Win Your Choice of Neuaura Vegan Sandals for Spring!

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Temperatures are rising and it’s just about time to pack away the boots and slip into some stylish, toe-baring sandals. If you’re high on snagging some warm-weather shoes but low on funds, Nimli and Neuaura are tag-teaming to award one lucky reader your choice of either the luminous Luna Camel sandal or the super-sexy Brahmi Bronze sandal. You pick which one you like the most! Read on for details on how you could be sporting them in time for the steamy days ahead.


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winner there.)

2. LEAVE A COMMENT below telling us what instantly puts a spring in your step. We’ll pick the response we like the best, so be as detailed and creative as possible!

Neuaura giveaway, vegan shoes, vegan sandals, eco shoes, eco sandals, spring sandals, thong sandals, summer sandals, green shoes, green sandals, giveaway, free stuff

We’ll pick our favorite comment and announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, April 28. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Tuesday, April 27, so ENTER NOW for a chance to snag these gorgeous green sandals!

Neuaura giveaway, vegan shoes, vegan sandals, eco shoes, eco sandals, spring sandals, thong sandals, summer sandals, green shoes, green sandals, giveaway, free stuff

And if you don’t win the giveaway but are still dying for a pair of these super-chic bohemian sandals, they’ll be online at Nimli in a few weeks.


Neuaura is all about bringing fresh, fun, sexy shoes to consumers without endangering and hurting animals or our Earth. Neuaura shoes do not contain any leather, fur, silk, wool, shell, or pearls and absolutely no animal by-products are used during manufacturing and/or finishing processes. In addition to their commitment to animals, Neuaura’s manufacturing factory in the Brazil was awarded a “Green Seal” from the Brazilian Technological Institute based on its compliance of Brazil’s environmental laws.

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+ Nimli

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94 Responses to “Win Your Choice of Neuaura Vegan Sandals for Spring!”

  1. lscalzo says:

    open windows bringing in warm breezes + the smell of cut grass….+, of course, open beer gardens!

  2. os.elocin says:

    Walking out of an exam knowing you did well! (Let’s hope that happens tomorrow despite all the procrastinating on ecouterre…)

  3. cindyalfaro says:

    When the bluebonnets start popping up everywhere in Texas and our days get longer!

  4. PrajAyin says:

    Spring Cherry trees in bloom, knowing the paths meandering through the woods beyond my house have been warmed by the sun, seeing my baby barefoot in the garden, and taking the moment to rejuvenate as I am kissed by the sun!

  5. Tameeky says:

    Just waking up with the Spring Sunshine and hearing the Birds Chirping, puts the spring in my step!!

  6. katrussell says:

    Yesterday I bought 2 linen dresses at Salvation Army. I need some shoes that are as eco-friendly as re-used clothes. These shoes would do nicely. Thanks.

  7. tdh1179 says:

    Knowing that my life was flipped upside down, yet I’m still here to enjoy the best that is yet to come!

  8. shellthebell says:

    My steps are particularly springy when my husband is walking beside me. We love to walk from our apartment to the library, park, restaurants, my work, shops, etc. I can’t help but feel proud and happy that people driving by see us holding hands and know that I belong to him. We can walk and chat for an hour and feel like no time has passed at all.

  9. ochafe says:

    Peregrine Falcons!

  10. Shirley Hodge says:

    What puts a spring in my step is trying to keep up with 4 granddaughters at the mall. Whew! Also trying to understand what they are saying when they use what I call teenspeak. I do, however, get Brownie points for knowing how to use my computer.

  11. oddtree says:

    Being able to sit out on the patio and walk the dog without a coat!

  12. hofken says:

    Traveling to a new city with my Frommer’s guide and Garmin plugged in can instantly put a spring in my step. Throw in a large iced latte, big sunglasses and a day with no obligations and I’ll be springin’ around town till dark. Just thinking about it makes me smile!


  13. Beegrl77 says:

    My morning wake-up hug from my 3 1/2 year old ALWAYS puts a spring in my step!!!

  14. Mikki M says:

    Having two little boys keeps me so busy that actually having beautifully painted toe nails is a rare and beautiful thing when accomplished puts LOTS of spring in my step….and my steps would look extra sexy in these beautiful sandals… :)

    mikkipiglet at gmail dot com

  15. veggie says:

    When one of my two sons or my husband do an out of the blue
    chore for me. It makes my day, makes me smile and know that
    I am truly appreciated by the men in my life!
    Thanks, Cindi

  16. sharker says:

    Seeing the green leaves of seedlings poking through the soul on my veggie patch. It means that spring is here and food is on its way!

