Win Two Free Passes to FIT’s Sustainable Fashion Symposium

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Paying a visit to New York City next week? Drop by the Fashion Institute of Technology on July 10 and help kick off Connecting the Dots, a three-day symposium about the positive impacts the fashion, beauty, and health industries can have on our planet and its people. Packed with workshops, demonstrations, and panels galore, an eco-fashion show, plus a sustainable fashion tour around Manhattan by yours truly, the event is a must for business owners, industry folk, students, and tree-huggers alike. Ecouterre is giving away two free passes, valued at $225 each and good for all three days, to a pair of lucky readers. Enter now to win!



2. LEAVE A COMMENT BY JULY 8 and tell us why you want to attend the symposium. Although it doesn’t hurt to get fancy, we’ll be picking two winners at random.

We’ll announce the winners via email on Tuesday, July 9. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Monday, July 8, so ENTER NOW for a chance to win!



Pre-conference Workshops

10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Natural Dyeing with Rachel Miller

10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Motivating Skin Care & Mineral Makeup with Jodi Usher

3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Starting a Sustainable Beauty Brand with Kristen Arnett


8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.
Breakfast (sponsored by Fashion BID)
Christine Helm, FIT Enterprise Center
Lisa Hendrickson, Mistress of Ceremonies

9:30 a.m.
Keynote Address
Giusi Bettoni, founder of C.L.A.S.S.

10:30 a.m.
Panel Discussion: Sustainable Color and Textile Trends
Fashion and textile industry experts discuss how designers and manufacturers are addressing sustainable solutions to color, fabric, and design for commercial fashion use.

Fran Yoshioka, independent color and trend forecasting consultant
Kathy Hattori, founder and president, Botanical Colors
Emily Spivack, writer, editor, artist, social entrepreneur

Holly Henderson, eco fashion/textile designer, consultant, assistant adjunct professor at FIT

11:45 a.m.
Panel Discussion: Ethical Fashion and Fair Trade
Our panel of fashion industry professionals will discuss how and where fashion and ethics can coexist, why it doesn’t need to be an either/or question.

Sophie Faris, community developer, B-Lab
Ruth DeGolia, founder, Mercado Global
Francisca Pineda, designer and creative director, Bhava

Carmen Artigas, sustainable fashion designer, consultant, educator

1 p.m.


2 p.m.
Breakout Sessions (Choose one):

Promoting Your Business Online
Creating Your Digital Brand
Sustainable Knit Technology
Mood Indigo

2:45 p.m.
Panel Discussion: Sustainable Beauty: Are Your Beauty Products Hazardous To Your Health?
This panel will cover: sustainable beauty: ingredients, sourcing, regulation, labeling claims and health and safety.

Karim Orange, make-up artist and green beauty activist
Indie Lee, founder and CEO, Indie Lee & Co.
Ginger Potter, special education specialist, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Rona Berg, author and editor-in-chief, Organic Spa

4 p.m.
Panel Discussion: Sustainable Business: Marketing, Packaging And Claims In Fashion and Beauty
Learn about business communication and everything from how the package gets constructed, what gets put on the package in terms of messaging, and how it’s disseminated into the world through social media and beyond.

Deanna Clark, fashion compliance and international trade specialist
Kristen Arnett, founder and editor-in-chief, The Green Beauty Team
Naomi Pearson, sustainable graphic design consultant
Jasmin Malik Chua, managing editor, Ecouterre

Jane Tabachnick, online strategy, marketing, and public relations expert

5:15 p.m.
Closing Remarks

6 p.m.
Sustainable Fashion Mixer and Fashion Show
Sponsored by the NYC Fair Trade Coalition


Sustainable Fashion Tour of NYC
Networking Activity
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

+ Connecting the Dots at the Fashion Institute of Technology

Originally published on July 5, 2013.

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41 Responses to “Win Two Free Passes to FIT’s Sustainable Fashion Symposium”

  1. terrylewis says:

    Favorite Rainy Day Activity: Cleaning and catching up on day to day things around the house

  2. saritacoren (@saritacoren) says:

    Favorite Rainy Day Activity: Skipping outside.

