Win a Pair of $84 Roma Rubber Rain Boots (And Help a Child in Need)

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Roma’s slick rubber rain boots aren’t your typical puddle-stompers. Fairly made in China from 100 percent natural latex rubber, each $84 boot includes a lining of quick-drying cotton to keep your toes nice and toasty, plus a multilayer cushioned insole for splashing around in comfort. Even better? For every purchase, Roma donates a pair of galoshes to a child in need. We’re hooking up one lucky reader with a pair of boots to call your own, in your choice of size, color, and finish (choices include gloss plum, gloss navy, matte brown, matte gray, and matte taupe). Enter now to win!


1. SIGN UP FOR THE ECOUTERRE NEWSLETTER. (This is important because we’ll be announcing our winner there.)

2. LEAVE A COMMENT BY JUNE 4 and tell us your favorite rainy-day activity. Although it doesn’t hurt to get fancy, we’ll be picking a winner at random.

Note: This contest is only open only to residents of the United States.

We’ll announce the winner in our newsletter on Wednesday, June 5. The deadline to enter is 12 midnight ET on Tuesday, June 4, so ENTER NOW for a chance to win!


Roma Boots is a “buy one, give one” fashionable rain-boot company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It was founded in 2010 by Romania-born Samuel Bistrian who wanted to help children in his home country by combining his love of fashion with charity. For every pair of Roma Boots sold, a brand new pair is donated to a child in need. Additionally, 10 percent of all proceeds go to the Roma For All Foundation to help these children break out of their cycle of poverty so that they can contribute their gifts to society and help make this world a better place.

+ Roma Boots

Originally published on May 24, 2013.

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152 Responses to “Win a Pair of $84 Roma Rubber Rain Boots (And Help a Child in Need)”

  1. mkennedy says:

    On a rainy day, I love making a good cup of herbal tea, sit in my favorite chair and write poetry in my journal.

  2. gypsyrootsincolorado says:

    I have been shopping around for boots and these are top on my list.

  3. gr8tfuldayz says:

    I love catching up on jewelry making to gift to my loved ones on a chilly, rainy day. ☺

  4. minniekahlo says:

    I normally prefer to stay inside and read a book on rainy days since I don’t like to get my feet wet. However, with an new pair of Roma rain boots, I will enjoy stomping where I normally wouldn’t, and think of that lucky kid that will also enjoy the childhood pleasure of making ripples in puddles and that feeling that anything is possible :).

  5. bettysaturn says:

    I agree with the comment above. I like to stay inside because I don’t like to get my feet wet (I’m part cat). But that’s why I would love to win a pair of Roma boots. They would probably get me out of the house on a rainy day, while usually I prefer to sit inside and cuddle up with a warm blanket (and my cats) and some hot tea. I have honestly been wanting a pair of these boots for a super long time! I love what they are doing for children in need. I can’t think of anything more useful to gift to a child. Imagine how happy they will be splashing in the rain in their new boots!

  6. bc says:

    Cooking soup, reading, organizing old photos, …
    but with these boots, new possibilities await. :-)

  7. MarTulla says:

    I hate it when the bottom of my pants get wet!!!

  8. stephaniejlee says:

    I love staying in and reading a good book while drinking hot tea. Also enjoy puddle jumping :-)

  9. bambam4life says:

    I hope this is where I’m supposed to leave my message, Loll. Playing outside in the rain is better than playing in the snow. Sure you can’t make a snowball but you don’t freeze either! But of course nothing beats kissing your love in the rain!!!!

  10. Ashlee says:

    I’m a stay inside kinda person for rainy days, but I love opening a window to listen!! My current rain boots have holes, which isn’t very helpful in the rain!

  11. gardengirl says:

    I grow fruit trees, berry bushes, currants and grapes in my garden, along with vegetables and herbs. I couldn’t find a pair of boots that fit my muscular calves, so I ended up getting some ugly raspberry boots from a feed store up North…they were my first pair of gardening boots and are stiff and very uncomfortable! But since I have heavy clay in my yard, they have really gotten a lot of use, especially since I use a broadfork which puts you deep in the dirt. I would love to try these since they are made from all natural rubber…maybe I won’t get a red ring around my calves after wearing them? Thank you!

