Win This Recycled Inner-Tube Necklace From EcoFirstArt (Worth $600!)

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Who knew that discarded bicycle inner tubes could result in such head-turning statement jewelry? EcoFirstArt is giving away a one-of-a-kind necklace by Katheen Nowak Tucci, hand-crafted in the United States from tires that have lost their groove. Here’s where the rubber hits the road, people, so enter now to win!


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winner there.)

2. LEAVE A COMMENT telling us what your favorite cycling accessory is. Although getting fancy doesn’t hurt your chances, we’ll be picking a winner at random.

We’ll pick our favorite comment and announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, April 20. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Tuesday, April 19, so ENTER NOW for a chance to win!


EcoFirstArt features eco-friendly items, such as recycled and sustainable fine art, furniture, jewelry, accessories, and apparel. Inspired by the work of primatologist Jane Goodall, it serves to highlight society’s disposable mentality toward objects while making efficient use of our planet’s resources, which are not infinite.

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35 Responses to “Win This Recycled Inner-Tube Necklace From EcoFirstArt (Worth $600!)”

  1. carrots says:

    this necklace is insane! my current favorite bike accessory is my bike fanny pack…keeps my stuff secure under my seat while i’m out having fun! :)

  2. Mir.I.Am says:

    My number one bike accessory is for sure my homemade neon yellow bike jersey!! <=== I am the one on the left: just sew an old stretchy t-shirt on the back of a construction tee for awesome 3-panel pocket jersey: bike pump, check. tire levers, check. extra tube, check. HEART SHAPED SUNGLASSES AND HOMEMADE JERSEY: double check! Ecouterre: hook it up to your number one cycling sister!

  3. iciae says:

    My favourite bike accessiry is the pinecones decorated basket! It holds my heavy bag everytime and it looks just like a piece of a forest! It also makes beautiful music while I ride my bicycle!

  4. Mysticat says:

    MY sunglasses!

  5. lexa says:

    My favorite bicycle accessory is my red leather seat. Pretty to look at, and comfortable to ride.

  6. GreenEcoChick says:

    WOW! That neck piece would match a purse I bought a few years ago – it’s made from recycled tires! It would be awesome!! I’ve subscribed to the newsletter.

    My favorite accessory (if you can call it that) would be a bike basket.

  7. vecoistas (@@vecoistas) says:

    Other than the rainbow spoke light I rock, I am pretty into my helmet, safety first in this case, I also like it when I rock my headlamp on top of it. Makes me look like a miner! Oh and seeing in the dark is a bonus.

  8. martamalavasi says:

    My yellow leggings!

  9. AuckjeV says:

    Wow, I’ve been making accessories from inner bike tubes aswell, but this beats everything!!

    My favourite accessories are plastic colourful flowers!! They just light up the city.

  10. Quantumtree says:

    My favorite bicycle accessory would have to be me… yep. Oh, and my bright pink Kleen Kanteen. I have a flogger made of discarded bicycle inner tubes too but that’s not really an accessory (for the bike).

  11. sweet persimmon says:

    The piece is an amazing one of kind recycled necklace! I’m a huge supporter of finding ways to take items out of the waste stream and I applaud the designer. I love my vintage red schwinn bicycle, but my favorite bicycle accessory is my helmet. Although city cycling is becoming more common, helmets are not on riders. Too many accidents happen that could be prevented on the road and I want to keep my pretty head on, especially if I win the necklace to go with it! Cheers.

  12. StephNg says:

    Flashing Strobe lights, tell everyone move out of the way, I’m coming. A bold statement, just like the necklace!!

  13. kasiag says:

    I cannon even imagine cycling without my old, striped wicker bicycle basket – a witness of my everyday shopping, the participant of the late evening dates when it carries bouquets of flowers or a bottle of wine and the observer of a outstanding life of the streets of my city. The irreplaceable one :)

  14. LindaK says:

    I love thoe bicycle handle bar tassels! :P

  15. Sim says:

    My favourite bicycle accessory will be the wicked necklace after I win it, just AMAZING art work! But for now its my mini cross-body bag with lots of compartments:)

  16. sazzyfrazz says:

    I love, love my RUNNUR! I wrap it around my body and it keeps my hands free, holds my money, my water bottle, my camera, and my phone! It’s the best accessory ever! It’s amazing!

  17. lauralots says:

    My woolly gloves! Hand knit in Donegal (Ireland) by a little old lady named Caitlin (each item has the knitter’s name on) they keep my paws warm whatever the weather. The company responsible is found at

  18. hockiemack says:

    ribbons tied to my handles.

  19. kmom says:

    Gotta be my Speedplay pedals!

    Love the necklace–gives me inspiration to make fun things out of all the tubes I puncture.

  20. Gabby says:

    My favourite bike accesories are the little coloured plastic tubes for the spokes!They used to make my bike (when i was a child) very colourful and noisy!aaaaaaaahhh….those were the days!!

  21. truskin says:

    my most essential bike accessory is my bike lock made from a metal chain sewn into an a scarf! Soft on the outside but a real gurdian badass on the inside!

  22. NAi design (@naidesign) says:

    I love my YAKKAY helmet and Tokyo New Jazz cover. Wouldn’t be caught dead in any other helmet!

  23. Victoria Lyon says:

    I LOVE playful, funky jewelery made from recyled items. What a great way to show the world how something beautiful can be made from almost anything! This would be MY favorite bike accessory if I owned it!

  24. Hofken says:

    My camelback water bottle

  25. Ana says:

    My favorite cycling accessory has to be globes- soft ones, but I can barely wait to wear the tires!

  26. ana says:

    My favorite accessory are my gloves but I can barely wait to wear the tires!

  27. ForeverMeSnow says:

    My favorite bike accessory is my awesome 180′ bike headlight! It lights up street signs from two blocks away and makes me feel so safe ridding around New Orleans.

  28. projecthope7 says:

    my fave cycling accessories are cycling gloves, Camelbak Hydration system, and lightweight backpack.!

    cathy B
    pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

  29. pedden says:

    Love this!

    Favorite bike accessories: Well vented helmet, to keep hair dry and head safe!

  30. lavagal says:

    I love my red Aloha Bento Box with white hibiscus flowers on it.

  31. Mongohio says:

    Best for me – the trailer to tow along kids!

  32. monica says:

    So noble,so Renaissance, I deserve it, plsss!

  33. monica says:

    Favorite cicling acessory is my camel back, fuel is coconut water (sorry, guys, I live in Rio : > )

  34. samf359 says:

    Favorite cycling accessory hmmm….sunglasses? Yeah sunglasses, don’t leave home without them.

  35. sustainableMatters says:

    My favourite accessory is my double chariot I use to bike around my fabulous daughters! At 2 and 4 they are seasoned travellers and these budding fashionistas would love to see eco-conscious mom pair this amazing necklace with her recycled inner tube and truck tarp purses. It is gorgeous!!!