GIVEAWAY: Win a Cozy Alpaca Knit Set From Annie O. (Worth $187!)

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Annie O. Boutique, alpaca knits, eco-friendly accessories, sustainable accessories, eco-fashion, green fashion, sustainable fashion, ethical fashion, sustainable style, eco-friendly scarves, eco-friendly arm warmers

Summer was swell, to be sure, but with northerly winds beginning to gust and swathes of greenery blazing trails of copper and crimson, we’re ready to ditch our swimsuits for sumptuous, body-cocooning knits. We’re craving coziness, which is why we’ve partnered with Annie O. Boutique to give away one of its velvety charcoal Yuli alpaca scarves and a matching pair of alpaca arm-warmers, a total value of $187. Hand-knit by artisans from a women’s cooperative in Central Peru, the toasty twosome will take you from blustery fall days through frigid winter spells. Enter now for your chance to win!


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winner there.)

2. LEAVE A COMMENT telling us how you cozy up to fall. We’ll pick the response we like the best, so be as detailed and creative as possible!

Annie O. Boutique, alpaca knits, eco-friendly accessories, sustainable accessories, eco-fashion, green fashion, sustainable fashion, ethical fashion, sustainable style, eco-friendly scarves, eco-friendly arm warmers

We’ll pick our favorite comment and announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, November 17. The deadline to enter is 12 a.m. ET on Tuesday, November 16, so ENTER NOW for a chance to win!


Annie O. Boutique designs and sources beautiful handcrafted women’s accessories while working directly with female-artisan cooperatives around the world. It empowers craft entrepreneurs to thrive by using their traditional skills in order to bring hope and positive change into their lives. By creating beautiful handbags, embroidered belts, scarves, and other accessories using local materials which blend ancient techniques and contemporary design, Annie O. sustains artistic traditions, employment, and fair-trade practices that promote healthy lifestyles and financial independence.

+ Yuli Alpaca Scarf $139

+ Alpaca Handwarmers $48

+ Annie O. Boutique

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104 Responses to “GIVEAWAY: Win a Cozy Alpaca Knit Set From Annie O. (Worth $187!)”

  1. steffturner says:

    “Ecoute” hair! now that fall is here you’re just not keeping me warm enough. What I need is some wonderful, comfy, cozy, soft alpaca wool accessories to keep me warm and shout out to the world that I’m not just a fashionista but I’m also concerned about the environment. Beside… they would look amazing with my favourite vintage outfits and my old gringo cowboy boots.

  2. siilenti says:

    I like to cozy up to fall my starting to add things like boots, scarfs or the occasional hat to my wardrobe. It gives that ‘slightly cooler and sophisticated’ vibe that fall is all about! Also it doesn’t hurt to do some fall decorating around the house :)

  3. danamdkny (@@danamdkny) says:

    wow what lovely knit items! Warming up to fall involves yes wool and knits+ plus tea or soup…..deep breathing and yoga helps too!

  4. elissabarbieri says:

    inward drawing
    toward the warm orange
    light within
    memory coils around forest-exploring
    self, weather teeming
    and color-changing cloaks my
    imagination, again. I

  5. ssawyer says:

    Fall Favorites:
    – Unpacking my favorite sweaters – the ones that just get better with age,
    – A steaming bowl of home-made soup,
    – Curling up in my favorite chair in front of the fire with a good book (most likely Jan Austen) and a mug of hot cocoa,
    – Playing in the leaves with my boys!

  6. racheln says:

    Heading out in the winter snow
    Wishing for my summer glow
    Cheeks are rosy wind burned red
    Snow is falling upon my head
    My feet are cold, they feel like ice
    Winning these warmers, would sure be nice!

  7. megan d. (@ecoutrement) says:

    I cozy up to fall with tea and a comfy blanket in front of the fire place. I also love when it starts snowing in the mountains! Fall is all about cuddling up :)

  8. futurestandard (@FutureStandard) says:

    We’d wear Thread for Thought’s new Tealeaf Jacket and cuddle up with a cup of pomegranate tea! Cheers to fall!
    Fashionably Yours,
    Kassi from Future Standard
    an online ethical clothing boutique
    launching Nov. 22nd!