  12. mayatime (@CleverGayle) says:

    On a cool, rainy day, I love to sit inside and watch the rain through the sliding glass doors, read a good book or watch a movie and sip flavored coffee.
    Here in FL, most rainy days are hot and muggy. We can’t stay in when it rains because otherwise nothing would get done. With rainboots, I wouldn’t worry about the rain and puddles so much!

  13. soulrole says:

    I live in Hawaii and we gets rains like you wouldn’t believe!! humbling,pounding rains!We can’t go sledding here but my kids often take out skim boards and boogie boards to slide down the hills in the rain.

  14. ddkberlin says:

    I love to go running on a rainy day; almost no one else is out, and it feels like I own the world.

  15. lilish (@mlilish) says:

    When it rains there’s nothing better than staying home and watch a good movie or listen to a good music album!

  16. astrid141 says:

    I love to cook something hot and steamy–like gumbo or something. Take all day to putter around and cook it up whilst listening to the storm/rain.

  17. lyslee244 says:

    I love listening to the rain on the roof. Hope to win the boots!

  18. Joyousgard says:

    Weeding is easier in a light rain or heavy mist.

  19. ahbullock says:

    my favorite rainy-day activity is watching movies!

  20. rippleddreams says:

    On a rainy day I like to be outside in the garden, sit beneath a tree, and listen to the sound of drops pattering the leaves and earth. It smells divine and I find it soothing. I also like to take my two daughters outside to jump in puddles. Then we come in for a warm drink and dry clothes. Sometimes I like to make my favorite rainy day food: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Tomato Soup :)

  21. alce says:

    Take a nap lullabied by the rain.

  22. sac says:


  23. mtnchik says:

    I love being outside in the rain. A soft drizzle during the summer is a nice respite from the scorching heat for a run. I feel like a champion running for pleasure while others drive by on their way somewhere indoors.

  24. micaela6955 says:

    When I am not out splashing in puddles with my grandsons, you can usually find me inside enjoying a good book or magazine.

  25. cubbiecutie says:

    Watching movies with my family or of course sleeping :)

  26. eco7292 says:

    making tea and playing board games with my family and friends.

  27. Patis2000 says:

    I love snuggling up for a cute movie with my family on a rainy day

  28. ktaddei says:

    Walking through the rain all bundled up, then warming up and drying off by the fire :)

  29. LindaModestics (@modesticsusa) says:

    I’m so envious watching my kiddos splash in puddles because they have rain boots and I don’t

  30. says:

    on raining days i love going kayaking! weird i know, i love water!

  31. deliasailed says:

    Favorite Activity on a rainy day is, by far, planting seeds indoors to grow for my p-patch.

  32. bobisyellow says:

    I live in Washington state, enough said :)

  33. LynnB says:

    On rainy days I love to be outside in it. I think its a Washingtonian thing:)

  34. Sunnymay says:

    My favorite rainy day activity is to go for a walk when it’s raining softly and see how the world looks through a softer lense.

  35. mksaumier says:

    I love walking outside when the rain is just a drizzle. The streets are quiet and when I take the dog, she makes me laugh as she tries to catch “bubbles” forming in puddles. Obviously, good rainboots are required for this, and my current pair cracked a few months back. I am looking for a new pair!

  36. SuS says:

    Indoors: vegan baking. Outdoors: walking the dogs, who in true Los Angeles style, don’t understand why this stuff is falling from the sky and generally see rain as an excuse to pee in the house.

  37. delaine85 says:

    I love to go walk in the rain!

  38. solarquest says:

    I love to walk in the rain. The air is washed fresh, the moisture feels great on my skin and add a curl to my hair. The grass and tree are all perky having just been nourished by the rain. Window shopping is great in the rain. Everything seems to look better from under and umbrella!

  39. a. says:

    I am always glad to come across great vegan companies.

    rain boots have been tricky for me, because, although I often enjoy walks, hikes, and gardening in the rain/ or post rain (I am a rain person); the feel of rainboots in general seem claustrophobic to me, thus creating that nagging feeling that I should cut my walks shorter to go inside and take them off and have human feet again. the snug lining to these boots may well be what I need to feel comfy and barefoot during my ‘rain time’.

    whenever I play the part of a consumer, my concerns are not only that an item is vegan and cruelty free, but that I am funding ethical companies and practices that do not exploit non human animals, humans (fair trade, not toxic or harmful to/ allowing a truly fulfilling life for the workers, not toxic to consumers, does not pollute the local environment creating a landscape of trash mountains, unsafe air and water), and the environment (preferably closed-loop, low impact life cycle analysis, purchasing carbon offsets, made using ethically and truly sustainably gathered plant fibers.)