  17. traymona says:

    Music puts a spring in my step. I don my newest outfit, slip on some great looking sandals and head to a concert. Live music sets my soul soaring. All troubles are forgotten and the rhythm takes control.

  18. oksana2372 says:

    “A sense of warmth is tapping at the door
    And hope, a feeling out from distant shore…”

    The feeling of this puts a spring in my step

    Thank you for the great giveaway!!!

  19. veg_cuisine says:

    Taking a deep breath after a rain and smelling the fresh earthy smell of spring puts a smile on my face and a bounce in my step.

  20. nanashii says:

    That spring in my steps is the bright, clear blue sky that signals the approaching Spring. The New England weather is testing me with cloudy, overcast skies these past two months (Mother Nature, you wound me so!), but a beautiful sky sprinkled in-between help me endured these trials.
    I’m getting more April showers, but a blue sky keeps me looking forward to some May flowers. On days with a bright and clear sky, you can catch me humming a tune as I walk out the door on those mornings.

  21. Nikkibelshe says:

    Sharing music with others puts a spring in my step! And hopefully theirs too :)
    I’m a music therapist – board certified and work primarily with children with special needs. For clients with physical needs, we often play instruments and dance together to increase range-of-motion.

    Would LOVE to tap my toes in those shoes!! ;)

  22. BreakfastatSaks says:

    What puts a spring in my step? That first sip of coffee in the morning – always perks me right up and gets me ready for the day! However, checking my email and finding out I won these gorgeous sandals would also do the trick!

  23. marvah says:

    Love, Love, Love. Getting butterflies from kissing my boyfriend just like 5years ago:) Going on the green island to feed squirrels and birds from my palm, it feels so good having a squirrel sitting on my hand or a bird on my fingers :) and happiness. True happiness of waking up every morning and shining because i have another day with people i love :)

  24. Kgkell2 says:

    Just knowing I can wear open toed shoes again puts a spring in my step!

  25. zita says:

    As I decided to use my bike for most transportation needs for now on I can’t wait to go to work! The minute I sit on my beautiful bike (which is an old one that I repaired and repainted) I immediately break into a smile. I love to feel the breeze in my hair and see how I am passing all the cars waiting in the jam. :)

  26. tiatrate says:

    beautiful weather and new shoes!

  27. stargazermg says:

    What INSTANTLY puts a spring in my step is hearing my 4 year old son laugh. It doesn’t matter what kind of mood I’m in, when he starts cracking up hysterically I could walk on the clouds!

  28. GPaudler says:

    When we met, 28 years ago, espadrilles were Barb’s idea of sport shoes and I don’t think she’d ever walked on an uneven surface. Now she wears boots all day every day working on an organic farm and hikes to the bottom of the Grand Canyon several times each year. She’s still the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and her feet are among her best features. With her fine ankles, sharp shins and strong calves, they would look fantastic in the Neuaura Camels (we are almost vegans) and she’s much more likely to buy a new pair of hikers than a pair of pretty sandals.

  29. killtheinc says:

    Love. It makes me Spring eternal. ;)

  30. Jj says:

    getting all excited about everyday life, having a lot of new plans and simply wallow in warm weather :)

  31. ducksarefun says:

    There are many things that put a spring in my step, three being a delicious homemade meal (especially when I grew it too!), a songbird singing his heart out even on the drizzly mornings, and a great yoga session :) I feel on top of the world!

  32. camper223 says:

    I’m a subscriber

    Being with my kids and having comfortable walking shoes always puts me in a spring mood.
    You can be having the best day at a park, shopping, sporting event but if your feet hurts it makes for a unpleasurable time.
    Having a nice cute and comfy pair of shoes brightens everyones step, mood, and day

  33. BellaBelle says:

    My grandmother puts a spring in my step! I know you’re thinking it ought to be the other way around, but it’s not. She’s been an ecowarrior from when she was younger, back when the rest of the world hadn’t quite yet caught on yet the planet needed to be respected and not abused. At 82 years old, she still organizes green events…for this earth day she’s got a local beach cleanup scheduled and of course the two of us are leading the charge. I’m only 22 but believe me, I have to try so hard just to keep up with her! I wouldn’t wear these sandals on the sand for a clean-up–they’re much too pretty to ruin–but I would wear them with pride any other day of the year. Of course, I’d offer them to my grandmother first: she the one who really deserves them!


  34. gina says:

    Watching my dog run free in the green grass at the dog park. The dog park here is just many acres of gorgeous grass & hills, so the dogs are able to run full speed & frolick together in the warm air for mong distances, but still be in sight. To see her that uninhibited & innocently full of bliss definitely puts a spring in my step.

