GIVEAWAY: Win a Beautorium Green Beauty Kit (worth $150)!

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Saaf Pure Shower Gel, Cattier Rosee Floral Beauty Lotion, Trilogy Age Proof Replenishing Night Cream, Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment & Volumizer by John Masters, Saaf Organic Foot Balm, Beautorium Fair Trade Natural totebag

Have the parched winter winds got your skin in a dry and dull rut? Well, our friends at want to rev up your sustainable beauty regimen and polish, brighten, and moisturize your cold-chapped face with a green beauty kit they’ve put together exclusively for Ecouterre! Worth $150, the five-piece kit comprises refreshing Saaf Pure Shower Gel, soothing Cattier Rosee Floral Beauty Lotion, renewing Trilogy Age Proof Replenishing Night Cream, healing Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment & Volumizer by John Masters, and softening Saaf Organic Foot Balm, all tucked in a cute and reusable Beautorium fair-trade, natural tote. So what are you waiting for? Enter our contest to get everything you need to get your skin glowing again!


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winner there.)

2. LEAVE A COMMENT below sharing your favorite green beauty tip with us. We’ll pick the response we like the best, so be as detailed and creative as possible!

Note: This giveaway is only available to residents of the continental United States.

We’ll pick our favorite comment and announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, January 27. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Tuesday, January 26, so ENTER NOW for a chance to add these amazing products to your green beauty routine!


Saaf Organic Pure Shower Gel is formulated with a subtle, sophisticated blend of steam distilled organic essential oils, refreshing and moisturising. High in natural glycerin, this luxurious shower gel supports the natural moisture balance of your skin. Organic mandarin, lavender, patchouli, ylang-ylang, and clove create a sensual, spicy, citrus fragrance.

Cattier Rosee Florale Beauty Lotion is enriched with organic rose and chamomile waters and organic calendula extract to soothe, refresh, and soften the epidermis. Moisturising and nourishing wheat proteins tone and firm the skin. Enriched with a subtle combination of essential oils, this beauty lotion releases a delicious fresh and delicate fragrance.

Add Trilogy Age Proof Replenishing Night Cream to your night-care regime and wake up to a noticeably rejuvenated complexion. This unique blend of nourishing bio-actives assists the skin’s natural process of regeneration to help restore its elasticity and suppleness while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. This night cream is easily absorbed and deeply penetrating.

John Masters Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment & Volumizer is a topical solution that promotes healthy hair growth by improving the condition of your scalp. A unique combination of organic herbs and essential oils work to assure nutrient intake, stimulate circulation, balance sebum production and eliminate free radicals — resulting in optimal scalp and hair health. Select ingredients also work to enhance hair volume and shine. Safe for color-treated hair.

Saaf Organic Foot-Softening Balm is an ultimate hydration treat for feet. An intensively hydrating optimum-moisture treatment which helps soothe and revitalise rough, dry, chapped feet overnight. A foot food that helps smooth and soften and provides a protective barrier to help prevent dryness..

And as a special treat, Ecouterre readers will get 15 percent off their purchase at with coupon code Ecouterre.

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90 Responses to “GIVEAWAY: Win a Beautorium Green Beauty Kit (worth $150)!”

  1. Jasmin Malik Chua says:

    I’m not allowed to win this, but my favorite green beauty tip is mixing together a tablespoon of organic honey and a tablespoon of organic, fair-trade sugar to make an easy, inexpensive skin-smoothing exfoliating scrub. Your skin will glow!

  2. mckenziesmommy says:

    Plain old yogurt for a mask.

  3. thebluegirl says:

    My favorite green beauty tip is to set aside an emergency make-up pocket in each and every purse (backpack, etc.). I stash a eyeshadow with a little glimmer with lip gloss and brush. So in case, whenever you are in a rush. Back-up is waiting for you in your purse.