    In addition to ‘do no harm’, I am glad to see and support ‘do good’ businesses/companies/NGOs/non profits, who use their endeavors to benefit the vulnerable among us.
    this is the first time that I’v heard about Roma Boots and LOVE LOVE LOVE that an ethical rainboot company is donating rainboots to children in impoverished nations. LIGHTBULB MOMENT- think about it. where does our trash go when we throw it away? where is ‘away’? which places have poor sewage and sanitation? where are people suffering and dying due to preventable bacterial diseases?
    waste and toxins from more developed nations are shipped to impoverished parts of the world, creating biohazards conditions. yet the people, the children here are forced to live, play, work, survive amongst these landscapes; often barefoot. When I grow up, I intend to be a solutionary and get humans and non humans out of harmful environments. children shouldn’t be in unsafe environs at all. though while we are working towards this, providing durable barriers between someone and the ground (through protective footwear) seems the most effective way to prevent the disease, suffering, discomfort, and so much more, that innumerable little souls face every day.
    living in such a landscape, I would rather keep my feet clean, than walk amongst sewage, uneven terrain, glass cutting my feet; with little access to clean water to wash; then after a long time of discomfort and suffering, maybe maybe have access to minimal healthcare.
    so glad to know that, amidst all the bad, there is good out there.

  40. melissa mc says:

    my fave rainy day activity is to do some reading beside a window and listen to the rain fall — ty for the chance!

  41. jennifer r says:

    I am a subscriber and I love staying inside and being with those I love during rain storms however reality is that you usually have to get out in the rain. It is nice to have stylish and efficient rain gear for those times.

  42. Inga says:

    Reading is my favorite rainy day activity.

  43. moregraceful says:

    As long as it’s not raining too hard I like to sit on my porch and watch the rain come down, usually with a book in my hand.

  44. Clarabear says:

    My favorite rainy-day activity is sitting in a comfy chair and reading a book.

  45. D_Col says:

    I live in the state where it rains the most in our country. I need these rain boots! Also, I simply love rain boots.

  46. CynthiaScott says:

    On a rainy day, I love to carry the rain’s springtime freshness with me by wearing something green. I love to take a short walk, get a little damp, then hide under the warmth of a blanket with a cup of tea, somewhere I can hear the tap-tap-tapping of the passing storm.

  47. MH says:

    Besides cuddling, I also enjoy splashing and jumppiling on water puddles.

  48. BarracudaRon says:

    favorite rainy-day activity, video games

  49. La NomRah (@@LaNomRah) says:

    On a rayiny day I like to curl up on the couch with a good book, or cook something comforting.

  50. KeniD says:

    On a rainy day I love to read a good book, watch a movie, maybe even stay in my pajamas all day! I also love to play in it! :) Go splashing in puddles and just dance in the rain…..

  51. missabee11 says:

    Rainy day must: open all the windows

  52. LibbyLou says:

    Curling up with a good book and a warm cup of jasmine tea…:)
    Or painting.

  53. griff says:

    My favorite rainy day activity is jumping in puddles with my girlfriend and her two year old daughter! We just moved in together June 1 and are experiencing a late spring here in Minnesota, so the rain is coming down! I would love to surprise my girlfriend with rain boots of her own so that she doesn’t just worry about her daughter having rain boots and she won’t ruin her shoes anymore! : )

  54. RNA says:

    I love to sit on my hammock on my (covered) porch and listen to the rain.

  55. hockiemack says:

    curling up on the couch with netflix on apple TV

  56. makingadreamhome says:

    Drinking hot chocolate or tea

  57. MandyStark says:

    Curling up in bed with my rescued dogs and cats while devouring an excellent book is an ideal rainy day.

  58. alexisv says:

    When you live in Seattle you have to have a lot of rainy day plans. My favorite is to go to the Woodland Park Zoo… there are plenty of sheltered spots, the animals don’t seem to mind and the crowds are pretty minimal.

  59. revsamuellipton (@samuellipton) says:

    If the rain is refreshing, I love walking in the park…
    if not, then hot tea, snacks and a good book are welcome friends.