    Thread for Thoughts Tealeaf Jacket Preview at:

  9. pinkgreenbean says:

    Cozying up means snuggly sweaters, old worn blue jeans, hot chocolatey cocoa by the hot fire. Our children nestled up next to us, laughing and putting together a puzzle! Life doesn’t get much better than that.

  10. cassandrala says:

    I cozy up to fall with my Snuggie, a romance novel, and my dog sleeping on lap to keep me warm while watching the golden leaves fall from my beautiful tree in my front yard.

  11. autumh says:

    Stylish sweaters,rocking boots,sunset leaves,snuggling on the couch with a good book and sipping hot cocoa topped with whipped cream-a fabulous way to enjoy and cozy up to fall if I must say so myself.

  12. Inhabitat says:

    Alpaca is good stuff!

  13. openyoureyes says:

    I cozy up to fall by throwing on my rubber boots. I jump out into the garden to dig up my composting pits. It feels ceremonial as I feed my small garden by burying it with last years food scraps, now black earth. The sun is shining and the wind is trying hard to blow the leaves to the ground. The wind and I work together all afternoon. I feel REALLY good but a little sad at the same time. Fall is change and I love it.

  14. brandinav says:

    To cozy up to fall I get all of my sweaters out of summer storage, bring out our cuddly throws, make sure there’s plenty of firewood and stock up on supplies for hot cocoa, teas, stews and chili.

  15. amberfyre says:

    I usually stock up on my favorites teas. Lots of comfy sweaters and hoodies to walk around in the leaves piles of leaves and enjoy falls natural beauty. There is a delicious stew or soup heating on the stove and I and curled up on the couch reading a book while sipping tea.

  16. niks says:

    I love sitting by the fire, sipping a cup of hot cocoa with our friends and family, playing board games and eating holiday treats.

    I love layering – a jacket, a sweater, a shirt. I love the texture. A woolly scarf, a cute knit hat, and fuzzy slipper boots.

    I love the snow. Lightly falling from the sky.

    But mostly, I’m grateful for the year past and the new year to come. I really do love fall.

  17. jezica1977 says:

    I love snuggling up with hot cocoa and the husband and catching up on all the good shows that we miss throughout the year because of our hectic schedule. Shorter daylight hours and cooler weather make our quiet evenings blissfully longer. It is like a gift in pretty orange and brown paper!

  18. jmarks says:

    I ‘cozy up to fall’ with my favorite ultra-soft red fleece blanket wrapped around my partner and me as we snuggle on the couch with a glass of red wine in hand and our kitten at our side.

  19. tyleranneliese (@zengirlx) says:

    Making home made soups and stews and breaking out the cashmere!

  20. megq says:

    To me Fall is:

    white skies aflame with trees,
    any soup that calls for Kale,
    sharp, sweet, spicy pressed cider,
    thick wool socks that have stood the test of time (if i could throw soles on them i surely would),
    and an extra excuse to bring my family closer!

    These are the coziest things about Fall, to me.

  21. melissa mc says:

    I cozy up by bringing out the candles and fluffy blankies along with the snazzy jackets that have been put away since last year…. thanks for the chance!

  22. daspears says:

    Lots of long walks to enjoy the crispness of the air and the colorful beauty of the fallen leaves…

  23. oddtree says:

    When autumn nights are cold and frigid,
    I make a homemade cocktail with plenty of spirit.

  24. hollie928 (@hollie928) says:

    I’d love to grab a softer-than-soft blanket and sit on a wooden porch by an outdoor fireplace. Ideally, the porch would face a greenbelt so that I could watch the orange leaves fall and sway in the breeze. My husband, an urn of coffee, and our snuggly kitten would also be involved. As would these alpaca accessories. :)

  25. l.g.j. says:

    Colorful and cozy! Comfortable, always!

  26. Jasmin Malik Chua says:

    Steaming hot apple cider, a hand-knit throw, slubby socks, and the latest issue of Wired.