  3. charlieheck says:

    Favorite rainy day activity would have to be… record playing time. In the am the boy and I listen to vinyl with a cup of coffee, if it starts after 4pm, we listen to groovy tunes with an adult beverage or two :)

  4. khyal (@@kHyal) says:

    On rainy days, I like to hang out with The Weather sKwirl™. He’s pink. He’s cute. He’s eco-friendly. @weatherskwirl

  5. juliette d says:

    Would LOVE to attend this event!! My favorite rainy day activity is getting through one of the many books on my long list of must-reads like Atlas Shrugged or Infinite Jest, while simultaneously entertaining my dog (b/c park + rain + dog isn’t a friendly combo)

  6. lucita says:

    Many ideas flow on rainy days and usually start in the kitchen by baking something cheesy and making a delicious soup that can last me a couple of days. I also enjoy reading poetry, drawing possible images for my ceramics and textiles and also watching a great movie that I always wanted to watch. I daydream a lot on rainy days and think of my childhood running around puddles of mud in Honduras :)

  7. esensky says:

    It would be a dream for me to win this! I am trying to launch my career in sustainable fashion and am actually already planning a visit to NYC for that weekend. Stars could not align more perfectly. This would be a great opportunity to meet some great contacts in this industry.

    Favorite rainy day activity: baking and reading!

  8. charlieheck says:

    I want to go and meet all the lovely ladies & gents that do great things in the green scene. Oh and to get some great stories for luri & wilma magazine – an eco-chic lifestlye mag for the smart ladies!!

  9. sduncker (@dunx) says:

    My favorite rainy day activity is trying out a new vegan recipe or staying in bed with my cats and a good book. :-)

  10. equitable473 says:

    i like to dream about some sort of spirit world dancing around the trees and sip a glass of wine with my love.

  11. LISA JONES says:

    i love fashion but prefer eco-minded approach. i love being around people in that same mindset. i love expression and love all kinds of fashion. however, it needs to be mindful of our environment however possible.

  12. donnafoch says:

    I was very affected by the Bangladesh Factory collapse as I have always been a big shopper. Looking for way to help and I think I would learn useful information here. Thank you, Donna

  13. says:

    blogged for Sustainable Seattle during the International Summit at Sustainable Fashion center in ’08 in London …(my dime ) sop would love to win this and see what the USA is now up to- have been feeling misunderstood by Seattle mainstream and this would add some oooomph to the sustainable, creative fashion endeavor!!

  14. says:

    Having experimented with natural dyeing in the kitchen after discovering I had no interest in using the chemical dyes I was introduced to in a printing on fabric class I am eager to learn more to expand upon my turmeric and henna concoctions. Creating eco conscious fashion accessories as well as educationing consumers about the choices available in sustainable fashion is an important mission.

  15. priscathedesigner says:

    I’m a sustainable designer and have really been wanting to attend this event but every dime i earn goes into my business so i couldnt sign up for this. My company would benefit tremendously from an event like this.

  16. hxgreensoul says:

    Thanks for posting this opportunity!

    I am always seeking to learn more about sustainable fashion, especially since it is the focus of my studies, and I anticipate continuing my research in sustainability for my Ph.D. The program looks wonderful and I would be extremely excited to obtain the insight of professionals. I have experience with natural dyeing, but more information about sustainable color and textile trends would be extremely valuable to me. I don’t know very much about sustainability with cosmetics, and I would also appreciate learning more about this. I am especially interested in the panels on ethics, fair trade, and sustainable business.

  17. jennifer williams says:

    Shopping for sustainable products! As owner of women-owned energy consulting business interested in attending this event. Thanks.

  18. Theyayarealiving (@Azlannnn) says:

    Thank You!

  19. theyayarealiving (@Azlannnn) says:

    I would to attend because I’m a huge support of fashion design and just being around wonderful people.

  20. cpetro12 (@chrristinnaa) says:

    I would love to attend the symposium because I feel it is so important to keep the environment in mind when it comes to creating new fashion trends. I am currently a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology and my cousin Tara Lynn will be taking part in this event. She is coming from Vermont to represent Tara Lynn Bridal. She has been a true inspiration to me in terms of sustainable fashion.

  21. dozzie456 says:

    Would like to win two tickets to give to my 24 year daughter so she can see alternatives in the fashion and cosmetic world.

  22. Doogiko says:

    I want to take my daughter there to see if this is something she wants to do un future.

  23. thesaint says:

    My goddaughter is very into fashion and I want to show her that her godfather still got a lil swag left!

  24. emikubota says:

    I would like to send 2 of our staff for inspiration and learning. We run a baby care products and apparel company, and I believe they would enjoy the conference and benefit greatly from it.