  35. 1337girl says:

    Walking outside with a warm breeze, and hanging out with my girlfriends on campus!

  36. marsonka says:

    Every year I am looking for sandals that will suit me perfectly, in which I could feel comfortable during my long walks through the city. These shoes might be a perfect match for this spring and summer, maybe I’ll chase some guys, go to Ibiza, party in them, walk in them, talk to them, sleep in them, well we’ll be friend in every case, doing everything together!

  37. moushka says:

    When my hubby says I look beautiful.

  38. gloribell says:

    Literally, multicolored toe nails… it really brings a big smile on my face and my friend’s face too. ;)

  39. Jenbeautystaffs says:

    Several years ago, I came out of a darkened lecture hall in which I had just learned how narrowly Earth had avoided Venus’s fate — just a little closer to the sun, and it would have turned into a ball of scorching poisonous gases. I walked outside into a California spring day with brilliant white clouds in an azure sky that melted into the Pacific Ocean. Now, whenever I see fluffy white clouds against blue sky, I feel such joy at the beauty of the planet I live on and gratitude for the lucky coincidences that made all life here possible.

  40. merylsan says:

    My lovely toddler, Lila Divine and her infinite wonder, purity and love put Spring in my step. Not to mention the fact that I often have to chase her!

  41. grignotine says:

    It might sound strange, possibly even unhealthy, but a hot, humid day will always put a spring in my step–heat and humidity force me outside, since I never have more than a box fan to keep me cool (even in New Orleans), and compel me onto the porch with a cold beer, into the lake, or onto a shady spot in the grass in a public park. When it’s really humid, my friends and I sneak into an apartment pool late at night, after the temperature has cooled but the air is still sticky. I love my southern summers without air conditioning and the way they force me to interact with the world. They definitely put a spring in my step!

  42. KristinL says:

    The combination of my family and my job puts a spring (many springs as a matter of fact) in my step! First, my family is amazing. My parents influenced my decision to become vegetarian and then vegan… and they were first influenced by my brother. Now, my entire family is vegan (we have been for at least 4 years) and there’s nothing like family support, being able to cook together, and hosting veg events in our home town! And if that isn’t enough, I have the wonderful opportunity to work at an animal welfare organization where I get to talk to compassionate people all day about how much we love animals and want to help them. My day-to-day routine puts a spring in my step and I’m loving life!!

  43. silverange says:

    How happy the shelter dogs are just to get out into the sunshine and spend time with someone – knowing I can so easily provide such joy to these loveable pups really puts a spring in my step!

  44. debonheur says:

    The gentle warmth of sun ray in the early morning

  45. tiffanymetzig says:

    Let’s be for real here. As wonderful as it sounds to jump through a field of daisies, the spring in my step comes from my alarm blazing in my ear at the insanely early time of 5:30 am (still convinced we are supposed to wake up from natural sunlight), stumbling to the bathroom for some morning relief, grinding my coffee beans (delicious smell), filling my coffee pot to the max with water and sitting down on the couch to watch some crap on TV while waiting for my coffee and planning out my schedule for the day and how my plan is going to produce an income for me. The grind of an independent business woman!

  46. tpinks says:

    arriving to the warm sand covered blanket under your feet with a couple of friends, letting the sun sink in and letting the salty sea do the rest. beach-mode. happy earth day

  47. stefAR says:

    A strong breeze blowing through a tree of fresh waxy green leaves. Seeing seedlings grow in my veggie garden. Feeling the sun on my face.

  48. boulderina says:

    The sun makes glisten
    drops of rain left remaining
    tucked safely in blooms

  49. Aria says:

    My animal-free diet puts the biggest spring in my step! I’ve been vegan for 3 1/2 years now and I’ve NEVER had more energy in my life! Thank you for making beautiful and amazing cruelty-free shoes…. xoxoxo

  50. tashattack says:

    not having to wear socks and hearing birds chirpping in the morning!

  51. mary ann birchfield says:

    Being a Vegan I have a spring in my step every day. :)
    I set my intention daily to be JoYful which puts keeps my sringy step.
    I so LOVE beautiful fun shoes fo sho, so thinking about having a pair of these makes my spring even springier!
    Have a Beautiful dayo!!!

  52. BombyxBoutique says:

    Life itself puts a spring to my step. Being grateful for the things I have, I know and I do. For the amazing family I have and the eternal good example of life that my recently deceased father always gave me when he was around. The idea of having him as my guardian angel gives me strength and motivation to keep going (and behave :P), to keep working on my recycled jewelry projects, and of course, to be happy and enjoy every single moment we spend in this beautiful planet we live in and abuse from.