  27. greensthings (@greensthings) says:

    Thank you, for holding such a wonderful giveaway, I truly appreciate it! I signed up for the newsletter.
    How do I stay warm? It started to snow yesterday here way up North in Northern Wisconsin (I am in a Lake effect snow area and we can get up to 15 feet or more of snow in the winter…yes I said feet) with wind chill facters around 30 to 40 degrees below zero. So staying warm is hard to do. I spend a lot of time indoors, snuggling under a blanket with my Husband and cats. When I do go outside, I have to use layers and layers of clothing and make it as brief as possible. An Alpaca scarf and arm-warmers would be a God send to me!!

  28. kathleens says:

    SOUP, SOUP, SOUP’S ON! With Fall for my family comes the best of what we call “Soup Nation.” Pumpkin, butternut, roasted chicken, asparagus, veggies, loads of tomatoe’s coming off the vine before frost hits are the soup’s of choice for Fall! We are spending more time indoors cooking and soup is what’s good for you.

  29. calvinballer says:

    Fall happiness is a double-breasted peacoat, a soft, fuzzy scarf, cut-off gloves or handwarmers, and some warm boots! I love taking a walk shuffling through leaves, drinking a spiced chai made with hot apple cider. And then there’s the smell of dried leaves with the smell of rain coming…I love it all! The coziest thought of fall: fall means change. It’s beauty in the ending, like a sunset saying goodbye to today. It speaks of change blowing on the wind, that perhaps we can make tomorrow better than today…there is my solace.

  30. dentdelion says:

    Cuddling with my family under our big wool blanket. Knitting hats and mittens for kiddos. Drinking lots of hot cocoa.

  31. hofken (@@hofken) says:

    I cozy up to fall in Tucson by wearing autumn-colored sundresses and darker-colored flip flops. Hey, it’s still in the 90’s here! I particularly like how the department stores are putting summer clothes on clearance to make way for coats (whatever those are!).

  32. gingerbydesign (@gingerbydesign) says:

    I cozy up under the shelter of hoodies scarves and gloves along with as many layers of cozy comfort as the weather will allow. I also try to stay as active as I can to help warming from the inside out.

  33. jd says:

    I’ve been tempted by your contests before, but this is the first “gotta have!” I’ve been wishing for alpaca winter wear for 6 years! Or maybe it’s 7. I know I told my husband what I wanted before his heart attack and that was 4 years ago… Anyway, a friend was so gracious to send me a hat and scarf a couple years ago, but it was 50% acrylic – yuck! I couldn’t bear to wear it and donated it to someone who appreciated and needed it. My 10yo and I have been trying to learn to knit, too…thinking that was another way to afford something like this. But as the winter’s continue to pass by and I use the old wool scarf, I tell myself to keep breathing! LOL (I won’t hold my breath, but I do hope to actually learn one day). I did make a hat for him out of an old cashmere sweater that shrunk too much…it kinda has ears.
    As for cozying up…we keep our heater at 60 F…and we pile on the blankets! My absolute fav is a colorgrown organic cotton Fireside blanket we’ve had since my baby was born! We also got an amazing deal on organic throws and I have several of those layered on the bed as well; oh yeah, they are colorgrown, too! We lucked out when the manufacturer was selling off stock years ago. And if it gets really cold, my kid and I cozy up together in the big bed, cause he’s a little fire dragon, just like his papa was! Blessings All!

  34. eseberg says:

    I’m sure my wife would love this.

  35. anniehart says:

    If I had my wish, I would cozy up to Fall by wrapping my arms around an adorable alpaca. Since there are no alpacas in my vicinity, I could definitely get wrapped up in the gorgeous Annie O scarf and arm warmers!

  36. adilah1 says:

    My father passed away 7 years ago. One of the things that I kept of his was a thermal flannel shirt he used to wear. He was 6’4″, I’m 5’4″ so it fits me like a bathrobe but is not only warm but comforting. I pair it with a pair of leg warmers and top it off with my husband (the best cuddler in the world–always at least 5 degrees warmer then me) and I say “BRING ON THE CHILL”. By the way, add a fireplace and a good playlist… Snowy days become heaven.

  37. kata says:

    I cozy up by putting on my favorite wool sweater and my long johns!