  4. mudrunnersmom says:

    My fav beauty tip is also for exfoliating-I put a couple spoonfuls of vitamin e oil in my palm, add a couple drops of witch hazel, a sppon of water, an organic essential oil for scent, a tablespoon of finely ground green tea leaves and then I add finely ground almond meal till i get it the consistance i want. It is heavenly

  5. cowlady124 says:

    I add baking soda to Cetaphil for a great, gentle, fragrance-free exfoliating cleanser. Really works!

  6. OutpostLiz says:

    I exfoliate with a loofah and then use organic Vitamin E oil on my skin all winter to defeat the dry skin blues. BUT the most important thing for me all winter, is keeping petroleum out of my mouth – and more importantly, my kids’ mouths – we use Burt’s Bees beeswax lip balm – not the icky Chapstick stuff. It’s worth the extra few dollars, even if my kids lose them all the time!

  7. HOPE131 says:


  8. tweetypie says:

    Mine is easy – drink lots of fresh, pure water, from a drinking glass or stainless water bottle – not a plastic bottle. You’ll stay hydrated, detoxified, energized. Helps your digestion, fills you up so your not tempted to snack.Best way to moisturize is from the inside out! And it is cheap cheap cheap!!!

  9. SheilaBee says:

    Mayonaise makes a great hair conditioner. Massage a tablespoon full in hair,wrap in towel and leave on for 20 min. Shampoo hair thoroughly You hair will be silky smooth and soft. Works great for color treated or permed hair.

  10. shellthebell says:

    Mixing a cornmeal and water in even amounts makes a great exfoliant, but the best way to keep skin clear is drinking lots of water and getting plenty of zzzzz’s.

  11. jan816 says:

    I Love Oil of Olay regenerist cloths

  12. Yuka Yoneda says:

    My fave green tip is kind of unconventional but works – just wash your face with warm water or try not to wash it at all. It’ll keep your skin more moisturized because soaps can strip it.

  13. shellthebell says:

    Mixing equal amounts of cornmeal and water makes a great exfoliant, but the easiest way to keep skin clear is drinking lots of water and getting plenty of sleep.

  14. samsstuff says:

    My green beauty tip is “less is more” I rarely wear makeup & when I do I apply it gently. I wash my face once a day & occasionally apply a bit of moisturizer under my eyes & in the corners of my mouth. A lack of ‘playing’ with my skin has left me looking a lot younger than I actually am & a lot less product has gone back into the eco system.

  15. megq says:

    I used to spend a ton of money on cleansers, masks, creams etc. because I have sensitive and acne prone skin. I always thought that the larger the investment the greatest results. I am older, wiser, much more health conscious and “greener” today. My regimen is simple; luke warm water with diluted bronners soap, witch hazel as a toner, sugar/honey scrub once a week and a natural zinc oxide sunscreen as a moisturizer. I realized the more I was doing to my face the worse it got. I believe I look better today at 30 than I did at 20! I’m also a new mom so simple and quick is a much better philosophy!

  16. veggie says:

    My mother taught me about two specific home remedies when I was young! First, Epsom Salt can pull toxins from your body! It is best to use a magnesium rich Epsom Salt and then bathe in it to
    detoxify your body. Great before a night out or a special date.
    Also, With Hazel applied to a pimple is very helpful in getting
    rid of it. Witch Hazel also helps sanitize your hands. Lastly,
    you can carry it in a small spray bottle, mixed with essential
    oils to help combat body odors.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  17. momof4 says:

    I use organic mineral make-up, all natural body wash, shampoo and conditioner and a homemade honey and sugar scrub for exfoliating. When I color my hair I use a vegetable-based dye (no amonia or other harsh chemicals).

  18. laurelm says:

    It’s not good for your scalp to wash your hair everyday. I use less water and product by only washing my hair every 3rd or 4th day. It takes time for your scalp to get use to not producing so much oil, so start by shampooing every other day. The greenest beauty tip of all is to get eight hours of sleep!

  19. InnkeeperToGo says:

    Coconut Oil. Organic, cold-pressed, unrefined. I take 1-3 tablespoons each day, letting it melt in my mouth. It’s delicious.

    I also apply 1/8 teaspoon twice a day to my face.

    At 54, my skin looks better than it did when I was 45. Glowing, blemish free.