  25. mythyvonne says:

    Fashion is a perfect opportunity to combine creativity, resourcefulness, ingenuity and art in a manner that promotes sustainability. Fashion is the dreams we dress ourselves in, why not dream of a clean and beautiful future? I would love to be a part of this symposium.

  26. ut creative studio says:

    “eco fashion” for me: just chance to find ideologic support in artistic design wear structure, that – what we are looking for in our movie-projects in framework of creative cooperation of the indie film … what we want convey the idea in short-film or full-length movie under influence of feminist film direction concept.

  27. I studied Fashion Techonology in Belgium and we came to New York about 3 months ago. In my last year the school took us to Tunis. What I saw there made me think about what I wanted in life. I decided fashion was no longer an option and started a blog on green life in the city ( I feel that fashion is an old industry that doesn’t make an effort to change. If you compare it to the automobile sector, they will have a problem in the years to come. I would love to go to this symposium to get my faith back in the industry and view some positive changes. I studied fashion for 5 years and graduated with honors. It was a big part of my life and I would like it to be again, but only when all my terms on being green and social are met. Hope you give me the chance to see some amazing people with dreams and fighting power to make this industry clean again.

  28. cgoin says:

    I’m an architect and am interested in the ways that fashion and architecture overlap, particularly when it comes to sustainability issues.

  29. brookmachatte says:

    As a fashion designer there’s not a lot in the industry I can believe in. The ethical approach to fashion, whether it is the motor for one’s creativity or a consequence of a smart designer is the way of the future and the only way to work. I would love to attend this conference so that I can better help direct the industry towards a sustainable future.

  30. spbags says:

    I am exploring ideas for communities to develop alternative economies for sustainable living, and would like to connect with this gathering of people.

  31. yon says:

    I’d like to start a sustainable clothing store and learn about the industry!

  32. Like to be with fellow design Community !

  33. gitawest says:

    Sounds like a wonderful event to attend! Have always been interested in using sustainable resources for my fabric and fiber arts. Great chance to return to FIT as well; attended one semester many years ago!!

  34. sashasun55 says:

    “It took one decade for Google to take over the world” …. How long will it take us?

  35. theacanlas says:

    I would love to attend this symposium! I am already working on a sustainable, ethical fashion brand working with weavers in the Philippines. Fingers crossed!

  36. pierregirl (@@conbazaar) says:

    Since I’m starting a bath and body product line, I’m very interested in the sustainable beauty portion of the symposium.

  37. rtccomposer says:

    I want to attend the event because I am somewhat new at all this. I am a professor of music composition, theory, improvisation and piano performance, but have changed gears in the past 4 years and now make much of my living upcycling and recycling clothing materials for my Etsy store, and selling vintage fashions I rescue from the landfill. I have begun using dyes, surface treatments and textures, and have long studied construction of garments and accessories. What would help MOST now is seeing/hearing/doing with folks with so much more experience than I. Folks who know markets, needs, populations. Folks with a broader picture. Much online networking can’t do this, sometimes you have to meet folks. I’ve worked conferences before for my University, now I want to work this for myself, my business and my planet! :)

  38. jmh says:

    I would love to attend the symposium because as an eco-designer in the beginning stages of honing in on my brand and targeting my demographic I want to ensure that I keep up to date with new information. I feel like it’s incredibly important to be highly adaptable when you are a sustainable designer and this event seems to combine information and just plain fun. Thank-you!

  39. debsmikdav1 (@debsmikdav1) says:

    I would love to attend ‘Connecting the Dots’ because I have been taking courses in the Sustatinable Design Entrepreneur Certificate program at FIT, so this subject matter is extremely relevant to me. I am also the editor and publisher of a green and natural living blog called, where I cover ecofashion and ecofriendly beauty, health and wellness alternatives. In order to serve my readers better, I would really love to be a part of this powerful symposium. I truly feel that the information, panelists, new contacts and tour will deepen my understanding, knowledge and exposure to sustainable/ethical fashion and beauty options and issues. As a result, I hope to be able to make greater contributions and make a signficant difference in this arena.

  40. sorkai says:

    To have a fun day and learn something haha, I wouldn’t normally ever go to such an event.

  41. tmillz9 says:

    I have met Sass Brown (author of Eco Fashion) before and she really inspired me to incorporate sustainability into my everyday life. I was just accepted into FIT Intr Trade and Marketing BS program and I feel this will really give me a competitive edge! Please pick me!