  38. spiderzump says:

    Where do I begin? Most favorite time of year!!! The year 1980, Met my husband , and have been together ever since!!! I will never forget our long walks through freshly fallen gem colored leaves, the smell of crisp clean innocent air, and the way his favorite wool sweater seemed to fit me just right, even though it was way too big!!! Many ,many years later I still am reminded of thoes day’s at the first sight of color that fills the many tree’s that I can see from every one of my windows througout my home like framed window art!!!! Oh, how I would love to add these beautiful pieces to my life!!!

  39. spiderzump says:

    Oops,I forgot the most important part!!! cuddling up, and staying warm!! Well that’s easy!!! With the two kids, hubby, and the dog we pile on the sofa under our hand made quilt that my grandmother made from recycled clothing over 50 yrs ago, in front of our pellet stove and tell stories about the past and the future.

  40. intime says:

    Ten ways I cozy up for Fall
    1. Snuggle under a soft blanket with my hubby
    2. Drink warm cocoa from my favorite cup I keep in my cubby
    3. Sip a cup of hot, hearty, heart-warming soup
    4. Gather with cheer in a big happy group
    5. Enjoy soothing hymns from a Christmas choir
    6. Snuggle in front of a crackling fire
    7. Don warm wool socks to comfort my tired feet
    8. Bite into a jalapeno pepper, NOW I feel the heat!
    9. Let go of tension in a soothing bubble bath
    10. Bundle in a cozy alpaca knit set as I walk down a scenic leaf strewn path

  41. debby14 says:

    Fall is taking a walk on my leaf carpeted country road with my dogs (and my neighbor’s tagalong dog). After we’re all invigorated and chilled, I come inside, make a cup of tea and sit by the woodstove with a good book. That’s cozy!

  42. chichijunk says:

    Hi! It’s already cold here in Cleveland Ohio. I signed up for your newsletter because I saw the giveaway for the Annie O Boutique alpaca scarf & ARM WARMERS! I’ve never had Arm Warmers!
    I love fall because of its beauty and the changing of the leaves color montage, but here in Cleveland, we all know what’s coming and most of us are not looking forward to subzero temperatures, snow, slush, ice and gloom for about 6 months out of the year.
    I’m already cold. My feet turn into blocks of ice, my fingers and nose are cold all of the time. As we speak, I have 2 sweaters, a fleece vest, 2 pairs of sweatpants, legwarmers and big fuzzy socks on and I’m still cold. This alpaca scarf and these arm warmers are what I need to get me through this up and coming winter and every winter from now on.
    The ladies in the picture that are making these items are so fortunate to not have to endure 6 months of freezing temperatures and us NOrtherners are so appreciative of the fantastic gift that you are making for us. I would really love to win this, because it will get DAILY USE! Trust me – I REALLY NEED this and would appreciate it more than anyone else!

    chichijunk at cs dot com

  43. tracey522 says:

    We cozy up with a steaming hot chocolate topped off with a dollop of whipped cream, cuddling in front of the crackling fireplace with my kiddos for storytime, wrapped in wool or cardigan scarves, blankets, and slippers! Nothing says warmth like the love we have for each other!

  44. greengoddess412 says:

    My favorite way to cozy up in the fall when it first starts to get cold is by first making myself a piping hot mug of organic Mexican hot chocolate with vanilla almond milk. I then round up my kitties, I have four of them, and wrap up in sweatshirts and blankets in my cozy bed. My kitties love to cuddle up with me, some under the blankets between my legs, others on top of the blankets near my heart or my head. Then, when my fantastic hubby gets home from work, he cuddles up with us too. We do this as a way to save on energy so that we are being a little more environmentally friendly and responsible. We try to wait for as long as possible to turn on the heat in our house so that we are helping to save the already intense amounts of stress being placed on Mother Earth.

  45. taranelson79 says:

    Fall is my favorite time of year, I love then leaves bright showy colors and the crisp cool air so you can wear sweaters and scarves so that you are just warm enough to sit in front of a nice fall bonfire roasting the last of the s’mores and when it’s finally too chilly come in for some hot chocolate!

  46. dguillenm (@dguillenm) says:

    I cozy up after a long bike commute with my husband, my puppy, a great movie, hot chocolate and I like to keep my riding gloves on under the knitted blankets my mother in law made for us.