    Added bonus: no more chapped lips. Ever.

  20. redterrorjj says:

    using egg yoke and egg white to clean my pores and what ever i dont use because you dont need alot on your face. i cook the rest for breakfast :). when its on your face it just need to stay for 3-5 minutes :)

  21. Margaret Smith says:

    Very simple, but I find that by lightly dusting your face with baby powder or corn starch after makeup is applied, helps set the makeup and keeps shine away. Thanks so much.

  22. Lindsay Adishian says:

    The best green beauty tip for me has been knowing which ingredients to seek out in a product, and which ones to avoid. I’ve nearly memorized Teens for Safe Cosmetics ‘Dirty Thirty’ list of chemical ingredients that may be linked to cancer, and are common in big beauty labels. I truly suggest everyone to have a copy of the the “Dirty Thirty” list on hand – check it out here

  23. peekandeat says:

    I’m not really into products, but love to eat! Oysters are one of the most sustainable food sources out there (they actually improve the environment and don’t compete with the food source) and are super good for you. They’re packed with tons of minerals and vitamins (most concentrated source of zinc), with little fat and cholesterol. They’re fantastic for your immune system and some say that it helps maintain collagen and firmness in your skin and help prevent sagging and wrinkles. So my regimen is to eat a dozen oysters at least once a month. And at the $1 per oyster specials that you can find around the city/town, it’s a low-cost solution that helps more than just yourself.

  24. mverno says:

    use cucumbers on your eyes

  25. Emma Grady says:

    I agree with Yuka! Wash your face with water first then use makeup remover (or lotion) to remove the ol’ mascara under the eyes. A few basic tips: get lots of sleep, hydrate (did I mention HYDRATE), and less is always more when it comes to makeup.

    A winter favorite is John Masters’ Pomegranate Nourishing Facial Oil! Also, check out my post on TreeHugger – Get the Look Naturally: Glowing Alabaster Skin (

  26. mtreacy says:

    When I was pregnant and having awful breakouts (and unable to use anything to fight them because it was all contraindicated), I discovered the miracle that is green tea. Drink a cup or two a day and wipe the steeped bags over your face and neck like a toner. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory, so it helps calm acne-prone or sensitive skin and it’s good for you inside and out! I also use an organic moisturizer with green tea in it.

  27. foodhistorian says:

    i cup White Vinegar mixed with 1 tsp. Mint extract and 1 cup filtered water: It an invigorating body splash, good for your body and a great “green” alternative.

  28. oteliacarmen says:

    My best green beauty tip is feeding your beauty from the inside first. A few years ago, I was low on funds, was out of coffee for the week… so I switched to green tea (that was sitting in the back of the pantry for months, maybe years!) for my caffeine fix. I noticed my skin clear up, but didn’t think too much of it since I always had combination skin and occasional breakouts. When I got my coffee again, and started drinking my 1-2 cafecitos per day, my skin broke out again! Around the same time my friend had told me she was allergic to soy, and that her skin would break out whenever she even had a little bit….so I started to wonder if I was allergic to caffeine….but then that didn’t make sense since I was still drinking green tea, with caffeine. So, I’m thinking, maybe it’s something else in the coffee….come to find out I’m actually allergic to the pesticides!! When I started drinking organic/fair trade coffee…I had no problem! As an added bonus, my formerly oil slick of a face became more matte, pores were smaller and virtually no breakouts!!! So from that point I started paying attention to everything that I was eating that had pesticides, and noticed how many more of my small health problems were related to nasty ingredients!! (and for some people…BIG health problems!!!) My life is so different now, I can’t even begin to tell you all the benefits from a new diet and healthy lifestyle. So best beauty tip(s)…eat right! Pay attention to ingredients! Do your research on everything you put in and on your body! Use natural products like ones found on, and keep it simple. Your body will reward you by looking and feeling great! If you take care of your body from the inside, the wonderful products you put on your skin will just be icing on the cake!

  29. diana.b says:

    Recently I have been experimenting with different aromatherapy herbs and exploring natural healing techniques. I make soaps and blended oils that detoxify, moisturize, and exfoliate the skin. With the leftover ingredients i make scented candles that bring harmony, freshness, and energy to the room.