  53. mclo says:

    I always love the feeling of the best day of the week; it has the best little things. Sometimes it has the nicest weather, or the best lunch, anything. Those really just put me in a good mood. It’s tiny things that make me really pleased with the inner workings of the universe really.
    And, shoes.

  54. gomeggo says:

    Nothing gives me Spring Fever or a spring in my step like rolled down car windows with the music turned up. My two little ones bounce to the beat as best they can confined in their car seats and we dance and sing and laugh until my hair is a ratted mess and the wind makes our allergies flare. We roll up the windows refreshed, eyes watering and ready to take on the rest of the day.

  55. Bubitza says:

    It’s like feeling a chill down my spine. Sun, green and breeze!

  56. kmom says:

    Waking up every morning to my 6 month old staring at me then watching him reveal the cutest gummy smile as he realizes I’m awake.

    Today, on our fifth anniversary, having my husband tell me it feels like we’ve been married forever, but in a good way.

    After two years of house renovations, realizing the only house-related things to do this summer are to enjoy sitting on the deck, mowing and tending to the veggie garden.

    Seeing the sun in the normally dreary Seattle spring and getting out to enjoy it.

    Getting my creative mojo back after spending too many years in corporate America. :-)

  57. CAMWinters says:

    Walking outside with the sun on my face really puts a spring in my step.

  58. Oliviaras says:

    What really “puts a spring in [my] step” is when the breeze is cool, the sun shine brightly, and the clouds move slow. Can’t forget the daffodils that dwell in the field next to our house. It’s quite pleasant. :)

  59. dtriece says:

    I am just starting out as a vegetarian. My daughter has been for 5 yrs. Want to work my way t vegan. I am feeling healthier each day.

  60. buttercup53 says:

    The warm sun and a cool breeze carrying the sounds of my grandchildren calling me to come out and go fishing in the pond

  61. nenieves says:


  62. midnightsun says:

    Seeing my little chihuahua Mimi be able to plop onto the sunlit grass outside and bask in the sun really gets me in the mood for spring!

  63. Mrmcphee says:

    Cooking an amazing meal only with items from my pantry and fridge during Spring cleaning. Potato corn chowder is one of my favorites.

  64. MS says:

    Happiness is in the air!! Everybody smiles at you. From my windows I can hear the happy laugh of the people. Windows are open, people is happy it seems that beautiful things can happen any moment.

  65. christina.tomova says:

    walking in the sea garden ;]

  66. wilo411 says:

    watering my moss in the morning feeding my cat and looking at my plants while drinking my coffee

  67. spovegan says:

    Waking up to the smell of DOMA coffee brewing, then sitting down and drinking it with sunlight streaming through the windows, the birds chirping outside and my cat lazing about on the windowsill, soaking up the sun.

  68. burkerin says:

    Finishing the book “Gaviotas: A Village to Reinvent the World” by Alan Weisman and knowing that somewhere in the world exists a place where every aspect of life has integrity. I will now have a spring in every step it takes me to get there myself!

  69. Eco_arctic says:

    the sight of silky smooth pussywillows pushing there way out of the new green twigs…like the sight of my sandles wanting to jump out of my closet!!!

  70. pada says:

    step…just to take my shoes off..and plunge into the wild grass – full-filling circle – again one part

  71. kammi says:

    I am following you on twitter and Tweeted the contest. I am a fan of your’s on facebook. I shared the contest with over 300 friends. I would love to have this Luna Camel. That would looks so sexy on my feet! My feet will thank you! lol.

  72. kammi says:

    I am following you on twitter. I tweeted the contest. I am @kammikoza. I am a fan of your’s on facebook and shared the contest with over 300 friends. I would love to get Luna Camel. It will looks sexy on my feet. My feet will thank you! lol.

  73. RedRoses4 says:

    Walking in summer Sandals puts a spring in my step

  74. tabby55 says:

    Feeling the sun on my face and seeing all the beauty that springtime has brought with it. Instantly give me a buzz and puts that spring in my step.

  75. chez1979 says:

    Waking upto a nice summer day, that i can enjoy with my wonderful family and friends.

  76. kshuttle says:

    what puts a spring in my step is thinking about future travel plans. I live to travel and experience the world and all it has to offer! From the amazing people you meet and form life long bonds with, to the landscape, crowded airports and unique food haha. I love everything about travel! Just thinking about future plans of where i will go and what i will do always puts a sprng in my step (hopefully the spring will be furthered by wearing these pretty animal friendly shoes on my next travel!)

