7 Eco-Friendly Fabrics That Will Disrupt the Luxury Fashion Industry

THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE Bettoni’s audience included several finalists from the CFDA + Lexus Fashion Initiative, among them Erin Isakov of Erin Snow, Britt Cosgrove and Marina…

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Carcel: A Danish Clothing Label Made by Women in Prison

SECOND CHANCE Through a Kickstarter campaign, Carcel raised nearly $50,000 to finance new knitting machines for a women’s prison in Cusco, where its debut collection is being…

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One by One Takes on "Slow Fashion," One Garment at a Time

SLOW AND STEADY Launched this past October, One by One is the brainchild of Ashley Denisov, a user-experience designer who studied fashion design and pattern marking in her…

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TagPop is Revolutionizing the Way We Thrift-Shop for Clothes

DATA SHIFT TagPop was founded by Henry Lihn and Topper Luciani, two entrepreneurs with backgrounds in clothing manufacturing, estate liquidation, technology and media, and sales. It…

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