    It is very easy to do and I will explain how. First you start with soap chips. You can use Shea Butter or Coconut, which may be found at a craft store. Melt the chips over a double boiler. Add in organic oils like vanilla, lavender, jasmine, or sweet orange. Once the chips melt, turn the heat off. Add in dried lavender, dried rose petals, green tea, Bentonite clay, or even coffee grounds. Find a combination that you would enjoy.

    Once you have combined the soap, herbs, and oils, line a cupcake pan with paper liners and spoon in desired amount. Let the soap dry and peel off the paper. Tie a bow with raffia over each soap to make it a cute gift.

    With the remaining oils and herbs, you can make scented body oils. Start with a recycled glass jar, add in dried flowers, pour in almond or sesame oil, and finish off with a few drops of the organic essential oil, and stir lightly.

    To make candles: purchase wicks, and soy or bees wax. Use recycled shot glasses or tea cups as the candle holder. Follow the instructions for soap making above but use wax instead. Pour the mixture into the shot glass or tea cup with the wick in it.

    Use these products and enjoy a luxurious eco-friendly DIY spa treatment in your own home!

  30. LV says:

    I signed up for the newsletter

  31. erinxduh says:

    My tip is to getting a REAL tan by using the sun always with SPF sunscreen.

  32. LV says:

    I like Yogurt and cucumbers. Yogurt cleanses and purifies in a gentle manner and the cucumbers cool… plus ou can use the leftovers to make some great tzatiki sauce for a gyro!

  33. edq143 says:

    the best facial is egg yolk

  34. cathiem says:

    Make sure your hair is really wet before applying shampoo–less easte and does a better job cleansing.

  35. EMMAHORTON says:


  36. MzMelanie says:

    I try and follow Audrey Hepburn’s advice. For beautiful lips speak only words of kindness, eventho I’m a rude person and very blunt sometimes haha

  37. EcoGlamourista says:

    The best moisturizer ever: Olive Oil!

    For centuries, Mediterranean beauties have relied on olive oil to help maintain good health, a fresh, dewy complexion, lustrous hair, and more.

    Cuticles and nails: If your cuticles are ragged and your nails brittle and dry, olive oil can help! Soak nails for 30 minutes in a small cup of olive oil.

    Hands: Smooth on a generous amount of olive oil before bed, put on white cotton gloves, and go to sleep. Your hands will be softer and smoother in the morning!

    Lips: To soothe and smoothe dry, chapped lips, dab on a little olive oil.

    Hair treatment: This helps repair split ends, heals dandruff, and makes your hair shiny, silky, and lustrous. Massage a few tablespoons of olive oil into scalp and hair. Cover hair with a plastic bathing cap and leave on for 30 minutes or more, then shampoo as usual.

    Skin: Massage a small amount of olive oil into skin whenever you need softening and moisturizing. Apply extra oil to rough or cracked areas.

    Bath: Add several tablespoons of olive oil to your bath, along with a few drops of your favorite essential oil, to soothe and nourish your skin.

  38. paosanma says:

    COCONUT OIL! It is the best kept secret. You can use it as a skin moisturizer; perfect for winter skin: apply it after the shower when your skin is still wet and you’ll feel hydrated all day. Plus it’s smells great! You can also use it as hair treatment for dry scalps, for your lips, dry hands, and dry feet. One more thing: for broken lips use COCOA BUTTER lip balm. You can find it in any beauty store for like $1.50 each.

  39. Joannie says:

    My favorite green tip is to eat a vegetarian diet of organic, whole foods, and drink pure, filtered water to keep my skin hydrated and my body and my home free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals. I’m helping the planet and my body to stay healthy.

  40. AsTheNight says:

    I like to crochet small end bits of yarn into little facial scrubbies – they’re not too rough on my skin and they exfoliate really well.

  41. CMC says:

    I use (diluted) Tea Tree Oil for a multitude of things – when I have poison ivy, when my skin needs refreshing/cleansing, when I have a blemish or a burn…the possibilities are almost endless!