  77. esoteric says:

    Embracing all of life as I go about mine puts a spring in my step!

  78. vgtrian says:

    Gorgeous weather, a light breeze and spending the afternoon at an Earth Day Festival promoting veganism! Then later that day getting a phone call from my petsitter saying she is going vegan!

  79. SuS says:

    Service to others puts a spring in my step – such as making an animal-free meal for a friend, doing something extra for a stressed-out coworker, helping someone pick up their spilled groceries. It’s not a major accomplishment in life, but it’s something you can do over and over again, all day long.

  80. BeautifulVictory says:

    Rays shining down while I leaflet for animal protection groups in a sun dress and sandals makes me smile as I forget the prior months of protesting in winter coats with scarves and cold.

  81. ohanalog says:

    As silly as it sounds… (being a grown up 30-something) I love when the weather gets warm enough to wear a pretty dress and spin around in circles until I get dizzy… I like to lie in the grass and see animals shapes in the clouds… I like to skip with my son… I love to dance under the stars with my husband and I love to kick off my shoes and squiggle my toes in the grass… And every once in a while, I love to splash in fountains… Just because it’s Spring… Spring is for being young and young at heart and THAT puts a spring in my step…

  82. icitea says:

    Rounding the corner to the familiar jingle of the ice cream trunk, and knowing I have just enough change in my pocket for both me and my niece! Everyone is happy. Summer is the best!

  83. rlevangraafeiland says:

    What puts a spring in my step would be the life, color, and beauty around me that always abounds in the spring. The chance to come alive with the warmer weather and take some layers off and feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, and on my feet as well :)

  84. Ana Maria says:

    When the breeze from the flowing leafs
    Tickle my feet and make me sneeze

  85. Valmach says:

    Knowing that with the coming of this spring, that there maybe yet another spring to follow – Keep on doing what you do – and maybe more and more of us will follow.

  86. jochrisbryan says:

    To instantly put a spring in my step I use a two tiny trampolines in the bottom of my shoes and I can bounce very high indeed ;-)

  87. jenny dudgeon says:

    The impact spring has on people puts a spring in my step. I love how people come alive after the long winter….heavy clothes are replaced with lighter, more flowing ones, feet appear, bustiers appear and there is generally more bravado going round.

  88. bahaiyyih says:

    Warm morning sunshine, spreading across my cozy bed on a Saturday morning, enticing me out from under the covers to listen to the birds on an early Spring day. This is enough to put spring in my step, the thought of a warm day ahead, complete with freshly bloomed flowers and that quality of light only Spring seems to bring.

  89. nimble_revolution says:

    There’s a red-winged blackbird flitting around in the oak tree outside my 3rd floor window. Not the prettiest song, but so distinctive. It sings of Spring!

  90. clbinbc says:

    Spring is epitomized by the seemingly carefree optimism, heard at daybreak, erupting from the nearby nests of chickadees, robins, and tree swallows.

  91. bmyatt says:

    Lying in the grass, under the shade of a welcoming tree, listening to my baby strum sweet melodies on his guitar. When I close my eyes and rest my head against his knee, the scent of lush tulips and the gentle breeze of the whispering wind remind me that each day is new and worth celebrating (and it puts a spring in my step)!

  92. rmc1ra says:

    Walking with my son and the dog on a crisp Spring morning with the smell of dew and fresh lilacs Sprouting everywhere. The sky is blue, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping in chorus ready to wake anyone who has yet to enjoy this Spring Bliss. My son and his friends hum excitedly with plans for recess and afterschool activities. It has been a long winter, one that has made EVERYONE appreciate the Spring and enjoy each and every minute it offers.

  93. Gaba says:

    When I accomplish 45 minutes of cardio (it’s not easy for everyone =0). Playing with my little cousins, knowing that I can be the most ridiculous clown with them and they’re not gonna stop laughing. Laying in this special spot under a tree in the university campus with my girlfriends, talking to them about almost everything: accumulating experiences, the fun, the laughs, the mockeries of friendship. Spending time with my boyfriend, even if he is only in my head, sharing love, knowing that we are both hypnotized. These are some of the things that put a spring in my step, but nothing beats Saturday lunch with my family, specially when we get my brother out of his computer for a while xD.

  94. Agivol says:

    what puts a spring in my step? having been assigned a research paper on recycling and the clothing industry…I can learn and spend hours on ecouterre!(thank you for all the amazing and elpful articles) But more specifically, its that beach season is back and i can finally dip my feet in the water, feel that sand between my toes, and feel that sunshine again. oh i love springtime! and ecouterre!