaner rather then the easier to use but harsh chemicals to clean up.

  63. BridgeStt says:

    Where to begin? I’ve spent the past 6 weeks camped out in our local hospital ICU Waiting Room. My Beloved Husband Daniel was very sick, and sadly he left this world 9.22.2009. We’d been inseperable for the wonderful ten and a half years we were married. Now, I’m alone, with just my 2 kitty-children. It’s a rough road to go alone, especially at my age (it just hit me the other day, I’m no spring chicken anymore, in a very few years I’ll be hitting the big 6 0! That was another shocker to deal with. I’ve got to shop & cook just for myself; once I feel good enough to actually cook something, rather than just throwing a slice of cheese on a tortilla, or munching on some crackers or popcorn. We’d always been there for each other, and were supposed to grow very very old together. It wasn’t supposed to be just one of us alone, scared, and lonely, and walking around zombie-like trying to smile a smile that just won’t come. The first time I went grocery shopping I wasn’t thinking clearly, because when I got to the check-out I saw I had picked up most of his favourites. When the cashier asked me how I was, that’s when the flood of tears began. I couldn’t help it. I feebly made it out to the car, sat in the driver’s seat, another thing I’ve not had to do in years, he always did the driving; and I sat there, sobbing my heart out. I’ve never felt so alone, lonely and empty inside. I don’t know how I made it home that day. Home? It doesn’t seem like home, because the best part of me isn’t there anymore. I keep expecting to hear him call to me “Bridgey, when we gonna eat.” Of course he doesn’t, but I so wish he was here to do just that. It’s been exactly three weeks now, and I’m doing some better, I don’t break down half a dozen or more times a day. But it’s hard nonetheless. I may have a few hours go by where I don’t break down, but then the flood of tears, sadness and anger rush over me. I know my anger, my sadness won’t bring him back,neither will my wishing it was just a bad dream, and soon I’ll wake up and hear him calling me. Yes, I’m still in shock, and right now I don’t know if it will ever stop. I can only take one step at a time, one moment at a time, and try my best to get through each day as best as I can. I know he wouldn’t want me to grieve so, but there is no set time-line for grief, or getting over it. I can only do my best each day, to be the strong person he believed me to be. He had such faith in me, from the very moment we met, even when I had none in myself. And for that reason; his faith in me, and the love he showed me, I know I’ll get through this somehow. Deep down I know I’m as strong as he told me I was. Now I just have to keep reminding myself of that. And of the beautiful loving years we had together. Remember the good times, and the not so good times we had together. I don’t know how long it will take me to get over this loss, maybe I never will; but I will do my best to be the creative, caring, loving woman he knew me to be. I owe him that, and I won’t disappoint him, or his memory. He was, and is, and will always be the best part of me.
    I know a fancy bit of jewelry won’t cure the hurt I’m feeling. But, I also know if he saw how pretty that necklace is, and if I told him I liked it, he’d get if for me. Not as a b-day or anniversary present, just because he was a kind, loving man, and the best friend I ever had. I love you baby-darlin.

  64. T.Nappi says:

    Terre says – October 13, 2009 at 7:14pm

    I am a 70 yr. old women who grew up in New York and lived in Manhattan for 35 yrs. I am now retired and living in Miami. I am still the same fashionable women I was in New York, but living on Social Security, it is very hard to keep up with the fashions. I would love to own this necklass.

  65. xxlynxx says:

    i absolutely need this necklace because there is no other word but SPECTACULAR to describe it. it is beautiful and i could just see it on me right now. And if i don’t win i will truly be heartbroken.

  66. JAR5072 says:

    I am the geeky “green” girl around town (and when that town is Boulder that’s really something). I’m vegan, I started a program to collect #5 plastics from suburban schools where they don’t recycle them and I carry them myself on the bus in to Boulder to the recycling facility. I help maintain trails for Boulder Open Space, I give my money to supporting wildlife habitat conservation and when I say give my money there’s not a ton of it. I work at a local Boulder bookstore for not a ton of money. I can picture myself in this necklace moving through town, carrying bags full of plastics heading in to the bookstore just smiling at my one piece of glamour in my otherwise very drab but satisfying life. :-)

  67. lyn hicks says:

    I am an organic flower farmer and love to style up when I am not in the mud clothes! This is a stunning representation of the way I live life! I recycle, reuse, organic home products for 15 years, make all kinds of things out of things at the farm! Great glamour to celebrate the whole movement that is so exciting, creative and kind. I have waited years to find like minded people and now they are everywhere, fashion, building, growing, home decor! This is my time to make a great success of my growing business and sport lovely ecoterre items!! Kudos for creating a great contest and showcasing great products that we all want!!! Love it, need it, desire it and what better thought, the organic grower with the eco fashion!!!