  42. ashleygv says:

    I lover light sesame oil. It feels great on the skin after shaving legs and lasts longer than most lotions and doesn’t feel thick. It also gives your skin a glow that is quite sexy! I also use cocoa butter hand cream on dry winter nights to deep moisturize my hands.

  43. manda890 says:

    body brushing once a day is a great way to keep your skin healthy. use a natural bristle brush, preferably with a long handle for hard to reach areas, and brush your entire body before bathing. start with the feet, working your way up, with long strokes. always brush towards your heart. it exfoliates, increases cell turnover rate, and, once you get used to it, feels great!

  44. llinda29 says:

    My fave green tip is to use ivory soap

  45. hofken says:

    My favorite green beauty tip is to get double-duty out of as many products as possible with the intent to use less products and produce less waste. Lipstick doubles as cheek tint, lip balm works as cuticle conditioner, toilet seat covers work as great blotting paper (you’re just sitting there anyway!) and since I always have way more conditioner than shampoo – I use the conditioner as a shaving “cream” when I shave my legs (it’s supposed to soften hair, right?)

  46. Susan C says:

    My green beauty tip is to use cooler water in your shower-it’s less drying to the skin and saves energy.

  47. tracy davis says:

    I add baking soda to Cetaphil for a great, gentle, fragrance-free exfoliating cleanser. Really works

  48. adrian says:

    My green tip is to not use weed killers or pesticides. Ordinary rock salt can get rid of weeds and grass in the driveway, sidewalk, etc.

  49. kathyluman says:

    I use extra virgin olive oil on my face to keep it smooth. Put the oil on your face and leave it for 10 minutes or as long as you would like. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry.

  50. stef1223 says:

    Check your cosmetics on to make sure they aren’t harmful to you or test on animals.

  51. terri142 says:

    My best green makeup tip is to drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated.

  52. christina lynn says:

    My favorite beauty tip is to use ORANGES and MILK to create a rejuvenating face mask. It’s pretty easy – just peel an orange and dry out the peels (and eat the yummy contents =D). After the orange peels are dried out you grind ’em up finely and combine them with milk – make sure you only put as much milk in as there is peel powder, otherwise the paste will be too liquidy. When the paste is smooth, you’re good to go! Wear the mask until it dries.

    I love this because when I wash the mask off, my face just feels CLEAN. My skin glows and I feel like I just got back from the spa.

  53. Jennifer P says:

    I love to use this homemade “soap”…
    oatmeal grind it a little
    baking soda
    Then when washing your face add a little yogurt and watch it foam and moisturize your skin.

  54. MyShareWon says:

    I love to rinse my hair once a week with white distilled vinegar. I use it on my dogs when they get a bath and all the soap residue washes out of their fur.

  55. Tami Tawrog says:

    Paint stripes of aloe vera with a few drops of tea tree oil in a tipped applicator along parts of your hair for a soothing scalp treatment and to chase away dry winter dandruff.

  56. youragentsteph says:

    Organic apple cider vinegar to help with burning fat AND complexion. It’s a two-fer. :)

  57. lscalzo says:

    i like to use a dab of raw manuka honey on any cuts or scrapes (or after popping a blemish). it is a great, natural way to heal (it draws out all those bacteria)…+ it smells + tastes great, too!

  58. chantelleaune says:

    I drink a lot of green tea so I save and freeze the bags to use as a quick eye pick-me-up later.

  59. brandy.gillihan says:

    Your state of being affects your skin. If you are living a stressful, unhappy life, your skin will reflect that. I do my best to be as joyful as possible, every day, and to relax while following a natural skincare regimen. Nothing fancy, but it works.

  60. thebecca says:

    I’ve been a fan of green beauty ever since I was little. My mom refused to use toothpaste, instead we had a little container filled with 1/2 baking soda and 1/2 salt, My teeth are in great shape, never had a cavity and I blame moms baking/salt toothpaste.