  47. anne wallace (@Gophotowalking) says:

    Why do I want to receive this Handmade alpaca knit set?
    It will be a soft and gentle whisper that reminds me daily of the value of the Peruvian women who lovingly craft beautiful items. I want to let others see and touch the art of their hands, to learn to value the gifts that others from different cultures create. And I will use knit set to gratefully show others proof that Ecouterre/Inhabitat is a site they should support.

  48. lcon1386 says:

    After a long day commuting by bike out in the Chicago cold, the best way to warm up is to bake! My favorite is a great vegan pumpkin bread recipe I have from a coffee shop I used to work at. The heat from the oven warms up the house and it goes great with a mug of chamomile tea. Or a hot toddy if I’ve made it to the weekend.

  49. flutterzby says:

    Welcoming winter includes tons of lovely scarves in varying degrees of purple fuzziness, hot cocoa or tea (especially chocolate chai tea–yum!), a warm cozy fire and if it’s cold enough, the purple snowflake onesie feety pajamas! :) Gingerbread cookies or some other sort of delicious pastry to complement it all is also fantastic.

  50. ayt2007 (@AlisonYuleT) says:

    I cosy up to fall by wrapping up nice and warm in hat, scarf and gloves, go for a cheek tingling walk then back home to a warm fire, hot chocolate and a book! Bliss

  51. avividmess says:

    I cozy up to my roommate’s rescue German Shepard, Sam. She’s not only adorable, but super warm too.

  52. arosechin (@amychin) says:

    I like to cozy up to cold weather with friends.

    This fall we’ve started having a weekly poetry nights. We build a fire, drink some cider or tea, and share some of our favorite poems. Sometimes even our own stuff! Play some music, enjoy good company, and try to pass the evening away from the lure of our smart phones and email.

  53. Stephanie says:

    Our family of 5 cuddles up under a family quilt which was made almost 100 years ago. It’s been mended and mended so many times but the love and energy that went into making it is the best to snuggle…

    xo Steph

  54. sarab says:

    winter’s blow won’t show its face beyond the fibers of such beauty,when beauty hails from southern latitudes, this sun deprived woman will shine from within.

  55. dawn smith (@amerpatrt) says:

    I think my first comment was lost, so I will leave another.
    Regarding the Knit-set Alpaca long gloves and scarf- it looks very soft and warm. The Alpaca being the ‘donor’ of the hair reminds me of that Stanley Steamer commercial….’A-W-E-S-O-M-E’!
    Thanx Ecouterre!

  56. Cozying up to fall in my home means making the critters as warm as I am. So it’s not just enough for me to layer on a fuzzy sweater, I also get the chihuahua into her latest fashion (currently a little sustainable number recycled from an old Mommy-shetland) and provide throws and blankets for the kitties to “fluff” and cuddle in. And while I follow green dictates, the kitties are very insistent on soft, natural fibers, alpaca being one of their favorites. I wonder if they dream of riding alpacas in the Andes …

  57. wazzupp (@selenabecky) says:

    I will cozy up for fall by wearing sweatpants with uggs and a cute long sleeve shirt. i will drink hot chocolate and wear a cute hat and gloves and when winter comes i’m going to wear my annie q knit set if i win :) i’m going to cuddle in my couch and watch some movies with my dog and other times with my family.

  58. doreen r says:

    I love to stay warm in the fall in many ways.
    While walking on a tree-lined bush trail, with all
    the colourful leaves on the ground, I love to wear
    a thick wool sweater and hold hands with my sweetheart.
    While inside, I love to curl up by the fireplace with a
    real good book or listen to nice soft music and sip my tea
    or hot chocolate. All depends on how I feel.