  68. Smile789 says:

    I love this necklace, its so beautiful. I love that its recycled, I dont currently wear jewlery because I just cant afford the luxury right now. So this beautiful necklace would mean the world to me, and would finally give me something a little extra to boost my confidence.
    I am pretty green because I use recycled products when I have the extra money and I recycle everything I can.
    I feel like I deserve to win this contest because I try my best to do the best I can with everything, and still don’t get anything extra for myself.

  69. lib morris says:

    I too would adore to have this ‘gorgeous’ piece of recycled metal,(s/thing coming from the ‘earth’) adorning my ever so graceful neck! Only then could I properly enhance the ‘glory’ of using recycled metals and the ongoing benefit to ‘mother earth’ of reusable appendages!

  70. Loopy says:

    That IS Gorgeous! I work at a pretty eco-UNfriendly company. They think recycling bottles every other month is the bees knees! So since I’m the self proclaimed eco-Ambassador around here, I would add this necklace to my already sustainable clothing wardrobe! And show “the man” it’s not just about the recycling! It’s also about the using recyclable materials!

  71. […] Green Fashion blog Ecouterre is celebrating their launch with a giveaway of “the Ecouterre” a handmade, recycled […]

  72. mlcouto says:

    i wanna win this neckless, cause….i´m a very good, good , good person….hiihihi,…joking…
    Well…at least i got a very high sence humour…
    no?…u think not…
    welll, try it again…….cause i just love it, it´s beatifful, original, different, sences to fall…is actual, modern…all i want…beside is a Ecouterre, isa an exclusiveand specially is a Recycled Necklace! it is a peace that thinks on the environnement…

    thank you som much if it is possible….

  73. treswunderkind says:

    Hello. I am a gardener/apprentice of carpentry/student from Birmingham, Alabama. I just came across your website today while reading an article about glacier art that my building teacher sent me. I appreciate the information here, and just thought I would throw my name in the running for this beautiful piece of jewelry. Thanks for keeping the inspiration coming!

  74. I would love to win this necklace as I am in the middle of a transition away from cheap, trendy jewelery towards pieces that are made ethically and will last beyond one night on the town. I can’t tell you how hard that is for someone like me who sees a $3 price tag and thinks OOH LA LA how good will those earrings look with my favorite tee (?!) to decide instead to put aside a considerably larger sum (for try as I might I can’t help but love exquisitely designed, unique accessories). It feels indulgent – and as of now I’m not really in the position to even do so, but I’ve at least cut myself off from cheap trends in the hopes of turning away from the quick satisfaction that all too often overshadows the working conditions of the people who produce so much of the costume jewelry we indulge in (not to mention the environmental cost of more expensive metals and the raging conflicts tied to diamond mining). I consider myself a story teller and I would love to spread this message with a necklace that is sure to get people asking, “where did you get that?” What a great opportunity to share the power of both looking and doing good!

  75. riderdiver says:

    I MUST have this necklace! I work on my farm all day, and need something to make me feel pretty after 12 hours of gardening, training horses, pulling up and re-setting RR tie posts, chopping wood for the wood stove, siphoning my dish rinse water for the houseplants and loving up all my dogs & cats (neutered, of course). Being “awarded” this gorgeous piece would make me feel like my green efforts are rewarded!

  76. desibelle says:

    Why do I NEED it? I don’t, none of us NEED jewelry. But, as I have structured my life around promoting sustainability, through my own actions and through my work at the Center for Sustainable Design Studies in NYC, I would LOVE to sport this and be able to say it’s sustainable. As a college student, I have no money and it would be great to win it. It even goes with my industrial design projects, including a sustainable tree-shaped table, and a tree shaped cuff bracelet with sustainable paper leaves. Plus, I collect cameos and this necklace is just really really hot!

  77. ssimpson17 says:

    By wearing this necklace, all will see that I am green and strive to be the same as me. I will spout out words from my ecological conscious, and thereby change the world for those around us.

  78. debracook says:

    I deserve this necklace because I am basically a good person.
    I try hard and get along with people very well.
    I try to be green by turning off lights when not in use and not using as many chemicals to clean with.

  79. Anonymouse says:

    I don’t suppose I NEED this necklace or DESERVE it, but I do WANT it! REALLY WANT it!

    Last Christmas, my house was broken into when we were out of town visiting family and among other things, my jewelry box was stolen with all of my favorite unique jewelery and some special pieces that had been gifts from my dad and my grandmother.

    Even if that weren’t true, I would still WANT this necklace because it is amazing and would be so fun to wear and build outfits around! What a conversation piece it would be!

  80. reesefernandez says:

    This Necklace is going to be a “chain necklace”. I know, it already is… but I mean this in a different way.

    The advocacy and beauty of this necklace should be shared by necks connected to heads with Eco-Ethical minds.

    The journey of this necklace will not stop with me.