    Another great tip I use all the time, if you boil water with sprigs of rosemary, let it cool and put it in a used shampoo bottle the water clarifies the color of brunettes. Used after conditioning, once you’re hair’s dry the browns are super vibrant and smells delicious!

  61. mineola says:

    Hands down I’ve learned that the best beauty tip is to start from the inside out by taking a high quality flax oil supplement regularly! It’s an easy habit to start.

    Within a few short days, you’ll notice a difference in the suppleness & softness of your skin all over, from head to toe. I agree with the poster above, also, about Olive oil as a terrific, non-stripping cleanser.

    Read up on the amazing benefits – from Web MD: “Some call it one of the most powerful plant foods on the planet. There’s some evidence it can help reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes. That’s quite a tall order for a tiny seed that’s been around for centuries: flaxseed.”

  62. mineola says:

    I love the idea of starting with beauty from the inside out.

    Taking a flax oil supplement is the single best holistic thing you can do for beauty & health. Within a few short days you will notice increased skin softness & suppleness from head to toe- and the additional health benefits of flax seed oil & the Omega 3s are HUGE. It’s a very good easy habit to get into, fairly inexpensive.

    Also agree with the poster(s) above about olive oil & yogurt! :D

  63. gypsee says:

    use a cup of green tea to rinse your face to get rid of blackheads

  64. jennschiffer says:

    I do not condition my hair in the shower. Instead, I get out of the shower and dry my hair with a towel, then apply the conditioner (so the nutrients actually reach the hair instead of sliding off from too much water). When a few minutes go by, I rinse my hair in the sink. This way, I save a lot of water that would have been wasted if I just stood in the shower for an extra 3-5 minutes.

  65. Cass1222 says:

    Wow, I loved reading everyones fabulous green beauty tips!
    A couple of tips that I use and suggest to my girlfriends are:
    1) Do not waste the very last drops of your conditioner, shampoo/ other beauty products that are in bottles. I always take some scissors and slice the plastic open and scoop out the remaining product- sometimes there are multiple uses still left in there. Then, recycle the packaging if able!
    2) Check out your pantry in the kitchen for your beauty uses! I personally have heated up olive oil for my hair as a deep oil restorative.
    I have also used: avocado or mashed up bananas (for conditioners) sea salt and sugar (both for body scrubs mixed with olive oil) and re-using clean plastic wrap to keep in conditioners/ lotions for a deep penetrating way to reuse and recycle products that you already have!
    I signed up for the newsletter and look forward to learning more!
    Cassie (

  66. Cass1222 says:

    Also, another couple tips:
    *Slice a lemon in half and dip clean fingernails into them to get rid of stains, then use a sugar+ olive oil mixture to exfoliate before a manicure.
    *Baking soda mixed with water-as a paste for cheap natural toothpaste or to put on blemishes before bed.

  67. kowgirlsrule says:

    I subscribed and my favorite tip is I use mineral oil as an eye makeup remover instead of other products.

  68. Happi Shopr says:

    You can make your own inexpensive facial and body scrub using equal parts olive oil and granualated sugar. I signed up for the newsletter too and can’t wait to start getting them.

  69. Greendiva says:

    Exercise and dry skin brush daily!!! I use a rebounder and dry skin brush every day and I literally have no cellulite.

    Skin (organic & biodynamic products only)- use soothing products to cleanse skin, a moisturizer, eye cream and intensive treatment daily.

    organic Extra virgin olive oil is the best thing to use in your hair for dry tresses and skin.

    health and beauty inside and out absolutely starts with what you put in your body. EAT ORGANIC ALWAYS!!

    <3 greendiva

  70. karen says:

    Apple cider vinegar makes an excellent conditioning rinse for the hair. Thanks.

  71. Em says:

    My best advice is that less is more. Lately, I have drastically reduced my amount of beauty/personal products. I don’t put any product in my hair any more. I buy shampoo bars and use them head-to-toe (and for shaving). I wash my hair only 3/4 days a week and only with natural brands that are scented with essential oils. I have never worn foundation in my life, and given my 22-year-old complexion a little blush is all I need for a glow.