  59. heartsonfire9876 says:

    While I sit on my chocolate colored couch
    my eyes gaze towards the frosty window
    Outside a dance is being performed by the autumn leaves
    Colors of auburn, deep oranges,and greens swirl around as if they are doing the waltz
    As I stare at this wonderful phenomenon my radiator whistles with excitement
    as heat floats about my room
    Natures elements give me such a calming feeling in fall
    Squirrels scatter about
    painstakingly combing the ground for the last bountiful feast of acorns
    I cozy up to fall by observing nature in its rawest form

  60. sprintze says:

    I live in an old-style dormitory which was built long before the prevalent awareness of energy efficiency. It is drafty, the decrepit heating system makes dubious noises and sporadically fails. So keeping warm & cozy is a hot topic! I drink lots of tea (my latest find is an organic blueberry – hmm), intermittently stick my feet in a hot water basin under my desk and layer up: I have a really old checkered hand-me-down blanket which I like to make into a kind of high-waisted wrap-around skirt. It looks surprisingly flattering, kind of Native American, and goes well with the original 60ies furniture of the dorm, too. ;-) I don’t have the guts to wear it outside, though. Knitted goods like the ones by Annie O. might be more appropriate there…

  61. natalie b says:

    As the fall winds blow
    I need a rake, not a hoe
    It started snowing but I don’t know when it’ll warm again to go
    But now my nose is frozen sorely
    And my clothes were chosen poorly
    So I suppose I need to go in and cozy up before I fall.

  62. lindseyjean23 says:

    i cozy up for fall by making something warm and apple-y to eat (apple pie, apple crisp, etc) opening the windows to bring in cool crisp weather, huddling under a blanket on the couch with my dog, two cats, and a good book or the computer, and enjoying.

  63. stefAR says:

    I cozy up to fall with lots of homemade soup, quilts, and scarves! I made a scarf out of alpaca wool last year for my mom, she loved it! I have been fascinated with Alpacas since I wrote my senior thesis about an ancient Peruvian culture called the Chavin. I think it would be awesome to raise alpacas! But almost as cool to own this nice set!!!

  64. chelle says:

    I like to keep warm by snuggling up to my boyfriend on chilly days whether we’re outside hiking through the colorful woods or curled up on the couch talking about nature (mainly bugs). But, oh well, he recently got kicked to the curb and now I must find another way to keep warm… *hint hint*

  65. zipdrivedaddy says:

    we snuggle up in front of our chiminea ,with a little incense , hot chocolate from scratch and our thickest blanket!

  66. mnmomma says:

    Why do I need this gorgeous Alpaca knit set? Four words: I live in Minnesota.

  67. lekkerliefje (@eeuweandmichy) says:

    I cozy up Loving Myself and My partner with warm mornings. Organic Healthy breakfast in a picnic on Weekends. Wearing Light, white, Earthy colors in t’shirts, coats, socks, hats, scarves, boots. AS well, Cozy up @ nite out on the deck or patio and curl up on a crisp night and enjoy a hot cup of apple cider, orrganic tea, soup, etc. Next day, Apple Picking, bike riding , walk @ the woods while kicking leaves…Love Is the WAy to WArm & Cozy Up your Seasons and Life!

  68. kmom says:

    I’ve been cozying up to fall in a big way today by comforting my little boy who has a fever. Phew, what a day dealing with an irritable 13 month old! At least he enjoyed our little jaunt to the mailbox pointing and grunting at the golden-leaved trees and a passing truck.

  69. kifness says:

    Oh I had never heard of Annie O boutique – love! The belts there are amazing.

    How do I cozy up to fall? Such a good question!

    Saying goodbye to those warm summer evenings is one of the hardest parts for me… because the lingering evening light becomes cut short and darkness descends like a snap of the finger. What it’s five pm and dark?!?! I make friends with the cooler, steeper** autumn days by adjusting to these differences… putting on our flannel cotton sheets and going to bed earlier, hugging myself into my second-hand cardigan (that became a forgotten friend for a couple of sunny care-free and months) for an extra layer against the changing winds and being grateful for earth’s bounty (I know that sounds cheesy!) by cooking up a storm of applesauce, slow-roasted tomatoes and pumpkin loaves and experimenting to find the yummiest jam each year (this year I’m checking out pear ones). Autumn is so much easier to welcome when you’ve grown your own veggies and can harvest them and savour them all fall and winter!

    ** Steeped – because autumn reminds me of a heavily steeped earl grey tea! : )

  70. rose154223 (@samarac1187) says:

    hot chocolate!

  71. softie100 (@softie100) says:

    I cuddle with my better half!!