    As the co-founder and President of one of the first Eco-Ethical Fashion Companies in the Philippines (Rags2Riches, Inc.), I am connected to so many Eco-Ethical Advocates who will have the opportunity to wear this beautiful necklace during Eco-Ethical/Eco Fashion and lifestyle events (yes, I am going to lend this out and pass it on… like a “chain letter” that will be true to the Eco values that created this chain necklace in the first place). The necklace (and the active, passionate wearer), could spread the word about living an Eco-lifestyle and still looking drop-dead-gorgeous!

    This is how much I love the necklace.=) I love it so much that I’ll continue its legacy by sharing it to more people. Of course, by the end of the day (or the week), it will go home to my box until its next destination. But its journey will be forever remembered by the people who wore it, the people who saw it in various occasions, and the blogs and news articles that it was featured on.

    Oh, and of course, I will keep you posted on its journey via my personal blog ( and our company website (!

  81. jojo71 says:

    I need this necklace because it’s cold here in New Hampshire, but it’s much too early to turn on the heat. This necklace would certainly spice up my wardrobe, and thus, keep me warm. You don’t want me to freeze to death, do you?

    I didn’t think so.
    Thanks for the necklace. You’ve done a good deed.

  82. holly123 says:

    I need this necklace because I barely have any gold jewelry, and very few necklaces in general. I constantly hint to my husband about jewelry and when we walk past window displays I point out what I like – all to no end. He keeps buying me practical gifts – like long johns!

  83. galaxycoff says:

    I am so green that I never buy jewelry. It’s frivolous, and often produced by horribly unsustainable practices. Even if it’s synthetic, I can’t justify the power cost or materials cost in creating something I don’t need. But like any girl, I love the look of it, and want to look glamorous every once in awhile. I would really love this necklace, because it would be the only thing not hand-me-down or gifted that I have. Also, this company clearly relates to my earthly values and produces in a way that I can support.

  84. lyzzal says:

    I don’t deserve this necklace any more than anyone else; I want it because something good happening to me would reaffirm my faith in these dark days that autumn is a beautiful season which, after succombing to winter, will eventually give way to sunnier days (figuratively as well as literally); the endless seasonal cycle viewed in a positive light, with optimism I really need.

  85. Randy S says:

    Since the only jewelry I have bought my wife is an engagement ring and a wedding band, I think she is well deserving of a nice piece like this after 7 years. With money being very tight, I won’t go into the long drawn out saga, I can’t go out and buy it for her. She would really appreciate it and love it. And I’d get a nice bonus in return.

  86. sara says:

    Of course I don’t NEED this necklace, but I would love to wear it in front of all my non-eco minded fashion-centric friends with more money than me and tell them why it’s better than the one they just bought at j. crew.

  87. jacagroff says:

    I go to the College of San Mateo in California. At the moment, my school is in the process of rebuilding a lot of the campus and “going green”. Subsequently, I now go to school at a construction site, and many of the plants and trees on campus have been destroyed or cut down. It is so discouraging and depressing to go to school everyday. Imagine inhaling dust and debris, and not even have any nature around to enjoy. This necklace incorporates many of my values, like recycling, upcycling, and sustainability, while still having a sense of beauty and fashion. It would remind me of all the wonderful things that my campus used to have, but also help me look forward to a bright new future!

  88. RickyC says:

    Let the beauty we love be what we are. I am a student of green interior design driven to bring beautiful sanity to the world with integrity. I need the wonderful necklace to help me walk my talk- so that I can be what I love and do.

  89. xjacklynx says:

    this necklace is rock star. i happen to be a rock star. if i win i will rock this necklace every chance i get.

  90. roselg29 says:

    I need this necklace because it will serve as a banner for me to proclaim my “greenness” and allow me to spread the word of environmentalism every time someone comments on it. Here in my part of Wisconsin, “green” is relatively obsolete and hard to convince people of. I want to show people what living green really means and how we all can make an individual difference, no matter how small. Thanks!

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  92. klea72 says:

    Simply put, I need this necklace. I just had my 37th birthday (I used to think that was old.) I have two small children. I work. I started a recycling program at my work and people consider me a recycling diva. This upcycled necklace will complete my recycling diva wardrobe. Please?

  93. stormtussey says:

    I need this necklace because I am on a Mission. Though I live in Vermont where people are a little more eco-conscious then most there is still a belief system that you can not be fashionable and be green. So, I beg of you to please award me the necklace and tell me where I can buy those fabulous boots recently highlighted so I can convince the locals here that you can be both Eco-Conscious and Fabulous. Hopefully it will inspire the artisans around here to kick it up a notch and merge style with ethics. Oh and I just turned 30 and it was a terrible birthday.

  94. NYhermana says:

    I don’t NEED this necklace…but, I do NEED to find a wonderful Christmas gift for my niece,who will be a perfect role model and lives a life that will honor the work put into this necklace. I have lost my job earlier this year and cannot afford to buy gifts, she just started college and is struggling on her own in San Francisco. I am very proud of her and winning this will make us happy! :)