  60. jlsverde says:

    I love to go for walks or read by an open window.

  61. hschattin says:

    Listening to classical music and reading a good book, but maybe some new boots would energize me to venture outdoors!

  62. Happi Shopr says:

    I subscribe and love reading and snuggling with hubby on rainy days

  63. desdemona says:

    I love to sit by the window and listen to the rain pitter patter on the windows.

  64. Swankymoppet says:

    I like to watch thunderstorms from indoors.

  65. mcshan2 says:

    I love to go to my favorite cafe and sit with my journal looking out the window at the world going by.

  66. Lalaboy (@@lalabom) says:

    My favorite rain activity is to stay at home, watch movies and make hot chocolate.

  67. hwl says:

    puddle jumping!

  68. Mykindoflife says:

    My favorite rainy day activity is going to the movies!

  69. eseberg says:

    My rainy day activity is work so I use a lot of boots

  70. deebelievesinyou says:

    It rarely rains in Phoenix, but when it does — I love to grab a book, make some coffee or tea, and take a seat near the open window to read. It’s a great way to take in the sound and smell of rain. When you live in the desert, rain is a special little treat…

  71. Antler (@antlerpestle) says:

    These boots look like they work pretty well. I am working on an organic diary farm and could really use a pair of these. I have been traveling all over the country working on sustainable projects and money is very tight as we rebuild after the current bogus economy. If I could afford to buy a pair I would.

  72. akiss50 says:

    I’d love to have such cute boots. When I was growing up the rain boots were really dorky.

  73. sorelle says:

    I love walking in the rain observing nature

  74. KekCawan (@@TariAnchalee) says:

    Cold rainy day: wrapped up watching a good movie or reading a book
    Warm rainy day: out playing in the rain

  75. caroltreacy (@ ) says:

    My favorite rainy day activity is catching up on research for my vegan novel. Thunder, lightning and writing about my quintessential vegan man, all draped in animal rights, an animal sanctuary, and plenty of comedy and drama.

  76. dkarmol says:

    I love rainy days because my dogs comes in to hang out with me. I want the boots for my GF, who has a dog walking business. she would love them

  77. Melani says:

    I’m not a fan of rainy days, but I love a late-night downpour on a summer evening. I like the sound of rain when everything is quiet. :)

  78. dmorelli says:

    cuddled under a blanket watching a movie :)

  79. k_rudyrudolph says:

    I hide out in my studio with the doors open and enjoy the inspiration that the misty day brings. If it is only a light sprinkle I take a break and walk to my favorite coffee shop for a cup of joe.

  80. samuel says:

    I like walking to the lake reservoir and watching the waterfall.

  81. HopeBruens says:

    Love these boots! I live in rainy South Florida and need a pair!

    “Roma Rain Boots Turn A Rainy Day Into A Sunshiny Day”


  82. leck22 says:

    reading a good book inside or wandering around outside in the rain if it isn’t too bad

  83. Nadia Ronnebeck says:

    They look like the perfect pair of boots to go walking under the rain, wich I love doing, and the fact that they’re vegan it just makes them even more perfect!

  84. CathyHT says:

    Jumping through puddles with my four year old, twirling our umbrellas and singing “I’m singing in the rain…”
    Love it!!!! I really need those boots! :))

  85. says:

    Fave rainy day activity is shopping on online. LOL

  86. elisse says:

    Fave rainy day activity is shopping on online! ;-)

  87. shannon marie says:

    On a rainy day I like to put on a big pot of soup, sit on the front porch with a glass of wine and some Miles Davis and just listen.

  88. tmleee says:

    This is one thing I don’t have, a good pair of rain boots. I would use them constantly…walking the dog (especially on rain days when the road is a muddy mess) and working in our vegetable garden.

  89. jesslcrawf says:

    stomping in every puddle I can, then curl up with a good book & a cup of coffee.

  90. (@donnak4) says:

    I like to read a book.

  91. UnderTheRoot says:

    I love this question! All you need is an old pail and patience. I enjoy capturing the rainfall and using it for a cool body rinse with a tiny bit of infused oil or aromatherapy droplets. Beautiful company and what a gracious offering for our world connections.

  92. laceywoodruff says:

    I love to sit and watch it storm if it’s a big storm. If it’s just rainy I sleep really well and want to just sit and cuddly with my cats and watch movies.