  72. veggie says:

    Long nights by the fire
    Peacefully in thought
    Dreaming of Alpaca win
    It would be an honor to win this lovely, plush
    Alpaca Knit Set from Annie O. Boutique…It says so much
    about a company when it benefits local artisans by sustaining
    them artistically, traditionally, financially and improving
    their lives!
    Many thanks to you!
    Cindi :)

  73. velorutionista says:

    wow, what a gorgeous set! And what a stellar ethos behind the boutique!

    I cozy up to fall by baking pumpkin brownies, mulling wine, riding my bike through the falling leaves on bright sunny days (it’s like pedaling around in a technicolor snowglobe!) before switching to studded snow tires (this is Minnesota, after all!), enjoying the last of the rooftop patio happy hour season, grumbling about daylight savings time taking away the last golden hours of each day too early, splashing through every autumn puddle I can (because soon I’ll be tramping through snowbanks), and wearing the warmest softest clothes I can (without a coat as long as I can!)…

  74. brynnamandah says:

    thats how i cozy up:)

  75. josephinemho says:

    I “cozy up” to fall by spending a day dedicated to packing away my summer clothes and replacing my closet with my fall/winter clothes. The entire process is so theraputic and prepares my mindset for the new season. It’s like I’ve got a new closet…Hello there boots and scarves, it’s been a while!

  76. megs says:

    I’m going through a rough time this fall, so I’m trying to cozy up to the season (and the holidays) by getting out of my own head and my own way. I’m doing this by donating time and money (as much as my limited means allow at the moment) to worthy causes helping those in need in these dark days.

  77. lynnd says:

    Nice pattern and colors. Is that natural colors of the alpaca?
    I bundle up for a walk or sit and look at picture books of good things to make or places to visit.

  78. queenoftheclick (@queenoftheclick) says:

    I love this time of the year. Raking leaves, baking casserole and making apple pies with my family makes Fall feel right. A perfect Saturday afternoon involves drinking hot cider or coffee with friends while collecting pine cones and acorns to make crafts together in the evening.

  79. jannacr says:

    I like to cozy up my inside and outside for the fall. I make yummy fall soups from my local squashes etc. I take out the warm clothes- like sweaters, coats, and gloves. This year I cozied up the house (so I don’t have to wear all those sweaters in side at the *same* time!) by air sealing around the baseboards and windows, looking for leaks in the basement, and getting insulating curtains. Can’t wait for a cozy and “eco” winter.

  80. ann says:

    These are gorgeous. I love spinning alpaca, and love the yarn’s softness.

  81. krosburn says:

    Living in Kansas can be a nightmare with the wind, ice, and snow. I always keep on hand an arsenol of great cozy winter must-haves. Words to live by: You can pile on as many shirts and jackets as you want, but it won’t do you any good if your extremities freeze off.

  82. spicasso1 says:

    warm yellow lights peeking through windows
    nesting – tucking in
    roasting roots, layering wool, tempting the palette for spice, lingering for warmth
    time, family, soul
    feast for the eyes, skin, breath and spirit

  83. nie says:

    I love cozy and warm clothes. I’d love to try one alpaca.

  84. j868jenn (@j868jenn) says:

    I put on fuzzy pants and slippers and a blanket and cuddle up with the one I love!

  85. carrottop4u says:

    I love the seasons and each of them has a favorite part for me! I am a military widow who never thought I would meet my soul mate again but two years ago I did and last year we were married. We love to take drives or walks in our beautiful state of Vermont to see the changing colors of the fall leaves. At night it has gotten crisp here with temps dipping into the high twenties and frost on the windshield in the mornings. My wonderful husband keeps me warm at night as his body temp is substantially higher than mine. I am always cold, especially my hands, arms and feet. When I am not with him, I have to bundle up to keep warm, especially as the beautiful fall turns to the majestic winter with pristine white snow covering the ground, the tree branches and sometimes our cars! Many, if not all, of the women who have entered this contest are deserving of winning these wonderful items. Although the Annie O items are not ones that I could ever buy for myself, I would wear them with pride and cherish them for many years to come.

  86. esoteric says:

    Turn radiantly to the sun
    And face the coming freeze fiercely
    All the while keeping it tight
    Like a lovely alpaca knit scarf!

  87. CMC says:

    How do I cozy up to fall? I break out my footed pajamas, make myself a lovely cup of Chai Tea and make sure the dogs are snuggling up alongside me. Does it get any better than that?