  72. thatgrnfitgirl says:

    Super easy, use a little baking soda to make a paste – bam a scrub! Bananas also make a great and yummie mask.


  73. Tamryne says:

    This was likely mentioned earlier, but mix up a teaspoon of olive oil with two teaspoons of coarse sugar. It makes a great scrub that moisturizes at the same time.

    This can also be made with almond or avocado oil; really any oil that you like the smell of!

  74. kristi says:

    For acne, I’ve found that a bentonite clay mask followed by coconut oil to replace moisture heals my face nicely. I also spot treat pimples with tea tree or lavendar oil.

    When my dark brown hair needs a little special treatment, I make infuse warm water with some rosemary sprigs and use it as a rinse. It leaves my hair silky and soft and glowing!

    Also, always ALWAYS read your labels and research the ingredients! Being “green” involves voting with your dollar. Buy products that don’t contain chemical and synthetic ingredients. You’d be surprised how many of the ingredients are very harmful to us living beings and also the earth!

  75. dmkayes says:

    Instead of paying for special services at the salon, I make my own mixture for my hair. I use an egg and a couple of table spoons of olive oil. Mix them together and spread throughout my hair. I leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse out. The egg has protein which strengthens hair and the olive oil acts as a conditioner and gives my hair shine.

  76. shellrae58 says:

    Mushed avocado makes a great hair conditioner

  77. Julie Lynn says:

    We live in Colorado, above 6000 feet (read; dry, dry, dry). My favorite beauty tip is to moisturize every time you shower. Right after turning off the water (while skin is still wet) rub in a combination of organic almond oil and organic coconut oil all over your body. Pat yourself dry with your fav. organic cotton bath towel. Then you’re ready to head out for the day! (okay, get dressed first! LOL!)

  78. heaventrees says:

    When you drink green tea, which by the way is very good for you, take the still wet tea bag and wipe it over your bare face. It’s very refreshing for your skin and helps with redness or irritation.

  79. UnderTheRoot says:

    These responses are magnificent and all tucked together will make a nice booklet for peoples everywhere!

    Beauty from the inside out is a lifestyle overhaul.
    plain yogurt, flax, avocado, red cabbage, beets

    One of my favorite beauty tool has been to crumble juniper and elder berries for a facial powder. Another tool is to make your own aromatherapy body spray with essential oils and distilled water: 30 drops to 3 ounces, shake before each use.

  80. Meena says:

    For Men who get bumps after shaving, exfoliate with a gentle scrub and use hot water for shaving. Also use conditioner instead of shaving cream as it is moisturizing instead of drying. Women can use this tip for their shaving needs.

  81. AngelaG says:

    Baking Soda makes a perfect exfoliator for the skin and it is green! It has so many other uses too :)

  82. js22 says:

    rinsing your hair with a tea made of steeped rosemary will help bring out the red highlights in your hair.

  83. skyflyer3 says:

    Coconut oil also makes a great eye makeup remover. I also save scraps of soap, give them a whirl in the blender when there’s been a few collected with some argan oil and a little water, and us for liquid hand soap when I need to refill pump bottles. Without the oil, it’s also great for cleaning dishes.

  84. susan smoaks says:

    my favorite green beauty tip is use aloe for skin problems, if you have a rash or uneven skin tones or a scar, put aloe on it and it will get better fast!

  85. willitara says:

    Use buttermilk to cool and refresh your skin especially if you have experienced sunburn or wind burn. Rinse off and your skin will be cool and smooth.

  86. pms3237 says:

    Drink water and more water!

  87. brmetcalf says:

    Lots of great tips! Thanks everyone. After washing my face, with just water, I use Oil Of Olay. It makes my skin nice and soft. Drinking lots of water I think helps your skin from drying out, too. Thanks for having the contest!

  88. jmahurin40 says:

    drink lots of h2o and get plenty of fresh air:)

  89. Swtlilchick says:

    One of the best stress fighters is exercise

  90. thespian37 says:

    Here’s a tip to help you smell as good as you look by eliminating foot odor from those great boots: Soak your feet in tea twice a week!