  93. alohamom says:

    I’ve always wanted to own a pair of rain boots. When I was a kid, my parents’ idea of rain boots were a pair of cowboy boots.

  94. spence3030 says:

    i like to walk around in the rain, especially when it’s warm

  95. teawithtori says:

    I love to read books and write in my journals when it’s rainy. But, I have two small kids so that doesn’t happen anymore. So I settle for taking the kids to an empty parking lot and letting them splash their hearts out. And maybe when they’re passed out napping I can read a book or write in a journal…or take a nap myself.

  96. sandradavis07 says:

    love sitting around watching a good movie while its raining. its so relaxing.

  97. nightowl says:

    Mine is to play board games or have an indoor picnic with my kids.

  98. SarahRae55 says:

    I work outdoors, so I’m not afraid to get a little wet. When I’m being playful I like stomping in the puddles. I love the smell of the first rain!

  99. says:

    Walking along the waterfront (ocean, bay, river).

  100. heidi says:

    Splashing around on the beach.

  101. one2try says:

    I love putting in an old movie and just watching the rain outside.

  102. says:

    Coffee or hot chocolate + cookies + Do it yourself projects = The perfect combination for rainy days :)

  103. devonts says:

    If the rain won’t go away, at least there’s good boots.

  104. tenmoku says:

    I’m happiest when it’s raining! These boots would make a walk in the rain all the more delightful!

  105. tvalpaulson says:

    It won’t stop raining in MN…garden is getting mes-SY!! My old boats are worn through, I’ve been using old running shoes, that’s gross too. Fingers crossed!

  106. RachaelBleymaier (@@RBleymaier) says:

    Splashing in puddles! Dancing in the rain with someone fun! Or watching the lightening and listening to the raindrops while snuggling and drinking hot yummy drinks and reading or napping. Also, I really need some rain boots in a bad way.

  107. sloaneandme says:

    I love spending Saturday mornings in the garden after it rains then lounging in the back yard with a cup of tea.

  108. earthapril says:

    For warm rains, I love standing or laying in my hammock, closing my eyes, and letting the rain wash over me. I feel it softly hit my skin, run down my skin, or pool on my clothes. It feels like my soul is washed clean. For cold rains, I stay inside and play board games, but open a window so I can hear it pitter-patter outside.

  109. slemieux says:

    On rainy days, I love to go out hiking through the woods.

  110. crystallineumbra says:

    I love playing in the rain!

  111. moshimochi says:

    I love sitting inside during a rainy day and just sipping tea and reading. :) These boots would help me walk to my favorite cafe so I can indulge in my favorite activity!

  112. babbio says:


  113. stacey_krauss814 says:

    On a rainy day, I like to sit on a covered porch, watching the rain fall, feeling the mist on my face, and smelling that fresh rain smell.

  114. Chereew says:

    Rainy days are a free pass to be lazy. I can guiltlessly do nothing. it’s great.

  115. sp00kyprincess (@@mamawantstowin) says:

    Hello, MY favorite rainy day activity is staying inside with hot tea and soup. Thanks for the Giveaway.

  116. cliston says:

    On rainy days, I love to bake. I especially love baking oatmeal raisin cookies during thunderstorms. It reminds me of when I used to bake them with my mom when the power went out because of the storm.

  117. libchis says:

    I love to get wet on a rainy day- especially in summer!

  118. ambercake says:

    Go out and get soaked! Then come in, laugh at the puddle I make on the floor, put the wet things in the tub, put dry things on, and knit.

  119. bunniker says:

    If it’s safe and I don’t have somewhere to be, I like being in the rain. If it’s cold or lightning/thundering, then I like going to the dollar movie theater nearby.

  120. CleverCityDuplex says:

    a poem in praise of spring, mud, childhood and more by e e Cummings:

    in just-

    in Just-
    Spring– when the world is mud-luscious–
    the little lame balloonman whistles far and wee…

    and eddie and bill come running from marbles and
    piracies and it’s Spring– when the world is puddle-wonderful!

  121. njsunbunny says:

    I like to curl up on the couch with a good book on a rainy day!

  122. Silver Sage says:

    I love mucking about in the rain–this means splashing in puddles and running through open spaces. But, walking is a joy too, face turned towards the Sky, watching the drops dancing down upon the Earth, leaving all clean and proper. Being near a lake or ocean is great fun as well, especially when the thunder and lightening come to call! There is nothing about rain that is not joyous and it always calls out for me to come take a walk.