  88. pduthoy says:

    I snuggle up with my family with some hot cider by the fire.

  89. alexwhatton (@AlexWhatton) says:

    Fall to me is about layering. Layered sweaters, socks over tights, boots over pants, hats over hair, marshmallows on sweet potatoes, Framboise on Guinness, art museums on dinner on book stores – you know – layering where it is important.

  90. kkfoster35 (@allthingsavon) says:

    I love scarves and fall … I so want to win!

  91. _hiron (@_hiron) says:

    I wear my Northface jacket and some really thick gloves. It’s perfect for the cold weather.

  92. emilygable (@thehappypappy) says:

    I definitely cozy up with a cup of chai tea and a good book in front of my pretend fireplace (since I don’t actually have a fireplace, I turn on the corner lamp and bask in the soft light and wish for a fireplace in my near future…)

    I’d totally love to style up this Alpaca knit set in a really cozy way this fall (and now, winter!). Arm warmers are one of my staple accessories, and I’d love to pair these (and the scarf) with my olive green cigarette pants, a chunky, reused, oatmeal-colored cable knit sweater that belonged to my mother, and my favorite “old man hat” (it’s brown and belonged to my grandpa – there are photos of him wearing it at our cabin in the late 80s with me sitting in his lap!). It would be so cozy. And warm. And wonderful.

  93. Jill Fehrenbacher (@jillfehr) says:

    I wish I could win this – I LOVE these chic armwarmers and scarf

  94. mishka77 says:

    I cozy up for fall by snuggling up in our bed with me, the husband, the three year old, the two labby mixes and the black cat. Along with the yak wool pashmina. The alpaca set would set the ensemble off perfectly!

  95. southerneroutofwater says:

    I wear scarves, drink hot tea, dress in soft layers, and eat warm, comforting food.

  96. redshoes says:

    I will be cozying up this fall by dancing the night away in the nearest tango salon. I would love to style up with something much more sensual and glamorous (ie- alpaca scarf and arm warmers!) for the cool evenings in the warm embrace of my dancing partner. And they will certainly keep me snug while I’m waiting for another dance….

  97. gina says:

    By snuggling with my husband & puppy of course!

  98. esotericemma says:

    I will be drinking lot’s of Mexican Hot Chocolate, and snuggling with my sweetie, and, hopefully wearing some nice toasty alpaca hand warmers and, a alpaca scarf to match. :)

  99. slaysweeet says:

    Ideally…I cozy up with my male significant other, a bottle of wine after a home-cooked meal, deep conversation that we’re sure will change the world (or at least our minds for the evening), and that will progress into a night of bliss that cannot be mentioned here in public.

    Reality…I cozy up with my male significant canine other, a glass of wine after a home-cooked meal, a good film that captures my attention and makes me think I already changed the world, snuggled in my most comfy, ugly PJs and down-feather comforter, and I gladly fall into a blissful sleep.

  100. melanie188 says:

    It don’t get REAL cold here, but there is still a chill. I like to sit outside with hot chochlate and enjoy the rare cool days that this state offers.

  101. stigay (@stigay) says:

    Fall has fallen yet again, red orange brown leaves raining down, swirling on wind gusts like thoughts swirling through my mind, thoughts wondering to where summer disappeared, wondering when I’ll once again feel the sun’s warm kiss on my skin. Fall has fallen, and I must embrace the season. I cozy up to fall with a brisk walk through the brisk air, a crunch of the leaves beneath my boots, a warm coat around my shoulders. I cozy up to fall with a smile, for each new season brings new surprises, new delights. As the temperature cools, my heart remains warm. Oh, a little hot chocolate helps when welcoming fall, too. :)

  102. theresea says:


  103. greensthings says:

    Just to show you how cold it gets here. This is a video I made a few days ago.!/video/video.php?v=1410910524946

  104. cherie (@@CheMoPie) says:

    I cozy up to fall by pulling out everything warm & fuzzy: sweaters, scarfs, gloves, socks, blankets, slippers….and my cats. But by far my most favorite fall cozy up is the day when it’s cool enough to wear my jeans & boots along with a great scarf!