  123. jayrose says:

    Sitting on the deck under the awning during a downpour & watching the spectacular lightning display!

  124. amandaburek says:

    On a rainy day, I love to snuggle up and watch a movie, or bake. I always like to bake.

  125. christiej says:

    Ideally, I’ll be at the beach! Then I get a water-squared moment …. rain & sea :) I’d walk in the surf, check out the raindrop marks on the sand (they look like abstract art), find newly cleansed shells. Sometimes a neighbor brings their dog who loves to run in the rain and eat raindrops! If it’s raining hard during a full moon, the tide can get really high. Then I’d need those Roma rain boots to keep my feet clean and dry while I run for the dunes!

  126. D_Col says:

    The last I do when it rains is stay indoors. I love getting wet in the rain. I’ll grab my rain boots, my clear bubble umbrella and go out- anywhere! When I get back home, I’ll make myself a latté, and cuddle with my tiny dog.

  127. brkily says:

    the smell of rain and the sound of rain, are my favorite things.

  128. brownlace (@brownlace) says:

    My favorite rainy day activity is full on entertainment. One movie after another and video games, along with a bowl of popcorn and hotsauce. Yum!

  129. marandesign says:

    On a rainy day, i love to take a trekking in the reserve forest ! In Monsoon, its an experience with the nature, really unexplained in words… it is to be felt !

  130. mconron says:

    Jumping in puddles of course!

  131. says:

    Rainy days I often take my son to the library, although on occasion we go outside and splash in puddles and get ourselves good and messy. :) These boots would certainly come in handy for that!

  132. sloaneandme says:

    on rainy days I really enjoy having a grilled cheese sandwich with a cup of tomato soup paired with a great movie.

  133. gr8chefmb says:

    My favorite is to sit on my patio with a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the rain as it falls. I love listening to it, watching it and smelling it. It refreshes me and forces me to slow down a bit.

  134. joemack962 says:

    Hi, I like to garden in the rain, if it isn’t pouring.

  135. mrs. weaver says:

    I like taking my toddler outside to splash in puddles! …and this, even though neither of us has rain boots!

  136. Borealis says:

    When it’s rainy I love to be out in the garden pulling weeds and planting, it’s the best time for those activities! You get pretty muddy but it’s okay, the rain washes you:)
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  137. JonPi says:

    Because my boys play soccer, I’ve spent a lot of rainy days getting soaked while watching or coaching their games.

  138. manorama says:

    I help fund my daughter’s passion -horses- by mucking stalls and working at a horse barn. It is not a glamorous task, but wearing this fashion boot would definitely make feel like a glamorous diva, ready for a Vogue shooting ;)

  139. amanda alvarado says:

    I love to stay inside and watch a good movie!

  140. dropastitch says:

    LEAVE A COMMENT BY JUNE 4 and tell us your favorite rainy-day activity.

    I love to knit on rainy days.

  141. pestalozzi says:

    listening to the raindrops falling on the roof while cooking or baking

  142. bd says:

    The best: curl up in a corner and read.

  143. naturalsuccess says:

    Best rainy day activity is being curled up in my bed with a sleeping mask on going to dreamland :)

  144. marycouri says:

    On a rainy day, I’m still a sucker for jumping in puddles. :)

  145. Jacqueline says:

    I like to go outside and smell the forest and do a Gene Kelly :)

  146. crysaleigh says:

    Walking an splashing in puddles with my kiddos!! <3

  147. magdalena slavova says:

    On rainy day I sometimes just like to go out on t-shirt and just get some prana from the rain.

  148. wendy greenblatt says:

    i live in the rainforest, key word RAIN. how lovely to splash around in puddles on a regular basis!

  149. mirellasmailbox says:


  150. Mrs. GeoK (@GeoKs) says:

    Depends…if it’s raining really hard, then I like to spend the time baking and doing some digital processing of photographs. If it’s not raining too hard, it’s a great time for weeding the garden (if it’s summer) or going for a walk to the neighbourhood coffee shop.

  151. norahsilva (@norahsilva) says:

    I love walking in puddles. That is why I want to win a pair of these awesome rain boots.

  152. says:

    i love to take a walk in the rain!